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Saturday, March 05, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: We will know gasoline prices poll very poorly for Biden when Pelosi calls in the CEO of Exxon to explain the price hikes to a House committee, and Pocahontas and Bernie call for a windfall tax.

Pencil in April 21st.

ITEM 2: The Ottawa Citizen reported, "Ontario may drop mask mandate by end of March; One new death in Ottawa."

They could have announced this a few weeks ago and had a peaceful end to the Freedom Convoy.

Instead the fascists unleashed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Are we really sure we won the Cold War?

ITEM 3: The Economist/You Gov poll showed that despite a barrage of pro-war media coverage only 19% of Americans support "sending soldiers to Ukraine to fight Russian soldiers."

54% oppose.

You have to dig very deep in its poll story to find this gem. It is almost as if they were trying to manipulate the public.

ITEM 4: You learn so much on Twitter.

I liked her better when she played Charley Weaver on Hollywood Squares.

ITEM 5: Politico reported, "The Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century is out with a $5 million ad buy in battleground states to boost President Joe Biden as the 2022 midterms kick off.

"TV, digital and radio ads will air in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada — a slate of states Biden won in 2020 where top Senate, House and gubernatorial races are on the ballot in 2022. The new ad campaign, shared first with Politico, will start on March 9 in Pennsylvania and Georgia and on March 15 in Arizona and Nevada. They are the first ads rolling out this year as part of American Bridge’s midterm spending plan, which will reach into eight figures."

The ads are ahead of the primary races. Are Democrats afraid they will lose their own primary races?

ITEM 6: Fox reported, "The U.S. Senate has been invited to participate in a virtual meeting with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, Fox News Digital has confirmed.

"All U.S. senators are invited to participate in the meeting taking place virtually at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time."


A foreigner gets to lobby all 100 senators directly. He will get billions in aid. What will the senators -- or more likely, their children -- receive in return?

The last time a foreign government had this much power was 31 years ago when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. Kuwait's pleadings led to a war immediately, and a do-over war 12 years later.

ITEM 7: Gee, I wonder why parents are upset with school boards.

Johnny can't read but he sure can drop F-bombs.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Russia’s parliament passed a law Friday that criminalizes fake news — and carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years — for journalists who contradict the country’s official statements about the Ukraine invasion, according to officials and reports.

"Under the law, which is set to go into effect Saturday, journalists face the potential whopping jail sentence for intentionally spreading false information — including using such words as war and invasion to describe the Russian attack."

CNN and Bloomberg shut down their Russian bureaus.

American journalists demand censoring what they call misinformation and disinformation. Well, here you go. Enjoy it.

ITEM 9: Elon Musk tweeted, "Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. 

"Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures."

This is from a man who competes with gas-powered cars. Wherefore art thou, Ford?

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "A Canadian diner temporarily renamed poutine in order to show support for Ukraine after Russia invaded it. Poutine is a popular Canadian specialty of French fries and cheese curds, topped with brown gravy. When said out loud, it sounds similar to Putin — the Russian president’s last name."

It still tastes like crap.

ITEM 11: Daniel Greenfield reported, "If the United States were being invaded and on the brink of conquest, I'd want a leader willing to do absolutely everything. So I'm not going to fault Zelensky for doing what's best for his country. (Likewise, Putin believes that conquering Ukraine and any other country that used to be part of the Soviet sphere of influence is what's best for his country. Nationalism is only as good as the country or its leader.)

"That said, the willingness of too many people to climb on board with whatever propaganda Zelenskyy or Putin are spouting this week is too much.

"Meanwhile, Jewish people and pro-Israel outlets seem happy to ignore the fact that Ukraine under its various governments has a history of consistently voting against Israel and with the terrorists at the UN. Instead, they're straightforwardly rerunning cringe nonsense like Zelensky comparing the bombing of Ukraine to the Holocaust. A particularly egregious argument considering that Ukrainians played a significant role in helping the Nazis kill Jews."

In not voting for the UN resolution, Israel must put Israel first. Just like Ukraine puts itself first.

ITEM 12: The Tampa Bay Times reported, "DeSantis says he’ll veto congressional map. Florida lawmakers passed it anyway."

Three Republican governors worked hard to build up Florida's population in the last decade. The state gained two congressional seats. DeSantis wants Republicans to get both.

ITEM 13: AP reported, "The gunman who killed his three daughters, a chaperone who was supervising his visit with the children and himself in a Northern California church this week was in the United States illegally, immigration officials said Friday.

"David Mora, 39, overstayed his visa after entering California from his native Mexico on Dec. 17, 2018, on a non-immigrant visitor visa, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Alethea Smock told The Associated Press."

Under California's sanctuary law, no one could tell the cops Mora needed to be deported.

Three little girls and a chaperone paid the price for that law.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "13 states have signed on to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking Biden administration records on any FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards.

"Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a former member of Congress, has taken the lead in the lawsuit against President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, citing a failure of U.S. officials to honor FOIA requests."

The FBI harasses Americans and spies on the political opponents of Democrats.

Either defund the FBI or change its name to Gestapo.

ITEM 15: Speaking of the Federal Bureau of Instigation, the Daily Mail reported, "A judge ruled that two undercover FBI agents who posed as members of a far-right militia snared for plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will have to testify in court using their real names. 

"Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker said the two agents, who have only been known as 'Mark' and 'Red,' will have to make their real identities known after the trial begins next week at the U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported. 

"Jonker said it was to ensure militia members Adam Fox, 38, Daniel Harris, 24, Brandon Caserta, 33, and Barry Croft, 46, are given a fair trial for their alleged role in the 2020 plot orchestrated with five other members. 

"In his decision, Jonker wrote: 'Making it crystal clear to the jury and the public that inside the courtroom, nothing is undercover and everything is out in the open will best ensure fairness during trial and eventual acceptance and respect for whatever the jury ultimately decides.'"

FBI agents are sworn to defend the Constitution. The Eighth Amendment guarantees the right to face one's accusers. 

The defense is this was entrapment. Make the FBI prove otherwise or drop the charges.

ITEM 16: The Washington Post gossiped, "Bolton says Trump might have pulled the U.S. out of NATO if he had been re-elected."

Trump also might have swam the Atlantic if re-elected, thrown a dollar across the Potomac if re-elected, and pinned Bolton down to shave off his stupid moustache if re-elected. We will never know.

We do know that Biden abruptly surrendering Afghanistan permanently rendered the USA untrustworthy in the eyes of NATO. Knifing our allies did more harm than a million mean tweets.

That the weasels in Washington consider fools like Bolton to be experts explains much of the damage DC has inflicted upon the nation in the post-Reagan era. 

ITEM 17Reclaim the Net reported, "President Joe Biden’s Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy formally requested Big Tech companies submit data on the prevalence of COVID-19 misinformation on social media, instant messengers, search engines, e-commerce platforms, and crowdsourcing platforms.

"The request for information is part of the Covid National Preparedness Plan that Biden announced during the State of The Union address on Tuesday. The surgeon general’s office wants platforms to submit data on the prevalence of alleged Covid misinformation, beginning with the common examples of such misinformation outlined by the CDC."

Given how much misinformation came from government officials, maybe we should ban all federal employees from Twitter.

ITEM 18: The Post Millennial reported, "New York Mayor Eric Adams announced on Friday that, as of March 7, the city will be suspending the Key to NYC requirements, meaning that the city will drop proof of vaccination documents for indoor venues such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues.

"Adams said in his announcement that businesses will be allowed to choose whether they keep proof of vaccination or not. School children will no longer be subject to mask requirements."

The city said people will die without these restrictions.

In lifting them, is the city saying it no longer cares if people die?

ITEM 19: AP reported, "A Florida school superintendent who defied Gov. Ron DeSantis on pandemic masks for students has been fired by the local school board.

"The 3-2 vote to terminate the contract of Carlee Simon came late Tuesday night by the Alachua County school board.

"A key vote for termination was that of board member Mildred Russell, who was appointed in August by the Republican governor to replace a member who did not live within her district.

"In a statement prior to the vote, Simon called it retribution for her stance against DeSantis and his opposition to mask mandates in Florida schools. Alachua County was one of about a dozen districts that risked loss of state funding by requiring masks during the coronavirus pandemic."

Simon played politics instead of taking care of business.

ITEM 20: The Times of London alleged, "Volodymyr Zelensky survives three assassination attempts in days."

Yes, those bullets just bounce off his chest, don't they?

Has Lex Luthor Putin thought of using kryptonite bullets?

FINALLY, as you may recollect, the Cleveland Indians will change their name to Guardians when the new season begins. Opening Day will end 107 years of being named for Louis Sockalexis, the first Indian to play major league baseball. He was a member of the infamous Cleveland Spiders, who in their final season posted a 20–134 record as the owners of the team bought a team in St. Louis and traded all the good players to it.

Chief Sockalexis was not among the players traded.

But Indians name remains as the players union and the owners are arguing over a contract. This is delaying spring training, which likely will push Opening Day back.

From the great diamond in the sky, Chief Sockalexis looks down upon us mere mortals and laughs and laughs and laughs.

Now for a totally unrelated video.


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  2. 2 - Now drop the vax mandate.

    7 - Fuck the school boards.

    10 - The Lardmaster’s love poutine. Especially when topped with Montreal Smoked Meat. We don’t love Putin.

    16 - Trump may have given Bolton a double wedgie if the election wasn’t stolen.

    1. I am not a fan of poutine, Many years ago, I interviewed and did a story when I was a journalist on the founder (so he says) of poutine and how he came up with the concoction. Coincidentally, he lived in a small Quebec town that had a cheese curds factor. And it's not gravy, it's a sauce with secret ingredients, I was told. I much prefer Montreal smoked meat.

  3. Net profit margin for the oil and gas industry is in the single digits, latest I could find is 6.8%. I can understand why the no nothing Bernie Sanders wouldn't know that implementing a windfall profits tax will just trigger further price increases, but Senator Pocahontas sure should know. Maybe she doesn't care and is just trying to score political points? ;-)

    1. back in 5th grade (1965) my teacher asked us what the profit margin was for gasoline companies. Mrs Van Huff got answers all over the map. I answered "between 5 and 6% as my Dad was an business owner who had broken down costs for me in his business). This anti business (of any sort) misinformation has always been with us.

    2. Apple's latest twelve months gross profit margin is 43.0%.

    3. What's the margin for Twitter? They offer nothing of value and make millions.

  4. 2 - "Are we really sure we won the Cold War?"
    Yes. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. There will always be people who want to control me.

  5. The times are extraordinary exactly because we did produce more energy

  6. 7. Notice how many of those idiots aren't wearing masks while they curse the man who led the way in saying they didn't have to wear them? Why aren't they wearing them in protest, if for no other reason?

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  8. So I'm not going to fault Zelensky for doing what's best for his country."

    He is not doing what is best for his country. Putin only wants the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine and he will get it and leave. The more Zelensky "resists," the more his country will suffer.

    1. So why didn't he just flood those areas with troops and leave the capital alone? If he would have done that the rest of the world would have snorted and bitched and then let him have it. I don't think you are accurate. I think he wants the whole thing and the world be damned.

    2. The problem is that Poutine won't stop. We are naive to think he will.

    3. Well, hitler only wanted the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia...

    4. I see that I have poutine on the brain and spelled Putin as Poutine. Yikes!

    5. Nope , Vlad will not stop with Ukraine . There are only two ways this ends : the Russian populace eliminates at least three levels of Vlad's dictatatorship or he destroy his country's economy to the point it fails thereby ending any logistics support .

  9. FBI agents are sworn to defend the Constitution.
    all government fnctionaries should surrender 5A rights wrt their actions as functionaries : no otherway to true their oath

  10. #17 .. Will Vivek Murthy cancel himself for ะดะตะทะธะฝั„ะพั€ะผะฐั‚ัŒัั, as he himself said that 10 members of his family in India died from Covid.

    Hmm, methinks he exaggerates. India currently claims about 550K deaths, out of a population of 1350 million. Thats about a 1 to 2500 ratio. So unless Vivek has about 20,000 "family" members, thats a little lop sided.

    Oh, and seeing as how Vivek is on top of COVID developments in India, I wonder if he realizes that the terrible death toll of May 2021 was completely stopped by a cheap medicine packet centered around Ivermectin.

    Actually I wonder if I am presently wondering about that, as it seems clear to me that he is a pathologically lying BIPOC affirmative action hire, wearing the costume of a American public servant

    1. Another blog suggests that Vivek's wife is a Red Chinese plant--AND that the DoJ's decision to get out of PRC-spy hunting in this country was precipitated by 'disturbing' findings about that very woman.

  11. FINALLY: I dunno. Ricky Vaughn was the WILD THING, the player with Indian power. Somehow Guardian power doesn't have the same zip.

    1. Ricky and the movie will now become more of a cult thingy that it ever was.

  12. Item 1: More political theater by the righteously indignant Pelosi and friends. For the record I filled my car for $50 yesterday when it was in the mid $20s under Trump.

    Item 3: Put me in with the 54%.

    Item 4: Send her back to Mt. Idy.

    Item 11: I posted here the other day that there were no good guys in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Just good people's lives being ended or disrupted by government leaders.

    FINALLY: Nice story about the Indian, but in the grand scheme of things...who cares?

  13. teaching elementary school children to say “Fuck DeSantis”

    A revealing difference between Dems and Reps is that Dems use children for political propaganda (Greta Thunberg).
    I have never voted for a Dem and never will.

  14. Concerning Item #5, are they placing ads for 'vote counters" with no morals like last time?

  15. I really don't care about a made-up country that was part of Russia for 400 years being invaded by Russia. The gaslighting by Ukraine and the complicit media is out of control. Not one story coming from there can be believed.

    1. Jeffery, being an ignoramus costs you credibility.

      Ukraine used to cover half of what's now Russia.


      the only made up country is that successful communist state for which you work.

  16. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Having had 50 years of this runaround, I think the public is onto them.

    5: a slate of states Biden won in 2020

    A slate of states stolen in 2020. That's why they're worried.

    14: Just use it's initials - NKVD.

    18: Does it now?

    19: I just loved You're So Vain.

    1. You probably think this song is about you?

  17. Item 3: It is possible to believe Putin is a thug, want Ukraine to win, and not want the US to get directly involved.

    I know - how could that be?

    1. Yes, it's possible to believe that.

    2. And I think that and I am not a Soros/WEF supporter.

      It is like opposing Sauron does not mean you support Saruman.

  18. Let our oil patch drill. Open up the drillers. this whole Biden mess would stop.

  19. 1 - As others have noted, net margins in the oil-n-gas industry are in the mid-high single digits in the GOOD years. The trick that the elderly useless commie senators (and others) use is to complain about "profits"; when an oil major like ExxonMobil has an annual revenue of north of $400B, a 7% net margin goes to the bottom line at $28B. So the lying gasbags complain about the unfair "Twenty eight billion in profits!!!!1!!" and want to take it. Always keep in mind that in warped, cloistered leftist minds, "profit" is the theft on top of doing normal business, and that if you let THEM run things, they would simply run it for zero profit and thus offer lower prices. This is actually their "plan" to reduce health care costs (via "single-payer").

    3 - As per the comment above, one can readily be supportive of Ukraine, want them to get supplies of weapons and ammunition (including Javelin missiles), and not want to send troops. In fact, I suspect that that package is the majority opinion.

    8 - Sadly, Russia is backsliding into totalitarianism. How any of putin's fanboys can still be fanboys at this point is inexplicable.

    10 - Poutine is like coffee - people who say they don't like it haven't had the real thing. Good poutine is like good coffee - just good.

    Don, try the poutine here sometime:

    11 - An ugly reality is that in pretty much every country in Europe that was occupied by Nazi Germany people there provided great help to the Nazis in rounding up Jews and deporting them to the extermination camps. In 1945, there was only one country in Europe that had *more* Jews than it did in 1939.

    14 - "Either defund the FBI or change its name to Gestapo." Or NKVD. That might be a better fit.

    20 - One of the interesting claims associated with that story is that the Ukrainians have been getting tip-offs from inside Russia's FSB - not everyone in Russia is happy with vlad's big adventure.

    1. re: #20 - I don't believe that the Russian people or the Russian troops overwhelmingly support Putin. We'll see though. If they don't, Putin could be alone in his bunker and get suicided.

    2. #8. Isn't it amazing how only a couple weeks ago a Russian fanboi was proclaiming that Putin would never invade Ukraine? And now said individual is calling people who doubted his assertion Jeffery and calling them communist. So is his change of heart real? He proclaimed once that Xiden would have won even without the fraud but begins his daily comments with Donald Trump is still our President.
      Talk about ROLCON!

    3. #14. ์กฐ์„ ๋ฏผ์ฃผ์ฃผ์˜์ธ๋ฏผ๊ณตํ™”๊ตญ ๊ตญ๊ฐ€๋ณด์œ„์„ฑ?

  20. Hey Big D,
    Still no mention of the truckers. Are you going to discover them when they have the Capital surrounded?

  21. #2 As to who won the Cold War, maybe we should ask Klaus Schwab.

    #9 I think Ford and The Ford Foundation in particular are busy funding most all the woke causes, Antifa, BLM, and the like.

  22. Item 4 -"Kick Russia out of NATO."

    Kick Hollywood out of the United States.

    "ITEM 5 ... American Bridge 21st ... is out with a $5 million ad buy ... to boost President Joe Biden as the 2022 midterms..."

    Five million dollars. WOW.

    That will cover the first 15 minutes in Rhode Island (if the ads run at 3 a.m.).

    "ITEM 13: AP reported" --- Never mind that.

    The AP reported that there is an illegal alien in the United States.

    Next story: "AP CEO in leg irons per Pelosi Stasi order."

    ITEM 16: Bolton must have run out of funds (his book sold 780,000 copies).

    He's back on the street corner propositioning CNN.

    "FINALLY..." "Indian Fever" is no more.

    "Guardian Gonorrhea!" You'll hear their new theme song when the illiterate multi-billionaire owners and athletes need more money, in which case they will join John Bolton on the street corner propositioning the johns.

  23. re #2 -- The mask mandate could have been dropped ages ago. But our so-called betters did not want to give an inch to the truckers.

  24. Item 1: 10.2 gallons today $ 87.00. Granted this is in N. Italy where fuel is always high, you might get a kick out of this. Imagine gassin' a Bentley.

  25. Thing is, we've had this happen so many times that most of us older folks know exactly who to blame and why. They can try to say it's a windfall or the fault of greedy oil producers but we have the 4 years of Trump to compare with now and we know which way we want things to be.
    We need to spend less time rattling on no how bad the Biden regime is and more time on making sure that no more elections can be stolen. That will ensure to a certain degree that no more Biden Regime's happen again. Even tho it may be too late.

  26. 5. "Are the Democrats afraid they will lose their own primary races." Yes.

    What happens if you hold a primary and nobody shows up? You get crushed in the general election, that's what.

  27. Yesterday's misinformation is today's fact. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were trashed as misinformation despite being used (rather successfully) on a wide scale in poorer countries. Now there are several studies to investigate how effective ivermectin is in treating covid. Duke University and Vanderbilt University are just two of the studies. I hate to think how many people died unnecessarily.

    1. Project Veritas also uncovered some documents showing the military had studies indicating the effectiveness of Ivermectin and other medicines that worked to combat corona viruses.

  28. On another note. Matt Dolan is running for Republican candidate for senator in Ohio to replace Rob Portman who is retiring. Dolan's family owns the Cleveland Indians, now Guardians. I don't need someone who caves to wokeness as my senator. We already have that.

  29. #16. Trump WAS reelected. The deep state and a cabel of thugs usurped the Constitution and imposed a mentally deficient puppet. Now they are acting like the Nazis to preserve the illusion and crush opposition.
    I have no hope of November's election being fair and honest there is too much at stake.

  30. My gosh Don, after 2 years of following you I have to disagree. Poutine is tasty and an antidote to a long night out on the town. Helped get me through college back in the day!

    1. Well it tastes good with crackers.

      Irving Berlin wrote a song about it.

      Poutine on the Ritz

  31. John Bolton learned what many others have. The quickest way into the media stood graces is to bash Trump.

  32. Catch Indian Fever, on Channel 43! #iykyk

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