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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: AP on April 26, 2021, reported, "As America grows more diverse, the Republican Party continues to be led almost entirely by white people, particularly men, who cater to an overwhelmingly white base. And despite fierce criticism from civil rights leaders and growing concern from business leaders who are traditional allies, many Republicans see no problem."

Now, a little more than a year later, AP reported, "Several mainstream Republican Senate candidates are drawing on the great replacement conspiracy theory once confined to the far-right fringes of U.S. politics to court voters this campaign season, promoting the baseless notion that there is a plot to diminish the influence of white people in America."

Dishonest does not begin to describe these vermin.

ITEM 2: National Review reported, "The Georgia Law Biden Compared to Jim Crow Leads to Record Early Voter Turnout."

Georgia's primary is next Tuesday.

Biden should eat crow over this.

ITEM 3: NDTV reported, "Flight data from a black box recovered from the China Eastern Airlines jet that crashed in March indicates someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed the plane, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with US officials' preliminary assessment.

"A Western official told Reuters that the focus is on the actions of the crew after the preliminary investigation did not find any indication of a technical malfunction."

Strange things are a-brewing in Red China, the largest communist country in the world.

ITEM 4: The Blaze reported, "Several of the largest defense contractors in the U.S. have extensive ties to the government of China and the Communist Chinese Party.

"Raytheon, Bell Flight, and Boeing — three of the nation’s most prolific defense contractors — continue to maintain close relationships with firms that conduct business with the Chinese government. Fox News reported that Lockheed Martin has business interests in China.

"Issac Stone Fish, the CEO and founder of Strategy Risks, a China risk consultancy company, warned that these defense contractors’ relationships with the Chinese government present severe risks for the U.S."

The elitists sold America out 20 years ago. The press is catching on.

ITEM 5: The Epoch Times reported, "Former President Donald Trump told supporters on May 14 that he’s writing a book on alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, titled The Crime of the Century."

I hope he sells millions of books.

But shouldn't the title be The Art of Winning in 2024?

ITEM 6: We Love Trump reported, "Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack last week shared photos sent by sources showing full shelves of baby formula and food at a processing center at the southern border.

"Cammack was accused of lying, so she took a trip to the US-Mexico border to expose the stockpiling of baby formula being sent to border facilities while American families continue to face empty shelves amid a nationwide shortage.

"The congresswoman surveyed the facilities herself, finding stockpiles of baby formula and other necessary infant supplies."

Citizens have no rights anymore.

We just pay the bills.

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid her baby father $970,000 for 'creative services', her brother $840,000 for security, a fellow director $2.1 million and reimbursed the organization $73,000 for a charter flight."

It was a shakedown.

Expect Biden's IRS to ignore the charity ripoff.

ITEM 8: Reuters reported, "A Michigan judge on Tuesday granted a temporary injunction to block the enforcement of a state abortion ban, which might have taken effect if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade precedent that legalized abortion nationwide.

"A Michigan Court of Claims judge in Lansing sided with women's healthcare provider Planned Parenthood in its lawsuit against the state seeking to stop the potential enforcement of the ban, which was enacted in 1931 and declared unconstitutional in 1973."

Planned Parenthood. Killing babies is our business. Our only business.

ITEM 9: Johnny Cash becomes Johnny Splash.

Maybe he was just trying to put out a ring of fire.

ITEM 10: The Daily Wire reported, "Elon Musk Announces He’s Switching To Vote Republican."

When in Texas, do as Texans do.

He votes exclusively in American elections, unlike Mehmet Oz.

ITEM 11: People magazine reported, "Eric Clapton Test Positive for COVID-19 and Postpones Shows After Vaccine Criticism."

Unvaccinated celeb gets covid!

Not mentioned are the 100 vaccinated celebrities and politicians who got covid, including Kamala.

ITEM 12: Bloomberg reported, "From record gasoline prices to higher airfares to fears of diesel rationing ahead, America’s runaway energy market is disquieting both US travelers and the wider economy. But the chief driver isn’t high crude prices or even the rebound in demand: It’s simply too few refineries turning oil into usable fuels.

"More than 1 million barrels a day of the country’s oil refining capacity — or about 5% overall — has shut since the beginning of the pandemic. Elsewhere in the world, capacity has shrunk by 2.13 million additional barrels a day, energy consultancy Turner, Mason & Co estimates. And with no plans to bring new US plants online, even though refiners are reaping record profits, the supply squeeze is only going to get worse."

This is the Democrat plan, to cripple the economy by replacing cheap energy with no energy.

ITEM 13: Post Millennial reported, "Gas stations across the US are running out of fuel and in anticipation of an increase in gas prices, gas stations in the state of Washington are reportedly reprogramming pumps to include double-digit numbers in price per gallon as the current trend could put prices over $10."

What did I just say?

ITEM 14: John Nolte wrote, "Biden’s support for the Cuban government comes in stark contrast to the previous administration. Trump shut down these remittances. After all, why should American money prop up Cuba’s left-wing Nazis? This is an important issue among Florida’s Cuban population, who are desperate, for obvious reasons, to see Cuba’s communist regime fall and their loved ones freed. But Joe Biden, who cares about everyone in the world except Americans, is poking this important voting bloc in the eye, demonstrating that to Democrats, what was once the swing state of all swing states is now lost.

"So, yes, all the signs, including the Sunshine State’s latest voter registration numbers, indicate that Florida has moved into the Safe Republican column."

Just 4 years ago, DeSantis was barely elected governor.

He governed well. He will be rewarded.

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Idrissa Gueye reportedly missed his side's 4-0 win against Montpellier on Saturday because he didn't want to play in a shirt that had his number in rainbow colors.

"Players across France wore the special shirts over the weekend in an expression of solidarity to mark the upcoming International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, on Tuesday May 17. 

"But the former Everton and Aston Villa player Gueye, a devout Muslim, was absent from the match for what his manager Mauricio Pochettino said 'were personal reasons, but he is not injured'."

So when is International Day Against Islamophobia? Christophobia? Misandry? Heterophobia?

ITEM 16: The abnormals are at it again.

Motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job out there. It is one of the things I admire about my wife.

ITEM 17: Breitbart reported, "Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) sent out a fundraising email on Monday to fill his campaign coffers off of the Buffalo, New York, mass shooting."'

He's so sleazy, he qualifies to cover politics for AP.

ITEM 18: Life News reported, "Planned Parenthood is floundering even in pro-abortion New England states.

"WCAX 3 reports the billion-dollar abortion chain plans to close five facilities in Vermont and New Hampshire on June 12, citing staffing problems and politics.

"The facilities are located in Hyde Park, Bennington, St. Albans and Middlebury, Vermont, and Claremont, New Hampshire, according to the report. It also closed another Vermont facility earlier this year."

My guess is the Plan B pill is cheaper and costing them business, but the profit margin likely is higher for the pill. Satan knows all the angles.

FINALLY, it looks like Pennsylvania's Republican Senate race will be decided by late mail-in ballots.

Congratulations, therefore, to the party's new Senate nominee, Joe Biden.


  1. Item 9: I see a great opportunity for a Depends Commercial

  2. PA Primary results as of @7:30AM 5/18/2022:
    Senate: R 52.8% D 47.2%
    Gov: R 54.5% D 45.5%

    Hoping this reflects R voter motivation for Nov 2022.

    1. It should. Turnout is essential to winning.

  3. Congratulations, therefore, to the party's new Senate nominee, Joe Biden.

    “In a democracy, people usually get the kind of government they deserve.”

    - Adlai Stevenson

    Fook Pennsylvania.

  4. #7 Re BLM - it's obvious to anyone with a pulse that BLM is a racist Marxist organization. So why be shocked the 'charity' funds were misappropriated? It's what Marxist democrats do. If your dumb enough to donate to them that's on you

    #11 - Eric Clapton wasn't unvaxxed. He got the Extra Zeneca shot and had a bad adverse reaction to it

    1. Correct. But he was also very outspoken along with Morrissey and Van Morrison about the harms of the lockdowns in the U.K. I think they even released a song about it.

    2. Clapton also refused to play in venues that required shots and papers. Good for him I said at the time. I say that now.

  5. #1 --re: the AP. Totally biased and woke. Try my best to ignore. It's now an advocacy news service.

  6. 32 - Biden prefers ice cream. He may be demented but he was always an awful person. Good that there was record early voter turn out.

  7. #3 - Like the dude said: China is asshoe....

  8. re: Brian Stelter and the Great Replacement theory. It's not a theory. It's happening on the southern border. When is he getting replaced?

  9. #4 Of course, the elites sold out to China. We are not bringing our values to them, they are bringing their values to us and we are accepting them.

  10. #7 - BLM - always a crooked, Marxist organization. Solution: Stop donations.
    #10 - Elon has taken the red pill.
    #12 - I read some time ago that there hasn't been a refinery built in the U.S since 1976. Is that true?

    1. 12 - I believe so. They keep upgrading on the existing footprint using better technology to increase capacity.

  11. re: FINALLY -- The election is one day, not weeks later. This whole mail-in ballot thing needs to be scrapped or overhauled. We don't do that in Canada.

  12. #16 - Yes, breastfeeding an infant on demand is a tough job, but it's worth it. However, each woman makes her own choice for her own reasons. Stop with the judging.

  13. re: Gas prices -- Gas was $2.20 a litre yesterday.

  14. #18 -- The morning after pill is free here. Even the therapeutic abortion pill -- up to 9 weeks pregnant is free at clinics.

    1. Oh and if you are old, we'll put you down for free here, too.

  15. #9 -- I saw Johnny Cash as a youngster with my family. My grandfather was a huge fan and my brother is a huge fan. I always liked him and his music.

  16. #6 -- Politicians no longer care about their voters.

  17. #11 - They buried the lede.

    Clapton IS vaccinated.

    He was labeled 'anti-vax' after he had severe side effects to the vaccination and went public with it.

    No "I got Covid, but at least I'm vaccinated" statement expected.

  18. Item 18: Things for planned parenthood probably went off the rails when the gal got caught selling baby body parts so she could finance a Lamborghini in the mid 2010's. The aftermath even took out the powerful Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and daughter of Texas Governor Ann Richards. Like I said, a powerful DNC backed political player. Her replacement Leana Wen lasted less than a year.

    "Baby body parts for sale! Get your baby body parts here!" is never a good look for anyone.

  19. #1 do they mean all the Hispanics that are voting Republican? they don't want to be replaced either.
    actually happened to a friend of mine.
    #3 China's going down. Just like the 737. It will be steep sharp and quick.

    1. Sad to say, but I've been hearing that for the last 20 or so years. I believe it like I believe Shrillary will be indicted.

    2. Their Debit/GDP ratio is 300% ours is 35% You can't keep cooking the books Communist or not.

    3. Gordon Chang wrote a book about all of the problems that China is facing. A major problem is demographics, which is destiny whether you like it or not.

  20. I don't care that Oz is Muslim

    I don't care that Oz is of Turkish descent

    I don't even care that he voted in the
    Turkish election, assuming Turkey is OK with that.

    I do care STRONGLY that he is a Turkish citizen. I think dual citizenship is very wrong. Worse than wrong, it is unAmerican.

    I think running for office while holding dual citizenship is more than wrong, it is despicable.

    I think it should be disqualifying for any office from dogcatcher on up.

    Oz is a natural born American citizen, born in Cleveland Ohio. He gets his Turkish citizenship from his parents. He gets his Turkish passport by actively applying for it.

    He has had 60+ years to renounce his Turkish citizenship. He *says* he will renounce if elected.

    Nowhere near good enough and way to late. He should have renounced 40 years ago. He should never have applied for a passport. But AT THE VERY LEAST he should have renounced before running for office.

    If he wants to be Turkish, live in Turkey and renounce the USA citizenship. If he wants to be American, renounce the Turkish.

    I don't know much about him. PEDJT endorsed him so otherwise I would be OK with him.

    But I really, really, really, hope he loses. Just because of his Turkish citizenship.

    1. I don't know much about him, but you want to play your ROLCON to the hilt.

      Jeffery, you never admit how stupid you are.

    2. If he wins, he will have to give up his Turkish citizenship and he said he will do that.

    3. Wow. Eddie boy has shown up for his 10 minutes of snark before fleeing the responses to his idiocy.

    4. Amazing how Eddie boi likes to showcase his stupidity for everyone.

    5. Ya'll need to go back and read that again ; then revisit your posts . What do you think it looks like to someone new to the blog ?

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Define irony.

    Replacement was their hope for the future. Now it's blown up in their faces.

    2: He's been eating jim crow, otherwise known as crow a la Eastland all his life.

    6: We have rights. Too many people aren't mad enough to exercise them.


    10: Last I looked, dual citizenship was not a crime.

    12, 13: See 6.

    14: Brandon doesn't care about anybody but Brandon. Never has.

    1. 10- "No man can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other."
      Matthew 6/24

  22. "ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid her baby father $970,000 for 'creative services’,"

    Well, I suppose that looks better than “sperm donor” in the paperwork.

    "ITEM 12:  This is the Democrat plan, to cripple the economy by replacing cheap energy with no energy."

    Well, we can always burn cow dung.
    "ITEM 13:  What did I just say?"

    See Item 12

    1. Anybody with a " baby father " is a clear sign to not give your hard earned money to .

  23. The "Great Replacement Theory" is Democrat policy. Ruy Texeira, a fellow at the Center for American Progress (aka "Obama's Idea Factory"), wrote a book with John Judis called "The Emerging Democratic Majority" in 2002. The book argued that that Democrats in the United States are demographically destined to become a majority party in the early 21st century, owing to demographic change brought about by immigration and population growth among minorities. The Democrats believe that these people naturally belong to them and assume that they will toe the Democrat line for at least the next few generations. In 2016, Steve Phillips (also of the CAP) wrote a book called "Brown is the New White", celebrating the same theme. The British Labour party has also been very open about the fact that they encouraged massive third-world immigration because it would replace Britons with people more inclined to become clients of the state, and therefore to vote for the party most likely to give them a free ride. It is a terrible mistake for conservatives to accept the narrative that the "Great Replacement" is some sort of crackpot conspiracy theory. It's a left-wing policy goal that has been publicly advocated for at least 20 years by mainstream Democrats.

    1. Perhaps the co-authors name should be spelled "John Judas"?

  24. Item #3. It would be interesting to see the passenger manifest for the flight. Anyone PoohBear wanted silenced aboard?

  25. #8: I live in Michigan and you missed a crucial point about the judge. That judge took in a LOT of money from Planned Parenthood. This injunction is not a legal issue, it was bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood.


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    :) 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐊.:)