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Monday, May 23, 2022

Polls show Democrats losing women's votes

Conservative women.


Gallup reported Democrats are losing the under 40 vote as Biden's approval fell from 60% among those 18-25 and 26-41 last year to just 39% and 41% respectively. Those are losses of 21 and 19 points respectively.

Remember the Pepsi Generation of the 1960s? Come alive. Come alive. They're in the Fuck Joe generation.

But wait. There's more. Gallup said his approval fell 21 points among Hispanics! And 20 points among black voters!

The real bad news for Democrats is that the largest voting bloc -- women -- also are bailing from Biden. His approval among women fell 16 points to just 46%. This means a large number of women who liked Biden a year ago will either stay home in November or worse (for Democrats) vote Republican.


It is the economy, stupid.

And remember, inflation was nowhere near today's level when Carville said that 30 years ago. 

A CBS poll released on Sunday asked, "Generally speaking, do you feel things in America today are going..."

3% of women said very well.

19% of women said somewhat well.

The remaining 78% said badly.

While 62% of the women said Democrats should focus on abortion, 83% said Democrats should focus on inflation.

A week old Politico/Morning Consult Poll showed 44% of women approved of Biden, while 52% disapproved. 

The numbers were taken after the Roe reversal was leaked but before the baby formula shortage hit the news.

To be sure, that survey showed women favor Democrats in the midterm 45%-40%.

But the poll showed only 21% of women are extremely enthusiastic about voting in November.

32% of men are extremely enthusiastic -- and Republicans lead among men voters.

Add very enthusiastic to the mix and 53% of the men are voting and only 39% of the women are. Those categories make up likely voters.

Remember, there are always three ways to vote: Democrat, Republican or neither. Most people stay home in a midterm. At this point, most women are choosing the third option.

55% of Republicans are extremely or very enthusiastic. Only 49% of Democrats are. And only 34% of the independents are.

Once again, turnout matters and it is very difficult to get women who don't like Biden to go to the polls and vote Democrat.

In an election absent of ballot harvesting, Republicans will gain 40 to 100 House seats and 7 Senate seats.

We shall see.


  1. The Dems are prepping for the mid-terms:
    1> Ukraine
    2> Roe leak
    3> Pox

    Sorry Dems, 2022 is not 2020. They will all backfire.
    It's a new world.

    1. Dems 2020 plan worked:
      1> Covid
      2> BLM
      3> Ballot harvesting.

      People are living in the past. 2020 is yesterday's news.

    2. kc: I would like to agree, but given we are already seeing reports of ballot harvesting in the primaries, I am not so sure that the left will not, once again, try to cheat their way to a win.
      Of course, should that happen 2020-style, it could very well be the spark we need to 'refresh the tree of liberty'.

    3. It’s AIDS redux. Expect stories by the end of the week “reporting” that the Shock The Monkey is in fact transmissible to females. I guess we needed to be reminded, again: Don’t get fooked in the arse by a gay, don’t cheat on your spouse, and for GOD’S sake Model Tim Tebow until marriage.

    4. Zregime -- exactly!

      -- Maoz

  2. Your lips to God's ears. Here in Colorado we have a rabid demonrat Secretary of State. Let's hope that more local elections have tight oversight. Won't happen here.

  3. Big D, I gotta say, these posts based on polls are depressing me. I know, you go with what’s available, but I’m not prepared for November 2020 pain again. When EVERYTHING’S being manipulated these days, alls I can do is Scripture and then trying (usually failing) not to curse the rest of the day. Just puttin it out there…

    1. Babies are a winning issue. Politicians kiss babies for a reason. LOL

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yep, going after kids is a huuuuge loser.

  4. In Union county, Or. I'm tolld the republican ballots are running10/15% above the Dems. Kate gave'm an extra we k to cheat.

  5. Toldja. This all started with the inquisition of Brother Bret. Way too many women could see their brother, father, husband, son, boyfriend in the same iron maiden.

    PS People are going to jail for illegal ballot harvesting

    1. Blacks voted Rep for 60 years, 1870-1930. They flipped to Dem 1932 and have been voting Dem since. We are approaching a similar inflection point in voting blocks. We live in interesting times.

    2. KC. Your last line. Isn't that a proverbial curse?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "Polls show Democrats losing women's votes"
    It's ok, Don. That's what Xerox machines are for.

  8. Conservative women were always more beautiful than liberal women but liberal women have bigger penises

  9. i dont think the dems are losing much sleep over losing support from all groups. if the rino s wont fight for our rights (see Pennsylvania senate results) they won t contest the steal in 2022 .

  10. I have complete confidence that GOP-E will fuck this up in no time.

  11. Of course the Dems ain't worried.

    A recent poll of Dominion Voting Machines noted that 78.9% of Women, Blacks and Hispanic voters voted for Biden in 2024.

  12. Dems weren't worried a bit in 2020 even with basement joe refusing to campaign, while trump worked his package off, with tens of thousands in attendance. Same thing appears to be happening again....dems continue wrecking the nation despite polls showing voters are enraged. Still no concern.

  13. Well the Democrats loss of women could be due to their transgender gains. They are being displaced by men pretending to be women.


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    :) 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐊.:)

  16. Biden is just a figurehead that is controlled by the Demoncrat Leadership, billionaires and media vermin. GOP needs to run ads hitting this and tell people that this disaster is NOT just Biden but rather the whole Dem Party. This disaster and these policies are who the Democrats truly are.


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