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Friday, April 15, 2022

7 pedo teachers in 1 day


Courts across the country on Thursday dealt with 7 pedo cases involving teachers. Here are the 7 news stories.

THV reported, "An Arkansas middle school teacher was arrested and charged with two counts of rape and computer exploitation of a child. 

"According to the Warren Police Department, 23-year-old Kaitlyn Raines who worked as an 8th grade social studies teacher at Warren Middle School, was arrested on April 12 by city police and the Bradley County Sheriff's Department."

WHBY reported, "A former Green Bay band teacher faces child sexual assault charges.

"Twenty-six-year-old Kelton Jennings is charged with Repeated Acts of Sexual Assault of a Child and First-Degree Child Sex Assault–Sexual Contact with a Child Under 13."

WNEP reported, "A former Lackawanna County teacher pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a child online.

"Jaime Chorba of Archbald was a teacher in the Valley View School District when he was first arrested back in 2020.

"According to court paperwork, the investigation showed he received child pornography between 2016 and 2020."

KTLA reported, "A 53-year-old man who works as a substitute teacher has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse, authorities said Wednesday.

"Detectives assigned to the sexual assault unit of the Riverside Police Department began investigating allegations of sexual abuse against a minor earlier this month.

"They arrested Carl Jess Sanchez, of Riverside, on April 9. He was booked on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault and lewd and lascivious acts against a child under 14. His bail was set at $1 million, police said."

The Charlotte Observer reported, "A former North Carolina music professor who pleaded guilty to trafficking an underage student for sex will spend the next five years behind bars, a federal judge decided Thursday.

"Stephen Shipps, 69, admitted last year to sexually abusing one of his violin students in 2002. Women who studied violin with him at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts when they were teens said that he molested them too on campus and in his home."

WKRN reported, "A former Sumner County teacher, accused of soliciting students for sex, is back behind bars.

"Carrie Norman, the Westmoreland woman who once taught at Bethpage Elementary School, now faces new simple possession charges in addition to charges alleging she offered money to a 16-year-old boy in exchange for sex. Investigators say she also sent nude photographs of herself."

Patch reported, "A youth sports coach has been arrested on suspicion of the rape of a student at a Sunnyvale middle school where he taught in 2009, public safety officials said Tuesday.

"Phillip Anthony James was arrested Monday in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a student at Cupertino Middle School, according to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

"James retired from teaching three years ago but was still a volunteer softball and basketball coach at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale at the time of his arrest, public safety officials said."

The research is via An Open Secret, which exposes Hollywood pedos.

Of course not all teachers are pedos. Not all coaches are. Not all priests are.

But let us get real. Just as Willie Sutton hung around banks because that is where the money is, pedos flock to these occupations. We would be foolish not to protect our children from these predators who seek the most vulnerable children they can find.

Florida's Parental Right in Education law protects prepubescent children from groomers. Their targets are not all the children. A lion never attacks the whole herd. No, pedos seek the weakest ones.

The people who oppose the new law aid and abet these crimes. They don't want to be called groomers. That's an easy title to lose. Stop grooming and stop enabling groomers.


  1. In the old days, those guys would have been lucky if they were just strung up.

    1. Maybe sometime soon, we'll go back to the old ways.

  2. Really sad and shocking, Don, but it's more than good that you have put a strong light on this. The pedos seek out this environment and go after the most vulnerable ones. The only good thing to come from the pandemic is that parents got a good look at their children's schools and now they are fighting back. We need to stop enabling groomers.

    1. It's why the dems are in full retreat. No one likes this stuff.

  3. I cant help but wonder if the young teachers on this list and the young "trans" teachers that I see daily on Twitter denouncing Ron DeSantis aren't themselves a product and a victim of the current grooming environment of public schools.

    1. You may be correct. Or their college experience turns them into these monsters.

    2. It's is called the crime of the centuries because victims become perpetrators

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. While their crimes are not covered by the death penalty, the prison population will provide justice.

  5. Wow. So they really ARE groomers!

  6. I’ve told my son on NUMEROUS occasions: I will pay ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY to keep Miracle Bears and Allie out of public schools. And I pray for my grandkids EVERY morning. For safety and security and joy.

  7. And dying they are. Talk about galloping into a box canyon at full speed convinced of the righteousness of your cause. And then realizing the only thing waiting for you are the real righteous ones on the canyon ridge with rifles just picking you off one by one.

  8. David Mamet warned of exactly this about male teachers in a recent interview and sent the left to their fainting couches en masse:

  9. Back in High School, we had a coach that liked to take shower with the PE class.=every one, suddenly, Well known
    logging company had multiple rigs parked at the gym office parking lot. The coach left suddenly. No one knew where.
    we need Fathers and Brothers.