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Friday, February 25, 2022

Ukraine adopts gun rights

No Q Report reported, "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced this morning that his government will give weapons to any citizens who are willing to fight."

That is the opposite of what the government did 8 years ago when it demanded people turn in their rifles.

The free guns come as a shortage emerges in Ukraine.

Financial Review reported, "Guns sell out as Ukrainians prepare to fight for their lives."

Putin's a better gun salesman than Obama and Biden combined!

You have heard of jailhouse religion. This is similar. There is nothing like a nuclear-armed neighbor invading to change your mind about private ownership of firearms.

Suddenly, it doesn't matter whether you need an AK-47 to hunt deer. Suddenly, a well regulated militia is seen as being necessary to the security of a free state. Suddenly, guns don't kill people. Rather, guns help people kill invaders.

That was not the way things were before this invasion. For some reason, Ukrainians did not want guns.

According to Wikipedia, there are 120 guns for every 100 Americans but only 10 for every 100 Ukrainians. 

112 International reported a year ago, "75% of Ukrainians are against the free possession of firearms. At the same time, 23% are in favor of such a decision, and the rest, respectively, have not decided. These are the data of a poll from the Rating group, conducted on February 2-3, 2021. Meanwhile, in the Verkhovna Rada, bill No. 4335, co-authored by 43 MPs, is waiting in the wings. The document proposes to legalize the possession of firearms by private individuals."

This week, public attitudes about guns changed -- as did the law.

RT reported a week ago, "Ukraine currently does not have any legislation on civilian firearms. All civilian arms-related issues are regulated by an Interior Ministry’s order. Ukrainians are allowed to own hunting rifles and shotguns after obtaining a relevant license. People working in certain professions, including judges, journalists and MPs, can also get licenses on non-lethal rubber-bullet handguns.

"However, media reports and analysts have suggested that, in Ukraine, illegal firearms are already abundant thanks to a booming black market. There are now anywhere between 3 million and 5 million illegal guns in Ukraine, according to TASS, citing the country’s Interior Ministry."

Days later, the black market is now white.

Business Insider Africa reported, "The Ukrainian parliament passed a law on Wednesday which allowed citizens to carry guns in public."

Ukraine is not without weapons training.

The Guardian reported, "Most Ukrainians – boys and girls – learn how to shoot at school. About 400,000 people are estimated to have combat experience, following Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and the Moscow-supported armed uprising in the east."

Ah, the 2014 annexation. At the time, Ukraine leaders demanded people give up their rifles, in an effort to appease Putin.

On March 20, 2014, the New York Times said, "In an effort to stabilize Ukraine and extend its authority, the interim government has set a deadline of Friday for turning in the illegal firearms that are now carried openly by so-called self-defense groups in Independence Square, the politically important plaza in the center of the capital.

"The order was seconded on Thursday by the French ambassador to Ukraine, Alain Rémy, who said the disarmament of the militias that helped overthrow the former government is a central requirement for the European Union to begin disbursing financial aid, along with the government fighting corruption.

"Prime Minister Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, who was a staunch supporter of the protesters but never condoned violent tactics, set the deadline for Friday, the day Ukraine is scheduled to sign the political articles of an association agreement with the European Union."

The prime minister said, "For those who want to defend their country with an assault rifle in their hands, welcome to the National Guard or the Army."

NYT's story said, "Members of the self-organized defense groups that formed to defend Independence Square and other protest sites during the uprising have been reluctant to comply. Like gun owners in countries like the United States and Switzerland where ownership of firearms is widespread, they contend that the weapons are needed to defend the country against a possible foreign invasion and to defend their freedoms from potential government abuse."

Now the Ukraine government is passing out rifles to anyone and everyone.

Once this is over, I doubt the Kyiv government will be able (or willing) to take those weapons back. 


  1. Remember in this country -The first Amendment is Protected by the Second."
    More countries need to embrace a bill of rights..

    1. Yes, they do and one that means something.

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  2. The possibility of citizens dying in a war tends to change their minds about guns. I find it interesting that boys and girls learn to shoot at school. Our Karens would never allow that in Canada. We can't even buy a gun for personal defence. But in the end, war/invasion changes all that.

    1. I was thinking it might be a way for our red states to discourage the liberals from moving to them.
      Mandate 4 semesters of firearm training with no exemptions.
      The bed wetting would be epic.

  3. Arizona. A beautiful Constitutional Carry state!

    1. Query ... New Hampshire too is a Constitutional Carry state, i.e. if you can legally own a firearm you can carry it any way you please without needing the permission of some government agency ... so does the "Full Faith and Credit" clause of the Constitution require all states to recognize my "Constitutional Carry" rights?? ...

    2. In your dreams. "Nationwide reciprocity" has been a Holy Grail of sorts for the gun rights movement for years. Always frosted me that every state has to recognize "gay marriage" but I can't carry my Texas-licensed gun in CA or NY.

    3. Well most of them will but it will take time as they have to find out if you are a felon or not. Whether you are entitled to own and carry that firearm in your home state.

      In some state tho they don't care and will arrest you unless they have reciprocity and at least allow some sort of license to carry.

      New Jersey is notorious for arresting people coming from PA. For that very reason.
      Also New York. Altho you are supposed to be allowed to transport a firearm thru a state under federal law, New York still has arrangements with the TSA and they get a heads up when someone comes thru with a firearm in their baggage and boom they get arrested. New York and New Jersey stand as a barrier along the NE coast where you cannot travel to a state that does allow carrying firearms such as Vermont and New Hampshire.

      If I thought we could trust them to deal straight I'd say we need a national firearm law so that no matter where you go you will know what the law is. But they'd sneak crap in and mess it all up so we'll just go along state by state. Another one was added recently.

  4. The Ukrainian debacle will further cement our gun rights. A do not believe that there are only 120 guns per 100 citizens. I think it is higher than that, even if they are counting those like me who lost any guns they owned, if they ever owned any, in tragic boating accidents.

    1. Who in their right mind would admit to a pollster or any Gov't agency that they owned or ever owned guns?

    2. I would not if I were an American.

    3. ... and all the ammo that fed those now waterlogged firearms has been lost in similarly tragic canoe accidents (both in the US and Canada)

    4. I think what he's saying is that there are that many firearms in total. Some don't own any and some own a lot. So the average comes out to 120 guns for 100 citizens.

      Lend a friend the means to protect themselves and YOU. You'll be glad you did.

  5. The more I hear about the Ukraine, the more I think Kramer was wrong!!! 😅😅😅

    “”The Ukraine is WEAK.”

  6. "At the time [2014], Ukraine leaders demanded people give up their rifles, in an effort to appease Putin.

    Actually - and as the quotes below that line state - it was an attempt to adopt "European values" as a way of getting on the path to EU membership, for the purpose of trying to close up to some larger group for protection. It didn't work out; the EUniks hector but offer nothing.

    As the Israelis figured out a long time ago, if you want protection, you have to protect yourself.

    The possible big downside is that nuclear proliferation is going to make a comeback. Threatened countries have to be thinking that they need to have such weapons as an ultimate guarantee.

    1. At the end of the day, only you can protest yourself.

    2. Well, earlier in the week, fidel jr. announced that he's launching an investigation of why he invoked the "Emergencies Act" - so anything is possible...

    3. Fidel Jr. likely revoked the Emergencies Act because there was a run on Canadian banks, a few of which also have operations in the U.S. Martial law never sends a good message that you are open for business.

    4. Israel is the worst when it comes to civilians owning and carrying firearms. But there are so many who are a part of the military who can do so that it seems like all the citizens have guns. No. They're carrying the state issued firearm and because they're in the military.

  7. foolish boys throwing life away ...

  8. We'll see how this turns out, although guerilla warfare is what ran the Russkies out of A-stan.

    You have heard of jailhouse religion.

    The real stuff comes back in vogue in times like these. Even Uncle Joe reopened the churches and synagogues after Barbarossa.

  9. 8 years ago was 2014. What happened in 2014?

  10. I wonder what would have happened if the Ukraine hadn't given up nuclear weapons.
    Would the corrupt regime have sold them to terrorists? Would they have used them in another way possibly?
    Mostly I wonder if they still had them would putin have risked invading.