Thursday, March 17, 2022

Highlights of the News

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene did not applaud Zelensky during his speech to Congress. She represents America, not Ukraine.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. He drove the snakes from Ireland. Somehow they all wound up in Washington.

ITEM 1: AP cried, "Texas threw out mail votes at an abnormally high rate during the nation’s first primary of 2022, rejecting nearly 23,000 ballots outright under tougher voting rules that are part of a broad campaign by Republicans to reshape American elections, according to an analysis by the Associated Press.

"Roughly 13% of mail ballots returned in the March 1 primary were discarded and uncounted across 187 counties in Texas. While historical primary comparisons are lacking, the double-digit rejection rate would be far beyond what is typical in a general election, when experts say anything above 2% is usually cause for attention."

Sounds bad until you remember it is just AP trying to stir things up.

Paragraph 8 said, "The AP counted 22,898 rejected ballots across Texas by contacting all 254 counties and obtaining final vote reconciliation reports. Some smaller counties did not provide data or respond to requests, but the 187 counties that provided full numbers to AP accounted for 85% of the 3 million people who voted in the primary."

Let's see, 85% of 3 million is 2.5 million and change, which means the rejected mail-in ballots were less than 1% of the ballots cast.

The solution is clear. Vote in person because mail-in ballots are problematic.

ITEM 2: 100% Fed Up reported, "On Wednesday, Joe Biden delivered some odd remarks during an event celebrating the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, going off on a bizarre tangent about naked pictures and blackmail."

Biden said, "So we’ve established a new civil rights cause of action for those whose intimate images were shared on a public screen.

"How many times have you heard—I bet everybody knows somebody somewhere along the line, that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then literally, in a sense, blackmails or mortifies that person … sends it out, put it online."

OK, here's my question: Is he saying there is a civil right to put naked pictures online?

Here's my other question: Is he threatening to put pictures of him online?

The reality is more censorship in the name of civil rights.

ITEM 3: The Epoch Times reported, "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed members of Congress on Wednesday, asking again for the United States and NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over his country and provide fighter planes weeks after Russia started its invasion."

A no-fly zone is an act of war.

Zelensky openly lobbied Congress to start World War 3.

Pelosi called him a hero.

ITEM 4: Breitbart reported, "An appeals court ordered the release of Jussie Smollett from jail on bond on Wednesday as the appeal of his conviction is pending, according to a report by Associated Press. Appellate Court Justices Thomas Hoffman and Joy Cunningham signed the order, while Justice Maureen Connors dissented."

This is celebrity justice because he so obviously lied his appeal should fail.

There is no rule of law. January 6 protesters who should be out on bond languish in a DC gulag.

ITEM 5: Real Clear Politics reported, "The unfolding mayhem unleashed on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin carries one major benefit for China and two much larger losses, plus a boatload of secondary effects. The main benefit is geostrategic: The United States must now keep more scarce military resources in Europe, instead of diverting them to the Pacific, as it had been hoping."

But the story said, "The first is that China’s only major ally is now badly damaged, economically and militarily – and a pariah in the eyes of much of the world."

And the story said, "The second, far larger cost to China may be the deterrent effect of crippling economic sanctions. Communist party leaders, determined to seize Taiwan, must have been shocked by the scale, comprehensiveness, and devastating impact of sanctions imposed on Russia. They must have been shocked, too, by the West’s surprising unanimity in imposing them and by Germany’s swift about-face despite its dependence on Russian energy and decades of concessionary policies."

Hmm. Chairman Xi may not be the winner I thought he would be.

ITEM 6: Fox reported, "Russia duped Europe into energy dependence by funding 'rabid environmental groups': experts."

Putin ain't completely dumb.

ITEM 7: NYT reported, "Putin Assails Russians Who Back the West, Signaling More Repression."

Meanwhile the Internet oligarchs silence RT and other outlets while January 6 protesters sit in a DC gulag for more than a year.

ITEM 8: The Province reported, "Majority of Americans support restarting Keystone XL pipeline to make up for Russian oil ban."

The story said, "The exclusive poll of Americans conducted by Maru Public Opinion for Postmedia found that 71% of Americans think Biden should give an executive order to 'green light the restart of the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport oil from Canada’s oil sands region through the Midwest to refineries in Texas.'"

That ship sailed long ago. Sorry.

ITEM 9: Life News reported, "Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon Signs Bill to Immediately Ban Abortions When Roe is Overturned."

When you are last in population you must save every kid you can.

ITEM 10: The Austin American Statesman reported, "A federal appeals court has ruled for Texas in three lawsuits challenging the state's voting laws, including mail-in ballot provisions and the elimination of straight-ticket voting.

"In a series of 2-1 rulings Wednesday evening, a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the lawsuits by civil rights groups, political organizations and voters targeted the wrong state agency — the Texas secretary of state's office — when they sought to overturn a string of voting laws and practices.

"Because the secretary of state is not in charge of enforcing the challenged laws, the agency is protected by sovereign immunity in all three lawsuits, said the opinions written by Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan and joined by Judge Don Willett."

The Donald appointed Duncan, 50, and Willett, 55.

How weird were the challenges. AAS reported, "A lawsuit by the NAACP and Texas Alliance for Retired Americans sought to block mail-in ballot regulations that require voters to pay for postage and mandate that ballots be postmarked by 7 p.m. on Election Day and received by 5 p.m. on the next day."

Oh noes!

They have to pay postage!

ITEM 11: Steve Cortes tweeted, "To all the 'conservatives' pushing for escalation -- your team is on the floor. This is your squad. 

"This is the team you trust to manage this massive American intervention..."

Vietnam was brought to you by the Best and the Brightest.

This one would be brought to you by the Bozos and Biden.

ITEM 12: National Review reported, "A Black Lives Matter activist and her husband are facing federal fraud and conspiracy charges after allegedly using a nonprofit they founded to scam at least $185,000 from donors, federal authorities announced Tuesday.

"Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband, Clark Grant, allegedly used money from their nonprofit, Violence in Boston, to pay for rent, shopping sprees, hotels, car rentals, auto repairs, meal deliveries, and a summer vacation trip to Maryland, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a statement.

"The couple was charged in an 18-count indictment with two counts of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of conspiracy, 13 counts of wire fraud and one count of making false statements to a mortgage-lending business. Cannon-Grant was also charged with one count of mail fraud."

Shocking, isn't it?

ITEM 13: The Washington Post reported, "China’s attempt to play both sides of the Ukraine crisis is starting to crack."

Sometimes the devil is too clever for his own damned good.

ITEM 14: National Pulse reported, "On Tuesday, a swarm of motorcycles surrounded a car in Harlem and dragged the occupants out. After beating both the driver and a passenger, the assailants fled the scene with the occupants’ belongings. The story was initially reported by the New York Post.

"The two motorists were at St. Nicholas Avenue and West 127th Street in NYC’s Harlem section around 4:30 p.m. when they were surrounded by four or five bikers, according to police. The assailants pulled the 63-year-old driver and the passenger, 35, out of the car and beat them, then fled with a wallet and cell phone, police said."


The mayor is a zookeeper.

ITEM 15: Fox reported, "400 bulletproof vests donated for Ukraine stolen in NYC."

New Yorkers need those vests more than Ukrainians do.


  1. Con$servative Inc. is failing you. They are not focusing on the immediate threat to long term health. While you may think Russian sanctions are awesome, the only people they hurt is us. For years, BRICS have been coalescing to overthrow the dollar and they are now reaching maturity. Did you see China negotiating with Saud for oil paid with Yuan? Or Russia selling to India in Rupies? The petrodollar is about to crash, along with our economy. At least you can run around and say "Putin Bad" and feel all good about yourself.

    1. How do I convert my greenbacks to BRICS bucks?

    2. Keep spreading the FUD, Jeffery. Your doom and gloom is so palpable.

    3. There is no Jeffery here, edoucher. It’s only the voices your head, which no one else can hear.

  2. Has The Speaker introduced a resolution to Declare War on Russia yet?

    1. No, but Bars and Restaurants are now requiring proof of Ukraine support.

    2. I read this morning that Wimbledon is requiring the Russian player to denounce Putin in order to play.

    3. I saw gasoline's around $1.90 a gallon in Russia yesterday, are we on the wrong side of the boycott?

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day. He drove the snakes from Ireland. Somehow they all wound up in Washington." Lol! Great way to start the holiday!

    1. March is home to Pi Day (3.14), the Ides of March (3.15), and St Patty’s Day (3.17) — a rare three days that do not commemorate race, gender, or sexual orientation.

    2. Randy, add a fourth to complete the chain - yesterday (3/16) was St. Urho's day. I mentioned it yesterday - and as the saying goes, you can look it up.

  4. ITEM 9: Life News reported, "Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon Signs Bill to Immediately Ban Abortions When Roe is Overturned."

    Who says it will? Hey, I don't want to burst anybody's bubble here, but we've all seen the self serving scum in DC. You got Kavanaugh and Coney-Barret supporting vax mandates but not religious freedom. So what they got nominated by Trump. Who do you suppose recommended them to him in the first place? The same scumbags who grift with pedos like Podesta and Epstein and graft with (other) corrupt governments like Ukraine and China.
    I almost look forward to WWIII. Hopefully, Putin's missiles are accurate enough to hit a 68 square mile target.

  5. Definitely a risk but the parties need to trust the alternative currencies will hold value over time. Will they? The jury is still out

    1. Come on man, china has manipulated it s currency for years. Do you trust them not to from now on? The rupee? Dinar? Ruble? Mark?pound? Not a single currency is backed by anything tangible, just the country s good name...he 'll in six months food might be the new currency

    2. Like the USD has “held value” over time? The dollar was once worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold. Today it’s worth roughly 1/2000th of an ounce of gold.

    3. All currencies are crap! The US dollar is just less crappy than the others

    4. Hum, maybe the gold backed Russian Ruble's the way to go:

    5. Outside of China, you can't buy anything with yuan. Even IN China (I've been there), the Yankee dollar bill still holds A LOT of cachet. They would HAVE to convert it to dollars, pounds or Euros eventually.

  6. Item 3 - Not sure whether this is intended as a criticism of Zelensky, but let’s be clear about the situation:

    Zelensky is in the midst of a war that is unimaginable to any of us here in the US. He’s desperate for any help he can get and he’s asking for the moon. He has more balls than anyone I’ve ever met. None of this means we should start WW III, but there’s no reason to criticize this brave leader for seeking help. We should worry less about Putin being pissed and focus on what we can provide without provoking Russia.

    BTW, if Putin can’t beat Ukraine, why would he dream about being able to beat the US?? His military is incompetent, performing at a JV level against a smaller band of poorly equipped Ukrainians.

    1. Putin has seen our military leaders and figures if he's going to beat the US it would be now!

    2. Yes, indeed, Jim. While our enemies are developing hypersonic missiles, we’re focused on pronouns. We have a tranny in the rank of Admiral, and the Navy refuses to deploy a guided missile destroyer because the commander won’t get the experimental RNA shot. FJB allows this, and Putin knows the next R President will restore our fighting force, so it’s now or never for him.

    3. Good points, JFC. Let's walk through a few items.

      o Volodymyr Zelensky is the President of Ukraine because he won a free-and-fair election. You can't say that about sniffy. Think about that.

      o Putin has learned the lessons that great chances were missed in 1980 and 2016 - and indeed he's not going to get a better chance for a little irredentist imperialism than right now.

      o Mr. Z knows that he won't get a no-fly zone, but he can ask to keep the psychological pressure up on Putin. PDJT was good at "strategic ambiguity" as well. KGB types were not and are not.

      o I've been trying to follow Russian military developments in recent years, and it seems to be pretty clear that they lack the engineering talent and basic resources to build a viable military force. People in eastern Europe were in a tizzy back in 2014 when Vlad announced that Russia was going to be introducing the new T-14 supertank - but all that happened is that they produced one prototype for the "Victory Day" parade, and it broke down on the way to the parade and didn't participate.

      o Putin has been able to use the 1944 memories (a tsunami of men and tanks sweeping across eastern Europe) to scare everyone - and now by thinking that he could actually do it, he has shown that the Russian military (and Russia itself) is but a hollow shell of what it once was.

      oWe can and should be doing things on the sly. Our clown show can't do anything right, and are basically fouling up loudly and conveying weakness.

      o We should be trying to build Sun Tzu's golden bridge for Putin to retreat over and save some sort of face; instead, tough-guy sniffy (all talk, no fists) today called Putin a "war criminal." This is unhelpful and counter-productive, as it amounts to burning the golden bridge.

      o Russia has already lost by not winning quickly. Lots of implications will follow from that cold fact. Zelensky has proven to be a tough leader, in the right place at the right time (and, unlike sniffy, duly-elected as well). He makes the effete clown-show leadership look atrocious - because they *are* atrocious.

    4. This whole thing has sure proven the effectiveness of soldiers behind every tree with armor-piercing, shoulder-fired missiles. Being in a state-of-the-art tank also means you're a big, fat target. The Mujahideen used Stingers to great effect against Russian helicopters in Afghanistan. Now, Javelins are wiping out Russian tanks. Makes one wonder if it's worth the cost to continue developing better tanks. This whole Russia/Ukraine situation is one hell of a learning experience. The lesson seems to be more Javelins and fewer tanks. Is our military/industrial complex learning anything?

  7. Item 11 - let’s put mayor Pete and Kamala in the photo as well. We can call it the pipsqueak and pinhead administration!

  8. Mail in voting is an abomination that undermines democracy. If you can't be bothered to go to the polls to cast your vote then you shouldn't vote. Making an accommodation for people that legitimately cannot get to the polls due to disability or health would be fine, but my anecdotal research indicates that is a small minority of the mail in ballots.

    1. I don't know why they even allow postmarked by end of voting day and received the next morning. If you find you need to mail in vote, you can send it early enough to be received by end of voting. If not, get your a$$ out to the polling station. That would end the late night "oh we found 10k more ballots" bs.

    2. Make voting as difficult as buying a gun. There is after all a constitutional right to own a gun, there isn't however a constitutional right to vote.
      As for the disabled or really old, if they can't get to the polls or to a board of elections to request an absentee ballot, then tough. I don't want them voting.
      Also purge election rolls of non voters after two election cycles (4 years) if you don't vote in 4 years you have to register again.
      And vote fraud carries mandatory 1 year sentence per infraction plus $10k fine.

  9. Item 2- then again, you might just take those compromising photos yourself while high on drugs, then leave your laptop for repair and forget to pick it up. Or you could leave your young daughter with sordid memories of showers with her old man that haunt her into adulthood.

  10. Item 3: “A no-fly zone is an act of war.” There exists a permanent no-fly zone over the U.S. Capitol, enforced by the military, and temporary no-fly zones are routinely imposed over Super Bowl games. Is this an act of war? Can a country not close the airspace over a part or the entirety of their physical location and enforce it? Or is it just an act of war when they invite some other country to enforce it? If Ukraine wants to impose a no-fly zone over their country, their own military should enforce it. Not our problem.

    1. They sort-of already have, by the usual means. The vaunted Russian Air Force hasn't been able to establish air superiority because of effective portable surface-to-air missiles. (Echoes of Afghanistan in the 1980s.) And like everything Russian, the Russian Air Force is proving to be ramshackle and fragile - they just can't maintain an effective sortie rate for their aircraft.

    2. And just today I read (possible fake news/ propaganda) that the Ukrainian military took out multiple Russian helicopters and other military vehicles at an airbase in southern Ukraine that Russia took over and was using to muster their forces. The article mentions that the helicopters were closely parked together (duh!), so wiping them out was not particularly difficult.

  11. Item 6: “Russia duped Europe into energy dependence by funding 'rabid environmental groups'” I wonder how much Russian money found its way into Al Gore’s pocket.

    1. Gore made his fortune by selling his fledgling news network to Al Jazeera for $600 million. The network immediately flopped. A man who cleans Al Jazeera's clock can't be all bad.

  12. Item#1 To put a finer point on it that's 00.56%. I doubt they counted the ballots they counted with less error. Good job Texas.

  13. Item 8: “Majority of Americans support restarting Keystone XL pipeline to make up for Russian oil ban.” The majority of Americans voted for Donald Trump, too. It doesn’t matter what Americans want.

    The owner of Keystone XL said the project is dead, never to be revived. The Greenies got their wish. Pyrrhic victory, because no one will ever again trust the U.S. Government to keep its promises, contracts, or treaties as long as the Democrat Party exists.

    1. Of course we will pay for the privilege of breaking our contractual promise. So the contractor is now going to get paid without having to finish the work.

    2. Should have listened to the Indian tribes about trusting the US government.

      Regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, Warren Buffett got his wish, too.

  14. 11 - the best and the brightest don’t work for the government.

  15. Item 11: "Vietnam was brought to you by the Best and the Brightest." How did that work out?

    We haven't got a prayer with this current group running things.

  16. ITEM 1: The "high" rejection rate may show that the cheating was more pervasive than thought. It could be the cheaters did not know/believe their cheating would meet stiffer standards than before. Sounds like Texas got it right.

  17. 1 - "... a broad campaign by Republicans to reshape American elections..." AP self-propaganda of course - it was all the accreted nonsense of the past 40+ years that amounted to "reshaping" elections - and throwing that all out won't be tolerated by AP! I'd say "FAP" but that might convey the wrong message...

    5 - "Chairman Xi may not be the winner I thought he would be." Exactly. China is another Potemkin Village that is heading down the same demographic-collapse path that Russia got on a few decades ahead of them. He's in a hurry because he already knew he had a narrow window because of that, and sniffy's narrow window aligns with that. Let's read Chairman Mao's "Little Red Book" and use it against Chairman Xi (as well as sniffy and giggles). We (US) better get our act back together soon, or the world could be repeating the Bronze Age collapse of c. 1200 B.C.

    6 - And like the good old days of Joe Stalin and his British-and-American collaborators, he didn't even have to pay them - they did all this (to us) for free. Interesting part is how much of the "science" that the clown show and co. is quoting was actually written by Putin-funded shysters.

    8 - Keystone won't come back until 2025. There will be a sudden resurgence of interest at that point.

    11 - Back then, "the best and the brightest" were actually a bunch of idiots. Same today. Robert McNamara and the F-111 is an amazing example of what happens when a very stupid person thinks he is very smart...

    1. #8 Keystone won't be back---the Canadian owners of the oil shale fields said forget it and are building a pipeline across western Canada so the oil can be shipped out to China!

      #11 Or the Edsel, or "McNamara's Morons," the list goes on and on....

  18. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: I can dig it.

    1: The eyes of Texas.

    2: Sounds like he runs with a pretty degenerate crowd.


    3: Her old man was a mob boss.

    5: Add to that Formosa would be a tough nut to crack (ask Ernie King) and the myriad troubles Shih has at home.

    6: He played Brandon like a violin.

    8: Not exactly. 422 days isn't that long.

    11: Just remember Milley and Richard Levine are old buds.

    There are dumb Conservatives and smart Lefties (not many). How dumb is it to pick a fight with a nucular power when you can wear him down?

    13: Cathay isn't as powerful or smart as a lot of Lefties and their fellow travelers paint it.

    Much as they did with Willie.

  19. I wanted to repost this as I had responded way too late to another post. I posted a bit of snark, and I got some back. That's fine. All is fair in Love and Snark! But I see maybe Don is coming around this morning as well. This is to all of those who think we are toast and China/Russia/Brazil/India/ {and your country's name here} are about to make us irrelevant.

    "And how many trillions of dollars in debt is China? The Russian ruble is worthless - and I mean worthless.

    I'm not going to sit here and say we don't have problems. For we surely do. But there is no economic, demographic, or political argument anywhere (unless you make things up) for Brazil, China or Russia. India, as I noted has a chance. But its far off. The abject poverty, not to mention a lack of natural resources makes it a long and dangerous climb.

    Putin has foolishly squandered his assets on a pointless war that will not get him much more than what he could have gotten diplomatically, especially with this crew in the WH.

    China is screwed. Aging, falling population, and an economy that absolutely needs unfettered access to our market. Which they no longer have, and by their own actions have ended up restricting it even further. China will never be the supply chain linchpin for us. If you look at capital flows, they are moving towards other SE Asian countries (see Vietnam) as well as back here to the North American trading block. Xi has created a dictatorship, so he is on the surface politically secure, but underneath terrified that he's not - the correct answer is he is not. Covid is sweeping through the country again. He has based his entire rule on keeping people healthy and pushing the masculine China, China, China. He's failing on the first one.

    Brazil is the interesting story. Just couldn't get out of the way of its own corruption. Its only long-term play is to try and get itself inside the Canada, US, Mexico trading sphere. It needs us to be successful.

    So I'm not arguing we aren't trillions in debt, or that we have a political ruling class that is just garbage. We do. But so does everyone else, and they are without our natural advantages of geography (which makes us food and energy secure more so than any nation on the planet, as well as easy to defend). Our system of national and state government is unique in the world, and gives us the opportunity to stop the crazy wokesters and leftists from having free reign. The pushback is already occurring.

    I think before we make empty platitudes about how we are about to be lapped by the BRICS or anyone else it would be wise to take a moment and assess what is really going on. There is no one in a position to take us down. Call us lucky, and that would be fair, but we have time and space to try and fix the political garbage going on. No one else is waiting to supplant us. Spain had England, and England eventually had us. There is no one to replace us.

    At a certain time I have no doubt our time will come. Nation-states have a life span. Could it surprise us, sure. But this is the greatest nation on the planet, of all time. Our job is to kick out the charlatans posing as public servants and concerned leaders of our education, religious and entertainment industries. By doing so, we leave to our children and their children that shining city on the hill that Reagan referenced.


    1. (cont)

      Our only caution is to not think we can, and to assume we are over. We are not over. And in our lifespans, absent some amazingly random cosmic action that no one can foresee, we can leave it stronger than it was. The Bismark Princeton school of government is on its last legs. We just need to push it over.

      Yes, I wrote in a bit of a snark - laughing and hahaha's. But in reality the basis of your argument was childlike, based upon no facts, in fact in direct opposition to the facts that currently exist. An emotional temper tantrum spewing old tired cliches. I'm getting a bit annoyed with it.

      Come up with something new, something with a cogent thought, then perhaps I won't have to laugh at it."

  20. Your second graf is a gem. LOL.

  21. Re #15:

    Shame on you, Don.

    Those vests were decommissioned and DONATED by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, then STOLEN from a nonprofit organization.

    The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office responded to the theft by saying "it is despicable that someone would break into a building and steal supplies and materials intended to aid those affected by this humanitarian crisis.”

    No taxpayer dollars were spent because these vests were decommissioned. You may disagree with the decision of the Sheriff's office, but they are entitled to their decision and you should respect that.

    Otherwise you are condoning theft and debasing yourself down to the level of leftist looters who decide for THEMSELVES that they are entitled to the looted goods.

  22. Happy St. Patrick's Day. He drove the snakes from Ireland. Somehow they all wound up in Washington. Now, now, they didn't All wind up in Washington. Some are in Topeka, Lincoln Nebraska has a collection. California is over run with them as are New York and New Jersey.
    I bet if you asked LuAnn, she could rattle off a list of vipers infesting Ontario, not to mention the brood of vipers in Beijing or the ones in Moscow and Kjiv.

  23. 5. China and Russia - Putin took full advantage of Biden's weakness. China may think the timing is now right to take advantage of Putin's newly-minted weakness and grab adjacent Russian territory they've always coveted. It must be tempting. We'll see, now that Putin has wrecked his own army.

  24. 7. "... while January 6 protesters sit in a DC gulag for more than a year."

    Any Republican who doesn't raise hell every day about the January 6th people in the DC jail is a world class coward. Where the hell are they?

  25. The Press Has Lied To Drag The United States Into War Before. Don’t Think They Won’t Again.

    When you see corporate outlets rushing us into war in Europe with sensational stories and flat-out dishonest polling, think twice.

  26. 14. " "On Tuesday, a swarm of motorcycles surrounded a car in Harlem and dragged the occupants out."

    When you're in a car in a situation like this, your best weapon is your accelerator. Pedal to the metal - period.

  27. #12 I think it will be shocking if they serve any serious jail time and instead of Jussie Smollett style jail time.

  28. I still think this Ukraine Russia theatre us just that, theatre.
    And when MSM, Democrats, RINOs and globalist all agree about something (IE: Russia bad, Zelensky/Ukraine good) then I know the opposite is true.
    Like Covid, this isn't passing the smell test

  29. #14 makes absolutely no sense. There's not a motorcycle made that can survive a collision with a car, and adding three or four into the mix doesn't change that equation in the least bit.

  30. Amazing how congress will spend billions to protect the Ukraine border but the southern border of America is not even given a thought.
    I don't give a shit about the Ukraine, they were a major bribery source. How many politicians had their kids making millions over there? Ukraine was a major money source for the hildabeast campaign in trying to defeat PDJT. Let the rooskies have them.

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