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Friday, May 20, 2022

Alaska Airlines goes woke, gets sued

Pandering to LGBT may cost Alaska Airlines some big bucks. It fired two flight attendants who dared question the corporation's support of the proposed Equality Act which would force people to take gay roommates, among other things.

The proposal would override the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which a Democrat Congress passed and a Democrat president signed into law. Chuck Schumer introduced it in the Senate back when he was in the House. The vote was unanimous in the House and only 3 senators voted against it.

The Equality Act likely will die in the House.

Alaska Airlines joined lobbying efforts for the pro-LGBT bill shortly after the House took it up in 2021, according to the First Liberty Institute, which represents fired flight attendants Marli Brown and Lacey Smith.

The First Liberty Institute said, "In early 2021, Alaska Airlines announced its support for the Equality Act on an internal employee message board and invited employees to comment. Lacey posted a question, asking, 'As a company, do you think it’s possible to regulate morality?'

"In the same forum, Marli asked, 'Does Alaska support: endangering the Church, encouraging suppression of religious freedom, obliterating women rights and parental rights?" Both plaintiffs, who had exemplary records as employees, were subsequently investigated, questioned by airline authorities, and eventually fired from their jobs."

If true, the company asked for comment not to get input but to screen out anyone who dares to publicly object to bowing to the LGBT crowd.

I am unsure what lobbying on behalf of the LGBT crowd has to do with flying people from Anchorage to Boise.

The fired attendants complained to the EEOC, which granted them permission to sue Alaska Airlines for religious discrimination. They sued the airline in federal court. The lawsuit says, "Title VII prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, religion, color, and national origin. Other federal statutes prohibit discrimination based on age and disability. Alaska Airlines affirms its disregard for religion as a protected class by its repeated statements of support for other protected classes while omitting the protected class of religion."

And therein lies the problem. Alaska Airlines is picking and choosing which groups are protected and which groups are persecuted. You should not lose your job for being Muslim or in this case, Christian.

First Liberty also said, "The lawsuit also claims the Association of Flight Attendants union failed to uphold its responsibility to defend the plaintiffs because of their religious beliefs."

If union membership is mandatory, this should end that arrangement because the union failed to represent them.

How odd that a company virtue signaling opposition to discrimination subsequently discriminated against two employees.


  1. Unfortunately, it's not odd at all now. It how the world now works in many cases. Usually supporting one group and granting special status discriminates against another group. These women should win, but I wouldn't count on it either. Businesses need to run their businesses and make money. Never mind the politics and virtue signalling.

  2. Emailed an old friend who was an Alaska Captain for 30 years. His response-"Management should just shut up and fly."

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    2. I would be surprised, if many, if any, management libtards can actually pilot any kind of flying machine.

  3. And they'll tell you they just didn't want to "offend" anyone.

  4. Take note other aggrieved people. Don’t take it. Sue these woke folk.

    1. CEO's are beginning to understand we don't give a rat's a$$ about their opinions on politics. Stay in your lane. If you refuse and pick foolishly, you will be punished, swiftly, by ever increasing aggressive red states and Trump appointed federal courts.

      Sue'em for gazillions. And see if you can hold the CEO personally responsible and try to make them economically destitute. Salt the earth.

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