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Friday, April 08, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: National Pulse reported, "42% of Americans want Donald Trump back in office in 2024. The number is 14 points higher than those who want Biden back (28%). Another 27% told Rasmussen Reports they would prefer somebody else other than the 2020 competitors."

1 in 5 Democrats want Trump back.

While the public sings I Want You Back, Trump sings the Jackson 5 ballad, I'll Be There.

ITEM 2: By a 53-47 vote, the Senate made history by confirming the nomination of the First Openly Pedophile Friendly justice to the Supreme Court.

Democrats have always prided themselves on being for the children.

Now we know exactly what they mean.

ITEM 3: The people who run Geico apparently do not vet their speakers for anti-Semitism and other bigotry.

Thanks to a conservative outcry, they do now.

Fight back. Win.

ITEM 4: The Washington Examiner reported, "The National Education Association, the country's largest teachers union, spent more than twice as much money on politics-related expenditures than on its membership, an analysis of the union's filings shows.

"The data, compiled by the right-to-work nonprofit organization Americans for Fair Treatment, shows the teachers union donated $66 million to political activities and another $117 million to 'contributions, gifts, and grants' that were primarily political donations.

"The data reviewed by Americans for Fair Treatment, which was provided exclusively to the Washington Examiner, showed that the political activities donations totaled 18% of the union's $374 million budget for 2020-2021. The 'contributions, gifts, and grants' totaled 32% of expenditures.

"Meanwhile, only 9% of the NEA's budget was spent on direct assistance to its members, who pay an annual fee of $200 to maintain their membership in the union."

Adjusted for inflation, teacher pay rose from $48,343 in 1970 to $53,168 nearly 40 years later.

But also adjusted for inflation, school spending more than doubled.

Something ain't right. If only teachers had a union fighting for them instead of a dues collector.

ITEM 5: The Hill reported, "The New York Times is updating its policies for how its journalists use Twitter, and is emphasizing that use of the social media platform is optional given the dangers of online harassment.

"In a memo to employees on Thursday shared with The Hill, Dean Baquet, the newspaper’s top editor, announced what he called a 'reset in our approach,' handing down new guidance dictating that 'maintaining a presence on Twitter and social media is now purely optional for Times journalists.'

"Baquet wrote that he has been hearing from staffers about 'the challenges that Twitter presents,' writing that staffers at the leading national newspaper often 'can rely too much on Twitter as a reporting and feedback tool.'

"Such feedback, Baquet wrote, can be harmful to the Times’ journalism when 'our feeds become echo chambers.'"

The Yodeler-in-Chief discovers echoes.

Methinks Twitter is getting too Musky a smell for Baquet. 

The Hill story did not mention Musk at all.

ITEM 6: The Sun News reported, "A former Coastal Carolina University employee is alleging she faced years of discrimination primarily based on her race, which the university 'perceived as white.'

"Erika Pomerantz, who worked in CCU’s counseling department beginning in 2017, is Asian, Latina and Jamaican but was told by university officials that she 'presented as white,' according to her recently filed lawsuit.

"The discrimination began in April 2019 when the department hired a less qualified, less experienced African American counselor and paid her a higher salary than Pomerantz, the suit claims.

"The mental health practitioner opening was advertised as seeking someone 'multicultural.'"

Um, isn't a person with three races by definition multiracial?

And who said multicultural is a good thing?

United we stand. Diversified we fall.

ITEM 7: Via Kane at Citizen Free Press, Local.DE reported, "German parliament rejects over-60s vaccine mandate."

The story said, "In a stinging defeat for Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition, 378 MPs voted against the bill, while 296 voted in favor."

Oh laugh at Olaf.

But even Utin-pay (the name we dare not say) wasn't dumb enough to mandate.

As for Iden-bay, well, let's just say he was never burdened with a triple-digit IQ.

ITEM 8: The Daily Mail reported, "A prospective juror for the sentencing of Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz was excused on Monday after telling the judge she didn't have time for it because she is too busy juggling her husband and her sugar daddy."

The story said, "'Miss Bristol' piped up to say not only was the trial expected to take 'a whole entire month,' it conflicted with her birthday and would interrupt her love life. 

"'First of all let me clarify myself, July second is my birthday, July Fourth is my son, and the 18th is my other son.  And again, I need to figure out something. I have my sugar daddy that I see every day.'

"The judge replied: 'I'm sorry?'  Bristol replied: 'My sugar daddy.' 

"The judge, looking increasingly confused, said: 'I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about.' 

"'Well I am married and I have my sugar daddy. I see him every day.' 

"Lost for words, Judge Scherer replied: 'OK. All right. Ma'am, we'll come back to you, OK? Thank you.' 'Miss Bristol' was later excused."

Wise judge.

ITEM 9: CNN reported, "The military horses that carry America’s heroes to their final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery are living in unsanitary and potentially life-threatening conditions, according to a US Army report reviewed exclusively by CNN, consuming poor-quality feed, suffering from parasites and standing in their own excrement in tiny mud lots scattered with gravel and construction waste.

"Two military working horses died unexpectedly within 96 hours of each other in February –  one of whom perished from what equine veterinarians say could have been preventable intestinal compaction that was caused by 44 pounds of gravel and sand found in his gut.

"The February report, compiled by the US Army’s Public Health Command-Atlantic, found a host of systemic problems with the living conditions of the horses in the 3rd Infantry Regiment, also called the Old Guard, best known for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The regimental commander’s office requested the Army Public Health inspection after the two deaths, according to the report."

Excuse me but we spend $1.5 trillion or so every two years and our military horses eat gravel?

That is an insult to the soldiers they carry to a final resting place.

I apologize for this item. I know better than to trust CNN reporting.

ITEM 10: Post Millennial reported, "FLASHBACK: San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus sang 'We're coming for your children.'"

It is a sick song.

Remember it and any time some (bad word) tries to admonish you for calling them groomers, point out the story.

What do you think Drag Queens Story Hour was about?

ITEM 11: The FBI announced, "A Kentucky tobacco warehouse owner, several insurance agents and adjusters, and more than a dozen tobacco farmers have pleaded guilty to criminal charges in a widespread, multimillion-dollar scheme to defraud both federal and private crop insurance programs. In total, 23 people have been criminally charged, while another 17 people have agreed to pay civil fines or penalties."

The FBI sat on Hunter's laptop for a year but here they are busting farmers.

The FBI destroyed evidence and refused to prosecute Hillary but here they are busting farmers.

The FBI lied and spied on Trump to appease Obama but here they are busting farmers.

ITEM 12: We Love Trump reported, "Victorian MP Erupts Reading Constituent’s Letter Claiming 10-Year-Old Daughter Was Given Homework to Discuss Father’s Erections and Ejaculations."

Victorian as in Victoria, Australia.

Victorian MP Bernie Finn said, "What the hell is going on this state when 10 year old girls are told to go home and talk to your father about his erections and his ejaculations?

"How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what’s being dished up to them on a daily basis. In a primary school! This is just unbelievable. This is just staggering."

These monsters are groomers and anyone who denies that is a groomer by proxy. 

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "Video shows the moment a trio of thieves had their getaway foiled by NYPD officers after stealing more than $70,000 in pricey goods from a Soho boutique Sunday, police said.

"The video posted on TikTok shows cops beating on the windows of the crew’s Dodge Charger with their batons and eventually arresting two women and a man who attempted to get away in the vehicle, according to police.

"The stop came a short time after the three suspects allegedly went into Kirna Zabete at 477 Broome Street and 'removed items from the display cases and racks,' the NYPD said. The threesome then ran out of the store and jumped into the Charger."

As AOC said they are just trying to feed their families. 

Beluga Caviar, Foie Gras and Kobe Beef.

ITEM 14: Breitbart reported, "Overall index crime in New York City jumped a staggering 36.5 percent last month compared to March of 2021 as the state’s soft on crime bail laws begin to shape the 2022 gubernatorial race.

"There were 1267 robberies city-wide in March, which is a 48.4 percent leap from the 854 robberies in March of 2021, while the city tallied 1044 grand larcenies auto, a 59.4 percent climb from last year, the New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) crime statistics show."

This is the Democrat plan. The want to create a crisis to enable the creation of their Goonstapo. Every Democrat mayor will have his own Capitol Police.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "Job Creators Network President Alfredo Ortiz is warning Congress that Democrats' threat of tax hikes combined with continued inflationary spending and the ongoing worker shortage is disproportionately hurting small businesses and minority families.

"In his testimony Wednesday before the House Ways and Means Committee, Ortiz discussed the real change that small businesses experienced under Republican-led tax reform that generated more jobs and higher wages.

"He pointed out that roughly two-thirds of new job growth happens in the hands of small businesses and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created an economic environment in which small businesses were able to succeed."

Trump brought blacks, Hispanics and everyone else up.

Biden shoved them back down with his inflation.

ITEM 16: NYT reported, "The Ruble Has Bounced Back. What Does That Mean?"

It means Biden's sanctions backfired -- as I said they would.

ITEM 17Reuters reported, "Republicans are registering formerly Democratic voters at four times the rate that Democrats are making the reverse conversion in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, a warning sign for Democrats as they try to keep control of the U.S. Congress.

"The Republican gains in Pennsylvania, home to a critical U.S. Senate race, follow a pattern seen in other states that could have competitive contests in November's elections, as high levels of disapproval with President Joe Biden's handling of his job are helping narrow the long-held advantage held by Democrats in numbers of registered voters."

First people vote Republican, then they switch registration.

That tells you who really won in 2020.

FINALLY, the media and the University of Chicago held a conference on "Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy."

It backfired.


  1. Item 9 - I kept a horse at a farm near the shore. The ground was sand. I was constantly checking his stool for signs of sand in his system and never saw any. He was fed grain in a bucket and hay in a rack. He died of sand colic despite my best efforts to prevent it.

    Maybe conditions for the Old Guard horses were every bit as bad as CNN says, but also factor in that it's CNN saying it.

    1. Where I live there is an area called "Sandridge."
      My Pop bought a horse from a rancher who was unaware of sand colic. Pop was. The Horse was a good cowhorse, and Pop immediately changed his diet. similar to what you did. We had hard,clay soil so sand wasn't a problem. The Horse pulled out of it, but People are unaware..

  2. 5 - The first thing Musk should do is ban the NY Times and Washington Post for misinformation and disinformation and basically just lying nonstop. They can return to Twatter after they issue a retraction of the Trump-Russia stories and apologize for being 100% wrong on everything for the last twenty years.

    10 - Tolerance of degeneracy is not a virtue. Its a sin. I don't care if some degenerate "admonishes" me. I could not possibly care less about their opinion. But I will call them Groomer since it bothers them so much.

    13 & 14 - So glad I left NY. Burn it down.

    12 - Where the hell has Victorian MP Bernie Finn been for the last ten years? This guy is as observant as a dead blind man. Gee, its too bad this retard doesn't know anyone in power who could make sure this stuff doesn't happen. So tired of hearing grand speeches while these frauds do absolutely nothing. Only DeSantis has been man enough to stand up to the Groomers. Everyone else is a coward.

    15 - "Job Creators Network President Alfredo Ortiz is warning Congress that Democrats' threat of tax hikes combined with continued inflationary spending and the ongoing worker shortage is disproportionately hurting small businesses and minority families."

    Lol, no shit Sherlock? Its hard to feel bad for people who continue voting Democrat. In fact I don't feel bad for them. They deserve everything they get.

    And Jonah is still a useless fat piece of shit. Not really news though.

    1. re: 13 and 14 - Gooder and Harder. Voters of NY City you suck! (I feel good writing that even if it clearly doesn't make one bit of difference!)

  3. Item 9: “military horses that … are living in unsanitary and potentially life-threatening conditions, … consuming poor-quality feed, suffering from parasites and standing in their own excrement” Sounds like military horses get the same quality of care from our government as retired military people.

    1. I apologize for this item. I know better than to trust CNN reporting.

  4. #9 But thankfully there are no more mean Tweets!!! And thanks to General Milley the horse stalls are diverse and sex change operations are performed at military hospitals. Let’s go Brandon!

    1. I was thinking along the same line. The Pentagon decided to go woke and mandate CRT, gender studies, along with proper pronoun usage. The funding was likely stolen from funds provided for the care of these horses.

  5. FINALLY sums it all up. All of the misery in todays highlights can be put at the feet of the media. Potato Head, Applebaum and Goldberg represent what is horribly wrong with the media and how they are working to destroy this country.

    2 - The Unwise Latina must feel like Jimmy Carter now does. Carter Is no longer the worst president, Unwise is no longer the dumbest justice.

    12 - the public schools worldwide are playing a game of can you top this. Sick.

    1. Jimmy Carter is the longest lived president and he is still alive at age 97.
      Navy Nuclear Officer Carter received a large radiation dose repairing a reactor that had partially melted down. His urine was radioactive for months.

    2. Jimmah has for the most part kept his big mouth shut. Contrast ObamAA-.

    3. As I recall that Reactor was a Canadian reactor.
      The meltdown caused a switch in reactor design to a light water,low pressure CANDU design. they've no problems since. Except for Trudeau.

  6. #6 - Sorry Don - what it means is that Putin pegged the Ruble to his gold supply. What that has done is temporarily halted and reversed Weimar Republic style inflation internally in Russia. It also means that he has to hoard his internal gold supply, and carefully manage it. It also means he can't print anymore Rubles.

    It was an expensive and his only chance to avoid 10,000 dollar loaves of bread. It makes his fighting of the war in Ukraine infinitely more difficult.

    1. It’s also a back-door strategy to link the Ruble to the Dollar — the international reserve currency — thereby giving traders more confidence in using the Ruble as an alternative to the Dollar for international transactions. By pegging the Ruble to gold at 5000 Rubles per gram, that also pegs it to the Dollar at about 80 Rubles per Dollar. (Transitive law of logic: If A is related to B and B is related to C, then A is related to C. A is the Dollar; B is gold; C is the Ruble.) If the Dollar price of gold tries to rise, traders will buy gold in Rubles instead, driving the Dollar price of gold back down.

      For almost 40 years the Dollar was linked to gold at $35 per ounce, which helped it become the world’s most stable currency. That link was broken in the early 1970s and has led to the instability we see today. Backed by nothing of intrinsic value, our government now has free reign to print Dollars, leading to massive inflation. The value of gold has not changed; the value of the Dollar has. It takes more than 50X the number of dollars to buy an ounce of gold than it did from 1934 to 1971, which means that today’s Dollar is worth 1/50th of its historical value = 5000% inflation since 1971.

      An interesting article explaining the relationship between gold, the Ruble, and the Dollar:
      The transitive law of logic:

    2. The problem is that if you wish to go through and track deflation and depression prior to the gold peg being eliminated in the US it is rather eye opening. We even defaulted on US debt a few times.

      A number of things created the inflation of gold - not the least of which was the inflation the US govt put into the system during the 70s, as well as a significant increase in the working population in the US - women in the workplace. More dollars chasing goods.

      Gold has value because we believe it does. Not unlike the dollar. The dollar has value because people feel it does because it is a marker for the productivity of the US economy - which of course COVID and the current administration has negatively impacted. It is why at this time of crisis - capital flows into the US like crazy, as it is again.

      The value of the dollar is supported by the need for the rest of the world to gain access to the US economy.

      As to who is winning the economic war - it was Russia who was forced to move to fix the assets they have to fight the war in Ukraine. Russia is on the clock. They did what was necessary to stop rampant internal inflation. They now must win the war - however they declare victory, before their cash runs out. Zelensky knows all he need do now is run out the clock.

      I checked the links - I am not sure exactly what point you thought they buttressed but I admit I was a bit confused. I'd be happy to reconsider them if I had a little better understanding of their relevance.

  7. Item 1 - Looks like many Democrats realize that Biden has done more to damage the Democratic brand than they could have imagined, along with the carnage he’s caused throughout the US and the rest of the world. Looks like Dems are committing political suicide.

    Conversely, Republicans no doubt realize Biden has driven millions into the Republican Party as there is no Trump bogeyman for Dems to attack. Gotta admit I never saw this coming!

  8. Finally - An excellent example demonstrating that Dems and RINOs are nothing but twerps, twits and nitwits.

  9. Item 4-The NEA has the Democrat Pary Money Laundering Seal of Approval.

  10. #8 Wise Miss Bristol. The story got her out of jury duty, didn't it? Just like in the movies when fast talking with a crazy story gets you out of a tough situation.
    Id rather see her on the Supreme Court than the new confirmation.

  11. Item 3: They had never heard of Linda Sarsour? Their event scheduling dept. must be run by interns.

    1. Geico: Stick to commercials.

    2. Hire Cavemen their brains are bigger.

    3. I don't buy Geico's story. They just got caught with their pants down.

    4. With Linda Sarsour of all people. The woman is toxic.

  12. It looks to me like the Democrats are betting the farm on vote cheating.

    1. Yeah. But can they do it again in 2022 and 2024?

    2. Yeah, and it certainly helps when they have the entire judiciary, including SCOTUS, on their side. That "no standing" argument was the mother of all shit piles. SCOTUS turning down a dispute between states was the last straw for me. SCOTUS has converted itself into a national joke. I feel for Justice Thomas having to sit in the same room with those disgusting political operatives.

    3. SCOC is not a clean and upstanding institution.

  13. #1 "I'll Be There" by an 8 year old Norwegian girl.

    You really, really, really don't want to miss this.

  14. Item 17: let's hope all those "new R's" bring some common sense with them as among our senatorial candidates is Dr. Oz, (you read that correctly) while on the other side we have our socialist Lieutenant Governor and a lying (redundant?) ego driven Congress critter.
    God help us.

    1. I don't know what to think of Dr. Oz. He has had some negative media recently. True or not? I don't know.

    2. K.F. "God help us" is right.

      Dear God, please deliver us from lying, double-crossing Republicans. Or, the short version, "...deliver us from Evil."

    3. Dr. Oz is a creation of Oprah Winfrey. Should tell you something.

  15. I know this is sort of obiter dictum...but could anybody chime-in on the Attorney General in New York who is giving DJT a hard time? Right now she is threatening because he hasn't offered up documents that her gang wants to view. So she has no crime evidence to begin with and proceed with? Doesn't that pretty much define a political fishing operation?

    1. Yes, yes it does. Accusation of a process crime coming soon.

  16. #7. As for Iden-bay, well, let's just say he was never burdened with a double-digit IQ.

    1. He is a dimwit. The problem is his mouth. Throughout his long career as a grifter and elected official, no one ever told him to shut up or call him on what he said. He is vicious and petty.

    2. I think he's a pedophile who keeps getting away it.

  17. The people who run Geico apparently do not vet their speakers for anti-Semitism "
    Woke Anti-Semitism is standard policy in Academia:

    Princeton University surrendered to cancel culture and the rewriting of history in canceling an exhibition due to be opened in April 2022. The main donor was Leonard Milberg, Jewish financial manager and generous donor to the university whose name is on the gallery where the exhibit was to be held, was to display Jewish-American artists in the late 19th century and included two who were soldiers in the Confederate army, Moses Jacob Ezekiel and Theodore Moise.

  18. re: FINALLY - Tater and tots are everything that is wrong with today's media.

  19. #5 - I wish Musk well but I think Twitter's board of directors will make sure that he has no influence and prevent him from doing a hostile takeover. The answer for Twitter now is for conservatives to leave and let it fail as its own echo chamber.

    1. Right. Conservatives always place too much hope in stories like this. Disappointment is almost guaranteed.

    2. On the other hand, if the NYT staff is self censoring, Musk is already accomplishing what those hopeful, but dumb according to you, conservatives hoped for.

  20. Failing media should also stop giving Twitter free content.

    1. Don, I am wondering about your thoughts on posting your content to Twitter?

    2. I have said don't give free content to Twitter, but I still do

  21. #15 - Biden and Democrats - It's a feature, not a bug to destroy the middle class.

  22. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: I knew it. And you can bet it's more than 42%.

    2: Just ask their last two Prezzys.

    6: More like, "Welcome to the party, pal".

    7: Or a double digit one.

    10: On another comment board, I raised the issue of the homosexual agenda and a guy who was homosexual objected, saying he knew of no agenda.

    I guess he does now.

    12: Insty did a big piece on how NRO is taking to task anybody who says what you said.

    As usual, you're right, they're more than wrong.

    15: This is why they want Trump back.

    17: First people vote Republican, then they switch registration.


    That tells you who really won in 2020.

    Yeah, Trump. We all know it.

  23. The people who run Geico apparently do not vet their speakers for anti-Semitism and other bigotry.
    linda sarsour is a well known palestinian scumbag. I have my doubts about whether geico didn't know about her.
    ITEM 5: The Hill
    Dumped their comment section. Too many of their lies were being brought up against the truth.
    Too bad really, it was fun messing with the liberals on that site. If you want to know what they were all about look up ignorant, that site is the definition that should be used.

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