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Monday, May 30, 2022

Highlights of the News

OPENING THOUGHTS: The Uvalde Massacre made everyone an expert on school shootings last week. From bans on AR 15s to red flag laws to arming teachers, everyone seemed to have a solution to stop these senseless shootings.

How about we have Congress do nothing?

How about we have the president do nothing?

How about we have the entire nation just take a chill pill?

Pray for the victims. Pray for the families of the victims. Pray for the town of Uvalde.

But remember, we did not create a federal government to protect us from every imaginable evil and every tragedy in life. We already have paid too much for believing we should have an omnipotent government that protects us 24/7. 

You know who gets 24/7 protection, free health care and free food?


After 9/11, our rights to privacy vanished. Our national debt soared from under $6 trillion to more than $30 trillion. We started a war in Afghanistan, killed thousands and Biden got bored and surrendered the place to the very people we ousted.

The first rule of medicine is to do no harm. That should apply to government.

ITEM 1: Just the News reported, "The Internal Revenue Service this week released more troubling data for New York, with the federal agency showing more high-earning taxpayers leaving the state.

"Tracking returns filed in 2019 and 2020 showed that 479,826 people left New York for another state or country in those years. Over the same timeframe, just 231,439 people moved to the state. That means the state suffered a net loss of 248,387 residents.

"And, of course, those people took their money with them. The IRS figures show the moves generated an economic exodus of more than $19.5 billion.

"New Jersey and Florida were the biggest beneficiaries. More than 84,500 people moved from New York to New Jersey and took $5.3 billion. By contrast, only 37,127 New Jersey residents moved to New York and brought $2.2 billion in income.

"The numbers were even starker between New York and Florida. Over the two years, 71,845 New Yorkers flocked to the Sunshine State and took $6.4 billion. Meanwhile, 26,902 former Floridians moved up north. Those individuals had a combined income of $1.2 billion.

"Wirepoints, in its analysis, noted New York suffered the worst net loss of income of any state, with the $19.5 billion representing a 2.5 percent decline in adjusted gross income. The independent nonprofit research firm said New York lost $1 trillion in income through population losses since the beginning of the century."

This exodus was predictable 2 years ago when the city locked itself down. Democrats want the middle class out and the elitists and thugs in. Crime is sky high and the jails go unused. But Democrats in NYC believe it is better to rule in hell than risk a real Republican challenge someday.

Well, that is what NYC is now. Hell's Kitchen, Hell's Dining Room, Hell's Den, Hell's Bathroom and Hell's Waiting Room.

ITEM 2: We need to start calling out black racism.

Don't sleep in the subway? Don't GO in the subway. After 20 years of Giuliani and Bloomberg, two Democrat mayors have turned NYC into a shithole again.

(For some reason the tweet was removed that showed two black men beating an Asian on the subway platform.) 

ITEM 3: Hamas-Shielding AP alleged, "Thousands of Israeli nationalists, some of them chanting Death to Arabs, paraded through the heart of the main Palestinian thoroughfare in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday, in a show of force that risked setting off a new wave of violence in the tense city.

"The crowds, who were overwhelmingly young Orthodox Jewish men, were celebrating Jerusalem Day -- an Israeli holiday that marks the capture of the Old City in the 1967 Mideast war. Palestinians see the event, which passes through the heart of the Muslim Quarter, as a provocation. Last year, the parade helped trigger an 11-day war with Gaza militants, and this year’s march drew condemnations from the Palestinians and neighboring Jordan."

Israel won the Old City fair and square in the Six Day War, which Arabs began. 

Maybe we should call AP the Antisemitic Press.

ITEM 4: Vijeta Uniyal reported, "Jerusalem Day: 50,000 Flag-Waving Israelis March Through The Old City, Defying Hamas Terror Threats."

It is called objectivity.

AP lost it a long time ago. Its credibility soon followed.

ITEM 5: AP alleged, "Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns."

Paragraph 4 said, "Mastriano — who has ignored repeated requests for comment from The Associated Press, including through his campaign last week — has rejected the 'Christian nationalist' label in the past. In fact, few if any prominent candidates use the label. Some say it’s a pejorative and insist everyone has a right to draw on their faith and values to try to influence public policy."

So AP labels them with a pejorative and wonders why no one returns its calls.

That's the way to handle the press. Don't return their calls. They never tell our side. They just occasionally toss in a quote out of context in their screeds.

ITEM 6: Hey, Governor DeSantis, got a job opening?

Nonconformists built this country. Nonconformists will save it.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "VP Kamala Harris demands ban on assault weapons, says they have ‘no place in civil society.’"

She cheered when they were handed out like party favors in Ukraine.

What have no place in civil society are abortion, puberty blockers and politicians accepting bribes from Ukraine via their sons and other kin.

ITEM 8: Christina Pushaw tweeted, "Democrats before and after seeing polls."

America's press secretary.

ITEM 9: KMOV reported, "According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the overall price of food is up almost 11% this year compared to 2021. Here’s a list of price increases for several items:

  • Meat, fish and poultry 14%
  • Fruits and vegetables 7.8%
  • Ground beef 16.4%
  • Steak 11.8%
  • Hotdogs 6.2%
  • Alcohol 3.9%

"Those hitting the road will encounter record-high gas prices."

The story said, "According to AAA, the average statewide price for regular unleaded gas in Missouri is $4.17. That’s $2.72 more than Memorial Day of 2021."

Interesting that booze inflation is the lowest. It is almost as if they are pushing us to drink more and think less, comrade.


Worst White House tweet ever?

ITEM 10: Michael C. Bender of NYT tweeted, "The Wyoming crowd just now booed McCarthy during his video testimonial for Harriet Hageman."

And that became the media highlight of Trump's rally on Saturday night in Wyoming.

ITEM 11TMZ reported, "Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, was arrested this weekend for DUI."

It is never a good day when TMZ does a story on you.

He's 82. He has a net worth of $120 million.

Jesse Kelly tweeted, "Bro, hire a driver. My word."

ITEM 12: John Nolte reported, "In the wake of a coming lawsuit, the liars at the far-left Daily Beast finally apologized to the man who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s skeezy (in more ways than one) laptop.

"The Daily Beast originally published the piece in question in December of 2020, and with no evidence whatsoever, this news article misled its readers by describing the laptop as 'stolen.'

"In other words, the man who had the laptop stole the laptop.

"Yeah, well, that man is a real person—a living human, an everyday guy named John Paul Mac Isaac. And before this man bent over backward in threes to do the right thing with a laptop that legally belonged to him, Mac Isaac was a small businessman."

Giving the laptop to the FBI didn't work because Billy "Bats" Barr and FBI director Chris "Double Cross" Wray sat on the evidence and did nothing. 

Isaac finally gave it to the New York Post and the subsequent notoriety cost him his computer repair business. On top of that, the DNC media called him a thief. He said enough. The corrections have begun.

ITEM 13: Stephen Miller said, "It’s been the most disastrous first half of a presidency that I think has occurred in American history. And so there needs to be a thunderous repudiation, a historic repudiation in November.

"And I believe that if there is a very large conservative House majority backed up by a Senate majority, we’ll be able to shut down and unwind some of these policies and prevent truly irreparable and irreversible damage from happening."

Ah, what about Lincoln? He had a Civil War!

But in his first two years in office, he also signed into law the Homestead Act, the Land Grant Colleges Act and the act that enabled construction of the transcontinental railway. In short, Lincoln created the foundation for the American industrial empire.

Biden made $10 gasoline possible.

ITEM 14Jesse Martin reported, "Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced on Friday that an anonymous donor has offered $175,000 to cover the costs of funerals for all of the victims of the tragic Uvalde elementary school shooting."

That money should have gone to their graduation parties and weddings. The four saddest words in the English language are What Might Have Been.

God bless the donor.

ITEM 15: The Daily Wire reported, "In an article published on Saturday, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos defended his decision to protect the company’s content from woke employees who would seek to censor it, saying that it was “very important” for American culture.

"The interview in The New York Times came after Netflix released a corporate memo that warned employees offended by the company’s content that they may want to go find a job somewhere else."

He said, "It used to be a very liberal issue, so it’s an interesting time that we live in."

Lot of things used to be.

He was pragmatic, telling NYT, "I always said if we censor in the U.S., how are we going to defend our content in the Middle East?"

ITEM 16: Zero Hedge reported, "In a Saturday night speech Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave his most dire assessment to date of the status of Ukraine forces in the eastern Donbas region, where for over at least the last two months Russia has concentrated its forces, following the Feb.24 invasion of the country. Saturday marked the 95th day of the conflict.

"He described conditions there as indescribably difficult in what marks a notably pessimistic shift and negative tone for the Ukrainian leader, strongly suggesting the fall of Donbas -- or at least whole regions such as Luhansk -- could be imminent. He identified several intense ongoing battles in places with a large Russian force presence, including Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bakhmut and Popasna. Sievierodonets in particular is scene of fierce up-close street battles."

I said in February Zelensky should make peace. Donbas was a goner.

But no. Thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in aid later, the fighting continues.

The rebuilding will be the Biggest Bribe Bazaar known to mankind.

ITEM 17: NYT alleged, "The New York Times Trump's Primary Losses Puncture His Invincibility."

His record is 100-6. 

That a 94% winning record.

But I said all along, the media will focus on the losses and ignore the wins.

ITEM 18: Red State reported, "Done With 'Endangerment,' Republicans Introduce a Bill That Defines What a Woman Is."

Up in heaven, the Founding Fathers tune into American politics some 233 years after they ratified the Constitution, and ask themselves, "Why did we bother?"

ITEM 19: The Epoch Times reported, "The final May edition of the University of Michigan’s Sentiment Survey, which was released on May 27, delivered even worse results than the preliminary May data with a further drop in consumer sentiment.

"The index fell from 65.2 in April to 59.1 in the initial May report to 58.4 in the final—the lowest level since August 2011—as consumers express more economic pessimism due to rising prices.

"The final reading confirmed the early reports showing a decline in consumer sentiment in May, falling 10.4 points from April and moving back down below March’s reading of 59.4.

"The current condition index fell to a 13-year low of 63.3 in May from 69.4 in April, while future expectations dropped to 55.2 from 62.5 in the previous month, respectively."

It's like Chubby Checker asked in Limbo Rock: How low can you go?

ITEM 20: Yahoo reported, "A survey from a Vatican-approved religious university in Rome found that Catholic exorcists feel overworked and under-supported by bishops, according to The Times of London."

You know what happens when you don't pay your exorcist.

You get re-possessed.

ITEM 21: The Military Times reported, "Ramstein Air Base in Germany is reworking its Pride Month festivities after critics, including a Republican senator, complained that a drag queen was picked to read to children.

"Ramstein, the largest American air base in Germany and headquarters of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, was slated to host local drag queen Stacey Teed at a 30-minute story time event for kids at an on-base library, according to a since-deleted Facebook event."

I liked it better when June was the Bride's Month and not the Pride Month.

FINALLY, today is Memorial Day, an American holiday unique in that we fly the flag at half-staff until noon, when we raise it for the rest of the way until sunset.

That means we honor the 1 million soldiers who died for our freedom -- and then we enjoy those freedoms.

Remember. Honor. But feel no guilt. They wanted you to have this life. The least you can do is make their sacrifices have meaning.


  1. OPENING THOUGHTS: Amen. Let Uvalde decide what to do because they know best.

    1. Adopt the Israeli model or keep suffering these needless tragedies. There is a classic tradeoff between security and convenience. More security means less convenience. The biggest hurdle to increased school security is the parents. They hate inconvenience. "Got to pick up Johnny quickly because I'm late for my hair appointment." Unfortunately, too many schools knuckle under to parent complaints. The choice is right there on the table - harden the schools and piss off the parents or leave it the way it is.

    2. Harden the schools is the right answer, hair appointments be damned.

    3. Arm the teachers and teach the kids gun safety.

    4. On second thought, do we want a bunch of pedophiles and groomers armed and trained? Maybe arm the students. /Sarc.

  2. The Chief ’s eye flashed; but presently
    Softened itself, as sheathes
    film the mother-eagle’s eye
    When her bruised eaglet breathes:

    ‘You’re wounded!’ ‘Nay’, his soldier’s pride
    Touched to the quick, he said:
    ‘I’m killed, Sire!’ And, his Chief beside,
    Smiling, the boy fell dead.

    - Incident of the French Camp, Robert Browning

  3. ITEM 2: As a young man I played basketball on the outdoor courts in SF. It was there that I learned the degree to which minorities hate each other, especially blacks on Asians.

    ITEM 11: “Case dismissed" should read “Sentenced to your marriage for as long as you both shall live.”

    1. It cant be that bad. Hes 82 after all. Noone man can survive 60 years of marital hell. Who knows, maybe Nancy compensates for being an unspeakable hag in public, by being a total minx under the bedsheets

    2. A minx? Come on Detective! Try wolverine instead. Or maybe opossum.

    3. Like her or not, she does have an incredible rack

    4. Well it is an old rack now.

    5. Why do blacks hate Asians so much? Success?

    6. True it's an old rack now, but he did have 30 years when they weren't so old... And I'm sure he's got a good mamory ūüėúūüė≥

    7. No. Just no. No No No No No.
      Minx Nancy. You are a depraved individual who owes me a bottle of brain bleach. Any 12 yo single malt will do.

    8. "Why do blacks hate Asians so much? Success?"

      LuAnn, I believe that's a lot of the reason. I've read about ghetto blacks hating childhood friends who have done well for themselves.

    9. Angermanagementtx: I think you are totally right. Success should be strived for and celebrated. I think this is part of what is missing in black culture. Fatherless homes do not help, either.

    10. I am currently streaming The Shield, which is a 20-year-old cop show set in L.A. that was way ahead of its time. The problems were are mentioning are front and centre in this show. It doesn't try to solve them, but it shows them.

    11. All cultures should strive for success, for whatever that means to each of us. Surely, having no education and no prospects of a decent job and no family support system is a loser. This is depicted over and over on cop shows dealing with gangs.

    12. Unfortunately, the government encourages and supports family failures. Started with LBJ. "Black Fathers Matter,"

    13. That rack has relocated to a different zip code by now.

    14. They have an incredibly happy marriage. He's in San Franfreakshow and she's in Washington.

  4. ITEM 16: The article at this link gives useful background information on Zelensky: .

    1. In February 2021, by order of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine shut down three domestic television channels, accusing them of spreading Russian “propaganda.” Three months later, Zelenksky arrested Viktor Medvedchuk, who was at the time leading the second-biggest party in Ukraine’s national parliament, the pro-Russia and Eurosceptic Opposition Platform for Life

  5. If the Republicans don't take the tweet in Item 9, create a new version with 2022 numbers, and use the comparison to beat the Democrats over the head continuously with it coming up to November, they definitely are the "stupid party".

  6. Agree Don, Russia will not stop until they get the Donbas region. If NATO has any clout at all, create a Demilitarized zone similar to North and South Korea. Section it off and have United Nations peacekeeping troops there. As a deterrence give Ukraine their Nukes back.

    1. Putin invaded because he has "covid brain fog."
      Americans are the most propagandized and brainwashed people in world history.

  7. Here’s a list of price increases for several items:"

    East vs West - East rising, West in chaos
    Putin established a direct connection not only between the Greater Eurasian Partnership and EAEU members but also “BRICS members such as China and India”, “the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN and other organizations.”
    And that’s the core of the whole, ongoing, multi-layered process of Eurasia integration, with the China-led New Silk Roads intersecting with the Eurasia Economic Union, the SCO, BRICS+, and other converging strategies.
    Lavrov this week said that Argentina and Saudi Arabia want to join BRICS, whose next summer in China is being meticulously prepared.

    1. Americans are the most propagandized and brainwashed people in world history.

    2. Well, Argentina has never made a decision that benefits their country and the Saudis think that their wealth precludes anyone putting the screws to them . So we'll see how all that works out .ūü§Ē

  8. Best tweet ever by the White House! Honestly shows the contempt for the citizens.

  9. Item 21: Remember when we were all concerned about don't ask don't tell?

  10. "He described conditions there as indescribably difficult

    If they are indescribably difficult, how was he able to describe them?

  11. re: OPENING THOUGHTS: Uvalde residents will decide whether or not they can live with their police force.

    1. I should think lawsuits and local elections might decide on next steps (such as armed guards at school doors). Anyway, the fed not needed.

    2. The feds smell gun-control blood. They will jump in with both feet because they think this is the one that will be how they finally get some new laws. Everyone is on board.

  12. re: #1 -- For New York City, it's back to the bad old days. It's an unforced error.

  13. re: #3 and #4 - I have given up on the AP. It's no longer a news service.

  14. #8 - I never understand this Latinx thing and I don't even know how to pronounce it. It's not gong to be a voter getter for the Dems.
    #13 - FJB -- Yes he did make gasoline $10. He is just a confused and angry old man. His condition is only going to deteriorate over the next two years.

    1. I thought Latinx was short for a Latin Ex-wife. I'm grateful mine still adores me.

  15. #2 NYC again - I wanted to go there for a long weekend before the pandemic. I wouldn't consider it in a million years now. Too dangerous for me and too much of a shithole. The tourism industry is going to be crushed.

  16. #11 - Why doesn't Pelosi's husband have an Uber account or a chauffeur, especially if drinking.
    re: FINALLY item: Thanks for the information about your flag on Memeorial Day. I didn't know that. Everyone remeber the sacrifices and then enjoy the day.

    1. My second wife's step father was a drinker. His wife insisted he come home every day and then she would drive him to the bar.
      If you think a bad wife would drive you to drink, think again. Good wives drive their husbands to drink. Great wives make sure they get back home safe and sound.

  17. #12 -- re: Hunter's laptop: I have nothing but sympathy for John Paul Mac Isaac, who did the right thing with the laptop. Of course he was valified. Let's hope he gets a big fat settlement. He deserves it.

    1. I think he's started filing lawsuits. He may have a good case against these bastards. I hope he becomes rich from it all.

    2. He will win. Too bad excellent defamation lawyer Lin Wood went off the deep end defending PDJT in Georgia. He was all in and correct on exposing the corrupt election, but imploded in trying to prove it.

    3. Where's Sydney Powell now too? I guess the Cracken ate her

    4. That is precisely why this will not end well ; when you give the law enforcement ample evidence and hard facts and then they choose not to recognize its existence we only have a single solution.

  18. Item 17 RE Trump 100-6 record:

    What was Obama's record on endorsements again? I recall he couldn't get a Democrat elected dog catcher during and after his term.

    1. Exactly re: Obama. Obviously the media will only ever focus on Trump's losses.

    2. Of course the media focuses on Trump's "failure" at 100-6 and totally ignores Obama's failtures.

    3. I read that Trump's rally drew the biggest crowd in Wyoming history. Unless the fix is in, Cheney is toast. How difficult is it to fix an election in a small state?

    4. Not hard at all amtx... Ask Lisa Murkowski? She was primaried out years ago and won as a write in. Total bullshit

    5. I guess Big Money goes far in a small state. Maybe some of the cheater perps will get caught and shot. It is, after all, Wyoming. "Nice election-rigging machine you've got there. Be too bad if something happened to it."

    6. Obama's record (LOL):

  19. Replies
    1. OPENING THOUGHTS - nice way to start the day. I gotta agree - the government is best that governs least.

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: I remember one incident where a few Conservatives in the Senate were holding up something the Demos desperately wanted and Robert Dole was quoted as saying, "But we've got to have a bill".

    My own thought at the time was, "Why?".

    1: They saw what could happen when Rudy was elected mayor.

    2: Bloomie didn't do much, but the Lefty canard blacks can't be racists, aside from being racist in itself, was shot to Hell by Jessuh Jackson and Rev Sharpie.

    5: You read the definition of "Christian nationalism" and it sounds one Hell of a lot like the people who wrote the Constitution.

    Of course, the people who use that term should be called Communist nationalists.

    6: A babe with brains.

    11: 59 years with Granny Boxwine? He's either up for canonization or damnation.

    16: If they win. In a battle of attrition, the Russkies win.

    17: Actually 94.43%, and a couple of those losses were due to Demos voting in the R primary.

    21: Proof the Air Force should still be the Army Air Corps.

    FINALLY: All the way.

  21. Remember this from 2018? This school district is arming students with rocks in case of a shooter: A Pennsylvania school district has a different solution for tackling intruders: rocks. Buckets full of river stones have been placed in all classrooms at the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County, Superintendent David Helsel said.

  22. First and foremost. God bless our men and women in uniform past and present for giving so much so we can live the American Dream. I pray in every way your sacrifices will not go to waste.
    One comment on the mass shootings. When this occurs, why is it that the power kusting bastards refuse to ask this one simple question?

    Did the weapon fire itself? Did it get up, aim itself and pull the trigger?

    Until we enforce our laws and in fact hold these cretins responsible for their actions, it will continue. But through it all, the weapons themselves will just lie their minding their own business until a human pulls the trigger!

  23. #3-- Hamas-Shielding Antisemitic Press calls it "the capture of the Old City....". We call it the Liberation and the Reunification of the Old City.

    "Last year, the parade helped trigger an 11-day war with Gaza militants...." When Jews celebrating the reunification of our eternal capital city is used as a pretext by those who hate us to launch random rocket attacks on our civilian population centers, well, that should tell you something about those whom AP is shielding.

    #9-- "Worst White House tweet ever?"

    Bring back the Mean Tweets!

    FINALLY -- I salute all those Americans who made the greatest sacrifice to win and protect liberty.

    FWIW, in Israel our Memorial Day for fallen soldiers is followed immediately by Independence Day. On the one hand, it's quite the emotional whiplash going from the somberness and painful memories straight into celebration mode. On the other hand, this arrangement helps make sure we never lose sight of what it costs to win and retain freedom.

    -- Maoz

  24. Mr Surber, concerning the claim that the July 4th cookout in 2021 was $0.16 less than in 2020. It was a lie, which of course you know.

    But isn’t it interesting that the WH is not telling us how great things are this year. Yet. I’m betting they will.

    Do not believe your lying wallet. We will tell you what to believe, and we’re telling you things are great. Stand in line, kulak.

  25. Opening- biden didn't wait to be president to pique things up. In 1990 he sponsored the legislation for schools to be "gun free zone." Only the law abiding complied.

    17. And, the Georgia losses were dur to democratic crossover votes. Republican record high turnout and Democrat record low.

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