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Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Biden is the last C-in-C Ukraine needs

The headline over Michael Goodwin's column in the New York Post today read, "When it comes to Russia, Joe Biden you are no Ronald Reagan."

Reagan? He's not even Ronald McDonald.

In its madness to rid Washington of President Donald John Trump, the New World Order installed an imbecile who gave away Afghanistan last August. The leader of the free world can barely eat an ice cream cone.

Biden was the best The Establishment had to offer. President Buttigieg would be on paternity leave right now. President Sanders would be screaming at the clouds demanding rain equity. And President Romney would be calling Zelensky a moron.

Goodwin's column recalled how Reagan stood up to both the Soviets and their useful idiots in Washington.

Goodwin wrote, "Before the National Association of Evangelicals, Reagan quoted from the Bible and America’s Founders to argue that communism was godless and that ministers should understand the two systems of government were fundamentally at odds. 

"Here is a key section: 'So, in your discussions of the nuclear freeze proposals, I urge you to beware the temptation of pride, the temptation of blithely declaring yourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault, to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil.'"

A DC that sought a President Mondale, denounced Reagan but the Soviet leaders soiled themselves because he dared call them out. We won. They lost.

Today, Goodwin's paper called for the West to consider stopping a slaughter in Ukraine.


But sadly, that is all the West can do now. Consider.

The editors at the New York Post know easy times in post-Reagan America have led to soft leaders who leave it to others to do the heavy lifting. Look at gay marriage. Congress ducked the issue and left it to the Supreme Court to decide. This allowed congressmen to continue to pocket donations (bribes) from both sides, which is what Congress does best now.

The editorial ended, "Biden needs to stop saying with certainty that 'we will not fight Russia,' as he’s done multiple times. Telegraphing exactly what we will and will not do gives Putin more time and flexibility to tighten his grip on Kyiv.

"Global opinion has turned against Russia. Even erstwhile allies are horrified about where this is going. So far President Biden has shown admirable restraint, hurting Putin where he can and seeing if diplomacy — and the Ukrainians own amazing resolve — can win the day. But like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin before him, Putin does not act rationally or with any care for human life.

"And, like Hitler and Stalin before, history will judge harshly the nations that let him get away with it — and that’s us."

But post-Reagan Russia has had easy times as well. The peasants remain peasants but with color TVs. The communist leaders are now billionaire oligarchs with dachas overseas. Some call the capital of England Londongrad.

Putin leads an army of drunkards.

A joke making the rounds is they found the man responsible for the downing of 12 Russian jets in Ukraine. The other Russian mechanics don't like him.

Putin is conducting a surgical strike with a rusty butter knife.

Newsweek reported, "Russia's military is weak and backwards.

"Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine produced this paradigm-shifting surprise—one that should transform the West's view of Russia's prowess, the threat that the country represents, and the Kremlin's future in the global arena."

The story pointed out, "With the exception of long-range strikes, almost everything about the initial salvos of the Russian invasion failed. Ukrainian air defenses were not disabled. Ukrainian airfields were not put out of action. Ukrainian defenders were able to hold their ground and move largely unfettered around the country. Ukrainian reserves and civilian defenders rapidly mobilized. Russian airborne and special forces inserted deep inside Ukraine were isolated from the main Russian force on the ground, cut off from the basics, especially ammunition resupply."

Don't laugh because the incompetence makes the situation more dangerous.

The story said, "After just one day of fighting, Russia's ground force lost most of its initial momentum, undermined by shortages of fuel, ammunition and even food, but also because of a poorly trained and led force. Russia began to compensate for the weaknesses of its land army with more long-range air, missile and artillery strikes. And President Putin resorted to a nuclear threat—a reaction, U.S. military experts say, to the failure of Moscow's conventional forces to make quick progress on the ground."

It's not a nuclear threat. It is a nuclear promise. He is in too deep to quit.

What looked like a stroke of genius last week by invading Ukraine quickly revealed itself to be a trap. Neither Putin nor Zelensky can leave and retain their presidency.

The USA is unable to intervene militarily or diplomatically because we are led by a derelict. The world deserves better.

Animal Farm ends with the pigs dining with the farmers. Sure, Russian oligarchs are pigs, but our leaders are even worse because they are willing to sit at the table with pigs.

And those who dine with swine installed Biden as president.

The solution is to vote Democrats out of Congress and install so many Republican senators that we can shut Romney up. In 2024, we take back the White House and never look back.


Coming up at 7 PM: "The Wreck of the Felicity Ace." Gotta lighten up in midweek.


  1. The old adage is you fight the war with what you got. If the Ukrainians could have spent half the money they handed to Hunter on military hardware, the ruskies would be beaten.
    Instead they forked over millions to people who were colluding with Russia.

    1. For the umpteenth time, it was not "the Ukrainians" (whatever that is supposed to mean) who hired snorty.

      It was a corrupt company (Burisma) that hired snorty for the obvious purpose of providing a conduit to sniffy, so that they could pay off sniffy into forcing **the Ukrainian government** to shut down its corruption investigation of Burisma.

      A good way to look at all this is that Russia-Ukraine is much like China-Taiwan, but at the stage that the latter was at 30 or 40 years ago. Part of China's line is that "Chinese people" are incapable of self-governance and a free society, but instead require "a strong man" to keep order. Russia is trying to play the same sort of game - that "Russian people" (which in many "Russian" minds includes Ukrainians - Malo Rossiya) are incapable of self-governance and a free society, but need "a strong man" to keep order. In both cases, the breakaway province is proving that "need a strong man" argument wrong - and it doesn't look good for the "strong man" and the "strong man" country.

      In Russia, corruption has been crowned king, with tsar vlad as the titular king of a gang of corruptocrats. In Ukraine, there are plenty of brave people who have been trying to do something about that - and it's to our country's eternal shame that corrupt political crime families (like the bidens and the clintons) have been working so assiduously to undermine that effort - principally so as to line their own pockets without regard for the damage they are doing to that country.

      Over the past 20 years, Russia has become almost intractably hopeless; at least Ukraine has a chance to get someplace better.

    2. It matters not to me who exactly handed hryvnia to Hunter. My point was that those hryvnia invested in weapons rather than lines of coke would be of great benefit about now. And fwiw, whether spent by the government or private individuals, those millions matter. Unfortunately Ukraine was pressured into confiscating weapons from their people.
      Think if everyone in Ukraine was as well armed as the United States is said to be, would Putin still have attacked?
      Beware the man who only owns one gun. Chances are he knows how to use it.

    3. "My point was that those hryvnia invested in weapons rather than lines of coke would be of great benefit about now."

      I agree with that, but don't see how it could have been an either-or choice. If Burisma hadn't spent those hryvnia on hiring sniffy... how would that have instead turned into Javelin missiles? They didn't reduce military spending to hire snorty.

    4. Jeffery, you're an idiot, but it's so nice to see you going back to your true self, trying to make excuses for the Russkies (2 esses). Ukraine doesn't have the money to buy enough and it doesn't have that many people.

      Yes, they're getting what they deserve for installing such a crooked crew, but the same can be said for Russia. Most Russians don't want this, either.

      The only excuse we have is we didn't elect the moron that gave away $83B worth of stuff that could have gone to the Ukraine. That we haven't risen up and demanded the ouster of him and everybody who stole that election is, however, on us.

    5. You're right SG, it's not an either or choice. It's a choice none the less and the choice to disarm is hurting them now.
      Everyone has a budget. We can buy movie tickets or extra food. How many day's supply of food do most people have? Most don't have a week's worth of food on hand. How many people learned from the scamdemic and the shortages?
      What about ammo? I know people who don't have a hundred rounds in their house unless it's .22.
      The shelves at Academy have been stripped for almost two years.
      And then we have our resident fool calling me a Russian apologist. Eldouch, I have called Russia enemy #1 for years. I have repeatedly pointed out that scripture says an alliance of Russia and Iran will attack Israel. You have your head so far up your ass you can look out through your belly button.


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  2. The photograph in this message is of a youthful Willard Scott. He was the original Ronald McDonald.

  3. Look up:"St.Mary of the Javilin." It appears there is a game changer here. It maybe the the Russian Bear has swallowed a Ukrainian Porcupine . And Pres.Trump was the one who gave them the Javilin.

    1. This will do:

    2. It seems the Ukrainian military spent the last 8 years getting themselves set for this war.

  4. Yep that works and so does the missile.

  5. How do conservatives initiate sanctions against Utah?

  6. Don, the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was caused by an early Winter storm in the Great Lakes. The ship was carrying tons of iron ore not luxury cars. There was no fire caused by lithium batteries. It sunk because it took on water. Many brave sailors lost their lives that day. Sounds like the sinking of the Felicity Ace was an accident waiting to happen and it did. It wasnt the first time a lithium battery started a fire and it wont be the last.

  7. He is in too deep to quit.

    Then the Politburo must quit him. They did the same to Khruschev.

    The solution is to vote Democrats out of Congress and install so many Republican senators that we can shut Romney up.

    That's only part of it.

    We need an overwhelmingly Trumplican House and to demand that the real President be reinstated now. We can't wait 3 years.

    Something the truck convoys could do.

    1. Anything that happens with the truck convoys will be an FBI false flag.

  8. The worst of it all is kamala becomes president if something happens to EFF joe biden*. Following her is maligNancy pelosi.
    We're stuck between idiots and rinos. Changing over from dems to repubs might not be all that much better unless people are electing the PDJT slates.

  9. Biden can say no more because the US has almost no desire to send troops in. He lost that option with the Afghanistan debacle as well as the desire - and a very reasonable one I might add - to have nuclear powers facing one another directly on the battlefield.

    The Post is being silly.

    1. I should mention that should read to NOT have nuclear powers.....