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Friday, March 04, 2022

Don't be neoconned again

The lesson of Afghanistan has not sunk into the soft-boiled brains of the neocons yet. No one trusts Democrats on foreign policy any more, as there is always a 50/50 chance of a Democrat president.

But National Review is pimping war again.

The neocon rag proclaimed a few hours ago, "Putin’s War Has Isolated America’s Neo-Isolationists."

The neocons are gloating losers. No one in Congress is calling for our military to intervene. There are things we can do, but bombing another country into the stone age is not discussed. 

The people who bomb for a living don't want to, as NATO is showing some sense in the early stages of this Russo-Ukrainian War.

Reuters reported, "NATO allies rejected Ukraine's demand for no-fly zones on Friday, saying they were increasing support but that stepping in directly would lead to a broader, even more brutal European war so far limited to Russia's assault on its neighbor.

"Ukraine, a former Soviet republic that wants to join the European Union and Western military alliance NATO, is not a currently a member of either. Support so far has come mainly in the form of far-reaching sanctions on Russia, with EU members on Friday saying more financial punishment was yet to come."

Yes, let's not start an air war with Russia.

Instead, stop buying Russian oil. Drill our own. Cut Putin's cash flow off. That would be far more effective than banning Russian cats from cat shows.

So far, wiser heads are prevailing on the military options.

At a press conference, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, "We are not part of this conflict. We have a responsibility as NATO allies to prevent this war from escalating beyond Ukraine because that would be even more dangerous, more devastating and would cause even more human suffering."

Understandably, Russia does not want Ukraine joining NATO. Understandably, Ukraine wants to join NATO because it beats having to pay for a large military. Let Uncle Sam do the heavy lifting, even while you may criticize the USA for being too militaristic.

Some doves are becoming hawks.

AP reported, "Through the Cold War and the decades since, nothing could persuade Finns and Swedes that they would be better off joining NATO — until now."


That is how I remember it.

AP then said, "Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has profoundly changed Europe’s security outlook, including for Nordic neutrals Finland and Sweden, where support for joining NATO has surged to record levels.

"A poll commissioned by Finnish broadcaster YLE this week showed that, for the first time, more than 50% of Finns support joining the Western military alliance. In neighboring Sweden, a similar poll showed those in favor of NATO membership outnumber those against."

NATO was formed to stop the Soviet Union from taking over Europe.

The Scandinavians stood on the sideline.

Now they want in?

No thanks. We already have too many countries to defend because NATO doubled its size since the USSR dissolved on December 25, 1991, collapsing under the weight of its own economic and social failure.

The United States should firmly tell Finland and Sweden to take a hike. In the face of evil, they stood on the sidelines while the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Poles and others trapped in the clutches of the USSR fought bravely from within.

We should have dissolved NATO by now. Presidents Bush and Clinton failed us. Bush kept it. Clinton expanded it. I want to discard it.

In the meantime, Finland and Sweden should start their own NATO. They can sign on Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. We should encourage other recent additions to NATO to leave and join this new endeavor. They can have France too. 

The question Americans should ask is how does this help us?

The Marshall Plan and NATO served our purposes well. In World War II, we conquered Western Europe and decided it was not worth keeping. We rebuilt it and defended it because we did not want to have to go back to Europe and save it from suicide in another 30 or 40 years.

Neither serve our purpose now.

Ukraine wants to suck us in.

Last night, I went to bed with the Drudge Report saying Russia shelled a large nuclear-power plant. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said, "If it blows up, it will be ten times larger than Chernobyl! Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!"

Immediately, immediately, immediately

This morning, CNN reported, "Russian troops have occupied Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant, with managers working at gunpoint after a fire caused by their attack was extinguished, according to Ukrainian nuclear officials.

"Countries around the world swiftly condemned the episode, with the U.S. embassy in Ukraine warning an attack on a nuclear plant was a 'war crime' and the United Nations Security Council convening an emergency meeting, according to diplomats.

"In a statement Friday morning local time, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate confirmed the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine was occupied by Russian military forces, but said officials remained in contact with plant management.

"The power plant’s six reactors remain intact, though the compartment auxiliary buildings for reactor unit 1 had been damaged, the SNRI said in its statement. Four of the remaining units are being cooled down while one unit is providing power, the statement said." 

So much for Chernobyl Times 10.

Ukrainian officials have as much credibility these days as Russian officials do.

Don't get me wrong. I root for the Ukrainians on this one. But I also realize it is a Corruptistan that helped make Biden rich and Pelosi richer.

As for war crimes, a power plant seems like a legitimate military target.

Let's not be foolish about this war. We are not in it and we should stay out of it. Protecting American interests is so loosely defined that we should drop it. We likely have more American interests in Russia than we do Ukraine.

This is not a time to be silly.

And yet, there Lindsey Graham is, tweeting, "Is there a Brutus in Russia?  Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?  

"The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out.   

"You would be doing your country -- and the world -- a great service." 

Oh dear. That sounds like something AOC might tweet. 

I know little about Roman history but didn't things get worse for the world after the assassination of Caesar?

But Shakespeare wrote a good play about it, so there is that. 

After Biden surrendered Afghanistan, most Americans realize the military option is dead under this president. If we go in, odds are even that once we win it, Biden will give the country to Putin along with billions in military hardware.

Instead of neoconning this one, let us handle this with neoisolation. That means we stop doing business with Russia. That means we drill for oil instead of relying on foreigners to feed our Mustangs. That means we make  America great again.

You know, all the things NR opposes.

Don't let neocons use Ukraine to cause us to be foolish. We have enough foolishness in Washington as it is.


  1. Love all these people who want war and assassinate this and that. I did three deployments to the gulf, one to the Red Sea, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and everything in between. Been in the Black Sea as well. When you’ve been there and done that, and I have in spades, then you can talk shit. Until then, get a clue. We have zero business getting into this in any way shape or form

    1. Asking sincerely: Do you think the U.S. should provide aid and arms? No boots on the ground?

    2. It may be just in time to rearm putin.


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    4. Wow. You took a three dimensional situation and compressed it to two dimensions. Good job!

  2. Love all these people who want war and assassinate this and that. I did three deployments to the gulf, one to the Red Sea, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and everything in between. Been in the Black Sea as well. When you’ve been there and done that, and I have in spades, then you can talk shit. Until then, get a clue. We have zero business getting into this in any way shape or form

  3. Grahamnesty is listening to his inner Whig. This is the old "But we've got to have a bill" mentality of the go along to get alongs. We don't have to do anything. The Ukes seem to be having fun all by themselves.

    Nothing is gained by going nose to nose with Poot because this is Poot's war (and Brandon's) and not Russia's. It appears Russia wants nothing to do with it. Shih, of course, loves it, but, except for people "standing" with the Ukraine, I see few, if any, climbing on a jet to Kharkov.

    In any case, the Demos are hoping to wag the dog and get people to rally round the Wizard of Odd. Once people understand why we're looking at $4 a gallon gas, it's a dead issue.

    1. No,grahamnasty is listening to the people who pad his campaign coffers, the military industrial complex. They and the globalists want a war between the United States and your buddy Putin whom you claimed would never attack Ukraine.

  4. Hey, I'm on board with boycotting Russian dressing, holding rallies and turning buildings into blue and yellow. If that doesn't scare Putin, nothing will

  5. "... the assassination of Brutus..."

    One assumes that you meant "the assassination of Julius Caesar"?

    FWIW, since I enjoy doing this :-) , Finland is not a Scandinavian country; the three Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and the first two are original-NATO members.

    (And when grouped together, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are called "the Nordic countries" - though Estonia, due to its linguistic connections to Finland, sometimes calls itself "the fourth Nordic country".)

    Anyway... in retrospective, NATO probably should have been discontinued thirty years ago, just on the optics - it was created to deter the CCCP, and when the CCCP collapsed it had succeeded. Par-TEE!! The replacement could have focused more on economic issues, such as integrating the former captive countries in the continental and global economic system, and so forth.

    Inertia can be powerful. And in a similar way the EU started out as an economic integration project - it was originally called "The Common Market" and, well, take a look at how many borders would have to be crossed to get a truckload of cheese from Copenhagen to Rome and the idea of doing something to make that easier is a good idea. But the EU got turned into a political project - as far as I can tell, as an ego trip for airheaded European politicians (now known as "EUniks").

    1. Hmm, maybe Jen Psaki was right. Maybe the western allies jumped to a permanent solution (NATO) to a short term problem (USSR.)

  6. Kunstler's take:

    "The reader may ask: why does this blog appear to take Russia’s side in the current conflict against the US and our supposed allies? Answer: Why would you trust a government (ours) and its captive news media after years of their blatant lying and tyrannical over-reach? These parties appear to be at war against their own people, that is, against us — certainly more than Russia is. Especially in the historic moment when all our mendacious “narratives” are being exposed as false? Russian Collusion? Indictments underway and more to follow. Covid-19? A mega-crime of mass homicide spawned by a matrix of pharmaceutical racketeers, corrupt government officials, and accomplice news organizations. Stolen elections? Don’t, for Gawd’s sake, even try looking at the slime trail of evidence. I won’t bother listing the many transgressions of Wokery against our culture and history. And all of a sudden, it appears a lot of American citizens have had enough of being fucked around. I’m with them."

    1. He is incoherent. If he thinks that "Russia" is some sort of anti-JohnKerryBozoTypes crusader, he's not playing with a full deck. None of the things he complains about have anything to do with anything going on between Russia and Ukraine, and Russia sure as heck isn't some sort of "anti-globalist" savior.

      At this point, supporting Russia against Ukraine is like supporting China against the Uighurs...

    2. Kunstler looks at the big picture. He's a lot of fun to read for me, but he's not everyone's cup of tea.

    3. I don't get his point. He reels off a list of grievances (most of which I'm on the same page as him). Then he somehow does some mystery trick where somehow all of those can be blamed on Ukraine. Then he basically says "Go Russia! Go Putin!"

      I really for the life of me do not understand the man-crush that so many seem to have on that bozo (putin). I don't like to do psychoanalysis and won't - but it reminds me of the "thing" that so many dizzy women seem to have for men who are obviously creepy sociopaths (and the ditzes manage to insist that that's not the case when it so obviously is). Meanwhile, putincide has piled up a record that must make shrillary and the arkancide crew green (!) with envy.

      And that guy is some sort of anti-globalist hero? I question the sanity of the people still pushing that idea at this point.

    4. He is an unimaginably mean , cold bastard . He will not stop with Ukraine as he is running out of time . Graham is correct that the safest course of action is for the Russian people deal with him internally . Secondly anybody that thinks bombing a nuclear power plant is not a war crime should read up on the containment problems at Cherynobl and how long that containment is going to be maintained .

  7. Looks like its starting to sink in that all our enemies since Trump came down the escalator, through the stolen election and then the vaccine mandates are the same ones who are telling us we have to support Ukraine. Not me. I'm rooting for the Globalists to get their asses kicked.

    1. Be careful about being trapped in a self-made prison of interpreting things via one note from contemporary domestic politics.

      This conflict is not "globalists" vs. "anti-globalists" - and Russia sure as heck isn't some sort of anti-globalist crusader.

      Russia basically swiped Ukraine in 1648 and then slammed the door shut "for good" in 1709. That's now up for discussion, and this angers Putin since once-Russian always-Russian (neo-Brezhnev-doctrine).

      The history of Ukraine from 800 - present is fascinating (go read it) and is what is really germane to what is going on now.

    2. You're amazingly naive after all we've been through the last few years. Joe Biden and Pelosi and Ms. Lindsay and Facebook and CNN and Soros and the WEF are 100% in agreement with you on the issue. If that doesn't make you pause and look deeper (maybe try more recent events like Biden telling China that Ukraine would be let into NATO) then there's really nothing more to say.

    3. No, I've got it right. Remember, I've also actually BEEN to these places a bunch of times.

      Recall how probably the stupidest thing said right after 9/11 was by Michael Moore - when he was astonished that NYC and DC (other side of the river but close enough) were attacked on 9/11... because it was obvious that whoever did what did it to "get back at Bush" so why did they attack blue places rather than red ones?

      It's the same mistake being made now. If anyone states "support" (we'll parse that below) for Ukraine... well, then golly-gosh I have to take the opposite tack and support putincide! Interpreting everything through the lens of domestic politics always ends up with stuff like that.

      And "support"? Hash-tag jingling doesn't count. Remember that 2015 "bring back our girls" thing after Boko Haram (Nigeria) kidnapped a bunch of schoolgirls?

      When putin attacked Ukraine in 2014, the Ukrainian government asked for weapons - and zippy sent them... blankets and band-aids and hashtags. When they asked PDJT for weapons, they got weapons, including the difference-maker so far, the Javelin anti-tank missile. That's real support.

      But I guess that makes PDJT a rancid globalist?

      There's no more excuse for what Russia is doing to Ukraine than for what China is doing to the Uighurs.

      And I've noticed that the drumbeat from shrillary et al. that "The GOP is pro-Putin!" went quiet quickly - guess that lie didn't poll well...

    4. Snow is right . There is no excuse for killing en masse just because you want their real estate in this day and time . Genocide must not be permitted much less tolerated .

    5. S.N., thanks. :-)

      I'm willing to listen, but I wish that putin's fanboys could tell us what the upside would be if their hero wins and conquers all of Ukraine.

      In terms of immediate human cost, that "victory" will come only after a long and bloody slog - it was clear within 48 hours that this wasn't going to be the Czechslovakia-1968 scenario. So there will be thousands and thousands of combatant and civilian casualties, and massive destruction on a 1945 level. And as vlad borrowed the leftist lie that anyone opposed to him is a "nazi" and that he was sending the army into Ukraine to get rid of "nazis"... as there are no actual "nazis" there (and vlad knows that), he will have to "find" a few thousand "nazis" to round up and have shot. And doubtless his goons will take out a few thousand more because it's what they do.

      And if he installs a puppet government which of course "requests" admission to the Russian Federation, all h*ll will break lose. War risks go way up, and of course oil prices go into the stratosphere.

      (None of this would have happened under PDJT.)

      So, given all that, why are the fanboys cheering for putin to win? What's the upside? Other than they think that this will make sniffy and granny winebox look bad... ????

      I just don't get why some people are so hetted up for putin on this one...

  8. "In the meantime, Finland and Sweden should start their own NATO." Maybe they could call it the "European Union?"

  9. We might want to start thinking of NATO as being like Dead Beat Dads. They refuse to pay financial support for their obligations and yet want any and all benefits. Smart nations should recognize this and not wish to be a part of it, unless of course, they were of the Dead Beat Dad mindset.

  10. Now for some good news.

    MarketWatch lists 10 aerospace and defense stocks expected to rise up to 39%.

  11. I’m ok with Ukraine getting into NATO….as long as the US gets out. Europeans might have to give up free college and healthcare and 8 weeks of vacation to pay for their own defense but that’s called adulting. I don’t see any of those countries defending our southern border. And next up, kick the UN out of NY or disband altogether.

  12. NATO US out-France and Germany share power. That'll get something going.

    1. Actually, many smaller European countries are terrified of that sort of outcome. They got into the EU for protection, but may find themselves being dominated by a France-Germany duopoly. Just try to remember how Merkel was planning to bring in 1M refugees and how e.g. Poland and Hungary felt about that.

  13. My idiot Senator Wicker was a headline maker calling for a no fly zone. He’s silent on the abuses of Xiden and the liberals in congress, but a news maker for this. May he be primaried. And when will SC wise
    Up to Graham.

    1. In threatening Putin Miss Lindsey may need more than her purse for defense.

    2. Yeah, good point. As I said above, putincide makes arkancide look underachieving. He might want to be careful about any tea offered to him...

    3. Look how many years delaware elected a stupid plagiaristic liar after electing Roth "father of the Roth IRA."

      When did they go stupid and why did they hold that so long?

  14. You sound positive.",,,after we win it,,,,"

    With our woke military there is no guarantee they could win anything.

    I am sure Putin and Xi took their measure along with senile joe.

  15. Elect EFF joe biden* and suffer the consequences. There was a reason pootin didn't try this under PDJT's watch.
    Fuck all the FUCK joe biden* voters. All this blood is on your hands.

  16. Need to add, google, facebook and the rest of their ilk are also guilty as accessories to war crimes for their part in screwing PDJT over.
    I'd love to see a successful lawsuit where they lose all the money they've made so far and war crimes trials as accessories with some heavy jail time for them.

  17. Sky News Reporters Shot By Russian Death Squad In Ukraine 04/03/22 - Video

  18. Vladimir Putin could resort to high-power thermobaric weapons - also known as vacuum bombs dubbed the 'father of all bombs' - as Ukrainians resist his attempts to take control of Kyiv.

    In September 2007, Russia detonated the largest thermobaric weapon ever made, which created an explosion equivalent to 39.9 tons. But only neocons care and subways full of people won't know what hit them.

  19. German Chancellor said today he understands Russia not wanting missiles on Ukrainian soil pointed at Russia. He said he also understands Ukraine wanting to join NATO to be protected from Russia. The Chancellor said Ukraine will not be allowed to join NATO. Not on the agenda. Putin did what he said he would do - invade if not given a "no NATO" agreement for Ukraine. So, who (the U.S. or Ukraine or ?) wasn't smart enough to just sign an agreement & prevent the invasion & war? Germany is dependent on Russian energy resources so, it isn't going to help Ukraine with a NATO badge anyway.
    Biden wants to sign a nuclear deal with Iran so he can enrich Iran like he did Russia when he reduced US oil & gas production & transport. Enriching Iran (that is enriching uranium) should bring a big war in the Middle East. Oh yeah - Biden is dependent on Russia for brokering the "deal" with Iran. Just another day in the wacko neighborhood of government & its decisions. It really would be nice to have someone working for America and American citizens.

  20. Chris Plante is always saying the media’s most insidious power is the power to ignore. That’s what we gotta do here. Just ignore the Gutless Milquetoast Bastards from NR.

  21. As for Sweden .. everyone so far has been unaware of the worst act (by far) of Swedish " neutrality" This would whete Sweden remained neutral vs the Third Reich; so neutral that they shipped iron ore to Hitler across the narrow stretches of the Baltic Sea. How many extra 88mm guns and Tigers and Messersmith's were built due to that unhindered access to Sweden's iron ore. How many additional soldiers from that fascist land across the Atlantic died so that Sweden could remain unmolested

  22. you still read the Drudge Report? I forgot that was even a thing

  23. One thing I haven't seen in any of the recent coverage is the reminder that Ukraine used to be a nuclear power, and voluntarily disarmed with a mutual-defence type guarantee from the USA. Ukraine is finding out, as the Vietnamese did before them, that any legally binding contract signed with the USA means will be ignores as inconvenient when Dems come back into power.

    This also means that the USA is increasingly seen as a beligerant drunk around the world, trust him at your peril short term, never trust him long-term, and be careful about getting in arms reach when you see he's lurching about and doesn't recognize where he is.

  24. Last night, I ran across this video. The speaker is a pastor from Bakersfield CA. His analysis of the Ukraine situation makes more sense than anything I've seen anywhere else.

  25. Tell the Nordic countries interested in joining NATO that so long as they want to gain the advantage of everything that NATO is today, they can join but they have to pay the back pledge since 1949 when NATO was founded ... 2% of their GDP each year. Then we'll see how enthusiastic they are.


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