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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Monkees are in charge

The death of Monkee Michael Nesmith last month at 78 was another reminder that the 1960s ended a long, long time ago. He was old. 

But he was not as old as the president (79) or the House speaker (81) or the House majority leader (82) or the House majority whip (81).

They are so old that they are too old to be baby boomers. The Monkees in DC won't cede power and give way to a new generation of leaders.

Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn are relics of an earlier age, and one that was not very good. And they are not the best and the brightest of that era. They are more like the crumbs at the bottom of the popcorn box. Unpleasant and inedible. Half-popped, too.

Their only skills are building personal fortunes and accepting bribes. They are very good at the latter as Biden and Pelosi use their children and other relatives as conduits for the payoffs.

They came into power as part of the anti-war, don't-trust-anyone-over-30 crowd. Biden was 29 when Delawareans elected him to the Senate on a lark. The times were good and voters wanted new.

We're the young generation, and we've got something to say

But Biden really wasn't new and he had nothing to say. He sucked up to the old Dixiecrats in a senatorial apprenticeship that would lead to a committee chairmanship when he was in his 40s and a good one when he was in his 50s. 

His premature baldness was symbolic of his old-time hackery. I am sure those old grifting segregationists that Biden sucked up to realized quickly how dumb, inarticulate and screwy Biden was. 

But they also knew he would stay bought. He is a political savant. He knows how to get elected. Robert Gates, secretary of defense for both Bush 43 and Obama, wrote in a memoir that Biden had been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue for 40 years. In 2020, Gates did not back down from that statement.

He voted for Biden anyway.

That shows how little Washington cares for this country.

CNN reported, "Focus groups are giving party operatives nightmares. Biden is coming across as old and absent, they say. Real and perceived fumbles play into deep fears that he's not up to the job and that Democrats are incompetent. Few Americans can say what was in the massive bills he's signed, though many have heard about Democratic infighting and failure in what he hasn't signed."

Voters are willing to tolerate graft and corruption as long as those running the show are competent. Mayor Richard Daley was beloved in Chicago. Competent people like Gates serve as bumpers protecting us from the damage of the nincompoops at the top.

Biden has no bumpers. He has people like Milley who runs the Pentagon and Paternity Leave Pete who runs transportation. They are more concerned about pronouns than they care about defending the country or unloading cargo in California.

Carter had some protection from Congress. Tip O'Neill was House speaker and Senate majority leader Mike Mansfield was followed by Bobby Byrd. As much as I disliked Byrd, he was better than Schumer because Byrd was smart enough to maintain the Senate rules and traditions. Instead of tearing them down, Byrd acquired a parliamentarian's knowledge of the Senate rules. Schumer is power mad and ignorant of the rules at a time when the nation needs leadership, not partisanship.

Pelosi proved her uselessness under Trump, who showed her for what she is: vile. Her off-with-his-head impeachments, mean girls clapback and her temper tantrum in tearing up of his State of the Union address were proof that she was unfit for public office and belongs not in a nursing home but an insane asylum.

It is not that Republicans are young and vibrant. Mitch McConnell is as old as the president and has his wife collect alms for the politically connected.

The Monkees generation had many fine people. And their audience -- baby boomers -- had many more because well there were more baby boomers.

And they are dying off too.

In many ways, American politics is stuck in the 1850s when two sides could not compromise on the end of slavery. The success of capitalism in the North showed that the slavery and feudalism of the South were a dead-end. Rather than work out a plan for the emancipation and education of the slaves -- with their owners compensated for their loss of property -- Southerners pushed to expand their failed way of life in the West. Northerners too dug in. The result was the destruction of the South and a civil rights mess than took a century to clean up. We buried 600,000 young men because old men were too stubborn to compromise.

The stakes today are our nationhood itself. The question is whether we are an independent and free nation or are we just a big old fat turkey farm for Red China to poach? The globalism that Democrats and RINOs embrace is the death knell for the nation. They backed Biden knowing he's an idiot.

Like many celebrities, Nesmith outlived his popularity. He even outlived his form of music as rock fades into oldies stations.

Has America outlived its form of government?

We're the old generation, and we've got nothing to say


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  2. Don, great comparisons of the four old politicians to the Monkeys. I think you meant over and not under. “They came into power as part of the anti-war, don't-trust-anyone-under-30 crowd”

  3. The only ideas the young generation had in the 60's were recycling the tried and failed notions of communism.

  4. Don,
    I wonder if there are any Charles Krauthammer quotes about Biden....


    2. Rests not saw right through him.

  5. "The result was the destruction of the South and a civil rights mess than took a century to clean up."
    It's been more than a century and it's still nowhere near cleaned up.
    It's been getting worse in my opinion.
    I didn't think about race much growing up. My dad was a USAF pilot and all the children in base housing played together.
    It was a rather colorblind existence.
    Now color is made out to be a person's most important attribute.

    1. There's only ONE party responsible for the race bating that continues today... they have to fan the flames or they lose $$ and elections. 30% of the country (or less) is keeping this faux racism alive. It needs to end by mocking anyone accusing anyone else a racist!

    2. We grew up color blind too. Military life was great for that. You were jyst happy to have someone to play with. That continued but now (and the last couple decades) you didn't get your raise or promotion on merit because someone had the right skin or was in the boss's garden club. Incompetence is promoted, and hard work is left in the dust. Lord please help us change this because our country is in a he'll of a mess.

      My family didn't fight for generations just to speak Chinese instead of German

    3. Actually, Jeffery, it was cleaned up. You and your crowd created a new one.

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  6. “You told me you'd always stay, you told me!
    You told me you'd never stray, you told me!
    All these things you said you said sincerely.
    Still I am leaving you in spite of what you told me.”

    Headquarters. Their best album. Mike could have lived longer but he took too many drugs. Still, his words ring prophetic now. Every single day more Sixties hippies die, and the nation improves more and more. Maybe the cause of their current eff-it-all desperation?

  7. Would love to see someone highlight the before and after net worths of every career politician in DC (both D and R)!

  8. Good food for thought and spot on Don.

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  10. Great insight Don. Speakin' that truth, even from the coal-fire acid-rain streaked banks of a tributary to that Deep & Bloody River.

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  12. Don, a really, really good column. You've summed it exactly. Cheers!

  13. Excellent post.

    Nesmith’s mother invented liquid paper. I wish we could use liquid paper to erase the four geriatrics you discussed above. Clyburn may need amore than one bottle.

  14. No no no and no... our type of government is darn near perfect the people we have elected are the problem... with all the 9nfo on election fraud I m beginning to think maybe they been fk n us longer than we think

  15. Good post, but you forget the realities of the time.

    The Monkees hated the good people among the Boomers, the campus Conservatives and the guys who served in 'Nam.

    Remember Pleasant Valley Sunday (here in status symbol land)? They tore down the people hypocrite Mushmouth Brokaw later called the Greatest Generation. The Establishment, the Greedy Geezers. Y'know, your parents. How dare they take pride in having made it through the Depression and WWII?

    The mess we have today is the logical culmination of that crowd, their intolerance, their selfishness, and their Leftist sympathies.

    Real and perceived fumbles play into deep fears that he's not up to the job and that Democrats are incompetent.

    Fears? Hell, that's the reality and everybody sees it.

    Southerners pushed to expand their failed way of life in the West.

    They did? That was what the tin-foil hat crowd of the 1840s said, Abe Lincoln among them, but name a slave state or territory west of the Big Muddy except for TX.

  16. Excellent stuff, Don - particularly when the title looked so unpromising! :-)

    "The Monkees in DC won't cede power and give way to a new generation of leaders."

    It's worse than that. As an acquaintance of mine once remarked regarding a cobwebbed old Senator who had been in office forever, "He has usurped the contributions that could have been made by not one, but two generations." By the time the old coot agreed to step down, it was at three generations. That's one reason we need term limits - so these incompetent old coots can't usurp the contributions that could have been made by others, particularly younger others. But it's too late for the contributions we'll never get because of the old coots like that guy and the roster listed in the story.

    "The success of capitalism in the North showed that the slavery and feudalism of the South were a dead-end."

    That's pretty much the size of it, and the aristocratic feudalism of the South was a long-term threat to the Republic. But note also there was another factor. At the time of the founding, the "southern states" in total were more populous than were the "northern states" in total. But over the next 75 or so years, the population in the north grew by leaps and bounds as settlers and new immigrants populated the opening up "western" lands with farmsteads - while in the south the population stagnated, as the feudal system controlled all the new lands and there was little reason for settlers and/or new homesteading immigrants to go there. By 1860, the population of the north was something like four times that of the south - but the southern states basically continued to demand a 50/50 share in "the system." This eventually got to be too much.

    "Has America outlived its form of government?"

    Truth be told, I'm starting to think that that's a social question rather than a political one. Prof. Reynolds had something this morning which (by Don's sufferance" I may just dump in as text below). One of the catastrophic consequences of the 1960s was the discarding of what for lack of a better term we would call "basic social skills." I look around me and I worry more about that than anything - since without a population that has basic social skills, we can't have a republic. Children without basic social skills are worrisome, but adults (particularly adults in their 60s and 70s) without basic social skills are downright frightening.

    1. Here it is... check out Prof. Reynolds place around 7am today for the whole thing (including links)...

      FLASHBACK: SO MUCH OF THE CULTURE WE WERE FED IN THE SIXTIES WAS THE SAD BULLSHIT OF SELF-JUSTIFYING SOCIAL LOSERS: The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months.

      Then, on the eighth day, they spied a miracle on the horizon. A small island, to be precise. Not a tropical paradise with waving palm trees and sandy beaches, but a hulking mass of rock, jutting up more than a thousand feet out of the ocean. These days, ‘Ata is considered uninhabitable. But “by the time we arrived,” Captain Warner wrote in his memoirs, “the boys had set up a small commune with food garden, hollowed-out tree trunks to store rainwater, a gymnasium with curious weights, a badminton court, chicken pens and a permanent fire, all from handiwork, an old knife blade and much determination.” While the boys in Lord of the Flies come to blows over the fire, those in this real-life version tended their flame so it never went out, for more than a year.

      The kids agreed to work in teams of two, drawing up a strict roster for garden, kitchen and guard duty. Sometimes they quarrelled, but whenever that happened they solved it by imposing a time-out. Their days began and ended with song and prayer. Kolo fashioned a makeshift guitar from a piece of driftwood, half a coconut shell and six steel wires salvaged from their wrecked boat – an instrument Peter has kept all these years – and played it to help lift their spirits. And their spirits needed lifting. All summer long it hardly rained, driving the boys frantic with thirst. They tried constructing a raft in order to leave the island, but it fell apart in the crashing surf.

      Worst of all, Stephen slipped one day, fell off a cliff and broke his leg. The other boys picked their way down after him and then helped him back up to the top. They set his leg using sticks and leaves. “Don’t worry,” Sione joked. “We’ll do your work, while you lie there like King Taufa‘ahau Tupou himself!”

      They survived initially on fish, coconuts, tame birds (they drank the blood as well as eating the meat); seabird eggs were sucked dry. Later, when they got to the top of the island, they found an ancient volcanic crater, where people had lived a century before. There the boys discovered wild taro, bananas and chickens (which had been reproducing for the 100 years since the last Tongans had left).

      They were finally rescued on Sunday 11 September 1966. The local physician later expressed astonishment at their muscled physiques and Stephen’s perfectly healed leg. . . . It’s time we told a different kind of story. The real Lord of the Flies is a tale of friendship and loyalty; one that illustrates how much stronger we are if we can lean on each other.

      So why did William Golding write such a sad, depressing version of the same story?

      I first read Lord of the Flies as a teenager. I remember feeling disillusioned afterwards, but not for a second did I think to doubt Golding’s view of human nature. That didn’t happen until years later when I began delving into the author’s life. I learned what an unhappy individual he had been: an alcoholic, prone to depression; a man who beat his kids. “I have always understood the Nazis,” Golding confessed, “because I am of that sort by nature.” And it was “partly out of that sad self-knowledge” that he wrote Lord of the Flies.

      We got a lot of culture largely based on the “sad self-knowledge” of people who were psychological and moral outliers — social and moral losers, as I say — but who fancied themselves representative of humanity and who managed to sell that self-justifying delusion to the rest of society. The costs were significant.

    2. Wonder how much the real "Lord of the flies" boys were influenced by Judeo-Christian culture and upbringing ?
      The '60's made a mess of that in our country, It's not gone, but the boomer holy trinity is
      "Me,Myself,and I." Cue Lennon's "Imagine".

    3. Maybe back here in conus. Not so much close to Laos.

  17. We buried 600,000 young men because old men were too stubborn to compromise.

    It’s not so much that they wouldn’t compromise, it’s that their “compromise” was the same kind of compromise that RINOs today try to pass as compromise: giving in completely to Democrats. The old men at the “peace conference” between Lincoln’s victory and his inauguration (described in Mark Tooley’s “The Peace That Almost Was: The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War”) “compromised” by proposing that slavery be allowed to spread into the territories.

  18. The result was the destruction of the South and a civil rights mess than took a century to clean up.

    It will never be solved, it's a biological problem beyond the realm of politics. What has been laid on is a temporary patch consisting of government-forced mass subsidization of blacks by whites. As the nation declines and the number of third-worlders increases this subsidy will become untenable. There is a direct line between attempting to solve the black question and the mass migration that has destroyed the old America, open borders being driven by the obsession to prove racial blindness that started with the "Civil Rights" movement. America has committed suicide defending the myth of racial equalism.