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Friday, May 20, 2022

New poll devastates CRT and LGBT classes

Overwhelming majorities of Americans oppose teaching kids in grade school about CRT and LGBT, according to a new national University of Massachusetts Amherst Poll.

86% OPPOSE a teacher showing kids in grades K-6 a picture of their same sex wedding. 40% oppose this in any grade.

82% OPPOSE a teacher asking kids in grades K-6 for their preferred gender pronouns. 53% oppose this in any grade.

85% OPPOSE teacher telling kids in grades K-6 they are gay. 53% oppose this in any grade.

75% OPPOSE assigning kids in grades K-6 a book about a person who is transgender. 43% oppose this in any grade.

73% OPPOSE assigning kids in grades K-6 a book about a person who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual. 39% oppose this in any grade.

68% OPPOSE assigning kids in grades K-6 a conversation about different sexual orientations. 34% oppose this in any grade.

Put another way, only 14% to 32% want LGBT being taught to kids in school before they reach puberty.

Americans get what is going on. The LGBT classes are indoctrination, not education. The perverts want to get them young.

As for Critical Race Theory, 76% OPPOSE teaching this in grades K-6. 45% oppose this in any grade.

30% of black people oppose teaching CRT in any grade.

Given that CRT proponents claim this is only taught in college, they should have no problem with banning teaching a racist and anti-American doctrine that seeks to discredit the Constitution.

But proof of CRT instruction in schools keeps popping up. 

The poll results raise big questions.

If so many people oppose teaching CRT and LGBT, why are these subjects being taught in public schools?

Why are school boards defending this?

Why is the media demonizing those who want to take CRT and LGBT out of public schools?

How hypocritical that the people screaming democracy the loudest are the one dismissing public opinion the most. They are teaching boys to hate being boys, girls to hate being girls, and whites to hate being white. Most Americans oppose it. 

Florida's DON'T GROOM KIDS law is in line with the thinking of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The time has come for Republicans in other states to end CRT and LGBT indoctrination because these beliefs are wrong. If you cannot have God in school, then you sure as shooting should not let in RuPaul.


  1. Well, I've seen this a lot of other places so it's not new, but people my age had no idea of the dating history, sexual orientation, or even marital status of our teachers. Even before the "Ms." designation came around we called our female teachers "Miz" because we didn't know whether to call them "Miss" or "Mrs."

    I don't think that harmed any of my classmates, including the ones I knew well who later came out as gay.

    1. Agreed Texan Lady. All through elementary and junior high I only knew the marital status of two teachers, only because they were married to each other. In high school I only knew of two. One was the basketball coach and the dad of a friend (married, although he was doing the speech teacher), and the other was a single woman Civics teacher who did a few of my friends.

  2. We are winning. simply because the Dems and their corporate lackeys went a bridge too far.Americans are not ready to plunge into the Socialist cesspool.

    1. I've said the Left would rue the day they stole the election.

  3. How would they feel about a teacher extolling the life story of John Moses Browning and having posters and diagrams of M1911 pistols tacked to the classroom walls?

  4. Why are school boards defending this?

    Gramscian march.

  5. I followed the link. I wanted to see if all respondents were parents of school aged children. I.couldn’t tell from the jumbo jumbo I read.

    I think if the poll was limited to parents of school aged children, the results would have been close
    To 100% on all questions, regardless of grade.


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