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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Democrats are breaking America

AP amused me with its tale, "After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed."

The wire service wrote, "Few visitors walk inside the GUM department store in Moscow, in Moscow, Russia, Friday, March 4, 2022. Three months after the Feb. 24 invasion, many ordinary Russians are reeling from those blows to their livelihoods and emotions. Moscow's vast shopping malls have turned into eerie expanses of shuttered storefronts once occupied by Western retailers."

Just like malls are in America.

Chris Weafer, described by AP as "a veteran Russia economy analyst at Macro-Advisory," said, "We see deterioration in the economy now across a broad range of sectors. Companies are warning that they’re running out of inventories of spare parts. A lot of companies put their workers on part time work and others are warning to them they have to shut down entirely. So there’s a real fear that unemployment will rise during the summer months, that there will be a big drop in consumption and retail sales and investment."

But enough about the United States, what's going on in Russia?

With Biden's ignorant economic sanctions, he has brought down two economies. I could not care less about Russia, but the United States is in deep trouble. 

Destroying America is the goal. I call it the Venezuelation of America. The combination of runaway inflation and shortages is astonishing and unprecedented here, but common throughout the communist world. Along with a rampant rise in violent crime, Democrats are scorching the Earth to punish Americans for daring to elect Donald John Trump as president.

Democrats desperately are speeding up their fundamental transformation of America into a Union of Soviet States of America. The use of mail-in voting to accommodate illegal ballot harvesting installed Biden in the White House. Democrats know they have very little time to make the changes they desire. They use their time well.

Inflation was easy to achieve. They blew trillions in the name of covid and watched inflation ignite.

But that is not all. Democrats shut down oil exploration and turned America away from the energy self-sufficiency President Trump gave us. Democrats made us slaves to Saudis and other foreign nations again.

Democrats created bottlenecks along the West Coast ports to slow shipping. Shortages popped up. 

The party also opened the border to millions of illegal aliens, who bring with them drugs, crime and welfare recipients.

Democrats shut down the nation's largest baby formula plant for no reason at all other than to create another crisis. Europeans are flying in formula to save our babies.

Economic sanctions on Russia are leading to a shortage of fertilizer which will send farm prices soaring.

As the shopper in the family, I know grocery prices. Which came first, the rise in chicken prices or the rise in egg prices?

It doesn't matter. Both have doubled in the past year.

They will get higher. Zero Hedge reported, "Avian influenza has already impacted more than 37 million birds across 34 US states this year. The fast-spreading virus has sent the production of eggs tumbling and prices at the supermarket soaring. 

"Bloomberg reports the production of US eggs in April plunged as millions of egg-producing hens were slaughtered to mitigate the virus' spread. The latest data from the USDA shows egg production fell 3.9% to 7.55 billion, while the number of egg-laying birds dropped 5.3% from a year ago."

More bad luck?

I don't think so.

Democrats shut down the nation two years ago in the name of public health just to get rid of Trump. Now they are shutting us down again to get rid of capitalism and freedom.

By disrupting the supply chain, Democrats have endangered the lives of many. For example, the Hill reported, "Supply chain and medical staffing shortages brought on by COVID-19 have decreased access to treatments for many of the 800,000 individuals requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to live. With hurricane season quickly approaching, these disruptions could be made worse if policymakers do not take actions to protect kidney patients in the face of emergencies.

"For people living with kidney failure and their families, disruptions to dialysis treatments are more than just inconveniences. The typical patient requires three treatments per week, each lasting about four hours. Without timely care, they can develop high potassium in the bloodstream and fluid overload, leading to severe complications and, in some cases, death. Given the current stress on our healthcare system, every unexpected medical supply chain shock can create additional treatment delays and reduced access to health-sustaining medications."

This is just one example of bad policies stacking up to kill people.

Democrats truly do not care. For all their blabber about health care being a right, they have no problem jeopardizing the health of millions. 

And yes, Democrats are willing to starve the nation into submission. A score of food processing plants have shut down due to fires and the like, and if you notice this the press will label you a conspiracy theorist.

Democrats are deliberately kneecapping America. A Biden diet is coming for people who eat. A Biden parking lot will follow for people who drive.

The Institute for Energy Research reported, "Petroleum product shortages may be ahead as motorists, truck drivers, farmers and airlines are grappling with increasing demand for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

"Despite refiners focusing on diesel in lieu of gasoline this spring, a global diesel shortage is looming. Refiners are planning to spend the summer increasing jet fuel and diesel production instead of gasoline because refining oil into diesel or jet fuel is currently more profitable than making gasoline despite those fuels historically being the least profitable parts of the barrel.

"Currently, the profit margin on distillates is nearly $60 a barrel, while the margin to make gasoline is $34. As a result, it is unclear what the availability or price of gasoline will be this summer as Americans increase gasoline demand by taking vacations as school lets out."

Senator Warren wants to impose price controls, which would lead to shortages as producers will stop providing goods and services because they could not make profits.

Democrats know this won't work. That is why Democrats want to do it. 

Malls are bare of customers in Russia. Malls are bare of products in America. And AP says it is all Putin's fault.


  1. Well, when I saw the Yamiche Alcindor clip on CFP, moaning and complaining about “racism” in GA as her lard butt spilled off of the chair, I thought to myself, “Self, now THAT’S some good news!” Now we need a poll question aimed specifically at black Americans: Which is hurting you more right now, systemic racism or runaway inflation?

    1. Or-" Are Democrats the reason we can't have nice

  2. Great column, Don. Brandon has worked wonders that we couldn't have even imagined if we had tried or had been totally high. All of this because the media, elites and Deep State hated Trump that much. It's sickening. And for those voters who supported Brandon because they didn't like the mean tweets, I have only contempt. Where do we go from here? The escalator is only going down right now and Trump isn't on it this time.

    1. Actually, it's because they hate us. President Trump was in the way so they set out to destroy him for defending us.

  3. I don't know how anybody can look at the situation here in the US and not think that this isn't a coordinated effort to ruin this country and to break the spirit of the American people. The numbers that show that 40% of Americans think that the country is on the right track have to have been doctored (or maybe they interviewed the people who cast the ballots that miraculously appeared out of nowhere in the 2020 election), and I sincerely doubt that 60% of the Black community thinks we are.

  4. Yesterday, My mega-ultra-Uber-liberal sister said “Things are a mess everywhere. I am beginning to think that things might be better if Trump was still the president.

    All I could say was “take out the might”.

    1. I'm surprised your sister admitted that fact. My two sisters have never complained about things to me. They know better and are too proud for a huge fucking dose of "I told you so"...I'm hoping they see the light soon and maybe good things will spread throughout the land of idiots!!!

    2. I was shocked.
      May it happen to you. Congrats grandpa.

    3. Thank you, Schlongster...the first and very proud.

  5. The Democratic left has systematically hobbled this Nation's ability to recover from the multiple insults being foisted upon us. It is the duty of EVERY American, no matter what your ethnic background, religion or previous nationality to vote against ANY democratic/progressive/leftist candidate and ANY Rhino who supports them. And if there is ANY indication that the mid-terms have the kind of cheating that was rampant last time around, then WE ALL need to go to DC and make the last time around look like a church social in comparison to the necessary refreshment of the tree of liberty this time around. People need to be arrested, tried and executed for treason. Publicly. And then we need a Constitutional Convention to set up some measures to ensure all of this perversion never happens again.

  6. Replies
    1. Dang , not only do we share the same name but we think exactly alike . The time for tolerance of the treason and evil is past !

  7. Today I spent almost $25 for a burger, one side, drink and tip. And this was in perhaps the cheapest place to buy a lunch in the country (no, not Kansas). I just can't do that anymore. I hate that small independent restaurants like this one are going to suffer due to insane economic policies.

  8. We have been here before. David Rockefeller's flunky has pulled all of it and we survived.

    Democrats are willing to starve the nation into submission.

    The last time that happened, heads rolled. We have plenty of chainsaws.

    1. Chainsaws against tanks. They are waiting and hoping we try something stupid. Then Xiden will summon his buddies from China to protect him.

  9. Remember, Biden saved you 16 cents last July 4th BBQ.

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  11. It has been true ever since the first man walked the Earth. Hate and envy rule. Ask Abel how his brotherly relationship with Cain worked out. And they were blood kin. There will always be people who use humankind's natural tendency to envy and hate those who succeed as a means to claw and scratch their way to the top at the expense of the rest of society. Recall that Lenin knew no omelet has ever been made without the breaking of eggs; so it is with the race-baiters, social justice preachers, ecowarriors, losers (but I repeat myself) and other miserable excuses for human beings who think that they can wind up on top of the heap after they manage to destroy everything that others have built. They are truly Lords of the Flies, modern beelzebubs feasting on the rotting flesh of the societal corpses they have created. Most of them are currently in Davos, eating, drinking and conspiring on better and more efficient ways to create more corpses on which to feed and raising higher the throne of bones that use to be Western Civilization. And if you think it's just a bunch of Europeans with delusions of grandeur, look at the WEF's list of attendees. You'll be surprised at the number of American politicians in attendance. Sleep well and sweet dreams, suckers.


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