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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Highlights of the News

Bidenzuela, where the shelves are as empty as Joe Biden's head. (After his press conference, I no longer think his dementia is an act.)

ITEM 1: Federal News Network reported, "A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that the Biden Administration cannot enforce its vaccine mandate for federal employees, issuing an injunction that halts the requirement nationwide.

"Judge Jeffrey Brown found the president had no legal authority to require feds to get vaccinated, saying that while he has broad power over federal employment policies, those authorities aren’t sweeping enough to justify the September executive order that implemented the requirement."

Trump judge.

Once vaccinated, you cannot get unvaccinated. Good decision.

ITEM 2: Two days after falsely reporting Maskgate at the Supreme Court, NPR had the nerve to report: "What the Joe Rogan podcast controversy says about the online misinformation ecosystem."

Liars hate competition.

Defund NPR, PBS, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The First Amendment is no guarantee of public money.

ITEM 3: Life News reported, "As many as 100,000 or more pro-life Americans marched in the bitter cold Friday in Washington, D.C., hoping and praying that states soon will be allowed to protect unborn babies again.

"The 2022 March for Life had a strong spirit of hope as the U.S. Supreme Court considers overturning Roe v. Wade through a Mississippi case that it heard in December."

I pray next year's is a celebration of life.

Born at last! Born at last! Thank God almighty they are born at last!

ITEM 4: The Grand Fork Herald reported, "The University of North Dakota stops work on proposed gender inclusion policy."

The story said, "In a message released on the morning of Friday, Jan. 21, UND President Andrew Armacost announced the decision to cease work on the policy. Armacost wrote that uncertainties exist about the consequences of not following the draft policy’s guidance on using preferred pronouns on campus for students, faculty and staff. Under that proposed policy, intentionally misgendering a person could be seen as an act of discrimination."

The story also said, "When the policy first was proposed, Christopher Dodson, the Catholic Conference’s executive director, wrote that some universities are enacting policies that are hostile to the Catholic religion, and thereby impose 'flawed ideologies on students but also restrict their rights to free speech and religion.' Dodson specifically referenced UND in the letter.

"In a Friday morning message, Dodson commended the move to stop work on the policy. Dodson wondered if the policy could have led to students of different birth genders being housed together."

It's not inclusion when you keep out Catholics or any other group. It is exclusion. And I beg the LGBTQ+ community to understand that the Left is not trying to help you. They are trying to punish religion in general and Catholics in particular.

ITEM 5: Newsweek reported, "South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem revealed a new proposal aiming to ban all abortions in the state after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

"This legislation follows Texas' abortion law, which leaves enforcement up to private citizens instead of prosecutors and criminal charges, the Associated Press reported. Noem's proposed law would punish anyone aiding in an abortion with fines over $10,000 and makes no exception for rape or incest, although it stipulates that a man who commits such acts cannot sue."

If passed, will she sign it into law or veto it like she did the bill to protect girls sports?

ITEM 6: The Verge reported, "Chip manufacturer Intel will spend at least $20 billion on a new chip manufacturing site in New Albany, near Columbus, Ohio, the company announced. 

"The 1,000-acre location will initially play host to two chip factories, and is set to directly employ at least 3,000 people and tens of thousands more across suppliers and partners. 

"Construction is reportedly due to kick off this year, with the site becoming operational in 2025."

I had this yesterday, but a reader sent it, so I guess others may have missed it as well.

It will open in 2025, which means its first batch of chips will be shipped before the cargo ships in California are unloaded.

ITEM 7Yahoo reported, "By any objective measure, Biden ended the 12 months of his presidency at a low point. Two of his signature legislative goals, the Build Back Better social spending package and voting rights reform, have stalled in Congress — perhaps permanently. The coronavirus pandemic, which calmed significantly during the first few months of Biden’s tenure, is once again overwhelming hospitals across the country. And a spike in inflation has clouded what was in most other ways a year of extraordinary progress for the economy."

Not to mention Afghanistan and the border.

Which the nearly 1,500-word story managed to ignore.

ITEM 8: Reality bats last. Stocks are tanking and bonds died a long time ago.

A reader wrote, "I was in the investment business for 45 years.  I remember the 10-year Treasury bond yielding 14.30% (1982). What we have today are ignorant and stupid fools trying to guess which lump of sugar the fly will land on. Most of them probably have MBAs. What to do with money? I am clueless. I own some resource stocks and some pipelines -- for yield. And a lot of depreciating CASH. 

:We are painted into so many corners now. As Chevalier sang: I'm glad I'm not young anymore. 

"Thanks to 'education' most people under 50 are too dumb to worry. They will learn."

I remember 7% (or more) CDs in the 1980s. My last statement from the bank included 9 cents interest and a $9 fee for existing. This is why I put most of my money in the stock market.

What happens when it tanks?

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "Well-connected Democrat Tony Podesta raked in $1 million last year lobbying the Biden White House on behalf of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

"Podesta started work for Huawei in August as the company attempts to free itself of Trump administration-rallied restrictions on the brand."

He and his brother, John, are Democrat kingmakers so naturally they side with Red China and oppose making America great again.

ITEM 10The Daily Caller reported, "New York Times Refers To Women As ‘Menstruators’ For The First Time."

They are women. Period.

Perhaps I should re-phrase that.

ITEM 11: The Sun reported, "China brings back anal swab testing for Covid in world’s most brutal lockdown two weeks before Winter Olympics begin."

Those attending these dirty games deserve the indignity.

ITEM 12: Media-ite reported, "Aaron Rodgers is fine with seeking Covid advice from Joe Rogan, but the Green Bay Packers quarterback has no interest in being told ‘get vaccinated’ by President Joe Biden."

Biden began the feud by demanding publicly, "Tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine."

The courts have told Biden to shove it where the Red Chinese test for covid.

Rodgers said, "When you say stuff like that, and then you have the CDC, which, how do you even trust them, but then they come out and talk about 75% of the COVID deaths have at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set saying that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that’s not helping the conversation."

Cool. Calm. Collected. And correct.

ITEM 13: Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California visited the scene where thieves have robbed cargo off trains in recent weeks.

Via Fox, Newsom said, "I’m asking myself, what the hell is going on? It looked like a third world country, these images, the drone images that were on the nightly news."

He's bragging because he did this. He and his party turned the Golden State into a sewer.

ITEM 14: The Washington Times reported, "A pro-life advocacy group is pouring $72 million into key battleground states in a bid to elect pro-life candidates in the 2022 midterms.

"Mallory Carroll, vice president of communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, said during Friday’s March for Life in Washington that the organization believes the recent legal battles over restrictive abortion laws in Texas and Mississippi give pro-life candidates momentum heading into November’s races."

The states are North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. 

SBA has a far better track record than the anti-life Emily's List that the media fawns over.

ITEM 15: Breitbart reported, "A plurality of global fund managers expect both the Senate and the House of Representatives will come under Republican control after the midterm elections, according to BofA’s first fund manager survey of the year.

"35% of investors surveyed believe Republicans will win control of both houses of Congress this November, according to a Bank of America client note. Around 20% believe the GOP will win control of the Senate, with Democrats holding on to the House. Around 15% say the GOP will capture the House but leave Democrats in control the Senate.

"Just 4% think Democrats will retain both the Senate and the House."

We shall see.

ITEM 16: CNBC reported, "Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm violated a stock disclosure law nine times last year."

But the FBI did not send a SWAT team and CNN to her house at dawn to arrest her. In fact, nothing will be done.

ITEM 17: The New York Post reported, "When severe winter storms started heading toward Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, earlier this week, this high school football coach didn’t just cancel the team’s scheduled weight lifting practice. 

"He also sent the athletes to shovel the driveways of their neighbors in need – for free. 

"In a tweet posted on Jan. 16, Bethel Park High School head football coach Brian DeLallo wrote: 'Due to expected severe weather, Monday’s weightlifting workout has been canceled. Find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway. Don’t accept any money – that’s our Monday workout.'

"DeLallo told Fox News Digital that having the football team shovel people’s driveways is something that his predecessor, former head coach Jeff Metheny, started the tradition more than 20 years ago."

He's not teaching them to be football players. He's teaching them to be men.


  1. “The courts have told Biden to shove it where the Red Chinese test for covid.”

    All well and good, Big D, but at this point the LibCommies are simply ignoring ANY ruling that is not in their favor. That cannot continue. CW2, folks.

    1. I can’t think of a single time the demoncrats have obeyed a law, much less the Constitution, in years. Does any sane person want CWII? No, but the fascists demoncrats do. Be ready, at this point, it is a fight for individual survival, as well as for America.

    2. As Elvis Costello’s first, prototypical New Wave album title put it, “My Aim Is True.” Well said, Ronald.

    3. Unfortunately Z's prediction is dead on . The left is blind to the " can of patriots " they are hell bent on opening .

    4. Item 13: Newsom and the sh1t hole he’s turned California into.

      Sundance at The Treehouse has had this pegged since before president oblowme and his sidekick Big Mike lied and sleazed their way into the White House.

    5. I don't see any Civil War II coming from our side. This ain't the Greatest Generation anymore, we're just a bunch of fat, lazy, complacent Baby Boomer assholes who are afraid of our own shadows but like to talk tough online.

  2. This, from Wayne Dupree. The look on Anderson Cooper's face (like a Poodle trying to pass a peach pit) is priceless.
    We are winning..

    1. Can we keep Xiden from taking us over the cliff before we can get back the house and senate? That is my fear.

    2. My concern exactly SL , to borrow from LuAnn : it is going to get badder and uglier .

  3. I don't recall writing Item 8, but I could have. Even the same 45 years. I wouldn't been as kind about the MBA's and all their "knowledge".

    1. Years ago, a friend who had built a small business selling products to churches, decided to sell it. He had good, personal relationships with all of his customers and kept customer records and notes on 3x5 cards in a file box. The company that purchased his business sent their MBAs to examine everything. They laughed at the card file box and said they plan to modernize the operation. It took two years for them to run it onto the ground. I'm guessing the first thing they did was to set up an answering machine with a welcome message stating how important the customers' calls are.

  4. Item 15: “Just 4% [of global fund managers] think Democrats will retain both the Senate and the House. Who are these morons and why are companies allowing them to control their investments?

    1. Those 4% manage the money of Dominion voting systems

  5. gavin newsome said the train robbing was gangs, then backtracked and apologized to the gangs and then said it was " organized groups of people" doing it. lol, are gangs among his preferred voter groups?

    1. It's the old Democrat response to disasters...some people did something.

    2. Politicians in many DemCong areas are allied with the criminal gangs for graft and influence.

    3. There is only one way to control looting and rioting ; it ain't gonna be pretty .

    4. Need to render some of those rioting looters sightless quadriplegics.

  6. Item 15: “Just 4% [of global fund managers] think Democrats will retain both the Senate and the House. Who are these morons and why are companies allowing them to control their investments?

    1. Employing moronic Ivy League grads in business and gubment is what has us our current state of affairs . I have yet to meet an exec without blue collar experience that has any grasp on long term consequences.

  7. ITEM 13: Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California visited the scene where thieves have robbed cargo off trains in recent weeks.

    1) How can people rob the cargo off trains? Why was it evidently easy to steal it? Isn’t the cargo secured, locked down, so it can’t be robbed? Or is it there for the taking? And if it is, WHY?

    2) Stealing all that stuff and discarding the packaging must have caused some commotion. Wasn’t anyone in the area aware of it?

    This whole thing has sounded fishy to me from the start.

    1. Yes they are locked. With stout padlocks. Television has taught them to steal large bolt cutters from hardware and big box stores. If caught they are out the same say. Television has taught them how to cut the padlocks off. If caught stealing the packages they are out on the street in time for the next train. Get a clue.

    2. After the train leaves the yard, they have to stop to allow an incoming train to pass. It is at these points that the thefts happen. The railroad needs to come up with a plan that has the loaded trains doing 60+ until they are out of California.
      Another method would be to make the tracks shoot to kill zones.

  8. 8 - I’m about 90% in stocks. Hoping those managing it have a clue. Their track record says yes, but in Bodenzuela, who knows. I don’t think I’d trust those 14% T-notes these days.

    10 - you can wipe that phrase out. With a napkin.

    12 - The more Rodgers speaks the more I like him.

  9. Bi-i-i-i-i-I-denzuela
    Where the shelves are as empty as Joe"s head
    Where inflation rates, leaves the proles irate
    Till the interest is jacked up by the FED

  10. Item 8 - This is your chance, Don. Convince your wife that buying a Bentley is an investment that is superior to stocks and bonds!!

    1. You may be on to something - see the story below about Nortel (which I should have put here). The Bentley may depreciate less (in real-dollar terms) than anything else.

  11. #12. The anal swab is necessary for Democrats because they have their heads up their asses.

  12. Item 17-Reminds me of the winter of 1978 in the Boston area. I was at boarding school, and no one could get in or out so classes were cancelled. We were given snow shovels and told to find houses whose driveways needed clearing.
    This is probably why I live in Texas now-LOL.

    1. My wife was at Bowling Green State University that winter and said coeds were jumping out of second and third story dorm windows - and living to tell! That’s how big the drifts were. You know, come to think about it, we’ve had on the East Coast at least a half dozen Snowmageddon events since then. Don’t sound like warming to me, Nawsir! But to hear the LibCommies, that’s only MORE evidence of the coming catastrophe. Sick fooks.

    2. Meh. When Snowgander was an undergrad, we jumped out of fourth-story windows into snowdrifts - repeatedly and enjoyably... :-)

    3. Growing up in Minnesota jumping out of a third story window into snow drifts was unthinkable. The drifts were never that low. The WCCO weatherman had to go all the way up to the top of the Foshay tower just to get a glimpse of the horizon.

  13. Cold. Too cold for curling...

    0 - As I said yesterday, anyone who has dealt with elderly persons suffering from serious dementia recognizes the whole thing in sniffy - and if were an act, he'd deserve an Academy Award... but he's always been too stupid to have that kind of acting ability.

    3 - I'm glad taht they got 100,000, but why exactly do they have this event in the dead (!) of winter? Except for the southern fringes, CONUS is usually frozen solid this time of year; the cold will cut down attendance (and the look provided by stronger numbers), and people trudging around in severe cold just always look like a beaten army being marched off to a POW camp. Why don't they have it in April or May and make is a joyous celebration of life along with the new life bursting out all over? Put flowers in your hair! Why give away this way to do it right? Don't make yourselves look like the remains of the Sixth Army being marched away as POWs from Stalingrad...

    6 - To repeat from yesterday, good for OH, but they'd have been better off getting something from TSMC or Samsung, who are the real leaders in the space these days; Intel has mismanaged itself into a swamp, can't get new technologies into manufacturing, and has fallen a couple of generations behind (and is now trying to use "marketing" to convince people that their behind-the-edge stuff is somehow just as good as what their better competitors are doing) - and they did this to themselves. (Another caution is that line-worker jobs at fabs don't necessarily pay that extravagantly; back in 1990s Oregon broke the state bank to give breaks for companies to build fabs ("for the jobs") and found out that they had lots of lower-paying fab jobs but none of the high-paying engineering jobs (which remained elsewhere).

    8 - I don't know if this counts as "tanking" (at least 10% down is required to be called a correction), but drops lately have quickly been erased - because equities make about as good a hedge against inflation as there is. We're getting into situations now where the objective won't be to make (in real dollars) money, but to keep the losses in value to the minimum. Cash tends not to do well in this kind of environment, ergo equities are about the best you can do.

    13 - How do they rob cargo off moving trains?

    14 - Susan B. Anthony was one of the early suffragettes - and the early suffragettes were VERY anti-abortion, on the grounds that the only winners from easy abortion would be irresponsible men. Funny how that worked out...

    15 - It's often forgotten that Huawei got off the ground and into the air by pilfering the intellectual property of Canada's once-great Northern Telecom ("Nortel"). There was a dark joke that circulated some years back that one Nortel guy was talking to another Nortel guy about how they had used their annual bonuses; the other guy put it in Nortel stock, while the storyteller bought beer; a year later, the guy who bought beer was ahead of the guy who bought Nortel stock, since his bottle-deposit value was higher than the other guy's Nortel stock.

    17 - That's laudable, and I hope it works out well for everyone. One reason I say that is that I've had a bunch of shocking incidents during my lifetime where I did something nice to help someone (such as plowing out their driveway after a big snowstorm), only to be informed afterward that my favor was now an obligation that I was going to be expected to meet going forward from there. There are a lot of great people in the world - but I have to say that sadly there really are a lot of clueless-ingrate turds...

    1. #13 I believe I read that the trains at times slow down and even stop sometimes due to traffic problems in sections of LA. Couldn't say for sure. Never been there.

    2. Yeah , but it is always good to hear about a class act molding our young folks .

    3. 6 - The engineering jobs have always been here - most all of the chip design work has always been done in the US.

      A chip factory will have some production engineering jobs of course.

  14. #1 Kristi Noem is still trying to remake her image after her fumble with girls' sports. The worst part of that mess was her explanation afterwards. It didn't cut it.

    #11 I think TV commercials should endorse covid anal swab kits for those watching the Olympics at home.

    #13 Newsome is actually more concerned with appearances created by the train fiasco than he is the theft and destruction. He's such a lightweight.

    1. You noticed that Newsome walked around with an EMPTY trash bag. Just a photo op accomplishing nothing.

    2. Mandatory anal swabs for all Biden voters!

    3. Would you have to remove your butt plug to use the anal swab??? No, no, not me...Asking for a friend...

  15. Refers To Women As ‘Menstruators’

    So, after a 'menstruator' is 55 years old (or so) do they cease to exist? I mean, what would you call them THEN?

    1. The NYT is insane.

    2. Dad29, it depends on if you want to die a horrible painful death.

    3. Jeremy, I taught my wife how to shoot. It will be quick, maybe some pain.....

    4. Not if she doesn't want it to be.

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  17. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: His eyes not opening the same and that occasional death's head grin are dead giveaways.

    Now, since nobody wants Chlamydia or the Ice Cream Queen, do we still do 25th Amendment or do we start going after the stolen election?

    For real.

    1: Make my day.

    3: We've had a half century of crazy (not just on abortion), thanks to Lefty Boomers (subverted by the KGB) and the Great Society.

    Past time for it to end.

    4: It's not inclusion when you keep out Catholics or any other group. It is exclusion. And I beg the LGBTQ+ community to understand that the Left is not trying to help you. They are trying to punish religion in general and Catholics in particular.

    We haven't had Know-Nothingism since the Civil War (Irish Brigade and all), although hatred of the Church (big mistake) lingers.

    As for the ΌΏΓΘ crowd, the ones who don't need to shove it down your throat (no pun), already know that.

    8: Thanks to 'education' most people under 50 are too dumb to worry. They will learn.

    Well, some will. The rest are in real trouble because some people just never learn.

    10: Droll.

    12: For some, athletic scholarship is not an oxymoron.

    14: Maybe those same people will straighten out the electoral chicanery, too.

    15: Be still, my beating heart.

  18. Look up the definition of psychosis on the government site - NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health):
    If you don't recognize Brandon as the poster person for psychosis, then look again or, just wait for his next public appearance or utterance.
    He should be back in his basement taking his meds instead of causing nothing but disaster for everyone else - like the negligent homicide in Afghanistan.

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