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Monday, April 18, 2022

Musk gets it. LA Times doesn't

This weekend, the LA Times ran a comically wrong-headed piece, "Elon Musk’s paradoxical vision of running Twitter: Less democracy, more freedom."

In it, staff writer Matt Pierce railed against a billionaire buying Twitter.

Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong owns the LA Times.

Pierce quoted Victor Pickard, professor of media policy and political economy at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, who said, "The potential hostile takeover of this essential infrastructure by one person, who happens to be a powerful billionaire, is very troubling for democratic society, for society writ large. Clearly his version of free speech is the bosses’ free speech."

Did I mention that Pierce works for a billionaire?

He does.

His argument is that Musk buying Twitter will undo democracy.


We need to end this chatter about democracy.

The United States of America is not a democracy. The United States of America is a constitutional republic. The government is limited. The government's main job is to protect our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, among other things.

In a democracy, the rights of individuals are subject to the whims of the mob and its inherent cancel culture.

In a democracy, heretics are run out of town.

In a democracy, the mob goes down to the jail, yanks the accused from his cell, and hangs him without a trial.

The LA Times's hypocrisy extends beyond its billionaire owner complaining, through stooges like Pierce, about a billionaire buying a rival.

In 2008, the people of California voted to ban homosexual marriage. The LA Times screamed foul. When the Supreme Court overturned such bans on homosexual marriage, the LA Times applauded.

So much for its shameless call for democracy.

Elon Musk gets it. Less democracy does mean more freedom because people who dare to speak out and say, oh, Hunter's laptop is real, are protected from retribution from the online mob of ignoramuses.

And Hunter's laptop is real.

And the covid vaccines are not actual vaccines but something more like a flu shot. They weaken the virus.

And the Russian dossier was a fraud.

And a baby in the womb is not a clump of cells.

I could go on and on with the fabrications the LA Times and its fellow fascists in the Fourth Estate have forwarded over the years.

But why bother?

I have made my point and facts will not change the minds of the mindless and miserable Marxist mob. Democracy does not grant you freedom. Far from it. Every totalitarian Soviet state called itself a democratic republic.

Musk understands and respects the beauty of our Constitution.

Patrick Soon-Shiong and his airheads at his LA Times do not.

Free speech is the foundation of freedom. We must treasure the ability to say the emperor is naked when he is naked. Heck, you can call the emperor naked when he has clothes on for all I care.

We do not have free speech in this country. Teachers must call bratty teenagers by whatever pronoun passes through their heads today. Moms must be called birthing persons. And I pity the fool on a newscast who describes a suspect on the loose as black, as we saw in New York's subway shooting.

The LA Times article is one of a series of attacks on Musk by his fellow billionaires through their flunkies. His call to lift censorship at Twitter threatens their power to misinform the public.

The first attack came on April 4 when he announced he bought 9.2% of Twitter's stock. Within hours, Mini Mike Bloomberg had one of his hacks at his eponymous business news service attack his call for free speech.

The Washington Post, owned by another billionaire, published the Bloomberg piece and two or three similar pieces since.

The latest is today's, "Musk bid for Twitter underscores the risks of social media ownership."

The story said, "Social media industry security experts and outside experts who have spent years trying to slow the rise of bullies and violent mobs through Facebook and other platforms are appalled that a second major corporation could fall under the control of just one person — especially someone who complains on Twitter puts too many limits on what can be posted on their site.

"In tweets and a TED Talk that followed his surprise offer last week to take Twitter private, billionaire Elon Musk has called decisions to ban some users censorship and moderation curbing the spread of Twitter legal but offensive content as going too far.

"'If it’s a gray area, let the tweet stand,' Musk said on Thursday.

"Such comments alarm those who have experienced that unhindered language renders social media platforms useless and that easily controlled language favors those who can direct thousands to create versions of the same point, which are then reinforced by algorithms designed to do so are to maximize engagement and thus advertising money."

Twitter is a nobody compared to Tik-Tok, Facebook and Instagram.

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg controlling Facebook and Instagram does not seem to bother the oligarchs of media.

They see Musk as a competitor because he would turn Twitter into an alternative to the media that they control. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski said, "He can actually control exactly what people think and that is our job."

Musk is a rock star.

But he has made himself a big target for the deep state, the oligarchs and their meat-puppets in the media. 

Billionaire Jack Ma was once a rock star in Red China.

Then he publicly criticized the communists who run Red China. He immediately disappeared for a few months and has not been seen much since.

Surely Musk knows the danger he poses puts him in danger. 

Various regulators are going after him. Being the richest man in the world won't protect him. The threat is that he will control the Narrative they now control.

The threat is that he will give the masses the freedom they enjoy by removing the threat of the mob that they control. They call that democracy. I call it evil.


  1. Replies
    1. Two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

    2. Democracy was discovered and put in place centuries ago. It was found quite quickly that it was dangerous, denied the citizens rights and caused untold death and destruction. It was abolished (as the nation that was governed by it was destroyed) and I don't believe there have been too many governments formed as Democracies since that have succeeded. (success being defined as the citizens being free with rules to do as they wish and say what they wish and the liberty to pursue their aims)
      Our Nation was formed as a response to a tyrannical monarchy (since transformed into a tyrannical oligarchy/monarchy). It was the first I believe and we've prospered more than any other country in the world in history. Soon to be torn apart by those shrieking about Democracy and demanding that there is to be no free speech or liberty unless authorized by a tyrannical oligarchy.
      It may not survive but neither will it's destroyers.

  2. They want us to be a democratic people's republic, like North Korea.

  3. And the weirdest thing is the GAE's main foreign policy is "democracy" even though the US is a constitutional republic, which hasn't been a "true" one since I don't know when. Btw, don't buy into Musk's BS. He is the dude who believes being a "terminator" is a good thing. He has claimed a lot of "achievements", but if you dig a bit deeper; he didn't do sh*****. Stealing from people like the rest of the "brilliant" tech people.

  4. Big D, IMHO you’ve done ALL YOU COULD on this subject. Shake the dust (snow?) off your sandals and just turn it over to the Lord.

  5. Plenty of room for Elon Musks in a constitutional republic, no matter of you agree with them or not.

    In a woke democracy? No so much.

  6. They've been trying to ge the Trump family for years. Musk is just another uppty Capitalist to them, but I agree ,like Trump, he fights.

  7. If some people stuff the ballot boxes (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona) with a name that wins...then have we experienced DEMOCRACY? Today's democrats say "YES" and you should shut up.

  8. FATREM...Fuck anyone that rejects Elon Musk!!! If Elon gets a hold of *witter, nothing but good can happen. Maybe not everything we would like to see, but a little exposure would be lovely. Fatrem again, here's to keeping Dicks standing firm!!!

  9. The deep state is fully engaged to destroy Musk. He knows this. He Is strong.

  10. Throughout years 
    , they've have being attempting to apprehend the Trump organization. To critics, Elon is really just another opportunistic capitalist, although I agree that, like Donald, he competes.

  11. The country desperately needs Musk to take over Twitter. After what happened when The NY Post was muzzled in October 2020 was enough to sway the election to Biden, among other nefarious things that happened with voter and ballot fraud.


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