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Monday, January 03, 2022

National Review goes woke

National Review did some Frank Drebin reporting on Grove City College. Megan Basham of the Daily Wire, a real journalist, called NR out.

(Drebin was the character Leslie Nielsen played in the Police Squad TV show and the Naked Gun movies. He's best known for saying, "Nothing to see here. Please disperse.")

NR's story began, "On November 10, a petition emerged online alleging that Grove City College, a Christian and historically conservative institution in western Pennsylvania, was being threatened by critical race theory. The petition cites a 2020 presentation by author Jemar Tisby, a single elective course offered at the college, and questionable statements allegedly made by GCC’s director of multicultural initiatives as tantamount to 'threatening the academic and spiritual foundations that make the school distinctly Christian.'

"The petition gained hundreds of signatures, and the issue garnered coverage from American Reformer and The Daily Wire, as well as a plethora of articles and YouTube videos, all aimed at answering the question: Has Grove City gone woke? As a current Grove City student and a journalist who covers ideological trends on college campuses, I believe the question is well worth investigating. Any honest consideration, however, requires intellectual consistency that has in some cases been lacking."

After reading that, I asked myself, if it is not a story, why is National Review running it?

Then I remembered.

It's National Review.

The issue in question is using the chapel and classes to push CRT. One of the tenets of CRT is that white churches supported slavery and therefore Christianity is evil. The Christian church literally led the abolition of slavery in America. The Battle Hymn of the Republic is just that: a hymn.

A student at Grove City wrote the NR piece. He said, "I write because conservatives have long defended the values of free speech and open inquiry on campus. We know the importance of defending such speech against leftist attempts at censorship. But we should also defend speech against any attempt to suppress it from our own side. In the skirmish over CRT on my college campus, there are three conservative principles that some of Grove City’s critics seem to have forgotten."

Thanks, sonny, for telling me what I should believe in, but conservatism is not suicidal. CRT uses white guilt and black nationalism to peddle communism, which opposes free speech.

50 years ago, it was an amusing indulgence at Harvard Law school. Today, it is an existential threat to our freedom because it seeks to make the Constitution illegitimate because white men wrote it. CRT is used to suppress free speech. Screw CRT and its advocates because as I said, conservatism is not suicidal.

He also said Grove City, a Christian college, is obligated to show the other side. That obligation ended when the Supreme Court ended prayer in taxpayer-funded schools. That ended whatever imaginary reciprocal agreement NR believes in.

Basham took to Twitter to correct NR.

She tweeted, "Having reported on the dustup at Grove City, I can tell you that this essay at National review is disturbingly disingenuous.

"Not one of the parents or faculty members I spoke to brought up any concerns with Warren Throckmorton’s personal views. Certainly none suggested he should be penalized for them. He isn’t mentioned in the petition.

"Yet this essay spends a significant amount of time on him.

"The concern about chapel speakers wasn’t limited to Tisby. There was a series of speakers, including the school chaplain, who echoed his views in a venue that is intended for spiritual instruction, not critical consideration and debate of ideas.

"And no countervailing ideas were every presented in the chapel setting.

"Also, while Tisby didn’t work for Kendi at the time of his visit, his CRT advocacy was well known as he'd already published pieces like this in the NYT: 'Is the White Church Inherently Racist? (Published 2020).'

"The Education 290 class featured ONLY 3 extreme pro-CRT books with no ideas to counter them. It promised (via posters showing raised BLM-style fists) to teach students to be 'actively anti-racist.'

"The final underlined advocacy intentions, asking students to design a community project aimed at racial reconciliation in the hope that they would be carried out (this is not critical engagement with ideas).

"This, combined with the fact that three of the staffers involved in these activities are on the diversity council should be viewed as reasonable to raise alarm bells."


National Review renounced conservatism when it joined CNN, NYT, and every other circus clown in the media in opposing Trump. Its Against Trump issue was the hill it chose to die on. RIP.

But the money still flows from donors and so NR hobbles along as some sort of Weekend At Bernie's for conservatives.

The Daily Wire is among those who have swept into the void and is doing quite well. Let NR stand athwart history and yell stop. Conservatives are making history now.

This must bug NR staffers no end. And so they stood athwart the effort to end CRT at a Christian college.

And were run over by a real journalist.


  1. NR, Bulwark, et al. all trash.

    1. Yes, no reason to read or to donate to any of them. Fake conservatives.

    2. This may be somewhat off-topic, but I invite LuAnn to check out a cross border blog, Blazing Cat Fur, which looks at the politics of both our countries from the same perspective found here. It features numerous articles posted around the clock, a lively cohort of opinionated followers, and even runs Donald Trump, Jr.'s Twitter feed. It's at

    3. Is NR pro pedo like the Lincoln Project? Birds of a feather...

  2. Replies
    1. Not Reviewable. A football term which means, basically, that a referee can make a call that is wrong SIX WAYS TO SUNDAY but neither coach has the statutory authority to challenge the ruling.

      Well, that’s not technically true. A coach can decide to just quit the field. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID, LIKE, TEN YEARS AGO.

  3. "The petition cites a 2020 presentation by author Jemar Tisby, a single elective course offered at the college, and questionable statements allegedly made by GCC’s director of multicultural initiatives as tantamount to 'threatening the academic and spiritual foundations that make the school distinctly Christian."

    I am surprised GCC would have a "director of multicultural initiatives". Since it is a private institution unencumbered by government intrusion, why would they bother?

    1. "Since it is a private institution unencumbered by government intrusion, why would they bother?"

      Because if they even get "indirect" federal funding (such as by taking "federal" student aid payments ladled out to students who enroll there), then the feds can boss them around and require them to have cr*p like that.

      That's one reason that Hillsdale College refuses to take any-and-all federal aid, even if indirect; it's the only way for a school to be "unencumbered by government intrusion."

      (N.b. - Another instance of government control without government ownership - in other words, more socialist fascism...)

    2. Snowgander, thanks for the reply. I was under the impression that Grove City operated under the same rules as Hillsboro. I remember a number of years ago Grove City had some major lawsuit with the Feds. Maybe they gave in?

  4. Here's an idea for a ra ial reconcilation program:

    "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You."

    A radi al idea, but it might just work.

  5. Has NR descended so Low that, other than it’s long time core of never Trump writers, the only new writers they can attract are still in school?

    I guess that’s all they can afford to pay for - interns.

    1. They are moving quickly towards oblivion. The Weekly Standard awaits your company.

  6. To the NR I say "Bullwark,!" er Bravo Sierra. both describe Bovine excrement.

  7. If we're talking honesty, Southern churches preached discrimination before and after the Civil War.

  8. I had no idea NR was still around.

  9. The only NR alumni that are good are Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson.

    Ok, Derb. Did I miss anyone?

  10. National Rebuke would be a better name for it.

  11. Father of two current Grove City students, here; Grove City led the way to the Supreme Court and still does not accept federal aid, even via student financial aid. That is one of the main complaints of the parents and alumni - why refuse federal aid to avoid the newest Marxist, destructive strategy of each era only to participate in the most destructive, racist trends of my lifetime.
    The diversity council will certainly chill academic freedom and open discourse on the campus as these groups always do as no one wants to be accused of a micro-aggression or expression of insensitivity.
    A video is available from a GCC event where other than Caucasian students sat on stools, on stage, and discussed their experiences of 'feeling' this way and that during social interactions on campus.
    Hold your tongues, educators and fellow students.


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