Thursday, March 17, 2022

Oh noes! Lobbyist for Enron calls Trump the devil!

Marc Racicot, former RINO governor of Montana, once again made news by trashing President Donald John Trump. 

Newsweek reported, "Former Republican National Committee Chair Marc Racicot slammed Donald Trump's narcissistic remarks about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, calling them poison and comparing the former president to the devil."

Trump's narcissistic remarks were observing NATO is a paper tiger. He also said we should put Chinese flags on our jets and bomb Russia.

Not mentioned was the fact that Trump has said Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were still president.

62% of the public agree.

They agree because it is true.

Putin took Georgia under Bush 43 (whose re-election campaign Racicot headed).

Putin took Crimea under Obama.

Putin is taking other parts of Ukraine under Biden.

Trump kept Putin from expanding his empire. Trump also was the first president since Nixon, Ford and Carter not to start a war. Oddly enough only Nixon was re-elected and then forced out of office by the Deep State.

Racicot wrote a column in the Helena Independent Record, "Trump's lack of character wastes crucial time."


Donald Trump is not the president. Biden is. Ukraine is one of his many crises. Racicot the RINO voted for Biden.

RINO Racicot wrote, "For those who, during this painful moment in human history, find any redeeming value or humor in the former president’s remarks; or who continue to ignore his profound lack of knowledge or intellectual curiosity; or who excuse his lack of regard for the truth; or who consciously or unconsciously modify the priorities of their own character or moral imperatives in order to secure his favor, or the favor of his disciples, it may be well to remember the words of J.M. Smith: 'If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.'"

Speaking of dancing with the devil, Racicot lobbied for Enron and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The former was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2007 and devalued the pensions of thousands of workers and cost many of them their life savings.

BNSF is owned by Warren Buffett's company and holds a monopoly on transporting oil from North Dakota. The company has been the hand behind the scenes that stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have transported the oil cheaper and safer than the railroad does.

The ad hominem attack on Trump is boring and not really news because all the puppets of the Deep State make them.

I just thought it hilarious that this attack came from an apologist for Enron who worked to protect Buffett's monopoly on transporting much-needed American oil.

When a sellout RINO attacks your character, consider it a compliment.


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  2. Little men like Racicot are psychos.

  3. Useful metric from this too - Burisma is the Enron of Ukraine... only WAY worse...

  4. "Putin took Crimea under Obama."

    FWIW, he did more than that. Crimea was a pretty overt invasion-and-seizure, but right after that, "separatists" began their campaign to pry the two southeastern oblasts, Donetsk and Luhansk, away from Ukraine; Vlad had deniability, but it wasn't plausible - it was pretty obvious that the "separatists" were getting more than just moral support from Moscow.

    One of the things that happened though is that, in a foreshadowing of more-recent events (and something which should have made more of an impression on Vlad than it did), the Ukrainians did not just shrivel up and blow away and cede the two oblasts without a fight. They dug in, the "separatists" weren't able to seize all of the two oblasts, and Vlad's likely plan of this being the first bite on the way to bigger things was thwarted. A small Ukrainian unit held on to the Donetsk airport for so long against overwhelming odds that they came to be known as "the Cyborgs" for this superhuman ability to hold out. Sound familiar?

    Once things stalled out and Vlad's plans had been thwarted, the conflict went "frozen" until recent weeks.

    Note also that the surface-to-air missile that took down the Malaysian Boeing 777 that was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was fired from the "separatist" territories, and from a Russian-made surface-to-air missile system that the Ukrainian military does not possess.

  5. OK, I get it, another RINO - I've seen this movie before so stopped after a few paragraphs. That's no reflection on Mr. Surber.

  6. I live in a county that had some high-profile MS-13 machete murders in the last decade.

    I had trouble fathoming the brutal savagery behind those stories.

    Looking at the Brandon clan and never-Trumpers, I now understand.

  7. Racicot is the Mitt Romney and John Kasich of Montana. He also joins the illustrious Paul Krugman with his Enron ties. Montana is a beautiful state. So sad they elected such a sad sack.

    1. We didn't know what RINOs were back then. Marc is a buddy of George W. Bush.

  8. Another piece of garbage I don't know with an article in a garbage magazine I'll never read. It really makes you wonder how many morons are left, (literally), that listen to these people...

  9. Losers only get "air time" when they blast Trump. No one pays attention to losers but the lame steam media.

  10. In the immortal words of Sir Winston (and aren't they all?), "You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life".

  11. Has the USA ever been invaded and lost millions of citizens as Russia has over the years? Perhaps if it did it might understand Putin's attitude and not go with the usual portrayal of him in a knee jerk reaction. Now that a large number of bio weapon laboratories funded by USA in Ukraine Don might be doing some real journalism discussing those.

    1. Radio Moscow called. They want their 1980s propaganda drivel (rehashing the 1940s) back.

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