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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Highlights of the News

You Tube withdrew the withdrawal video.


ITEM 1: Florida state legislator Anthony Sabatini tweeted, "Florida begins Legislative Session TOMORROW.  We must pass:

  • -Mandatory E-Verify
  • -Constitutional Carry
  • -Heartbeat Bill
  • -2020 Audit
  • -Ban ALL social media censorship
  • -Ban transgender surgeries on children
  • -Ban Capitol Police from Florida
  • -Ban ALL private sector vax & mask mandates"

Sounds like a good plan. Is West Virginia Legislature listening?

ITEM 2: The Hill reported, "Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will not be attending the voting rights speech by President Biden and Vice President Harris on Tuesday due to a scheduling conflict."

Unless it is a Waste Watchers meeting, she had no reason not to reschedule.

Shows you how unpopular he is among Democrats in Georgia. Abrams doesn't want to be seen with him ahead of the primary.

ITEM 3: The Post Millennial reported, "Speaking to Good Morning America, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky confirmed that 'the overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities, so these are people who were unwell to begin with.'

"These comments come as questions are being raised about the data collected and parsed by the CDC, with concerns about the gap between those who died with COVID as opposed to those who died because of COVID. There have been concerns that those who died from other causes, but also had COVID at the time of death, have had their deaths attributed to COVID."

Bad data and bad medical advice.

Fire and prosecute.

ITEM 4AP reported, "A group of North Carolina voters told state officials on Monday they want U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn disqualified as a congressional candidate, citing his involvement in last January’s rally in Washington questioning the presidential election outcome before a Capitol riot later that day."

11 people want the Republican removed.

Remember two seconds ago when Democrats were for democracy? 

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "Former Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov, a known Biden family business associate, was detained Saturday on suspicion of treason, according to an announcement from the Kazakhstan National Security Committee, a body he chaired until this past week.

"Local media report at least 164 people have died as a result of riots that broke out Jan. 2 following an increase in fuel prices."

Kazakhstan's criminal justice system is better than our laptop-ignoring FBI. 

ITEM 6: News Busters reported, "On Sunday’s This Week, former Clinton administration hack turned anchor George Stephanopoulos and ABC chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz decided to trash the United States Military by implying it's filled with extremists."

ABC-Disney is just following orders. The Biden administration wants to purge the military of those who voted for Trump.

ITEM 7Quartz reported, "Early in the covid-19 pandemic, Karex Berhad, the Malaysian company that makes one out of every five condoms sold worldwide, said it was bracing for double-digit growth in demand. The rationale was understandable: governments were asking people to work from home, after all, and no one wanted to have children during these uncertain times, Goh Miah Kiat, Karex’s chief executive, said in March 2020.

"Instead, Karex’s sales have dropped 40% over the past two years, Goh said in a recent interview with Nikkei—to the extent that Karex, which ordinarily produces 5.5 billion condoms a year, is starting to manufacture rubber gloves to boost its revenues. You’d assume, he said, that people at home 'had nothing [to do] but have sex, right?' But covid-19 upended this expectation, just as it did so many others. Having safe, recreational sex during the pandemic was, it turned out, not easy when the world was being locked down."

Behold the power of Tour of Duty.

UPDATE 11-14-2002I stumbled upon your article:

I can see you inserted a link reference to:

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Please correct this reference ASAP, to the original one:

We have spent years surveying and collecting data, which has also made us an Official Statista Partner for the dataset (see attached screenshot). So getting credits for this is important to us.

Will you please make sure to use the original reference instead?

ITEM 8: The Atlantic reported, "Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done.’"

Spoiler alert: We are not pincushions.

ITEM 9: Fox reported, "MSNBC guest complains more sitcoms don’t include Covid-19 in plotlines, have ‘wished’ pandemic away."


Who knew that covid was a barrel of laughs?

ITEM 10: Polygon reported, "Peacock has released the first trailer for Bel-Air, the one-hour series based on the hit ’90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"Set in contemporary America, the trailer recounts the early days of Will’s (Jabari Banks) journey to Los Angeles, from his fateful confrontation on the streets of his hometown of West Philly, his subsequent arrest, to arriving at doors of his uncle Phil’s (Adrian Holmes) palatial mansion and meeting his estranged cousin Carlton (Olly Sholotan). Familiar names and events aside, the differences in tone between the old series and Bel-Air could not be more starkly apparent."

Comedy is difficult to write. Melodrama is easy.

The Bugs Bunny reboot will make "Les Misérables" seem like a Three Stooges short.

ITEM 11: American Wire reported, "Washington Post deletes tweet about Biden going to funerals not being ‘best use of his time.’"

The best use of his time would be writing a letter of resignation.

ITEM 12: Elizabeth Warren tweeted, "What happens when only a handful of giant grocery store chains like Kroger dominate an industry? They can force high food prices onto Americans while raking in record profits. We need to strengthen our antitrust laws to break up giant corporations and lower prices."

Conrad Black tweeted, "The Left demands more regulation, which eliminates competition from smaller businesses who can't afford the lawyers, lobbyists and compliance departments needed to survive, then calls for more regulation to crack down on the quasi-monopolies the initial regulatory burden created."

Regulation is a barrier to competition. Economics 101.

Big business means bigger government. Politics 101.

ITEM 13NBC reported, "Los Angeles police at the scene of a plane crash Sunday pulled a bloodied pilot to safety seconds before a train smashed into the wreckage.

"The crash of the single-engine Cessna 172 on tracks near county-run Whiteman Airport, a one-runway facility in L.A.'s northeastern San Fernando Valley, put its injured pilot in a precarious position as a double-decker commuter train barreled in its direction shortly after 2 p.m., authorities said."

God bless the LAPD.

ITEM 14: Manhattan real estate heir Robert Durst completed his life sentence for the murder of Susan Berman.

He was 78.

ITEM 15: American Wire reported, "Adams cites ‘serious problem with white supremacy’ in NYC to justify hiring brother for personal security."

Increasingly, racial justice means it's our turn.

ITEM 16The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Fauci's division of the National Institutes of Health paid over $200,000 during the coronavirus pandemic for researchers to study why transgender women have high rates of HIV by injecting male monkeys with female hormones."

Follow the science?

No, follow the money.

ITEM 17: The Hill reported, "Cheney confirms she told Jim Jordan on Jan. 6 'Get away from me. You f---ing did this.'"

Cheney drops F-bomb in the halls of Congress. A headline ripped from 2004.

ITEM 18: PJ Media reported, "Feds Blew $100 Billion on Extra Hospital Beds, Got FEWER Hospital Beds."

Who got the contracts?

ITEM 19Accu Weather reported, "Bitter cold and high pressure sent temperatures plunging well below zero across the Upper Midwest and northern Plains Monday morning. Monday morning's temperatures in Minnesota were on par with temperatures measured at the North Pole; International Falls, dropped down to -22 F, while Duluth fell to -18 F."

Must be climate change because Minnesota was always a tropical paradise, right?

FINALLY, the Post Millennial reported, "Project Veritas releases military documents that contradict Fauci's sworn testimony on gain of function research."

Hang down your head T. Fauci
Hang down your head and wail
Hang down your head T. Fauci
Poor boy, you're bound for jail