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Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Highlights of the News

"Land O Lakes removed the Indian but kept the land."

ITEM 1: The Daily Caller reported, "Olga Sagan will close her Piroshky Piroshky Bakery’s downtown Seattle location because of crime and concern for her employees’ safety, the bakery announced Monday."

The story said, "Someone was shot near the bakery the week before the announcement, and there were people openly using drugs in front of the entrance Saturday, blocking Sagan from opening the bakery, she told The Seattle Times. Local police did not respond to her calls, and private security was unable to move the drug users, according to the Times."

Democrats want to destroy the middle class. This explains cashless bail, decriminalizing drugs, decriminalizing theft and having people poop in the street.

ITEM 2: USA Today reported, "A massive, 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks and vehicles appeared to bog down on its  push toward the capital of Kyiv on Tuesday while residential areas of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, were being pounded by Russian shells.

"The Russian military advance drew to within 15 miles of Kyiv’s center amid signs that troops are running out of gas and food, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said Tuesday. Russia has committed about 80% of the combat force President Vladimir Putin deployed to invade Ukraine, the official said.

"Ukrainian resistance is continuing, and it has helped stymie the advance, according to the official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence findings. It is also possible the Russians are pausing to regroup and reassess their attack, the official said."

Ran out of gas? Who is in charge of their logistics? Buttigieg?

ITEM 3: The reality is, Russia still has the upper hand.

The Institute for the Study of War reported, "Russian forces are completing the reinforcement and resupply of their troops north and west of Kyiv and launching an envelopment of the capital likely aimed at encircling and ultimately capturing it. This effort will likely accelerate in the next 24-48 hours. Russian operations against Kyiv are Moscow’s main effort. Russian troops are also undertaking three supporting efforts, one to seize Kharkiv, one to take Mariupol and secure the land bridge connecting Rostov-on-Don to Crimea, and one to secure Kherson and set conditions for a drive west toward Mykolayiv and Odesa. The three supporting operations are active, with the operation against Mariupol making the most progress in the last 24 hours.

"The Russian attack on Kyiv likely consists of a main effort aimed at enveloping and ultimately encircling the city from the west and a supporting effort along the axes from Chernihiv and Sumy to encircle Kyiv from the east. The long Russian column of combat and logistics vehicles north of Kyiv is likely setting conditions for the envelopment to the west, although it could also support attacks directly into the city from the positions Russian forces maintain in Kyiv’s northwestern outskirts. Russian forces are more likely to pursue the envelopment/encirclement than a direct assault into the city.

"The Russian military has continued using area-attack weapons in the city of Kharkiv, dramatically increasing the damage to civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties. Russian forces have not reportedly attempted large-scale ground operations against Kharkiv in the last 24 hours but are likely instead using air, missile, and artillery bombardment to set conditions for a renewed ground attack sometime in the next 24-48 hours. Russian ground forces appear likely to conduct another frontal assault on Kharkiv from the northeast rather than attempt to envelop or encircle the city."

Pray for Ukraine. Even as a shell of the Soviet Union (which was pretty hollow itself), Russia easily can defeat Ukraine. Russia got off to a slow start. D Day took a month to win. And the fighting in Iwo Jima lasted for another month after Marines raised the flag at Mount Suribachi.

But prayer works.

If it didn't, liberals would not mock it.

ITEM 4: Axios reported, "DirecTV dropping RT America in light of war in Ukraine."

Censorship is censorship.

And by that, I mean censorship is evil.

Let the Russian propagandists have a channel. After all, American communists have a dozen channels.

ITEM 5: The Independent reported, "Khrushchev's granddaughter ‘embarrassed’ by Putin invasion and says Soviet leader would find attack ‘despicable.’"

By despicable, she means unnecessary because Ukraine was under Soviet control when Khrushchev was in charge. They sent tanks into Hungary to put down a rebellion.  

ITEM 6Just the News reported, "The former judge named to investigate Wisconsin's 2020 election declared Tuesday there is enough evidence of voting irregularities for the Legislature to consider decertifying the state's final results declaring Joe Biden the winner."

The judge cited Democrats using nursing homes to pile up votes.

That's elder abuse.

ITEM 7: Speaking of elder abuse, Biden gave his State of the Union speech and said, "U.S. forces are not going to Europe to fight Ukraine."

Zelensky is relieved. Bad enough he has to fight Russia without having to fight the USA too.

Biden also said, “Putin may encircle Kyiv, but he’ll never gain the hearts of souls of the Iranian people.”

Yep. We're screwed.

ITEM 8: Thank goodness we have a good backup to replace him.

The New York Post reported, "Kamala Harris just took dumbing down to a whole new level.

"During an appearance on the syndicated Morning Hustle radio program, Harris was asked by co-host Headkrack to explain the conflict 'in layman’s terms for people who don’t understand what’s going on and how can this directly affect the people of the United States?”

"Speaking slowly, Harris began, 'So, Ukraine is a country in Europe.

"'It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.'"

Yep. We're screwed.

ITEM 9: Bonchie opined, "A Malfunctioning Joe Biden Delivers an Incoherent Speech on a Dead Agenda."

This is what happens when you just mail-in an election.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reported, "Manchin sits with Republicans during State of the Union."

Whoa, Joe. And I am not talking about a character on Barney Miller.

ITEM 10Texans held the nation's first midterm primary. It'll be Abbott vs. Costello -- oops, Beto O'Rourke -- in the governor's race. 

George P. Bush forced the incumbent attorney general into a runoff for the Republican nomination (boo). 

Sarah Stegnor's racy ad may have put her in the runoff for the Republican railroad commission nomination. (The guy who died in a car crash on February 8 may finish fourth out of the five candidates in this race.)

ITEM 11: Via Pravda, Ukrainian Truth just doxxed 120,000 Russian soldiers invading Ukraine.

The list is here.

Ukrainians learned doxxing from liberal reporters.

ITEM 12: CBS reported, "'A war within a war': Transgender woman says transphobia and discriminatory laws are keeping her hostage in Kyiv during Russian invasion "

I thought no one could top John Kerry's war-brings-climate-change take. Once again, I underestimated the stupidity of the American media. 

ITEM 13NBC reported, "When President Joe Biden gives his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, the mask mandate will be gone in the Capitol, reflecting a stark nationwide shift for Democrats against the public safety rule that has fueled a red-versus-blue culture war.

"Behind the shift is a blend of science and political science."

The mix is 1% science and 99% political science.

ITEM 14Politico reported, "Mitch McConnell and Senate Republican leaders are warning Rick Scott that his agenda for the GOP could expose the party to unnecessary attacks this fall, a significant intraparty rebuke of the Floridian.

"The Senate minority leader, who has declined thus far to release a party agenda, advised Scott at a GOP leadership meeting on Monday afternoon that his 11-point proposal gave Democrats ammunition for millions of dollars of ads in the midterms, according to multiple people briefed on the exchange."

Why do they hate his call to build the wall?

Meanwhile, Romney called Republicans morons on national TV and McConnell is silent.

ITEM 15: G Captain reported, "The Felicity Ace car carrier has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

"The ship’s manager, MOL Ship Management (Singapore), confirmed that the vessel sank around 9 a.m. local time on Tuesday approximately 220 nautical miles off the Azores Islands, citing initial reports from the on-site salvage team.

"Salvage vessels will remain in the area to monitor the situation.

"The sinking of the Felicity Ace comes nearly two weeks after a fire broke out in the ship’s cargo area.

"Reporting has indicated Felicity Ace was carrying around 4,000 vehicles, including some luxury brands like Porsches, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis, along with VW and Audis. The value of the cargo has been estimated to be over $400 million."

Burial at sea.

All those Bentleys gone to waste.

I await Gordon Lightfoot's next song, Wreck of the Felicity Ace.

ITEM 16: The Washington Examiner reported, "Sen. Joe Manchin called on President Joe Biden to ramp up domestic energy production to curtail the United States' reliance on Russian oil and gas imports, accusing the White House of pushing hypocritical policies."

Instead we banned Russian vodka. Maybe we should start calling Black Russian drinks Black Freedom drinks. That'll show Putin.

ITEM 17The Daily Beast reported, "Dennis Miller Abandons His Show on Kremlin-Funded TV Network."

CNN should sign Miller as a diversity hire in contrast to all the lockstep liberals it employs.

ITEM 18: Media-ite reported, "Sam Elliott really hated Jane Campion’s Western drama The Power of the Dog

"The film, which leads the 2022 Academy Awards with a total of 12 nominations, is based on Thomas Savage’s 1967 novel of the same name and was mostly shot across rural Otago, New Zealand.

"Elliott, best known for starring in Westerns throughout his career, largely took issue with the absence of the American west in Campion’s film, as well as with the 'allusions of homosexuality.'"

A film industry that balks at having a straight play a homosexual has no problem shooting an American Western in New Zealand.

ITEM 19Axios reported, "Voters aren't feeling the record job gains, polling finds."

That's because there have been no job gains in the past 2 years. Employment is still below February 2020's record-setting number. Not sucking as hard as the government policy used to means that policy still sucks.

ITEM 20Vice reported, "John Bolton: Trump Made It ‘That Much Easier’ for Putin to Invade Ukraine."

What a dreadful liar. Trump gave Ukraine Javelin missiles. Obama gave them blankets.

But I really dislike how Bolton is always adjusting his glasses. I've worn glasses for more than 60 years. This is not quantum physics: buy glasses that fit.

ITEM 21The Epoch Times reported, "A federal appeals court on Feb. 28 rejected an attempt by President Joe Biden’s administration to partially lift a block on the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for a group of Navy SEALs."

You cannot undo a vaccine.

FINALLYThe Washington Examiner reported, "Billionaire pals of Vladimir Putin, including a pair swept up in phony claims of 2016 Trump-Russia collusion, are calling for peace in Ukraine as sweeping U.S. and international sanctions in reaction to Russia's invasion threaten their fortunes.

"Mikhail Fridman, a co-founder of Russia’s Alfa Bank, which was the subject of debunked claims of a secret backchannel to the Trump Organization during the 2016 presidential election, has voiced objections to Putin's war against the neighboring country. Now, Oleg Deripaska, known for his prior business relationships with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and British ex-spy Christopher Steele and accused of assisting the Russian government’s influence operations worldwide, has piped up for peace as well."

War is bad for business, Vlad.

But I don't see how he can back down now and still keep his job. He will not quit, no matter how many of his soldiers die. Even a Pyrrhic victory may keep him in power.

And that is what this is all about.



  1. 2. If the Russians fails to resupply their trucks with fuel, Joe B will claim he helped the Ukrainians by buying so much Russian oil.

    1. Maybe they're waiting for the carbon offsets to be approved? I'm certain everyone has been anxiously hand wringing over Rootin' Putin's carbon footprint.

    2. Biden confuses illegal aliens with the vaccine:

      “You Can’t Build a Wall High Enough to Keep Out a Vaccine”

    3. Awaiting John Quisling Kerry's go-ahead.


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  2. #11. Uh oh, will liberals be traveling to Moscow and protest outside their homes?

  3. #12. Zelensky has ordered that all men are to remain and fight. This coward is trying the Klinger gambit.

    1. In todays US Army. Klinger would be promoted to General.

    2. He would, but I don't think he could be a character on a Tv show trying to get out of the army.

  4. #13. 1% science? I think you are vastly overestimating, like a hundred to won. 99.99% political science sounds closer.

  5. 15. Does anyone know where the love of God goes
    When the flames turn the Bentley's to ballast?
    Don Surber it's said, has to settle instead
    On a used '87 Ford Taurus.

    1. Very good!! Now let a trained proffessional give it a try

      Don Surber it seems
      Must forego his dreams
      When the carrier of Bentleys
      Sinks early

    2. Niiice
      If we get enough people on this chain, we might come up with a complete parody.

    3. One tweek .. Does anyone know where the love of DON goes ..

      "For assuredly it is DON that loveth the Bentley, just as the Lord loveth not he who covets the same."

    4. Not bad! It's probably the first time anyone has parodied that woeful song.

    5. Don came out on deck and said :"Bentley it's been good to know ye."

    6. It's a great song. I lived that life on the lakes in 69-70.

  6. 8 - when I first read the Ho’s comments, I thought it was a joke. Then I heard the audio and thought it was a joke. Then I saw another story in a more reliable source and realized it wasn’t a joke. The only joke is the Ho herself.

    14 - Cocaine Mitch needs to shut up. The mask came off of him long before the senate rules changed.

    15 - I await Horseface Kerry’s tearful agony over the climates change implications of the sunk vessel.

    18 - for the exceptions that prove the rule, I present A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    1. 18. They call me Trinity, Trinity is still my name.

    2. Yes, Cocaine Mitch needs to shut up and be replaced.

    3. on #8: To be fair, he did ask her to simplify the explanation, and when you are talking to an audience that listens to someone named headkrack it will take a lot of dumbing down.

  7. ITEM 20: But I really dislike how Bolton is always adjusting his glasses. I've worn glasses for more than 60 years. This is not quantum physics: buy glasses that fit.

    Thats a pretty good troll right there.

  8. Years ago I had a friend from Kiev whose favorite English phrase was "bad for business".

  9. #18. Many of the old westerns were shot in Spain and Southern Italy.

    1. Basically Sergio Leone's "Spaghetti Westerns." Had fun catching basically European customs and equipment on the screen. Bumpers on Train cars!

    2. Helped out Clint Eastwood tremendously!

  10. Oil right now is at $111/bl. I believe the all the high time was”achieved” under The Black Jesus.

  11. #15 Insurance claims on 80,000 lost cars to follow... Pretty sure I had a Ferrari on there ... now where DID I put that paperwork?

  12. So we should believe Fake News when it claims "without evidence" that the Russian invasion has bogged down. But we should not believe Fake News when it reports that Trump was colluding with Putin, or says the Covington kids are racists or tells us that Kavannaugh and friends gang banged a crazy lady chick in high school.

    Can I get some clarity here? Do we think that Fake News has a copy of Putin's war plans? When are we supposed to believe Fake News? When it says something we want to hear? That seems dumb.

    I've been reading a lot about Russia and Ukraine and doing some soul searching and for the life of me I just can't seem to give a crap about Ukraine. I mean, I'm sad for Hunter Biden and Pelosi's kid and Mitt's kid and John Kerry's kid but I'm sure they can take bribes in another country soon enough.

    One thing I do know is that if Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Romney, Bush (all of them), Trudeau, the EU, the WEF, George Soros and all the other globalists are all united for something then I am against it, whatever it is.

    1. News from Tucker Carlson interview of Colonel MacGregor:

      Ukrainian forces are surrounded and will soon be destroyed.
      Putin certainly got the ok from China to invade.
      The sanctions ensure that Russia and China are now strategic allies.
      NATO has been shown to be an empty shell.

    2. Agree--"...if Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Romney, Bushes, Trudeau, the EU, George Soros ...all are united for something, then I am against it, whatever it is."

      Actually, I think all the Leftists mentioned above and all the Left media, are just being good little China servants on Ukraine.

      You've got 3 powers, China, Russia, and the U.S., and I think China is just delighted to see two of them (Russia and U.S.) going after each other.

      I bet China might even be poised to undercut Putin from within and get him replaced with a new Russian leader that will be obedient to China.

      China succeeded in getting Chinese puppet Biden into the U.S. presidency; bet they have a Russian puppet lined up to replace Putin.

    3. I would like to see China get the same condemnation as Russia.

    4. Hmm , that's dumb . Vlad has been planning this ever since he came to power . NATO 's only role is that of being his patsy .

  13. #2 I recall the Invasion of Iraq as presented to us by CNN. I recall "Baghdad Bob" briefings that depicted the overwhelmingly victorious Iraqi Armies "destroying" the American Army, Navy and Air Force in the "Mother of all Battles. Now we are being "entertained by new and improved "but still manufactured coverage" of the latest War for TV. Biden get to wear the mantle of a wartime president without actually being war. Clinton must be eating his heart out.

    1. News from The Daily Mail:

      Biden warns Vlad
      Zelensky warns Vlad
      Russian soldier cries
      Putin kills cute little girls

  14. Item 19: Thank you. Biden is always claiming that he has created 7 million new jobs. Faster than any other president ever. I always comment back that he has "created" zero jobs. We are still millions of jobs behind pre-lockdown levels and there are fewer people in the workforce than in years. Until those jobs come back, Biden's jobs created ticker hasn't even started.

    1. Brandon has only destroyed. He has created nothing. He is a serial liar. I couldn't bring myself to watch him last night.

    2. Agree--Biden's claim about "creating jobs" is about as accurate as his claim that "Afghanistan was an extraordinary success!".

    3. I am with LuAnn ; no since in watching and listening to something that spews drivel .

  15. re: #1 Seattle -- Stop voting for Democrats. Gooder and harder voters until you get it goodest and hardest. How much more stupid can you be?

    1. My hubby's sister lives there. Her response would be higher taxes. Can't fix stupid, and she's a PhD.

  16. #2 -- Let's hope the Russians are truly out of food and fuel.

    1. I believe they are bogged down due to their incompetence, lack of morale and poor equipment. It doesn’t mean they won’t get things going again, but they aren’t the well oiled machine we were led to believe they were.

    2. I believe that. From what I have read their army is full of young and unenthusiastic conscripts. They may ultimately choose to run rather than to fight. Let's hope.

    3. Keep in mind that they were propagandized that they were going to get to live the stories they heard as boys from their grandfathers - and were going to be living that 1944 adventure, liberating Ukraine from "nazis." Then they get there and find that there ARE no "nazis," and the Ukrainians don't want them there. Like that story I told about the (fortunately-bloodless) comical attempt by Yugoslavia to retake Slovenia back in the early 1990s, when they get there and find out the truth it's a rude shock.


    4. Lot of couch quarterbacks here. Admittedly, myself included, on occasion.

    5. My personal rule of thumb is half of what I hear is incorrect ( I am being nice ) .

  17. #3 Pray for Ukraine. Also give them aid and arms.

  18. #9 Manchin -- Can he be trusted? Will he defect to the Rs?

  19. Joe Manchin sitting with the Republicans is one of the few signs of hope I have seen in DC since Feb. 2020.

    1. Yes!!! It is actually exciting. Manchin is a savvy guy, and he is calling "BS" on the unmasked insanity going on in the Democratic party.

      If he can hold to this, it will be his overriding life legacy--courage and reason in the face of his party's insanity.

      He must be under tremendous pressure, but he also must be feeling some relief at not having to twist oneself up to support the insanity. I honor his courage and pray for his safety.

    2. Time will tell. That's all we know.

    3. I'm surprised Mittens didn't go sit with the commies.

    4. Not The Bee

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  21. I think you are right.

    I looked her up and she is a professor of international affairs at the New School in New York.

    That is an ultra-liberal school in an ultra-liberal city.

    And it’s his granddaughter.

  22. #13 "Behind the shift is a blend of science and political science."
    I'm very surprised NBC admitted this.

    #14 The Turtle needs to go. Please Kentucky, only you can retire this reptile to China where his heart is.

  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: They treat Indians and blacks the way they've always treated them.

    2: The Russkies were lost without American trucks in WWII.

    Nothing's changed.

    3: History shows people can win by refusing to lose. sounds weird, but how did we get to be a country?

    6: If it happens in WI, it can happen in any state Biden took.

    7: No, he is.

    Now's the time to talk reinstatement.

    8: No, the Demos are. Did you see the look on the Ice Cream Queen?

    9: I think Manchin knew what was coming.

    10: She has some good points.

    FINALLY: But I don't see how he can back down now and still keep his job. He will not quit, no matter how many of his soldiers die. Even a Pyrrhic victory may keep him in power

    He's already toast. This is the way Russia works.

    1. Re your #6--totally agree "If it happens in WI, it can happen in any state Biden took."

      It absolutely can happen, and must. We should not be defeatist and just write off the 2020 election fraud, and "concede" that it can't be reversed.

      It is CRUCIAL that specific individual states decertify their Biden electors. This will be a VERY POWERFUL and UNSUPPRESSABLE way to blast that false narrative, that the election was not stolen.

      Full speed ahead to de-certifucation.

  24. 2 - The "vaunted" Russian military isn't as "vaunted" as Vlad was able to convince everyone (cunning peasant playing a weak hand well). Like the late tsarist military, it has been hollowed out by corruption and incompetence. And lack of funds because for *most* of the past five years hydrocarbon prices were low. And they sure as heck don't grasp logistics.

    8 - The only thing larger than their stupidity is their arrogance. You know, we are a commercial-and-trading nation. We have businesspeople who travel all over the world on a regular basis, and thus see and know more about what's going on in various places than the lard-b*tts sitting DC do. Why won't State take advantage of this? I'll say it - they'd learn more about Ukraine in a one-hour lunch with yours-truly than they would from all of the deskbound "analysts" who overstaff DC.

    13 - "Political science" is an oxymoron.

    14 - Earth to Mitch - this tactic worked GREAT in 1994. Remember 1994?

    16 - Truth be told (see 8 above!!), there are better vodkas than Russian vodka. Ukrainian vodka is very good - if you can find Khortitsya, it's really, really smooth... it's the legendary "no hangover" vodka due to its cleanliness. In other freedom vodkas, Estonian vodka is also very good - Viru Valge and Saaremaa and both excellent. You're welcome.

    FINALLY - "And that is what this is all about. Power."

    Indeed. Look up Ramzan Kadyrov; he might be waiting in the wings.

  25. SL--interesting about Kruschev's daughter. Thanks for researching.

  26. Item #8 - Untreated STDs will do that to you.

  27. #11: Hate doxxers.

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  29. Actually waiting for putin to use the nukes in the Ukraine. He's backed himself into a corner after years of puff pieces of him being a tough guy.

  30. Patrick DesJarlait, the ground-breaking Indian artist:

  31. The "wokers" are going to squeeze out all American Indian Heritage References and then they will wonder why no one cares about the American Indians

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