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Monday, March 14, 2022

Xi is an actual Hitler no one calls out

So the people who called Trump Hitler are now calling Putin Hitler. One DC insider -- Michael McFaul -- went on MSNBC to say Hitler was not as bad as Putin.

Well, Putin is a bad guy who apparently offs his political opposition. 

But he is far from being in the league of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. All three killed not just political opponents but political allies. Look up the Night of the Long Knives sometime.

They also did ethnic cleansing with concentration camps (Hitler), gulags (Stalin) and re-education camps (Mao). Compared to them, Putin is a dime-store dictator. He's ruthless. He's a danger to his neighbors. He's evil. But he ain't Hitler.

You know who is the most like Hitler? Chairman Xi. He is doing ethnic cleansing (Uyghurs) and he has no political opposition. To be a Hitler (or Stalin or Mao), you have to have concentration camps. Chairman Xi does. 

No one at MSNBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo or anything owned by Disney will dare call him out. 

But the Times of India ran a column last July that laid it out. 

India and Red China are adversaries and the most likely candidates for starting World War III. The column was by S.D. Pradhan. He has served as chairman of India's Joint Intelligence Committee. He also was India's deputy national security adviser. 

Pradhan wrote, "The manner in which Xi is pursuing policies for self-projection and ensuring loyalty of the CCP members reminds us how Adolf Hitler maneuvered to grab power in his country. Hitler’s most important step was to declare himself as the Fuhrer and assumption of the powers of Reich Chancellor after the death of President von Hindenburg in August 1934. Soon after on 20th August, 1934, the longstanding oath taken by state officials was changed so that they no longer swore loyalty to the German constitution but rather to Hitler as head of state. 

"With hindsight, it is clear that this was yet another step towards consolidation of power but at that time the Germans thought that this was to convey that Hitler’s will was the same as that of the nation and the people. They perceived that the oath was aimed at equating Hitler’s authority with the constitution and that his authority would be limited by the primacy of law and duty in public office. It is true that he represented the perceived sense of injustice done to Germany at the Treaty of Versailles. Hence, he was acceptable to most of the Germans. He became the most powerful person in the country through a combination of force, political arrests, and exile. He eliminated all those who could oppose him. Alongside, a deification campaign was launched portraying Hitler as a messianic figure through posters, print media, radio messages and films."

An aside. Our oath of office is to defend the Constitution.

Pradhan wrote, "Xi Jinping has similarly soon after taking over as the President of China in December 2012, declared himself as the ‘core leader’ of the CCP doing away with the collective leadership. He got himself equated with Mao. 

"Today Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader in China: General Secretary of the Communist Party, Chair of the Military Commission and President of the People’s Republic of China. He has installed himself as the head of new bodies overseeing the Internet, government restructuring, national security, and military reform, and has effectively taken over the courts, the police, and the secret police/intelligence. 

"His name and philosophy were added to the party constitution in 2017, and the following year he successfully pushed for the abolition of presidential term limits and thereby ensuring his continuation for life. Like Hitler, Xi has eliminated all those who could oppose him, through several purges in the name of removing corrupt members. The Politburo is now filled with his loyalists."

All these idiots on TV throwing around Hitler's evil name on Trump and others are cowards who won't call out Chairman Xi.

Pradhan wrote, "Whether Xi meets the same fate like Hitler or not would be known later as the situation unfolds. The future historians would examine why the International Community tolerated Xi’s aggressive policies for so long as also their limitations and compulsions. Why anti-Chinese alliances took so much time to come into existence to contain China? Was the International Community inveigled by the Chinese projection of its ‘Peaceful Rise’?"

Chairman Xi has a 1-in-3 chance of committing suicide in his bunker, as his peers Stalin and Mao died in old age.

Considering how the West would rather take on Putin -- a straw man Hitler -- than Chairman Xi, I would say Xi doesn't need a bunker. As long as Biden and the rest are in his back pocket, the Chinese Hitler can do as he pleases. 


  1. Totally agree, Don. But it's now easier to make Russia and Putin the villains than to admit you have been bought and paid for by Xi and China. Looking at you, Biden and family, other politicians from both parties, media, athletes, colleges, corporations, etc., etc. I don't think any of them have the nerve to stand up to Xi and China. China is asshole. And Xi is like Hitler.

  2. Absolutely correct. But when you have celebrities such as Lebron James and multinational corporations such as Nike and Disney in bed with Xi, a "President" who has been bought and paid for, and a globalist community that thinks national governments are passe, not a peep will be heard.

    1. There was supposedly a parlor game in the 1930s called, "Who's the Nazi?" that picked people out of a room and guessed if they were going to be Nazi sympathizers or not. We could play "Who's the Commie?" but it would probably be easier to play "Who Isn't?"

    2. You'd be the first to be Commie, Jeffery.

      and it wasn't a game, it was an essay by Dorothy Thompson.

    3. Actually, Jeffery, lots of people are peeping. That's why you're maling $15/hr palying ROLCON and spreading your FUD.

    4. Hey special Ed, who was it that proclaimed Russia would never attack Ukraine?

    5. Oh Shit!!! J in StL is "MaLing $15/hr".. MaLing bestal luncheon meat is a high-quality precooked meat made with pork and ham that is loved across Asia. And he's lying with a friend...I guess that's palying!!!

    6. J in Stl, it was a magazine article in '41 by Dorothy Thompson in Harper's Magazine entitled "Who Goes Nazi?" that you're thinking of.

  3. They're not concentration camps. They are refreshing life pause and opportunity reassessment centers supported by free labor to Apple & Nike.

  4. Godwin's Law, confirmed again.

  5. Let's keep our eyes on Bhatat for signs that she will smarten up and recognize her predicament. She's on the same menu as China, Russia, and other objects of insatiable, "Western" globohomo. If she experiences the necessary awakening, she will repudiate your Civilization of Liars, your clever democracy, your Zionist narcissism, your predatory finance capitalism, your sexual degeneracy parades, and your evident plot to establish a world government. Watch for that. If you see it, Bharat will be working for reconciliation with China. It will be easy to figure out what comes next if successful.

    Together they will plan to evict from Eurasia AND Africa the leading military power of the Liars' club. If Russia survives the neocons' planned gang rape by NATO, which was set in motion in Ukraine about 8 yrs ago, that would make THREE nuclear powers aligned against you. Maybe then Nippon comes to its senses and offers a genuinely humble apology to the rest of eastern Asia for its musguided rebellion against "Western" civ AND later collaboration with the West against Asia.

    What would the Empire of Lies do then? It'll be chased from most of the eastern hemisphere and out of the western Pacific, too. Good luck trying to enforce the Monroe Doctrine after that. The Atlanticist script will be flipped on the USA completely and we'll see a defense alliance gathering up Latin American countries for a war to the death against the great mistake of North America.

    1. Cuckoo clock strikes 13.

      Details at 11.

    2. Completely off their meds.

      China is on its last legs.

  6. he has no political opposition

    Not quite true.

    Remember Jiang Jemin? Shih spends a lot of time looking over his shoulder, worrying about Jiang and his friends, many of them in the PLA.

    I'd tend to agree the Uighurs are Shih's Jews and Shih has been threatening war for quite a while, but, if we're comparing murderers, Dolf took a backseat to Tojo, let alone the Commies.

  7. Well, Alizy and Loura Anni, Richard Hertz did it better! Above, at 8:51 pm.

  8. We 'll find out one day it wasn t just American politicians that sold out their countries to the chinese

  9. Comparing someone you don't like or who opposes you "Hitler" is just a reflexive slur, like calling someone a "racist" or a "misogynist."

    It has become meaningless. In fact, it almost implies more about the person saying it than it does the person about who it is being said.

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