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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Quad Report reported, "On May 9, 2021 at 11:21 central time near Odessa in West Texas, a combined-cycle gas-fired generating plant tripped off line, due to what a reliability expert described as 'a small, ordinary line-to-ground fault.'

"The result was entirely unexpected: solar photovoltaic generation over a 200-mile section of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid also went offline."

The story said, "The culprit in the collapse of a significant portion of the Texas grid was the performance of inverters, equipment that converts to direct current from the solar panels to alternating current on the grid. Wind and hydro resources that generate DC power also require inverters, and some wind was affected by the Odessa Disturbance, according to NERC. The event says 192 MW of reduced output from the gas plant, 1,112 MW of solar output lost, and 36 MW of wind."

So it was an AC/DC problem.

A certain Australian rock band has a lot of explaining to do. 

ITEM 2: Perennial candidate Beto O'Rourke crashed Texas Governor Abbott's press conference in Uvalde, Texas, who was briefing reporters on the massacre by an 18-year-old transvestite who killed 19 children, 2 teachers and his grandmother.

Beto's desperate attempt to politicize a tragedy comes as Newsweek reported that he was once again 11 points behind in his race.

Grifters gotta grift. Maybe he and George P. Bush can form a comedy act after Beto fails again in the fall.

Speaking of con men, Barack Obama tweeted, "As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him."

No president has done more to divide the nation since Jefferson Davis, another Democrat.

And both were racist to the core.

ITEM 3: Tuesday's primaries in Georgia look good for Republicans. Herschel Walker received more than 100,000 votes than the incumbent Democrat. That indicates a very flippable state.

Recruitment has been spotty in Senate races again this year for Republicans. Pennsylvania was the best example as TV celebrity Mehmet Oz, who carries dual Turkish-American citizenship, appears to have bested the rich guy, David McCormick, subject to an official recount.

Ted Budd in North Carolina showed how things should work as he was elected to Congress first before running for the Senate.

Good candidates are hard to find by both parties. I mean, Biden? Really?

ITEM 4: A majority of Americans want to rein in the sanctions on Russia.

An AP/NORC poll showed 51% believe we should be "limiting damage to the U.S. economy, even if it means sanctions on Russia are less effective."

Only 45% said we should be "sanctioning Russia as effectively as possible, even if it damages the U.S. economy."

Looks like the bloom is off the blue and yellow rose.

ITEM 5: UPI reported, "Scientists discover fossil of massive flying 'Dragon of Death.'"

The story said, "Scientists have uncovered the remains of one of the largest pterosaurs on record, researchers announced in a study published Tuesday in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research.

"The fossils are from the largest-ever pterosaur found in South America, and one of the largest flying vertebrates in the world, according to researchers."

Dragons have been in too much folklore across the world not to have been real at one time or another.

But if you run into any dragon eggs, smash them. We have enough problems, thank you.

ITEM 6: The New York Daily News reported, "Weeks before Andrew Abdullah was accused of murdering a Brooklyn man in cold blood on a subway train, a criminal court judge released him without bail on charges of stealing a car.

"At a court hearing April 26 — less than a month before the shooting death Sunday of Daniel Enriquez on a Q train — a Brooklyn prosecutor asked a judge to order Abdullah held on $15,000 bond on charges of possession of stolen property after he was caught driving a stolen car.

"The prosecutor noted that Abdullah had a criminal record, and that he had charges pending on several other criminal cases, including assault and weapons possession."

We don't have a shortage of gun laws. We have a shortage of jail cells.

ITEM 7Judge Jeanine Pirro said, "When we talk about mental illness, one of the things that concerns me is it’s just this kind of amorphous blob, mental illness. The Buffalo shooter taught us that when someone seems incapable of functioning in our society, we send them for a 730, which is what I used to do when I was a judge. If I thought someone was a danger to himself or a danger to others, I would send him for a psychiatric review. Now they’re doing the psychiatric review. They’re letting them out. The guy [who traveled to] Buffalo goes out and kills ten people. … And a lot of these people are not necessarily mentally insane. This is not insanity. Insanity is when you don’t know where you are. You’re … totally in a state where you can’t tell time or relevance or what’s going on. This guy’s predicting what he’s going to do. He’s saying, 'I just did it. Now I’m going to go do this.'"

She also said, "There were some crumbs. We know that he’s from a broken home. We know that he’s a loner. We know that he was self-injuring himself. We know that he was made fun of because he has a lisp and because apparently he wore eyeliner. We know that there was violent rhetoric from people he worked with and that he was isolated. But does that mean we can go out and arrest him? No. So let’s not just throw it out at mental health."

There are no simple answers. Just simpletons.

ITEM 8: Politico reported, "Tax receipts are booming, thanks in part to spiking inflation, a new government report shows.

"The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday it now expects federal revenue this year to jump by a whopping $800 billion — equivalent to the Pentagon’s annual budget.

"That translates to a 19% increase, the biggest one-year hike in more than 40 years, and it comes on top of an 18% increase last year.

"Total receipts will amount this year to 19.6% of the nation’s economy, CBO says, which would be the most since 2000 when the Treasury Department was swimming in cash thrown off by the dot-com bubble.

"That’s a big reason why the agency sees the government’s budget deficit shrinking this year to $1 trillion."


The spending continues to soar. 

Balance the budget already.

ITEM 9: The Hill reported, "Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told colleagues on the Senate floor Wednesday that he will not immediately bring gun control measures to the floor in the wake of two mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, because he doesn’t expect them to muster enough Republican votes to pass."

Faced with the loss of up to 14 Senate seats this year, Schumer does not want to give Republicans any more ammo.

There are 81 million gun owners. And they vote.

ITEM 10: Rasmussen reported, "In the aftermath of a teenage gunman’s deadly spree in Buffalo, most voters remain unconvinced that more gun control laws can prevent such mass shootings.

"A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 40% of Likely U.S. voters believe stricter gun control laws would help prevent shootings like the recent one in Buffalo. Fifty percent (50%) don’t think stricter gun control would help, while another 10% are not sure. These findings are almost identical to an April survey after a mass shooting on a New York City subway train."

Most Americans realize we have enough gun laws.


ITEM 11The Washington Examiner reported, "Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon tweeted a list of 70 'fulfilled prophecies,' comparing satire articles his site published to real news stories occurring on later dates.

"A selection of these satirical headlines is nearly indistinguishable from their real counterparts. If you didn’t know the source, it genuinely would be difficult to tell which one is true. Other prophecies are more of a stretch, or just slightly off, such as the August 2021 headline 'Biden Administration Deploys Elite Squad of TikTok Influencers to Stop Taliban.' Turns out, the administration ended up using those top TikTok stars a little differently: briefing them on the war in Ukraine in March 2022. Innocent mistake. Nevertheless, the side-by-side comparison of satire and fact is hilarious — if not a little frightening.

"With glorious foresight, the site predicted Marvel’s 2021 announcement that the new Captain America would be a gay activist a full five years earlier with the story, 'Captain America Rebooted as Feminist, Atheist, Transgender Hydra Agent.' It also predicted Black Lives Matter’s February 2021 nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize with an article in August 2020.

"Perhaps the most unbelievable prophecy is from the satire story 'California School System to Feature Mandatory 2nd Grade Field Trips to Gay Bars,' which was written in June 2019 and fulfilled when a Broward County, Florida, school actually took elementary schoolers to a gay bar on a field trip in October 2021."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

How much should I slip them to write a story, "Don Surber Wins the Lottery"?

ITEM 12: NPR reported, "President Biden will sign an executive order on Wednesday requiring new use-of-force rules for federal law enforcement and encouraging local police departments to make similar changes. 

"The measure is the product of months of consultations with police professional groups and reform activists. The executive order is the fallback position for the administration after Congress failed to agree last year on a package of reforms dubbed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Senior administration officials say relatives of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, will be present for the signing."

The nationalization of the local police has begun.

ITEM 13: The Daily Wire reported, "A new LGBTQ charter school in Alabama is attracting straight black kids whose families see it as a way for their kids to escape Birmingham’s beleaguered regular public schools, The Daily Wire has learned.

"Magic City Acceptance Academy, a grade 6-12 public school designed to cater to LGBTQ students, boasts of providing a 'brave learning environment and LGBTQ affirming culture for all.' But with Alabama’s traditional public schools ranking among the worst in the country, straight students are flocking to the school in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood.

"'Some kids are not gay but they go there to get out of the inner city schools,' a source inside the school who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Daily Wire."

I have heard of scared straight.

This is its alternate.

ITEM 14: AdWeek reported, "CNN Begins Laying Off CNN+ Staffers Following Shutdown."

New owner must cut costs. If CNN were making money with this large a staff, AT&T would not have dumped it.

CNN does not make much money because it is unwatchable.

ITEM 15: Eric Lendrum reported, "According to a recent survey, over 1.2 million students have abandoned public schools in favor of other alternatives in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, where many public schools shut down in-person learning in favor of remote learning."

Expect more defections as LGBT grooming has hit the fan.

ITEM 16: Newsmax reported, "Trump Hails 100-6 Record Among Primary Endorsements."

The media concentrates on the 6 and ignores the 100.

What did you expect? Journalism?

ITEM 17: The New York Post reported, "‘How to Murder Your Husband’ author Nancy Crampton Brophy guilty of hubby’s murder."

World's worst DIY book ever.

ITEM 18: Biden's approval in the Reuters poll plunges to 36%. Disapproval jumps to 59%.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

ITEM 19: AP reported, "In Afghanistan, 1.1 million children under the age of 5 will likely face the most severe form of malnutrition this year, according to the U.N., as increasing numbers of hungry, wasting-away children are brought into hospital wards. U.N. and other aid agencies were able to stave off outright famine after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan last year, rolling out a massive emergency aid program that fed millions."

The price of Biden's colossal failure is paid by starving babies and 9-year-old brides.

ITEM 20: The Federalist reported, "Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money."


The next Republican president can withhold lunch money if you teach sex to kids in school before they are, oh, 21.

FINALLYthe Daily Mail reported, "AOC says she's itching to ditch her Tesla after spat with Elon: Progressive rep says she wants to buy electric car made at unionized factory after Musk told her to stop flirting with him on Twitter."

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

See Hill, Anita.


  1. Back In Black was an 80s classic and has GOT to be on any rock lover’s Top 50 Best list. Who knew that the band were also seers? Note to LibCommies: When the power goes off, you’re in the dark. Did you know that? I predict the Summer of 22 will be known as The Juiceless Season.

    1. Back in 1980, I reluctantly went to an AC/DC concert with my "bad" boyfriend. Not my favorite music, but I did appreciate the vigor of the Young brothers on stage. And they are definitely a rock band, which I appreciate! He got me a t-shirt which I wore for years when I went jogging. Summer of 2022, the Juiceless Season. I like that!

    2. It's a religious argument, to be sure, but Brian Johnson is more of a screamer than anything else. Go watch some Bon Scott AC/DC videos for a real show. (Who, rumor has it, really was the one who wrote the album "Back in Black".)

  2. Items 2 & 4: My goodness, is it George Floyd day already? And here I am with my Ukraine decorations still up.

    1. Just leave your Trayvon Martin decorations hanging.

    2. Good one, Brainy! I chuckled at that. Yes, leave all your decorations hanging and don't forget to add ones for George Floyd.

  3. #11. Hope they never publish a story that goes like: Don Surber finally gets Bentley from his wife. Made by Revell.

    #14. I had to have a procedure done at a local hospital 2 weeks ago. A friend asked how bad it was. I said awful, as I had to wait in the lobby for 20 minutes and listen to CNN propaganda.

    1. 11. Paint and cement not included. Some assembly required.

  4. re #9 s far more than 81 million

  5. That kid was fucked in the head thanks to his groomer pedophile teachers. He was easy, thanks to his broken home, no father, and mom passing him off to granny all the time.
    And so much of this could've been avoided if pos scum hadn't been fighting to get rid of God. Decades of separating church and state has left this country with no moral compass, ethics, or sense of responsibility .
    So now we've got mal-adjusted kids shooting up schools, churches, and grocery stores and amoral self serving politians using these tragedies to make themselves look relevant .

    1. A total tragedy and it doesn't look like much, if any, of it was preventable if you look at this situation. His primary means of support -- his family -- was not there for him.

    2. Looks like Uvalde is Parkland 2.0.

    3. Yes, it does. Sad, sad, sad. What is the point of having police if they don't do anything. (If this is true.)

    4. What's the shooter's story ? I am hearing he drove a Super Duty , bought two AR-15's and apparently had training to use the guns . Where is the money coming from and did somebody put him up to this ?

  6. "We don't have a shortage of gun laws. We have a shortage of jail cells."

    Or too many Soros prosecutors on the side of criminals.

    Not to mention Soros secretaries of state, on the side of Dominion CheatWare and Election Fraud.

  7. "We don't have a shortage of gun laws. We have a shortage of jail cells" and judges with brains.

  8. It does for sure. Further to my AC/DC story, once when I was jogging wear the AC/Dc t-shirt an older couple pointed at me and asked me if "I needed to advertise." At the time, I didn't know what they were talking about and it didn't apply to me anyway.

  9. #16 - I no longer expect journalism. You can't take it away from Trump 100-6 is a strong record.

  10. 2 - the Texas democrat party should replace the disgraced Robert O’Rourke with abortion Barbie, another perennial failed candidate. What a great bench the democrats have in Texas.

    8 - Pass a budget already. And stick to it. They haven’t passed one since 2008.

    10 - we need more people carrying and no gun-free zones.

    13 - a grooming academy? Sick.

    1. Gun-free zones just make people targets. Easy work for the killers.

  11. #2 re: Beto: I think he said "he was born to do this" (sic) when he was on some magazine cover during his presidential run. No, he was not. Shameless grandstanding.

  12. #7 Judge Jeannine: There are no simple answers to these shootings. Why did school shootings ramp up after Columbine 23 years ago? What changed? One thing I would say is that mental illness seems to be a factor (not the only one) in many of these shootings. A lot of the shooters were already on the radar with police and on social media. I don't have any real answers. The only thing that makes sense to me is to harden the schools to prevent them from being open targets.

    1. There is a simple solution.. End the war against masculinity.

    2. FYI, Montreal is the capital of school shootings in Canada. We've had three and a fourth narrowly averted. Two at the university level and one at the junior college level and the other averted at the junior college level. It's not easy to get a gun in Canada, either. As a journalist, thank God I was only involved in covering one of them. And that was enough for me.

    3. Ending the war against boys in school would be a good start. The deck is now stacked against boys.

  13. Mr Surber, whatever you are paying your backing drummer to "bah-dumm ttshhh" rimshot an item it's not even a little bit enough. Eg: Heading Beer, #1, #5, #11... (the list goes on and on and on ...)
    Thank You.

  14. #18 and #18 - re: Brandon. A total disaster, but no mean tweets. FJB. Goodest and hardest.

  15. spat with Elon:"
    Musk and Trump are con men. So what. They are on the side of the angels politically and both have guts.

    1. I'll take them over any of the squishes. They fight.

  16. Looks like the bloom is off the blue and yellow rose."

    Americans are the most propagandized and brainwashed people in world history.

    On Monday, from Davos, World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab introduced Ukrainian comedian-cum-President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the latest leg of his weapons-solicitation-tour, with a glowing tribute. Herr Schwab stressed that an actor impersonating a president defending neo-Nazis is supported by “all of Europe and the international order.”

    1. Documents seized by Russia show that four pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and Gilead, were involved in these bioweapons experiments in Ukraine.
      Chinese ambassador Dai Bing said that these frightening elements should raise the concern of the whole international community.

      According to the US press, the Pentagon’s biological military research program was organized in Ukraine by the Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) company created by Hunter Biden (son of President Joe Biden) and Christopher Heinz (son-in-law of John Kerry).
      Americans are the most propaganzied and brainwashed people in world history.

  17. Item 11: The Grace Curley show on WRKO in Boston has a segment they do called "Woke or Joke" where they have callers guess if a headline is real or one they made up. It's usually hard to tell the difference.

    Item 14: I haven't watched CNN since OJ was being chased down the highway in his Ford Bronco.

    Item 20: Get the Federal Government out of education. They don't educate a single student and all they do is come up with policies that must be obeyed or lose funding.

  18. #3. Xiden? They only choose their best and brightest. Seriously.

  19. #5. The notion of the dragon comes from the Bible where John, in Revelations, mentioned a horse that breathes fire and smoke and sulfur.
    The Catholic Church kept the Bible under wraps because parts of the Canon were difficult to understand.
    All the world witnessing Jesus returning? The earth must be flat.
    John described to the best of his ability, without seeming insane, what he saw, satellite TV bringing instant news, and the modern main battle tank.
    As time passes, we understand better what he saw. GOD, help us.

  20. #10. We have too many gun laws. They don't work. Instead we need to execute these vile humans in the same way they killed their victims and within one year of the crime.

  21. #12. No more than half the winnings. Your wife gets the other half.

  22. #14. As inflation soars, planes are grounded. People can't afford to travel, airports cut cost and CNN's last customers go quietly into the sunset.

    1. Gee whiz, Jeffery, your need to fill the comment board has hit a new high in low.

    2. "your need to fill the comment board" says the guy who has to meta-comment every article (see below).

    3. Dang, now special Ed is defending CNN.

  23. I asked my investment manager what I should be investing in. He said canned goods and ammunition.

  24. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: Beta finally got what so many Lefty loudmouths have had coming over the decades.

    God bless Texas. They don't have to be ladies and gentlemen.

    3: Good candidates are hard to find by both parties.

    Look at the Democrat field.

    6: We don't have a shortage of gun laws. We have a shortage of jail cells.

    No, we have a shortage of ropes hanging from trees.

    7: In the old days, these people were institutionalized for their own good as well as society's.

    Then SCROTUS stepped in.

    9: There are 81 million gun owners. And they vote.

    Riddle me this, Batgender. If 81,000,000 people voted in the last election, what is the Wizard of Odd doing in the Rainbow House.

    12: Let's see this one get past the appellate courts.

    PS You want to tell the Lefties how Uvalde happened? This is your answer.

    16: 2 of those were saved by Democrats.

    As for Zippy, that one's right up there with if you like your plan, you can keep your plan

  25. Item 5: Aw, that’s a baby.

    Some Texas-size proportions. The Quetzalcoatlus did indeed loom large, with a wingspan alone around 33 to 36 feet, about half the length of a bowling lane.

    It’s believed the Quetzalcoatlus flew at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.


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  27. BREAKING NEWS-Babylon Bee writes: Don Surber's meanie of a wife finally OK's new Bentley (apologies to the Mrs.)


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