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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post doxxed the woman behind the anti-establishment Twitter account Libs of TikTok believing this would kill the account. Instead, it doubled its audience thanks to the publicity.

Now Lorenz is defending the establishment's Ministry of Truth, which sought to censor critics of the regime. She wrote, "How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts."

A few conservatives are saying no, this was the result of the incompetent bimbo they put in charge.

Wrong. Rejoice. Conservatives did this. We should take credit for it as a warning to others. Put the fear of retribution in their evil little hearts. They will never love us. Make them live in fear then.


Now he tells us.

ITEM 2: Zero Hedge reported, "JPMorgan Sees Gas Prices Hitting $6.20 By August."

This impacts everything. $8 a gallon diesel raises the price of everything and likely stops the movement of goods as truckers realize they are better off staying at home.

Red wave. Republicans will pick up 40 to 100 seats in the house with 2 to 7 seats in the Senate.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "American families are shelling out what amounts to $5,000 per year to put gas in their cars — a painful increase from $2,800 just a year ago, according to a new report.

"The new study by Yardeni Research shows the ever-increasing financial burden borne by US households in recent months as the price of fuel has reached record levels.

"In March, the annual rate of gasoline spending by US households was at $3,800, according to the study."

That's $100 a week on gasoline alone. 

This isn't happenstance. This is not unintended. This is part of the Democrat plan to destroy the middle class.

ITEM 4: i24 reported, "Sri Lanka is expected to be placed into default by rating agencies on Wednesday after the non-payment of coupons on two of its sovereign bonds. 

"At the same time, the energy minister said the country had run out of money to pay for fuel.

"An economic crisis unprecedented in the country's history since independence in 1948 has led to a critical shortage of foreign exchange, that saw it miss two coupon payments on sovereign bonds on April 18.

"Sri Lanka has already said it cannot make the coupon payments, and a 30-day grace period ends on Wednesday."

The collapse of nations begins. The World Economic Forum and Satan celebrate.

ITEM 5Punchbowl News reported, "House Democrats may be in worse political peril than they’ve let on publicly.

"During a Thursday luncheon last week with DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney, Frontline Democrats – the party’s most endangered lawmakers – were told that, in battleground districts, the generic Republican is beating the generic Democrat, 47-39, according to lawmakers, multiple party officials and the DCCC.

"This is a stunning margin and highlights the incredibly perilous position Democrats find themselves in.

"Given that Democrats generally have a three- or four-point built in advantage on the generic ballot, this is a particularly concerning development for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s majority. An eight-point deficit on the generic ballot could be a sign of a wave for House Republicans.

"Furthermore, Democrats were told that they should be referring to House Republicans as MAGA Republicans. This tactic, Democratic leaders said, would help them improve the political environment by linking every House Republican to former President Donald Trump without mentioning Trump himself."

That 8-point lead comes under $4 a gallon gasoline. What happens when it hits $6?

Democrats have to defend 14 Senate seats. Losing half seems very possible. That would give Republicans 57 seats -- their best showing in over 20 years.

ITEM 6: CBS reported, "Primaries were held Tuesday in five states, with former President Donald Trump's high-profile endorsements having mixed results on Tuesday night and Republicans advancing candidates who questioned the election results."

He had two, maybe three losses while surpassing 90 wins on the season.

But voters will count only the losses and he cannot afford many of those because he lost the last election. To be sure, it was stolen, but it still counts as an L.

Trump engaged in a high-risk, low-reward game because he's stuck in 2016. He still believes social media and large rallies (with any empty seats noted by the media) will win the day. They won't.

He needs to learn to work with state parties and quit trying to play kingmaker because a king never loses. He already had three (maybe four) losses.

ITEM 7: On the other hand, Just the News reported, "Oregon Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader, who earned President Joe Biden's first endorsement this year, appears likely to lose his primary election.

"With 49% of ballots counted in Oregon's 5th District Democratic Primary, Schrader is losing to Jamie McLeod-Skinner by about 61% to 39%, according to the Associated Press."

Even in Oregonistan they say Let's Go Brandon.

ITEM 8: The Daily Mail reported, "Nearly half of President Joe Biden's 22.3 million Twitter followers are fake, a new analysis revealed on Wednesday.

"The report comes as Tesla founder Elon Musk pumped the brakes on his $44 billion purchase of the social media platform over concerns about the amount of bots active on the site.

"Inauthentic Twitter accounts, known colloquially as bots, operate to mimic human interaction on the platform in order to achieve a specific goal."

Biden's Twitter account is as fake as his presidency.

ITEM 9: From Las Vegas, KTNV reported, "A video from a recent CCSD board meeting is now going viral on social media and making national headlines.

"Kandra Evans addressed the school board saying her 15-year-old daughter was given a pornographic assignment.

"Evans says her daughter was required to memorize the pornographic content and then recite it in front of her entire class.

"CCSD board members then stopped the public comment over the explicit language."

A school board member said, "This is a public meeting. I ask for decorum."

Evans replied, "If you don’t want me to read it to you, what was it like for my 15-year-old daughter to have to memorize pornographic material and memorize it?"

They cut off her microphone.

Voters, cut off their funds.

ITEM 10: Viktor Orbán was sworn in as Prime Minister of Hungary for the fifth time.

Via the RAIR Foundation, he told those at the ceremony, "We will continue to defend our borders and will not allow migrants in. We will protect our families and not let gender activists into our schools. In Hungary, a father shall be a man, a mother a woman, and our children shall be left alone."

He also said, "We make no secret of the fact that we also want to give hope to others: hope that the Christian outlook on life, love of country, and national pride – in other words, national politics – are not things of the past but of the future. Thirty years ago, we thought that Europe was our future; today, we think that we are Europe’s future. Let us feel the weight of our responsibility."

If true, Europe has a bright future. It is called Christianity.

ITEM 11Michael Rubin reported, "Turkey Wants A Bribe For Allowing Sweden And Finland To Join NATO."

Why not? Biden got his.

ITEM 12Fox reported, "Portuguese angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them: report."

So far, no one is pooping in the streets of Lisbon.

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "The city council of Haven, Kansas, voted 3-2 on Monday to reverse a unanimous decision they made May 2 to remove 'In God We Trust' decals from the city's police cars, following an uproar from some in the community. 

"The city attorney said the Haven City Council's previous decision emerged from a desire to maintain a separation between church and state, according to local KWCH. 

"The follow-up vote on Monday was not on the original agenda of the city council, which had to move their weekly forum to a nearby community center because of how many attended. Seven people spoke at the typically uneventful meeting, where all but one supported the decals."

The national motto is "In God We Trust."

Fire the city attorney for not knowing the law.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "A pregnant passenger on board a plane en route to Florida went into labor mid-flight and safely welcomed her newborn daughter with help from the airline crew.

"Frontier Airlines announced Tuesday that the passenger birthed a healthy baby girl during the trip from Colorado to Florida and credited flight attendant Diana Giraldo for assisting the new mom."

That birth certificate is going to need extra space in "place of birth."

ITEM 15: Between the new White House press secretary and the mayor of Chicago, I am really unimpressed with the performance of first black lesbians in public office.

I prefer competent over historic.

FINALLY, Republicans can talk like Trump all they want but I am only supporting the ones who act like Trump.

I support Kari Lake.


  1. You forgot the part of the quote where GWB is comparing the United States to Russia. Same thing. "Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine."

    1. DC Glows Blue and Gold for Ukraine -
      Embassies, the Basilica, a Ferris wheel, and other landmarks are lit up in support.

      Fox News told Condi Rice "When you invade a foreign country, that is a war crime" She agreed.

    2. 10 Republican Senators voted against the $40 billion to Ukraine. Mitch called them "isolationists." but every long journey begins with a first step.

    3. One of President Trump's greatest accomplishments was putting the Bush Dynasty out to pasture.

    4. And I see that W inadvertently revealed the truth with his mangled speech. I can't believe I once supported him.

    5. Caught that one too. W is just like FJB in saying what he really thinks.

  2. Item 1: Freudian slip for sure.

  3. “Schrader is losing to Jamie McLeod-Skinner by about 61% to 39%,” never underestimate Joe’s ability to …

  4. ITEM 6: Trump engaged in a high-risk, low-reward game because he's stuck in 2016. ... He needs to learn to work with state parties and quit trying to play kingmaker because a king never loses.

    You’re parroting the MSM, Don, by calling Trump a “kingmaker.” It implies narcissism, and I doubt that’s Trump’s motive. He’s desperate to get as many seats filled with republicans because, as he has noted, this is our last chance to regain our freedoms. I trust Trump.

    1. I do love me some Trump, Kitty, but his photo is in the dictionary next to "narcissist."

    2. Trump is a successful man in many ventures in his life. He exudes confidence. Beta males can't handle that and thus resort to name calling

    3. P.S. I do NOT trust state parties. We don't have a 2-party system, we have a uniparty.

    4. I bought a t-shirt last week that reads MEAN TWEETS AND CHEAP GAS - 2024. Your pick, Dave.

    5. Mississippi’s state party is not MAGA. Just like school boards, change must come.

    6. This will take 10 years. "No great thing is created suddenly."

    7. I would buy a MEAN TWEETS AND CHEAP GAS - 2024 t-shirt for sure.

    8. Dave-"I do love me some Trump, Kitty, but his photo is in the dictionary next to "narcissist."

      So what Dave, no one is perfect. I will stick with this narcissist over the closeted narcissists in elected office.

    9. Do Democrats really think MAGA Republicans will turn voters off?

    10. Which publishing house wrote that dictionary?

    11. The Democrats are out on the end of a limb with a 24" Husqvarna thinking they are cutting down the tree.

  5. "This isn't happenstance. This is not unintended. This is part of the Democrat plan to destroy the middle class."
    I disagree. It's part of the ill thought out plan to green America. As usual with the dims they get a idea and rush forward with no idea how to execute a plan. That's one of the reasons their ideas alway fail.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 2 - the cost of fuel will impact us via much higher prices. Diesel impacts trucking, farming and rail.

    Truckers won’t quit over this. I used to consult to a fairly large trucking firm. Their customers Were assessed a fuel surcharge. The customer bore the burden of high fuel prices, and ultimately, the end consumer did. I would expect that most if not all trucking companies operate this way.

    1. As of this morning, our gas is $4.89.

    2. When confronted with the truckers protest, Trudeau sent someone down there to wave a Nazi flag and he then called the truckers neo-Nazis.
      We are the most propagandized and brainwashed people in history.

    3. Exactly. I worked in the industry at one time and fuel surcharges were the norm. What will slow them down is the availability of products to move.

    4. Gas is hovering between $2.17 and $2.20 a litre here this morning.

    5. It's a tax on people who drive to work and on businesses that deliver.

  8. "Given that Democrats generally have a three- or four-point built in advantage on the generic ballot"

    Now they're so confident in the ignorance and stupidity of the American voter they even admit the inherent cheating bias in every election. Election cheating won't stop until we make it stop. Demand that politicians who want your vote support everyone having to show proof of ID in order to vote. Even the blacks that Democrats think are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID.

    1. Yes, before we had to worry about the margin of error. Now it's the margin of corruption.

  9. 9 - the school boards are sick. Glad they’ve been exposed. We will take back this country from the bottom up. Run for local offices.

    11 - we will give Turkey Dr. Oz.

    14 - does frontier airlines have a biologist as part of their flight crew? If not, how did they know the baby was a girl? How did they know the passenger was a lady? The article said “her newborn daughter”.

    FINALLY - dittos.

    1. I wonder if this lady delivered her baby in one of those Frontier planes that has no reclining Coach seats?

  10. #5 This went from a discussion about the house to a conclusion/summary about the senate. Read it twice, still wondering what it is I'm missing.

    1. It means they are in trouble in both the house and the senate.

    2. Elon Musk says he is now a Republican for the first time in his life. Musk has a finely tuned political antenna and sees the coming red wave as not a one-off but a lasting sea change.
      Ignore the "news" and read the tea leaves provided to you by multi-billionaire who is now toying with Twitter.

    3. A lot of people are starting to take the red pill. Reality does that.

  11. If true, Europe has a bright future. It is called Christianity.

    TERRIFIC stuff, Big D!!

    1. Satan and his minions have had their long knives out for a long time. Their fate is sealed.

  12. 14 - Frontier? Dang. There will be so many extra fees that family will be charged.

    1. In "Stagecoach," a baby is delivered en route. The stagecoach driver (Andy Devine who stole the movie) quips that mom will have to buy another ticket

  13. From the Kari Lake tribute band "Zonies"

    Kari Lake, My Wayward Mom
    There'll be smears before its done
    Lay your talking head to rest
    Dont you lie no more .. HO!

    Once I added to the noise and confusion
    Just to justify more deep state intrusion
    I was wallowed in the mire
    Then I said "No More"
    From my catbird seat,
    I still was a rad ma"am
    Now I speak the truth
    They call me a mad ma'am
    I hear their voices in a clamor
    I can hear them say
    Kari Lake, my Deplored One
    Devotee of Q Anon
    Turn away from your mad quest
    Dont you try no more

    1. Absolutely HATE that song, but impressive wordplay, Detective.

    2. Fantastic Lennie. You are to Don what Paul Shanklin was to Rush.

    3. Uuuuh ... thank you very much

      Lennie has left the website!!!

    4. He's gonna be here all week folks, don't forget to tip the waitress and try the veal.

  14. The collapse of nations begins. The World Economic Forum and Satan celebrate."
    The plan was hatched right after Biden was sworn in.
    Nuclear WW3 is certainly a risk.

    1. The plan was hatched when the Marxist conspired with Dominion, Secretaries of State, DA's, Governors etc. in GA, PA, AZ, MI, WI, VA etc. to STEAL the election for Biden. FIFY

  15. ITEM 5: MAGA Republicans. Yes, Dems, by all means remind everyone what gas prices were when the Ultra MAGA King was President.

    ITEM 11: Let them ask Chairman Xi.

  16. Big Country Expat has a different take on #1. He thinks that the NSA, FBI, CIA, ETC, listening to your Alexa and Siri and your cellphone even though you are not using it are hearing a lot of people saying "Ministry of Truth, huh? Time to gun up." or similar. Makes people see no law but democrat rules and boxcars in the near future. I know I did. And the Powers That Be did not want people to think 'there is room in my grave for democrat politicians, antifa and blm.' Time to retire this to a back burner until a better time. And QOTD makes me wonder about still doing sobriety?
    #3 When does Biden, Schumner and Pelosi unveil the "Ministry of Plenty?"

  17. #1 -- I repeat but Taylor Lorenz is not a journalist.

    1. Yep. A real journalist would have resigned when she became the story.

  18. #2 - Hope your red wave prediction comes true!
    #3- it is indeed part of the Ds plan to ruin the middle class.
    #4 - Sri Lanka is in this state because it mandated organic farming. Let that be a lesson to us all.

  19. #5 -- Hoping the Ds get it goodest and hardest.

  20. #10 - I think Eastern Europe led by Hungary shows far more promise than Western Europe, led by the globalist Macron. Christianity is doing better in Eastern Europe.

  21. #8 --Yes to Biden's bots are as fake as his presidency.

  22. re: FINALLY _ A big yes to Kari Lake and all other Republicans not afraid to fight. Media will never like you anyway.

  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Dubya was right. There were WMDs. And good on the idea of using their tactics against them.

    Robert Rogers smiles.

    3: Every time somebody poked the middle class, they lost their heads.

    4: A lot of these "nations" really are nations and shouldn't be. Jackie Mason did a routine once about how nobody ever heard of these countries, "Guy comes along, Wants to be the head of a country. His name's Sam Cambodia. 'Hey, I'll call it Cambodia'".

    I still say colonialism was better.

    5: That 8-point lead comes under $4 a gallon gasoline. What happens when it hits $6?

    We'll all be part of the Trumpmacht.

    6: But voters will count only the losses and he cannot afford many of those because he lost the last election. To be sure, it was stolen, but it still counts as an L.

    Horsefeathors. People want him back and a few losses aren't registering. 90 - 2 is a pretty good record.

    BTW a lot of state parties are fighting him tooth and nail.

    9: The peasants in this country do not use pitchforks. We use Remingtons, Rugers, Sigs, winchesters, and Colts.

    13: Wrath of God.

    PS I thought it was E Pluribus Unum.

    14: How's 'bout Among the angels?

    You have to stop letting Jeffery write your copy.

    1. Your browser has a back button. You can always go back to pirate's cove and spew your garbage there, or better yet, comment on trooper York's stuff all day.

  24. As a born and bred Westerner who moved to the SE I can stand with Kari. This is a great big country that really has regions and with that comes a culture and a certain mindset. I can see why she said to that reporter she doesn't understand the state. I moved five years ago and I'm still absorbing my new state and all the things that goes with it.

  25. Finally;
    Can Kari Lake be governor of Georgia, too?

  26. Items 2/3 (gas prices): While punching buttons on the car radio in San Fran, stumbled into a prog panel discussing gas prices. They all were applauding the high gas prices. The only debate was over whether $10 gas or $12 gas would make us stupid peasants go out and buy an electric car. And of course it couldn't be a Tesla...


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