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Monday, April 11, 2022

Their lies are catching up with them

All day long on April 3, Matt Drudge told readers that Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary was fighting for his life as he sought a fourth term,

Then Hungarians voted and Orban had his easiest election ever. His party now holds three-quarters of the seats in its parliament.

Matt Drudge lied and paid no price. It was off to the next big story, always with the lefty spin these days. He is not alone in getting away with a stream of lies, but the situation is far from hopeless.

Oh, it looks that way. The media and the rest of the Democrats lie almost continuously because they succeed. Consider this story from ABC: "Most Americans blame Vladimir Putin, oil companies for high gas prices."

The story said, "As politicians spar over who's to blame for recent increases in gas prices, a large majority of Americans say oil companies and Russian President Vladimir Putin are major culprits, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds.

"Along party lines, Americans are more likely to blame Democrats for the increase in gas prices than Republicans, according to the poll, which also found much greater enthusiasm about voting in this November's elections among Republicans than among Democrats.

"In the ABC News/Ipsos poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos' KnowledgePanel, more than two-thirds of Americans blamed Putin (71%) and oil companies (68%) a great deal or a good amount for the increases in gas prices.

"This comes the same week oil company executives were grilled by lawmakers about the skyrocketing gas prices, which have been declining in recent days."

Of course, that is a big lie.

Oil prices are set worldwide by demand and supply.

The Democrat Party greatly reduced oil production in the United States by stopping pipelines and the like.

Democrats also cheapened the dollar by printing trillions of dollars and distributing them. Democrats increased the national debt by $3 trillion.

But while it sounded absurd to have Biden blame Putin for a rise in gasoline prices that began on Inauguration Day 2021, his lie gave Democrats a plausible denial of their responsibility for rising oil prices.

They got away with the lie.

Just as they got away with the Benghazi lie. They said it was caused by some obscure video. The media ignored the fact that it happened on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 -- after Obama's unprovoked attack on Libya. The ambassador to Libya and three others died because Obama refused to send troops to rescue them for fear of getting bad press.

The Benghazi lie got him through the 2012 election.

Just like the you-can-keep-your-doctor lie got him through 2008.

Just like his Russian Collusion lie hampered the Trump presidency.

Just like the lie that Hunter's laptop was "disinformation" got Biden through the 2020 election.

Just like the mostly peaceful protests lies helped BLM scam companies and donors out of million of dollars.

So now we blame Putin for Biden's collapse of the economy. Maybe that gets Democrats through this year's election.

But the good news is we are at the beginning of the end. Nothing lasts forever. Inept leadership eventually pays the price for its folly. Czar Nicholas II's mishandling of the Great War led to his death. The Soviet Union collapsed when its leadership failed.

Does anyone believe Biden is better than the czar or Gorbachev?

A week after Orban won his fourth term, Radio France Internationale posted its story, "What can Europe learn from Orban's victory in Hungary's elections?"

The story said, "Hungary's voters gave an overwhelming fourth mandate to incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban on 3 April. But critics and observers say that state control of the media, misinformation and a lack of democratic tradition played crucial roles in the victory for Orban's extreme-right Fidesz party."

RFI is no different from the rest of the NATO-sphere's media: Marxist.

To these bozos, anyone who does not believe gay teachers should discuss their sex lives with kindergarteners is now an extreme, ultra-right wing sycophant of QAnon.

The world knows better. We all know that the LGBT crowd is using schools to groom a new generation. Why do you think the gay mafia is pushing so hard against such bans? If they weren't grooming, then they would shrug their shoulders and go back to teaching kindergarteners their colors and not to eat paste.

I would like to say we have the liars on the run, but we do not.

What we do have is a growing public skepticism. That poll I cited on who blames whom for rising gas prices also showed a majority blame Democrats and Biden as well as Putin.

Macron on Sunday received less than one-third of the vote, forcing a runoff election.

On November 8, Americans have their say.