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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: WDKY reported, "Montgomery County High School senior, Jacob Bradley is plunging straight into the workforce. On May 27, Bradley is putting down his textbooks and picking up his tools. He’ll work alongside plumbers learning a trade in high demand.

"At the high school on Wednesday morning, Bradley signed his letter of intent, but not for athletics or academics, instead to join Fast Flow Plumbing and begin his apprenticeship in the trade.

"'I never really wanted to be an accountant or sit down. I enjoy working with my hands a lot,' said Bradley.

"By his side yesterday was his mother, Angie Bradley. She spoke highly of her son and said how proud she was. She even shed a tear."

In two years, he could be a master plumber. They average $46,000 a year in Kentucky. His college debt would be zero. He could charge triple-time on Christmas.

Reminds me of a song.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers
Don't let 'em pick genders and waste all your bucks
Let 'em be plumbers and drive big old trucks

ITEM 2: TMZ reported, "Paul Pelosi was involved in a car crash, and that's how officers spotted him. At 10:26 PM Saturday night, the CHP got a call about a 2-car crash in the Napa area, this according to the collision report obtained by TMZ. Paul was driving a 2021 Porsche when his car was struck by a Jeep. He was arrested at 11:44 PM and booked into the Napa County Detention Center for DUI. No one was injured in the crash."

This is a follow-up to its scoop that the House speaker's spouse was charged with driving drunk.

He crashed a car, busted the blood-alcohol limit and wound up with only two misdemeanor charges?

Don't try this with your local police.

ITEM 3: CBC reported, "New gun control legislation the federal government [introduced] today includes a national freeze on the purchase, sale, importation and transfer of handguns in Canada.

"The government also is pledging to start buying back thousands of banned assault weapons before the end of the year.

"While the proposal falls short of a full ban on handguns, it would effectively limit their number in Canada."

Nobody needs an AR 15 becomes nobody needs a rifle becomes nobody needs a handgun becomes nobody needs a knife becomes gangs beating up little old ladies on the subway while other gangs strip stores of merchandize.


When $5 coffee could make you 100 cups.

ITEM 4: Reuters reported, "The Mona Lisa was left shaken but unharmed on Sunday when a visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass protecting the world's most famous painting before smearing cream across its surface in an apparent climate-related publicity stunt."

French security.

But shouldn't an accordion have played during the attack?

ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, "Biden administration officials and prominent Republicans turned down requests from Sunday morning news shows to talk about potential gun control measures this weekend amid renewed calls for Congress to take action in the wake of two horrific mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo that killed 31 people."

Americans stopped tuning in a long time ago.

ITEM 6: Reuters reported, "Over 100 people are missing or confirmed dead in Brazil, the government said on Sunday, as mudslides and major floods brought about by heavy rains tore through several urban neighborhoods in the northeastern part of the country.

Last July 8, Reuters reported, "Brazil's Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque said on Thursday the country's current drought crisis is part of extreme dryness in many parts of the world, including the U.S. West Coast, and is linked to global climate change."

Global warming not only brings droughts but floods too!

The debate is over. Follow the superstition, folks. Climate change is real. 97% of shamans agree.


She may sound tough but she needs some loving. I have no idea who she is.

ITEM 7: Newsweek said, "NRA Board Re-Elects Wayne LaPierre as Criticism Mounts Over Mass Shootings."

None of the shooters were NRA members.

ITEM 8: The Epoch Times reported, "The archbishop who recently made waves by announcing that he was barring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from Communion due to her outspoken support of abortion was passed over in Pope Francis’s latest cardinal assignments.

"The pope chose as a cardinal Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, who has previously said that bishops shouldn’t forbid politicians who support abortion from taking Communion despite Catholic teachings being clear that abortion is a moral evil.

"McElroy was one of 21 cardinals named, but the only one from the United States. He received the promotion despite Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone—who denied Pelosi Communion—being of higher rank.

"McElroy said in a statement that he was stunned and deeply surprised by the appointment as a cardinal, which means he will be part of a body that selects and advises popes.

"McElroy is scheduled to be installed on Aug. 27 during a ceremony in Rome."

The Red Pope strikes again.

ITEM 9: Biden wants to ban 9mm guns.

He can start with the FBI. The bureau can turn in its 9mm guns for BB rifles.

ITEM 10: The Daily Mail reported, "Florida police released the mugshot of the 10-year-old boy they publicly arrested and perp walked for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at his elementary school.

"Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who touts himself as Florida's 'law and order sheriff,' defended publicly exposing the juvenile by saying 'a child pulling a trigger equals the same aftermath.'

"Daniel Issac Marquez, 10, was arrested Saturday and charged with making a written threat to conduct a mass shooting after sending a text about Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral."

Parents ought to punish him when he gets home.

ITEM 11: The Daily Caller reported, "The California State Senate voted Thursday to end a requirement that students who threaten violence against school officials be reported."

California is not Florida. Leave.

ITEM 12: Gateway Pundit reported, "A barn that housed tens of thousands of chickens on Forsman Farm in Howard Lake, Minnesota, one of the nation’s largest egg producers, was set aflame late Saturday night.

"According to Forsman Farms, which provides more than three million eggs to the largest retailers in the country, the cause of the fire remains a mystery as investigators evaluate the scene to determine how the barn was set ablaze."

The rightwing conspiracy theory holds that the torchings are deliberate and an attempt to get the government to control food production.

So far this century, the rightwing conspiracy theories have a winning record.

ITEM 13: The Austin American-Statesman reposted a PolitiFact check on, "More people die from hands, fists, feet, than rifles."

The story said, "FBI data from 2020 does show that more people died from injuries sustained from other people’s fists, feet and hands than from rifles. But there’s a little more you should know about that data before you use it to draw conclusions."

What more is there to know? Rifle deaths were 455, a very small portion of the 17,813 homicides reported in 2020, but politicians nonetheless are calling for a ban on rifles ("assault weapons.")

The site said the True statement of fact was Mostly True.

PolitiFact is Mostly BS.

ITEM 14: People reported, "The New York City Police Department is looking for the person who stole a $2 million tabernacle from the altar of a Brooklyn Catholic Church."

He was just trying to feed his family...

ITEM 15: How did this go down?

ITEM 16WBFF reported, "After two teens were shot at the Inner Harbor, one of them dying, Mayor Brandon Scott calls for more ‘personal responsibility’ for everyone in Baltimore City as more names are added to the homicide tally for 2022.

"Neal Mack has been identified as the 17-year-old boy who was shot and killed Saturday night downtown; a 17-year-old girl was also shot and taken to the hospital. Baltimore Police did not release a motive and are asking anyone with information to come forward."

What Baltimore needs is a Republican mayor.

55 years of Democrat Party rule have turned it into a cesspool of violence.

ITEM 17NYT reported, "What Lia Thomas Could Mean for Women’s Elite Sports."


Skip to the juicy part: "Some trans activists try to silence critics, whom they derisively call TERFs, which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminists. A spokeswoman for a gay rights group urged a reporter not to platform — that is not to quote — those she said held objectionable views, including Martina Navratilova, the retired tennis legend, a champion of liberal and lesbian causes. Ms. Navratilova argues that transgender female athletes possess insurmountable biological advantages."

She said, "So I’m a ‘TERF’ — OK, that’s the way you want to go? I played against taller women, I played against stronger women, and I beat them all. But if I faced the male equivalent of Lia in tennis, that’s biology. I would have had no shot. And I would have been livid."

Didn't Jan and Dean do a song called TERF City?

Two girls for every trans.

ITEM 18: Debra Heine reported, "Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a whistleblower’s lawsuit on the basis that the company can’t be guilty of fraud, abuse, and protocol violations in its COVID Vaccine clinical trials because its contract with the U.S. government allowed them to skirt regulations and federal laws that typically apply to government contracts.

"In other words, Pfizer was allegedly able to make false statements to the government, and lie about the safety and efficacy of its product, 'because the government was in on it with them!' according to Robert Barnes, the lead lawyer in the case."

Trump got rolled because he trusted them.

FINALLY, if you are going to argue on Twitter, don't pick a fight with its next owner.


  1. ITEM 1: He’ll work alongside plumbers learning a trade in high demand.

    Grandson #1 was an honor student in high school. His strength was/is math. He attended a university for 2 years for business admin & accounting. But his sophomore year was during lockdown, so he was stuck stuck behind his computer. He HATED it. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because he ended up learning how to weld. He discovered he really likes it and is very good at it, too. He earned his license and is now taking pipe fitting, a job which requires a lot of math. He got a job immediately and is making good money.

    1. Good on him, Kitty! You know the old saying, “God works in mysterious ways.” I’d like to think that the complete indoctrination of our public education system; I.e. The Groomers, is causing an equal and opposite reaction among the yoots of today. Electricians and auto mechanics are in VERY short supply up here in the EP also. Truck drivers. Carpenters. Hell, there’s even a LIFEGUARD shortage right now at The Woods. Another couple of weeks of JoeBama and I may just apply. No Speedos, though. The girls couldn’t stand it. ūüėĀūüėĀūüėĀ

    2. College is not for everyone. Trades should not be discouraged. We need the trades more than we need call centres. Parents shouldn't feel bad if their son or daughter chooses a trade. Trades people keep the world going. Not every kid can be a lawyer or doctor. Kitty: Congrats to your grandson.

    3. Thank you both! He would have graduated this year and would have quickly learned he hated working indoors behind a desk & computer. He worried about leaving the university halfway through, but the whole family supported him. Honestly, he's never been happier. He's making really good money at what he loves.

    4. Kitty: You're welcome. It's always heartening to hear a story like this about a young person doing what they love (and making good money). We need more of this.

    5. My son is GM at a fabrication facility that is ALWAYS short of pipe fitter welders.

    6. We had a plumber attending our church and he would tell us horror stories about what renters would do to the plumbing. One especially memorable was that when there was a blockage at the street they just cut through the pipes and let it all fall under the house. He had to wade in that stuff to fix it.

  2. Item 9: Don't give them BB rifles...they'll shoot their eye out!

  3. Replies
    1. Like snow, mudslides will be a thing of the past due to global warming.

      Never mind.

  4. Finally: I think the poll flipped him the bird.

  5. #2 -- Paul Pelosi - Like I said yesterday, why is this guy driving himself around especially when drinking? Chauffeur? Uber? Taxi?

    1. Paul is one lucky man. He's in San Franfreskshow and the freak is in Washington. He may have gotten juiced thinking she was coming back for the weekend.

  6. #3 -- Canada and the Liberal gun grabbers. Here's the rub: "But other than using firearms for sport shooting and for hunting, there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives," says Trudeau." When you don't have a constitutional right to guns, this is what you get. The problem is that this also targets legitimate gunowners. Criminals are not going to participate in the "buyback" program. We'll end up with just police and criminals having guns, as my father (a hunter and target shooter) predicted many years ago.

    1. may be more canadians will take up : other than using firearms for sport shooting and for hunting

  7. #1. I was going to college to become a pharmacist. After shadowing one for a day I decided it was not my cup of tea so I switched majors. Stayed in because my goal was an army commission.
    After I left the military, I became an electrician becoming a Master in 1998.

  8. #4 -- re: wacky environmentalist and the Mona Lisa. I am surprised this. Usually French security is better.
    #5 Tweet of the Day - My parents drank Taster's Choice. I remember it was a big deal for my parents when they got a coffee maker for drop coffee.
    #8 -- The pope is a commie. His name is Red Francis. He pales in comparison to John Paul II.

    1. ITEM 8: The Red Pope strikes again.
      And God takes note.

    2. Re: Red Pope...Reagan said he didn't leave the Democrat Party; the Democrat party left him. I feel sorry for actual Catholics because their religion is leaving them. They must bide their time until another white smoke session. Pope John Paul II was a man among men!

  9. #9 -- re: Biden and guns. FJB. The man is a walking liar.

  10. #17: Brian Wilson wrote "Surf City" (with Jan Berry). Jan and Dean recorded it and it became a #1 hit. Brian Wilson's father Murry was really pissed about that.

  11. #18 - Pfizer: Looks like Trump got rolled. He got rolled quite a lot when he was president because he either didn't know or didn't take enough care to learn about goverment and the treacherous people in it. We'll see about Round 2.
    #11 - Yes to leave California. The situation is an unforced error so good and harder to the voters.

  12. #10 - Hopefully that would-be young shooter will get scared straight.
    re: FINALLY - At least David Weissman took the L. He shouldn't have been surprised by the result of his experiment.

  13. Item #8 .. (slight tweek)

    Red Pope gives new meaning to the phrase "Papal Bull"

    1. He will always be Red Francis to me.

    2. Here are some other names Ive seen .. Francis the Talking Pope, Frankie Goes to the Vatican

    3. Given Argentina's track record at everything else , Red Francis comes as no surprise .

  14. 11 - Maybe California dropped the reporting requirement because their strict gun laws are working so well. Yeah. That’s it.

    1. How did such a beautiful place get so f**ked up?

    2. I think it's human nature that too much of a good thing - for too long - gets boring. It's possible that's the underlying reason for people shooting off in all kinds of crazy directions out there. That, plus Clinton gave permission to the nation's youth that it's okay to be immoral.

  15. #6 .. I have a feeling that Joanne Mason is one of those "30 second tweet Christians" because no true middle aged Christian woman talks like that. And what sort of a "friends father" would even broach the subject of a murdered son with a grieving mother

    1. How did her son die? I don't see any context in her tweet.

    2. You must lead a sheltered life Lennie .

  16. ITEM 12: … the torchings are deliberate and an attempt to get the government to control food production.
    Increase in Industrial Accidents at Food Processing Plants Has Raised Suspicions

    1. Looking less and less like a bunch of coincidences. Is the FBI behind this??

    2. Wouldn't surprise me.

      I'm still trying to figure out where Salvador Ramos got $4,000 to buy the guns and ammo. He did not go for the low end stuff.

    3. do you have to pay cash for guns? do you make a deposit while background checked?

    4. Also trying to figure out where Ramos was born. Some stories say North Dakota but no town, others say Uvalde TX.

  17. Item 8. McElroy is a flaming anti-Trumpster who used church funds to build a woke monument. I blame myself for his current promotion...I prayed very hard he would no longer be our area's bishop. I remain a Catholic...despite McElroy and Francis.

    1. This Communist Pope is really testing my Catholic faith

    2. Jeffery, the only god you worship is Karl Marx.

    3. Name calling...usually the favorite weapon of an empty-headed leftist. It's beneath you, Ed.

    4. It's not beneath zee. It's all zhee knows. I've read zee's remarks and they are woefully lacking.

    5. The Catholic faith's worst enemy is the Vatican .

  18. Finally-Love it. we're not dead yet. AOC's brain power is
    about .00001 of Tony, Elon's.

  19. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: A carpenter, mason, roofer, or plumber is worth his (yes, his, you don't see women wanting to do that stuff, do you?) weight in gold.

    2: The fact the Mrs is also mobbed up is also an issue.

    3: Why the Canucks should have joined in with Richard Montgomery, Daniel Morgan, and Benedict Arnold.

    TWEET: You mean Maxwell House or 8 O'Clock. Never heard of Folger's until the Manson murders.

    8: Commies gonna Commie. Frank's building a mafia like the queer one among American (I use the term loosely) priests.

    11: More than one kind of grooming. There's growing evidence that some LEOs (FIB) may be encouraging these kids. Notice how so many were known.

    Whoever really controls things (the Slob, Shih) just says when and where.and the law provides the who.

    Or am I "just being paranoid", as the Liberals used to say?

    15: Driving while Paul Pelosi’d

    Love it.

    17: Jan and Dean.

    FINALLY: Like Ens Bailey trying to argue with Spock.

  20. It's not an either/or, no matter how they propagandize. And these days colleges inhibit rather than train students in discipline of intellect and regulation of emotions. Historically, becoming educated in the cooler commercial world was slower than in the "hothouse" of college, but is that still true? College is no longer a world-away where debate of ideas rules the day.

    "In the light of this analysis Carlyle's rhapsody on tools becomes a prosaic fact, and his conclusion—that man without tools is nothing, with tools all—points the way to the discovery of the philosopher's stone in education. For if man without tools is nothing, to be unable to use tools is to be destitute of power; and if with tools he is all, to be able to use tools is to be all-powerful. And this power in the concrete, the power to do some useful thing for man—this is the last analysis of educational truth."
    —Charles H. Ham, Mind and Hand: manual training, the chief factor in education (1900)

    1. JK, great comment!
      Followed by one of those " I make over $10000000 per month online. Here's how..." posts.
      Gotta love it.

  21. The Jank is gonna get you Don! (Just kidding)

    #12 is disinformation.

    It says that the company provides 3 million eggs to stores etc.

    Sounds like a lot but without a critical piece, it is disinfo.

    Is it 3mm per day? That is probably a lot. Or is it 3mm/week? Month? every 10 years?

    Not your fault and I am glad you posted the story. GP probably reposted it from the m5m somewhere.

    without knowing the time, it is disinfo.

    Also, were any chickens in the henhouse at the time? It doesn't say how many chickens, if any, were killed in the blaze. Real news would have told us the effect on egg supplies. Right now, I have no idea whether it is a lot, a little or none at all.

    Still love you a lot, Don

  22. Mona Lisa - "But shouldn't an accordion have played during the attack?"

    Funny stuff, Don. LOL

  23. #10 - Don, if a 10 year old is threatening mass shootings at his elementary school, we should be putting his PARENTS in jail.
    #18 - Giving drug producers immunity is ridiculous. We ought to pass legislation to correct that and send some folks to jail. And note to the Donald - next time around trust no one!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. #1: Did the kid even graduate? Receive his H.S. diploma? Or did he just blow off the diploma and waste his four years of high school?


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