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Friday, January 21, 2022

Highlights of the News

FARM REPORT: U.S. had a record high yields of corn and soybean last year as carbon dioxide levels also rose.

AgWeb reported, "Just in corn, record yields occurred in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin.

"For soybeans, record high yields occurred in Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin."

Remember this should socialists fully take over the country and we run out of bread.

ITEM 1: The Kenosha News reported, "Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of gun, says he wants it destroyed."

His gun, his choice.

ITEM 2: Via Instapundit, this.

I held out hope that it was just an act, but it is dementia.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "The chief of staff for Virginia’s Loudoun County school district has been fired after a still-secret investigation into sexual assaults by a boy who was allowed to stay in classes, according to local reports.

"The troubled school district confirmed to local media this week that chief Mark Smith was no longer in the job — while also announcing a probe into the sex attacks had been wrapped, but would not be released.

"Asked about the end of Smith’s job, which he held for exactly a year, a spokesperson for the district would only tell the Loudoun Times-Mirror, 'The position is vacant.'

"However, sources confirmed to Loudoun Now that he was axed last week. He was also scrubbed from the school board’s website.

"His exit was directly linked to the independent investigation into sex assaults at high schools. Officials confirmed to 7News that the report had been completed, but was not going to be made public."

This was the boy in a skirt who raped a girl in the girls' restroom. Her father complained to the school board at a public meeting. The board had him arrested. Biden's administration labeled the man a domestic terrorist.

The real terrorist is a sick chief of staff who covers up such crimes. They moved the boy to another school. He did the same thing. 

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin should make the report public.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "A 57-year-old disabled Tongan man has been hailed as a real life Aquaman for reportedly swimming roughly 27 hours straight after being swept out to sea during the devastating tsunami.

"Lisala Folau told local radio station Broadcom Broadcasting that he was painting his home on the tiny island of Atata on Saturday night when his brother alerted him about the tsunami after the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano, the Guardian reported.

"He said his brother and a nephew came to his aid as waves crashed into his home."

He can barely walk. The Lord was watching over him.

ITEM 5: NBC reported, "TV reporter struck by car during live broadcast gracefully rebounds to finish shot."

That was Tori Yorgey, a reporter for NBC affiliate WSAZ of Huntington, West Virginia. Takes more than an SUV to stop a West Virginian.

She said, "You know that’s live TV for ya! It’s all good! I actually got hit by a car in college, too, just like that. I am so glad I’m OK!" 

ITEM 6: USA Today reported, "'Corporate-sanctioned racism'? How war on critical race theory spread from schools to big business."

The story said, "America's culture wars have come to cubicles and corner offices across the country.

"From critical articles in right-leaning publications to legislation in statehouses, conservatives are taking aim at how racism is taught, not just in schools but in private companies. Their rallying cry: critical race theory."

We were told in the 1960s that the left wanted equality.

They lied.

ITEM 7: The New York Times reported, "The Most Exciting Sporting Event in the World Is Happening Right Now."

No it's not.

It's soccer. You know, live action foosball.

ITEM 8: Fox reported, "Chris Cuomo said he advised actor Alec Baldwin not to publicly speak out about cancel culture while the journalist’s brother, Andrew Cuomo, was facing a sexual misconduct trial.

"Beginning in late 2020, a scandal broke out for Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, when he was accused of sexual misconduct. He eventually stepped down from his position but insisted that he did no wrong.

"Chris Cuomo, the former CNN presenter, admitted to advising his brother amid the scandal and utilized his media connections to try to aid the politician.

"In his testimony – video of which was released on Thursday – the 51-year-old also revealed that he advised Baldwin, who knows both brothers, not to speak out on cancel culture amid the scandal." 

Cuomo should have advised him not to shoot camerawomen.

Oh and the family of Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum, one of 13 servicemen killed by Biden's surrender of Afghanistan, are suing Baldwin for $25 million for defaming them.

ITEM 9: The New York Times reported, "Intel has selected Ohio for a new chip manufacturing complex that would cost at least $20 billion, ramping up an effort to increase U.S. production of computer chips as users grapple with a lingering shortage of the vital components.

"Intel said the new site near Columbus would initially have two chip factories and would directly employ 3,000 people, while creating additional jobs in construction and at nearby businesses, a person with knowledge of the matter said. But that is likely to be just the beginning."


We have no business doing business with Red China.

By the way, ESPN is not sending reporters to cover the Red Chinese Olympics. Maybe that is Disney's retaliation for Red China banning four Disney comic book superhero movies.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "Biden said Thursday the Democratic Party was united despite a high-profile rift with two senators that blocked sweeping voting-rights legislation a day earlier."

Just 10 days ago he called them segregationists.

ITEM 11The Washington Post reported, "The Federal Reserve is taking the next step in weighing whether to launch a U.S. digital currency, issuing a report Thursday that explores the potential benefits and drawbacks of such a move without indicating where it will land."

In Gates we trust.

Don't do it.

ITEM 12: The Texas Tribune reported, "The U.S. Supreme Court denied on Thursday abortion providers’ latest request to intervene in the ongoing legal challenge against Texas’ restrictive abortion law, cutting off one of their few remaining paths to a speedy victory. 

"The case is currently before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which sent the case to the Texas Supreme Court. That is expected to add months to the legal proceedings. Abortion providers were hoping the U.S. Supreme Court would direct the 5th Circuit to send the case to federal district court, where a judge previously blocked the law."

Reversing Roe v. Wade outright would make the matter moot.

ITEM 13: AP reported, "Just 16% think Biden’s presidency has made the country more united; 43% think it’s more divided."

I don't know. He seems to be uniting people into opposing him.

ITEM 14: Samuel Moyn is Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale Law School and Professor of History at Yale University.

He is no fan of Thomas Friedman of the New York Times or his most recent column, "Putin to Ukraine: ‘Marry Me or I’ll Kill You.’"

Moyn tweeted to Matt Taibbi, the renegade lefty journo, "Count of metaphors in one column: a whopping thirteen, *none of which have anything to do with each other*. Putin ends up an amputated ex-boyfriend peasant thug eating Ukraine in a tree, killing cows and threatening marriage between bites."

Taibbi had a lot of fun mocking Friedman's over-the-top writing style.

ITEM 15: But Taibbi missed the substance of Friedman's column, which is really horrifying because it reflects the thinking (such as it is) of the Democrat Party.

Friedman wrote, "I don’t weep for Putin. He is the human embodiment of one of the oldest Russian fables: A Russian peasant pleads to God for aid after he sees that his better-off neighbor has just obtained a cow. When God asks the peasant how he can help, the peasant says, 'Kill my neighbor’s cow.'

"The last thing that Putin wants is a thriving Ukraine that joins the European Union and develops its people and economy beyond Putin’s underperforming, autocratic Russia. He wants Ukraine to fail, the E.U. to fracture and America to have Donald Trump as president for life so we’ll be in permanent chaos.

"Putin would rather see our cow die than do what it takes to raise a healthy cow of his own. He’s always looking for dignity in all the wrong places. He’s rather pathetic — but also armed and dangerous."

Dismissing Putin's concerns as being jealous of Ukrainian success is a good way to wind up in a war. We have no business adding Ukraine to NATO because that puts us -- and don't kid anyone, NATO is the United States -- on Russia's border.

Russia has legitimate concerns, just as it did 43 years ago when it invaded Afghanistan. Democrats urged Reagan to arm the Afghans. Next thing you know, the Taliban replaced the Soviets and we wound up with 9/11 followed by 20 years of war and occupation.


  1. What if Joe Mama started a war and none of his troops showed up?

    1. It really does seem like. Now we even have Soviet-style empty shelves.

    2. unfortunately, or fortunately, our troops are still against all attempts to the contrary fully competent and dedicated. they will follow orders, sadly. btw,we already have troops in ukraine on a training mission.

    3. AS Tucker said last night, why should the U.S. get involved with a war in Ukraine? The troops would follow orders, but still there would be no purpose to it. It would only embolden and strengthen China.

    4. As I se this the real tripwire will be the Crimean Peninsula. Sebastopol. Warm water ports. Was Russian for centuries.
      And, NATO will fight to the last American

    5. Sir Doug, respectfully, do you have any progeny? Or am I missing your razor sharp sarcasm?

    6. I wonder how the pregnant and Trans troops will hold up in battle? Will they have to worry about miley calling putin in advance?

  2. Did you know it is only @ 450 miles from Kiev to Moscow? Did you know that the UK just sent weapons to Ukraine?

    Do you want Russia or China putting weapons in Canada or Mexico?

  3. So Friedman says Putin thinks and acts like a Democrat.

  4. Item 15: “Friedman wrote, ‘The last thing that Putin wants is a thriving Ukraine that joins the European Union and develops its people and economy beyond Putin’s underperforming, autocratic Russia.’” I think we can pretty much assume that anything Thomas Friedman writes is a lie. Ukraine is not “thriving.” Its per-capita GDP is roughly a quarter of Russia’s, mainly due to Russia having oil resources that Ukraine doesn’t have. About a third of Russia’s income is from oil, so at the same time FJB is threatening Putin with sanctions, he’s propping up Putin by destroying American oil production and backing the Nord Stream pipeline.

    Putin is rattling swords over Ukraine simply because he doesn’t want American missiles on Russia’s border, and that’s exactly what he would get if Ukraine were allowed to join NATO. This is a reasonable concern. After all, we would not like banks of Russian missiles installed from Tijuana to Matamoros. What’s more, NATO doesn’t even want Ukraine to join. The small, corrupt nation would be a huge liability, and European armies simply are not going to put their troops at risk over a conflict there.

    In case you missed Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night in this very subject, here’s the video and transcript:

    Also, David Archibald’s article in American Thinker makes a good argument that Russia will not invade Ukraine. I don’t know the author’s creds, and I’m certainly not well-versed on the politics of the region, but his article makes sense to me:

    1. Friedman is a joke. He’s been wrong almost as much as Krugman. I wound read his articles anymore. Usually, he brags of his globetrotting and perhaps he learned this from his taxi driver while heading from Kiev to Lviv.

      Correct Randy. The Ukraine is corrupt. It must lead the world in the production of bought foreign politicians and their families.

    2. 😂😂😂. Friedman’s taxi drivers actually got built into the spoof site! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. re: item #1 - Our ability to grow food tops measures to combat "climate change." I'd rather eat.

  6. #2 - Dementia yes, but I still see flashes of evil in Brandon.

    1. That’s his innate character. It is coming through. The family I’ve had with dementia turned angry at times as well as paranoid. Also, their inner nature came through a lot. Xiden is deep down evil.

    2. The evil was there for decades. The dementia means he hides it less.

    3. The evil never left FJB's soul.

    4. I am most definitely in agreement with Jeremy's statement . The longer his " regime " is in control of the Executive Branch the farther down the toilet our Republic goes . Correction will be lengthy and uglier in proportion to how long the pretenders are in power .

  7. re: # 8 Sue Baldwin into oblivion.

    #9 Bring manufacturing home. Decouple from China. Hurt them in the pocketbook. China needs western consumers to buy their junk.

  8. re # 4 - God certainly does work in mysterious ways and when he needs to.

  9. re: the U.S. getting a digital currency: It might make sense at some point for the U.S. and other countries to do this because they will want control for spending and especially taxation purposes. Crypto currencies at this point give the users an opportunity to hide income.

    1. Hell no. They will be able to track all of our spending. They will “lose” accounts of those the seem dissidents. The current level of corruption in the federal government would make this a disaster.

    2. I agree totally with you, but I still think they will try.


      Tried by government and failed re: bitcoin economy.

  10. "Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin should make the report public."
    For what purpose Don?

    1. I'm not Don but I'll share my opinion.
      They should make this report public in order to clean this rat's nest out entirely. Only person has been fired over this travesty. There were several others involved and permitted/facilitated it.

    2. Isn't firing him but not making the report public just like removing the quote boy unquote from one school and sending him to another? These problems need the disinfectant of sunshine!

    3. Isn't firing him but not making the report public just like removing the quote boy unquote from one school and sending him to another? These problems need the disinfectant of sunshine!

  11. Don, I'm 72 years old and I can assure you the left has NEVER wanted equal, but they have always been big on separate. As that famous Democrat George Wallace proudly stated "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever"

  12. #12 Jacobson at Legal Insurrection today has a good theory on Federal court dance steps on the democrat-Nazi-KKK-kill-more-black+brown-babies lawsuit against Texas' Unborn Citizen Law of Right to Life.

    Looks t/b foot-dragging until June, when SCOTUS hears the MS anti-Child Slaughter lawsuit that could overturn BurgerCourt's pneumbra-farting-rainbow Roe V Wade unconstitutional ruling.

  13. You know Don, Friedman's Putin reminds one of BLM and their jealousy of the white community. Right?

    1. friedman is completely off base. and putin will not invade/take over the ukraine in whole. he has no interest in supporting millions of hungry poor ukrainians. he will take the eastern regions of russian speaking people. that area pays the bills for the rest, and the biden mafia has been milking them for years. they elected a russia leaning prez that hillary/cia overthrew to keep the graft going. her son in law had his entire fortune invested in the ukrainian steel industry. kerry, pelosi, clinton and biden all have their hands in the till along with their progeny.

    2. I recommend following the link and reading Matt Taibbi’s takedown of the article.

    3. Good recommendation. The article has interesting links in it too. My favorite link is the 10-second video of Putin talking (in Russian, with English subtitles) about whacking people in outhouses.

  14. 8 - public relations consultant Fredo Coumo’s two clients are doing quite well for themselves. Fredo’s dumber brother and Baldwin are at peak popularity. I wonder if he has a third client - the VP.

  15. #15 NATO is already on Russia's border - Estonia and Latvia are member states and directly border Russia. Russia wants NATO out of ALL former Warsaw Pact countries, including Romania and Bulgaria which do not directly border Russia. There are 14 countries who were geographically part of the Warsaw Pact who are also current NATO members.

  16. FARM REPORT - Record corn yield in New York state as well? This morning, it looks like all the magic CO2 has joined the exodus out of the state, as it was a record-breaking morning across northern NY:

    Location New Record Old Record
    Saranac Lake -30 -27 (2005)
    Massena -29 -27 (2005)
    Plattsburgh -19 -16 (1984)

    God says: "I froze NY."

    2 - Don, glad you're now on board that it was never an act, and that he really is demented. Anyone who has ever dealt with an elderly person who was suffering from (worsening) dementia can recognize it. If he were acting, he would deserve an Academy Award - and he's just never been bright enough to be that good an actor.

    6 - The left has always only wanted absolute power - by any means... and they signed on with the general plan of getting there by eliminating basic social skills from society.

    9 - Better for WV in that space would be TSMC and/or Samsung; Intel has mismanaged itself into stagnation and the second tier - unable to get new technologies into manufacturing and falling two generations behind the competition (and it's their own fault).

    14/15 - One thing I've noticed in the discussions above is... what do the Ukrainians actually want? Having been there a lot, they don't want to be part of Russia for a lot of reasons. I've mentioned before the Ukraine is historically more connected with Poland and Lithuania (as a language, Ukrainian is much closer to Polish and Slovak than it is to Russian) - but it was essentially pilfered by Russia in 1648 after Khmelnitsky's rebellion overthrew Polish rule, since Russia told Khmelnitsky that he didn't "rank" and could only be vassal of the tsar, not an ally... take it or leave it. This arrangement was sealed in 1709 at Poltava.

    I'm rather puzzled at the solicitiousness with which so many people wish to treat Putin - he's a bully and a thug who is trying to put the old Russian Empire back together, but Russia is weak, poor, and fading demographically (the Indonesian island of Java has a larger population than does all of Russia). The eastern European countries that suffered under Soviet domination want no part of being reincorporated into a revived "Warsaw Pact" sphere-of-influence. We have no business doing to them what Chamberlain and Daladier did to Czechoslovakia at Munich in 1938. Good, strong diplomacy would be enough to do this. (And note also that Russia has a long history - both pre-soviet and during-soviet - of demanding buffer states to its west, then eventually annexing those buffer states, and then demanding new buffer states - lather, rinse, repeat. Look how far Stalin was able to push that.)

    1. 9 - Sorry, should have said OH rather than WV; comment otherwise unaffected though.

  17. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    FARM REPORT: Could you straighten out that last sentence a tad?

    1: If you read James Altieri's memoir of his years as a Darby Ranger, you'll see he burned his blood-stained fatigue shirt after he got back from the raid on Sened Pass.

    Killing somebody is a serious thing.

    10: Of course, the Demos are united.

    They're all scared to death.

    11: Actually, in Torvalds we trust. Gates' OS has more bugs than the Mato Grosso.

    13: About the only thing he's ever accomplished.

    15: Said it before, I'll say it again, Poot ain't goin' nowheres.

    He's got maybe half as many troops as the Ukes on the border and close by. Unless he intends to nuke his way in, his guys would just get slaughtered.

    Old military maxim: you need 3 times as many guys as the other side if you're invading.

  18. Item 2 "I held out hope that it was just an act, but it is dementia."

    You were absolutely correct that Biden is an evil old sonofabitch. He is even more dangerous now that he is a demented evil old sonofabitch.

  19. 11. They want a digital currency because a)
    It facilitates infinite inflation; no printing costs, no wheelbarrows, just move the decimal point, and b) anything electronic can be administred in a discriminatory manner. [I'm sorry, you can't transfer money to a non existant account for a debanked person or institution.]

    15. The Soviet Union took over Afghanistan's central government following the US abandonment of Vietnam and Cambodia. It did not, however try to impose communism nationwide; it just moved Afghanistan from a neutral buffer status to a client state status. Following Jimmy Carter's destabilization of the Pahlavi Shah and Khomeini's liquidation of the Persian Armed forces, the Soviets invaded and tried to fully incorporate Afghanistan into the Soviet Empire as part of a drive toward the Indian Ocean.

    They failed.
    When the wheels came off and the engine fell out of the Soviet vehicle. Ukraine ended up separated.

    The Russian Empire, under any name, is not a Super Power without Ukraine. Putin wants reunification of the Russian Empire. He will probably get it under this feckless administration. I do not think that we can currently afford to stop him. I may be wrong about that, and I certainly hope that I am. But anyone who thinks that feeding the bear will satiate it hasn't studied history.

  20. FARM REPORT reminds me of Yakov Smirnoff's line: "In Russia, people wait for bread. In America, bread waits for you."

    Well, at least it USED to.....

  21. That corn is mostly for federal subsidized ethanol and the soy is for the latte and tofu crowd. Let me know when wheat production hits a record high and I'll be happy.

  22. FUN FARM REPORT FACT. Total U.S. corn production in 2019 was 468 million metric tons. If that corn were used directly as food rather than for ethanol or silage, it could comfortably sustain over 1.9 billion (with a B) people indefinitely. That's more than the U.S. and China populations combined.

  23. FARM REPORT: The #1 means of democide by socialist governments is by starvation. Large scale famine does not occur in free societies.

    1. Kyle Rittenhouse, socialist. Can you imagine what that piece would sell for?

    2. The response to the rise of the Federal Empire and the annointing of His Magnificence, Bidet the First is extreme federalism. The Confederation failed for lack of an executive. The Constitution is on verge of failing for a lack of checks on an excessive of executive/administrative power. The next version should have more independent departments overseen directly by the States. State AGs appoint the federal AG who runs an independent Dept of Justice. State treasurers appoint the Sec of Treasury who is responsible for stabilizing the currency. State auditors appoint a federal inspector general's office with unlimited authority to examine all federal offices' and employees conduct. The President mainly runs international affairs, State and military.

    3. So called 'Progressivism' is the political empbodiment of the 7 Deadly Sins. Don't be surprised that they openly embrace rapist as a lifestyle. They will support anything that is an abomination.

    6. So called "Anti-racism" is hyper racism. There is no way you're going to cure 'racism' by emphasizing nothing but racial differences. The other term for it? Apartheid.

    10. Bidet says a lot of things. Then his handlers get to change is diapers.

    11. Abolish the Fed. Go to a gold standard. Let the mint handle the currency.

    12. Want to light up the Left? Mandate paternity tests for underage pregnancies. Go after the geezers and their grooming gangs.

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