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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

NYPD arrest woman selling mangoes

Don't sleep in the subway, darling. Don't sell mangoes there, either. That could land you in jail.

Under Mayor Cop Eric Adams, the New York Police Department is unable to stop people from shoving other people in front of oncoming trains. But by golly, they can halt the peddling of fruit at the subway station.

The woman claims she has been unable to get the permit to peddle.

All I know about permits in big cities is that it is not what you know but who you know. I am not saying she should try bribery but other more knowledgeable people might suggest that.

Fortunately the mango story drew scorn. The New York Post reported, "New York City’s soaring crime rate is no laughing matter — but John Mulaney is quick to quip about Mayor Eric Adams’ questionable crackdown on illegal behavior.

"The comedian took to the stage at the Robin Hood benefit on Monday night, skewering Adams after the politician defended the arrest of a woman selling mangoes in a Brooklyn subway station.

"Mulaney blasted Adams — who was sitting in the audience at the swanky event — for targeting low-level offenses, while major crimes, such as felony assault and burglaries, continue to surge.

"Earlier on Monday, Adams said the NYPD was right to cuff and search the female mango seller because street vending could lead to more nefarious offenses."

I get the Broken Windows approach to crime. Rudy Giuliani proved that approach worked as he cleaned up the City that Never Sleeps in the 1990s.

But that only works if those accused of violent crimes and major felonies remain in jail awaiting trial.

All this does is show a certain heartlessness.

Adams told reporters that selling mangoes at the subway station will lead to bigger things.

He said, "You just can’t do that. Next day, it’s propane tanks being used on the subway system. The next day, it’s barbecuing on the subway system."

Why not say selling mangoes will lead to missile launchers because it is just as inane to state. The problem with his analogy is the woman has sold mangoes there for years and as far as I can tell no propane tanks or barbecues have followed.

Mulaney mocked the mayor on stage, saying, "No guns, no crime, no barbecues on the subway! Better schools, better transportation, no more volleyball games on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway!"

You know, underground barbecues might make subways safer if properly ventilated. It would make people happy and the barbecue people's presence would keep evil doers from doing evil.


  1. Eric Adams has made clear that he did not seek to become mayor because he could improve NYC or do a better job than his predecessor, Mayor Wilhelm, Jr. He appears to be interested only in the job's perks and the unwarranted celebrity status which it confers upon him.

    1. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They both suck at being Mayor.

  2. I guess Maria wasn't one of his people.

  3. This is kind of thing is common because some leaders don't want to bother with the conditions that help business owners in their city. They would rather grandstand and "solve" issues like global warming. Improving the lives of their citizens and businesses -- not likely. They've got bigger things to do.

  4. I think the entire fruit vendor system is rigged. The fruit market is mob controlled and the vendors, like Don said, know someone.

  5. Must have been a pretty slow newsday looks like.....")

  6. I don't know Don. Barbecuing in the subway might incite all kinds of people: vegans, for instance, or those whose religion bans pork.

  7. The last I heard, the hot dog cart outside Lincoln Center was paying close to $500,000 A YEAR for his vending license!

  8. I have to ask, Don, is Maria a LEGAL immigrant?