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Friday, March 04, 2022

Highlights of the News

Covid must have called in sick on Tuesday.

ITEM 1: The Times of London reported, "In a field surrounded by the people he had been sent to fight, a young Russian prisoner of war hungrily gulped down the tea and bread they offered him.

"A Ukrainian woman calmed him, telling the soldier not to worry. Using her phone, she made a video call to his mother. As soon as his mother appeared on the screen, he burst into tears.

"'Everything is OK,' his female captor said, while others stroked his back. 'Natasha, God be with you. We will call you later. He is alive and healthy.'

"Video of the incident has circulated on Ukrainian and Russian social media channels, and has been hailed as an example of human compassion in wartime."

The video is here.

The Ukrainian tax department has ruled that you don't have to declare a captured Russian tank or personnel carrier as income.

My question is can you claim a captured soldier as a dependent?

ITEM 2: AP reported, "Russian forces pressed their attack on a crucial energy-producing city by shelling Europe’s largest nuclear plant early Friday, sparking a fire and raising fears that radiation could leak from the damaged power station.

"Plant spokesman Andriy Tuz told Ukrainian television that shells were falling directly on the Zaporizhzhia plant in the city of Enerhodar and had set fire to one of the facility’s six reactors. That reactor is under renovation and not operating, but there is nuclear fuel inside, he said.

"A government official told the Associated Press that elevated levels of radiation were detected near the plant, which provides about 25% of Ukraine’s power generation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information has not yet been publicly released."

This could make Chernobyl look like a child's play.

Of course, news reporters know little about nuclear power plants. We will find out later what really happened.

ITEM 3: The Daily Mail reported, "A top Russian general has been killed amid bitter fighting in Ukraine in what represents a major blow to the Russian invasion.

"Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky, who was the deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army of Russia's Central Military District, died yesterday as Ukrainian defense forces repelled the Russian offensive.

"His death has not yet been officially confirmed by Russia's Ministry of Defense, but was announced on social media by his colleague Sergey Chipilyov and was widely reported by several Russian and Ukrainian news outlets.

"A military source confirmed that he was killed 'by a sniper', and suggested a funeral for the Major General -- by far the most senior Russian figure to have died in the conflict thus far -- will be held in Russia on Saturday.

"After days of denial, the Kremlin yesterday admitted that 498 of its troops have been killed and 1,600 injured in the 'special military operation' in Ukraine, but the true figure is almost certainly higher."

Putin thought he was getting Poland 1939. Instead, he is getting Finland 1940.

ITEM 4: Zero Hedge reported, "Just hours after western leaders slapped Russia with unprecedented sanctions the likes of which the world has never seen, including a targeted SWIFT expulsion of key Russia banks as well as an asset and transaction freeze of the Russia central bank, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon explained not only why this harsh escalation may be futile but why it could backfire spectacularly in the years to come.

"In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the CEO of the world's largest bank said that 'there are a lot of workarounds for SWIFT, so there are different tools we use for different reasons' adding that 'the banks are talking with the government so everyone understands the issues, not because they’re for or against any particular thing.'

"While SWIFT sanctions mean companies can’t use the messaging system to do business with the Russian entities affected, they can still do business with them, Dimon said. In fact it's as simple as sending an email with payment instructions, because what SWIFT really is, is a messaging remnant from a bygone era, before emails, even before the fax machine."

Governments and globalists are not too swift because they run on the emotion of the moment. 

They are Care Bears. Dimon and the bankers are the Masters of the Universe. 

War is bad for business and it spooks the livestock. How about everyone take a chill pill and reconvene tomorrow?

ITEM 5: The Beltway Report listed 23 senators and congressmen who sold us out to Red China. The list is from Peter Schweizer’s latest investigative exposé, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Topping the list is John Boehner. Trent Lott also made the list as did Joe Lieberman. 

None of the 23 are still in office.

I want the updated list. Surely, Feinstein and Swalwell are on the take.

ITEM 6Hugh Fitzgerald reported, "In the West Bank there has been an explosion of attacks by Palestinians throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles driven by Israeli civilians. There were 75 Molotov cocktail attacks on Israeli civilians in 2020 and 1,022 in 2021. It’s a constant danger for Israelis driving in Judea and Samaria who could, were an attack successful, be burned alive. A report on the death of a Palestinian boy who was hurling a Molotov cocktail, and the predictable UN expression of disapproval of Israel, is here: 'UN upset by IDF killing of Palestinian teenage Molotov cocktail thrower,' by Tovah Lazaroff and Khaled Abu Toameh, Jerusalem Post, February 23, 2022."

His age -- 14 -- is no excuse. 

The allies created the UN in response to World War II and the Holocaust by the Nazis.

70-plus years later, it is the world's largest anti-Semitic body.

Leave the UN and turn its headquarters in New York into an apartment building.

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "Moscow admits nearly 500 of its troops have been killed and 1,600 more injured since invading Ukraine as pictures show charred remains of Russian convoy blown to pieces by Ukrainian resistance near Kyiv."

Canadians do convoys better.

ITEM 8: Republican Congressman Nicholas Van Campen Taylor won only a plurality of votes for re-nomination in Tuesday's primary, necessitating a run-off on May 24.

He promptly dropped out of the race citing an affair with a woman described by the media as an ISIS bride who escaped Syria and ISIS.

The Post Millennial gave a rather graphic description of what actually transpired. Let's just say it sounds more like prostitution than a love affair.

Taylor voted for the January 6 commission. This is Trumpenfreude at its most amusing.

ITEM 9Paul Joseph Watson reported, "Hillary Clinton said she was disappointed that cryptocurrency exchanges weren’t blanket banning all Russians, complaining that this was likely due to their 'philosophy of libertarianism or whatever.'

"Clinton made the comments during an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show."

In protest, she no longer accepts bribes in Bitcoin.

ITEM 10The Daily Mail reported, "Serena Williams calls out the New York Times for mistakenly printing a photo of sister Venus in an article about her own achievements and calls out 'engrained systems woefully unaware of their biases.'"

Mistakes happen but this one is difficult to excuse.

The Williams sisters have been international tennis stars for two decades.

If you cannot tell them apart by now, maybe you ought to get out of the news business.

NYT did not apologize. Instead it tweeted that gee, this only appeared in print, not online.

Newspapers never apologize. They should. The Supreme Court won't let the Williams sisters sue NYT. An apology is all they ask, and they will never get one. So much for accountability.

ITEM 11: NBC reported, "International Cat Federation bans Russian felines from competitions

"Fédération Internationale Féline, which hosts over 700 cat shows a year, said it 'cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing.'"

Yes you can.

And you should have.

VIRTUE SIGNAL OF THE DAY: To show solidarity with the Ukrainians, stop calling it Russian dressing.

Call it Freedom Dressing.

ITEM 12: Putin learnt one lesson from Afghanistan. By surrendering to the Taliban, Biden signaled America is a paper tiger on his watch.

But Putin missed the lesson from Russia's invasion of Afghanistan. Sending mamas their sons home in a body bag eventually cost the Soviet Union its existence. 

Ukrainians know.

A year from now, both Biden and Putin may be out of office.

ITEM 13: The Epoch Times reported, "Russia’s war on Ukraine could not continue without support from the Chinese Communist Party, according to one former Air Force Brigadier General.

"'The real leverage point here is China,' Gen. Robert Spalding, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told The Epoch Times on March 3. 'It’s not really the Russians, because the Russians could not do what they’ve done without the tacit approval of China.'

"'China basically told the Russians ‘don’t invade during the Olympics.’ They knew they were going to invade. They just didn’t want it to upstage the Olympics.'"

Sounds plausible.

Chairman Xi could be orchestrating both sides in this conflict.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, Democrat "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been accused in a new lawsuit of throwing a temper tantrum over a plan to display a Christopher Columbus statue in the city's annual Columbus parade last fall -- threatening to pull the permit for the entire parade and then berating city officials in a hastily called Zoom meeting."

She told them, "I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago"

She's a big dick all right.

Hey Jackass is selling the T-shirt, which is fitting considering the site tracks all the shooting in Chicago.

ITEM 15: Radio Free Europe reported, "Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko says Russian troops have surrounded the Ukrainian capital and plan to strangle it through a blockade as Moscow's attack on Ukrainian towns and cities continues.

"Klitschko told Current Time on March 2 that Ukrainian troops continue to disrupt such attempts by the Russian troops and have been finding sabotage groups operating in Kyiv."

He's got bigger things to do than dick around with a statue.

So does Lightfoot. Her city is the Murder Capital of America.

And most victims are black.

ITEM 16: The New York Times reported, "The surgeon general calls on Big Tech to turn over Covid-19 misinformation data."

Why not ask Fauci and the CDC for their files directly?

ITEM 17AP wrote, "Russian players in the National Hockey League have remained mostly quiet about their country’s invasion of Ukraine, largely the result of fearing potential fallout back home."

Fair enough.

Now ask LeBron James and the rest of the NBA why they refuse to denounce slavery in Red China.

Fearing reprisals against your family is understandable. Selling out like this isn't.

ITEM 18: The Washington Examiner reported, "Senate Republicans successfully passed a resolution to end the national state of emergency declaration from 2020 set in response to the coronavirus pandemic amid growing sentiment among the public that it’s time to accept the virus as part of the new normal."

6 Democrats failed to vote but the resolution will die in the House as Nancy will never allow a vote.

This is why we should rescind any and all emergency powers to the state because the government never allows the emergency to end. This emergency just celebrated its second anniversary.

ITEM 19: The Seattle Times reported, "Tacoma woman gets 5 years in prison for torching police cars during Seattle protests."

That's nice.

When are the feds going to prosecute those who burned down thousands of privately owned stores and car lots?


  1. #2- it was an administration building, and the 6 reactors were safely shut down. the talking heads are talking us into a nuclear war. gates must be wringing his hands in glee like nancy at sotu.

    1. The photos of Zelensky in military gear were from February 11, 2021, and April 9, 2021.
      The photo of the Russian soldier holding Ukrainian girls at gunpoint was a 2005 photo from the West Bank.
      Neither the first lady of Ukraine nor the former Miss Ukraine is joining the armed forces.
      The teary farewell of Ukrainian soldiers amidst the invasion was actually a photo of the happy homecoming moment of U.S. Marines.
      Ukrainian children sending off to the army for war with Russia was an old image from 2016.

    2. THAT was by far the most deranged thing I’ve ever seen, in that setting, by Vodka Skeletor (Kane is just KILLIN IT these days). I mean, not even Denny Hastert went THAT nuts.

    3. It's hard to know what to believe about the Russian/Ukraine war. What don't really know what is true and what isn't and where images and video are really coming from. What I would say is that my ears did not deceive me when I heard Lindsey Graham call for the assassination of Putin last night. I don't know how a comment like that helps. If it happens, it would probably be a good thing but Lindsey shouldn't have said that aloud.

    4. Let’s see if I have this straight.

      If we get nuked, it’ll be by…

      Missiles built by China with technology given to them by Bill Clinton.

      Funded by Iran with taxpayer dollars given to them by obama.

      With warheads developed from uranium sold to Russia by hillary.

      But President Trump is the traitor?

      Got it.

      (h/t anonymous blogger)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Edited:I knew when the MSM started screaming "Radiation!Chernoby!" The truth was elsewhere.
      The accident was caused by Nuke Operators screwing around with Fuel Rods -outside the of the procedures. It was a completely different design to these reactors. also they "Scrammed"
      the Units as the shooting started..(at least according to what I have read.)


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  2. #1 .. As brilliant a piece of PSYOPS as you will ever see, especially where the Ukrainian mother tells the Russian mother, "Natasha, we'll care for your son because I am a mother too. In another circumstance, we might be best friends. This is all on one man."

    1. We just don't know if that was staged or true.

    2. We don't. But after all we've been through the last several years, the safe bet is not to trust anything you see on the internet. Next we'll be told that the Ukrainians found some nooses the Russians put on some garage doors. Those racist bastards!

  3. Item 19: The answer to your question, Don, is NEVER!

  4. Virtue Signal of the Day -- What if I want a Black Russian cocktail?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Item #8
    Don--Your Trumpenfreude list is getting might long. I truly believe God Almighty in His infinite wisdom is taking care of business protecting America from evil.

    1. And D, your call for RICO prosecution of the Democrat party is spot on. Election fraud in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, etc. Defying immigration laws at the border. Crime and crime...and Democrat party.

  7. Unlike everyone else on teh interwebs, I'm not going to pretend that I'm a genius military strategist and know what Putin's plan was or whether everything is going well for him or if its going poorly. Mostly because I don't trust anything the media says.

    I'm more interested in the geopolitics anyway. If Putin happens to lose and the Globalists win and manage to remove one more nationalist leader from the scene, doesn't that leave just China to prevent the Globalists from imposing their Great Reset into a Communist Dictatorship over the world? Or maybe the Globalists have already agreed that China will get to run the worldwide dictatorship. Who knows.

    Neither Putin nor Xi are our friend but the Globalists aren't either. Its scary to see so many people once again miss the big picture while joining in the Two Minute Hate presented by our Globalist overlords and their minions in the media. Maybe people are just too stupid to be free.

    1. Forget the invasion and pivot to the economy.
      Fear not the Globalists. They're shooting themselves in the foot again.

      The coming catastrophe will be a result of the response, not the invasion.

    2. Are you talking about the end of the US dollar as the world's currency? I see that as well. But does that help the Globalists or hurt them? Seems like we'd be much easier to be kept under their thumb but would also result in more countries unifying against them.

    3. Talking about skyrocketing oil price, crushing recession, capital flight and chaos in Europe, especially Germany.

    4. LOL! At some point the US dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency. That day is not close, and the chances that any of us see it in our lives is extremely unlikely.

      Right now the dollar is the symbol of the biggest, most productive economy in the world -warts included of course. No one's else is close, not even China, whose GDP has been overstated by upwards of 30% on an annual basis for the bast 20 years or so. As for who would take the dollar's place? Right now there is no one on the world stage capable of doing so.

    5. And if I might add - there is very little Russia can do by way of retaliation of any significance. Economically they just don't matter to us.

      Now, to Europe? That's a bit of a different question.

    6. Right, no individual state could replace the dollar. But Russia, China, India, Brazil and their allies would be a good start.

    7. Nah - none of them possess a currency with any widespread distribution. Russia's economy, as already noted, isn't strong enough to support anything. And the war won't improve that. China is unwilling to put their currency out there, last time they tried it almost crushed the country. Not to mention they are starting their collapse as we speak. The real estate bubble there is incredible, and when it pops.... India and Brazil are nice, but Brazil's moment as the rising star has already passed, their future is not nearly as bright as it was a decade or two ago.

      India is the one I would watch. English educational background, still a very young country. They have an absolute ton of political work to just get set on a path, but they have the opportunity. They have the same issue as China as their agriculture isn't very advanced, and their geography and natural resources isn't in their favor. But I could see it.

      For all of our issues, we are blessed with an abundance of natural advantages, and our political class will have to work even harder to screw that up, though they may get lucky and actually figure out how to do that.

      I've read elsewhere, that America always screws it up first, but they keep trying and eventually figure it out. Those demographic/geographic advantages we possess has bailed us out so many times. It will continue to do so.

    8. BlackJEM-- Interesting. Looking at the US dollar and economy on a stand-alone basis, how much more abuse can it take. But as you say, consider the (lack of) alternatives.

      And I 100% think that if Trump gets back in office and we take a machete to American Marxism, that the US dollar and economy will bounce back incredibly fast.

  8. Israel backs Russia.
    So does China, India and Saudi Arabia.

    Israel ignores US and fails to sign onto US text condemning Russia.

    1. Sure looks like the BRICS countries are headed for their own currency system. That should ensure America's economic crash.

    2. US under Preezy’s previous term abstained on UN vote to sanction Zionists….Who Loves you Baby?

    3. Meanwhile in Vienna...

  9. ITEM 15: So does Lightfoot. Her city is the Murder Capital of America. And most victims are black.

    And most of the perps are black as well.

  10. Item #11: So, are they going to ban Russian Blues? Asking for my little kitty.

  11. Where is some coverage of the convoy Big D? Are you caught up in the Ukraine story is everything?

  12. #2: "Of course, news reporters know little about __________. We will find out later what really happened.”

    You should set that up as a macro.

  13. #5 --Senators who sold out to China. Time to call out politician, celebs and colleges taking money from China. If you're getting called out on Russia, you can get called out on China, too.

    1. Lott sold out as a lobbyist. He quit the senate to avoid being roped in on a scandal with his brother in law and the buying of judgeships.

  14. #6 -- The UN should move to China where it will be right at home with fellow human rights abusers and murderers. Cut off funding. Over the years, it has evolved into an anti-Semitic body not to be trusted.

  15. #7- Thanks for the compliment, Don. Yes, Canadians do convoys better.

    1. You-all can't hold a candle to a Ukrainian car-b-que.
      Question, if Russia sent troops to Canada would they be viewed as liberators or reinforcements for Turdball.

    2. Reinforcements, for sure.

  16. re #9 - Hillary would take bitcoin contributions in a minute if she could get them. She's a grifter after all.

  17. re: #10 Not being able to tell Serena and Venus Williams apart -- isn't that racist or something?

    1. Serena's comment is total BS. For goodness sakes. They're sisters. Some stupid photo clerk grabbed the wrong photo. There is an edge about Serena I have never appreciated. Perhaps she is a wonderful person, but publicly, Venus has always seemed more genuine and kind to me.

    2. It's still a mistake that should not have been made by the Times.

    3. LuAnn, just the other day a TV station made an error reporting on a 71 year old child molester and having a picture of Xiden on screen. He's 79.

    4. I heard about that! It's still a mistake. But it is funny and likely true!

  18. #12 - God willing, we will be rid of both Biden and Putin.

    1. Which is what the WEF wants. The Chinese are okay because they've lived under totalitarian for so long, they're used to being controlled by the elites.
      (Ref: Klaus Schwab, Agenda 21)

  19. #13 - China is certainly involved behind the scenes helping out Russia however it can.

  20. #18- COVID is so over. The Russian-Ukrainian war has pushed it off the stage. The problem is that politicians see the advantages of having emergency powers. An emergency doesn't last two years.

  21. So much of this is farcical. To see the reaction of many Americans who think what we are witnessing in Russia couldn't happen here. It's happening but with different weapons and our compliance and lack of resistance. Our own government colluded to impair a duly elected president. All the levers of power arrayed against him. And then corrupted and an election stolen. Never mind all the security and police services were enlisted in the effort and they continue today. We are seeing our history erased, race conflicts stirred up, the letting loose of criminals to destabilize, the planned invasion of our borders. Traditional morality is being destroyed and deliberately replaced with perversions to weaken and rot us to the core.

    SO tell me? How are the morals of this so-called Christian nation any different except they are being revealed in a more subtle way?

    We are being groomed. Gaslighted. Gutted.

    Same goals. Different tactics.

  22. The real estate of the UN in Manhattan should be given to Trump by way of compensation. Would be just if it was turned into a complex rightly named Trump Plaza.

    1. With a big'ol TRUMP sign. In Lights.
      love that-ultimate Trumpenfruede.

  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Droll.

    1: That kid may never want to go home. He's surrounded by women.

    3: If I read his photo right, he was Spetznaz, Russian Spec Ops. Those guys fight real dirty.

    7: Do the Mounties have Javelins?

    12: A year from now, both Biden and Putin may be out of office.

    Your lips to God's ears.

    13: They may be wishing Poot had.

    15: That's how the Krauts tried to do St Petersburg.

    Didn't work.

  24. Item 12 - A year from now, Biden and Putin may both be underground, Biden from natural causes and Putin from very unnatural causes.

  25. ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, Democrat "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been accused in a new lawsuit of throwing a temper tantrum..She told them, "I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago"
    Fact checkers say that's True..But her's come with double A batteries..just ask "Partner"

    1. It's not a D**k if it takes AA batteries; it's a finger.
      D cells or nothing!

  26. ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, Democrat "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been accused in a new lawsuit of throwing a temper tantrum..She told them, "I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago"
    Fact checkers say that's True..But her's come with double A batteries..just ask "Partner"

  27. ITEM 17: Metropolitan Opera star Anna Netrebko was fired the other day for refusing to denounce Putin. Meanwhile, NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom was effectively fired by the NBA for insisting on denouncing China. (Which, let us not forget, invaded and conquered Tibet in 1959.)

    I guess it all depends on who's getting denounced and who's doing the denouncing.

  28. Russias invasion couldn't happen without Buydens support, at 50 million for oil daily?


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  30. "They are Care Bears. Dimon and the bankers are the Masters of the Universe."

    And the mega Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy says to the Andromeda Galaxy; "Here hold my Neutronium Star while I show some squishies who's the Master around here."

  31. #10. Let's not go overboard here showing some sort of virtue signal. Yeah looking at them together you can see the difference. Mainly height. And if I worked or saw them every day I wouldn't mistake one for the other but they are sisters so they have a commonality of looks and skin shade and other factors. If I was given an incorrect photo or missed which was which I could see that happening without any rationale of bias. We are very visual and also learn what cues to watch when very young when most are surrounded by those of similar color.
    This has long been one of the reasons for miscues of communication between whites and blacks. Our facial language is different. Sometimes indicating the exact opposite to the other's normal interpretation. This causes all sorts of problems and for me is the only reason to have integrated elementary schools. Not bussed in tho as that is a hardship for everyone but I guess it has to happen in some places.
    I wouldn't get all hoity toity as if the person who did this was a Grand Kleagle of the KKK or something.

  32. #18 Pa managed to get a referendum passed that will hamper the Executive (Governor) continuing to declare Emergencies with no end or declared ending factors clearly. This now is law and the Gov cannot veto legislation passed to end an emergency. This allows the executive to act in its needed way of one person controlling the reaction for efficiency and economy but not let them use the power as a stranglehold. If the Dems are upset about it (and they are) they have only themselves to blame. They over used it and made people angry and on top of that used the power politically and that really made folks angry so they got what they deserved.
    Sometimes I wish that we could do a National Referendum but then I remember how many Dems and Dummies there are in this country and let it go.

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