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Friday, January 07, 2022

Highlights of the News

Merry Christmas!

Today is the Orthodox Christmas.

ITEM 1: Larry Kudlow reported, "Game Over? Manchin’s Job Approval Soars to 59% as He Stands His Ground."

In 2018, Manchin was the first senator from West Virginia to be re-elected with less than 50% of the vote. Certainly, I like him now.

Kudlow also said, "The guy is not going to cave. I fully expect him in the next couple days to tell us all that he intends to save America and kill the bill. I’m just waiting for that.

"This high tax, high spend, woke monstrosity is going nowhere. All these phony baloney political writers who say otherwise are wrong. Like the Axios report yesterday that breathlessly said that Mr. Manchin is really negotiating on a child tax credit."

I hope Kudlow is right and I am wrong.

ITEM 2: AP reported, "Residents of the Chinese city of Xi'an are enduring a strict covid lockdown, with business owners suffering yet more closures and some people complaining of difficulties finding food, despite assurances from authorities that they are able to provide necessities for the 13 million people largely confined to their homes.

"Stringent measures to stem outbreaks are common in China, which still maintains a policy of stamping out every COVID-19 case long after many other countries have opted to try to live with the virus. But the lockdown imposed Dec. 23 in Xi'an is one of the harshest in the country since a shutdown in 2020 in and around Wuhan, after the coronavirus was first detected there.

"On Tuesday, authorities announced that another city, Yuzhou in Henan province, was placed under lockdown over the weekend after the discovery of just three asymptomatic cases."

Is it covid?

Bear in mind, Red China censors AP.

ITEM 3KING-TV reported, "An investigation by Seattle's Office of Police Accountability (OPA) shows officers exchanged fake radio transmissions about a nonexistent group of right-wing extremists at a crucial moment during 2020 racial justice protests.

"Fake radio chatter on June 8, 2020 about members of the Proud Boys marching around downtown Seattle, some possibly carrying guns, and then heading to confront protesters on Capitol Hill was an improper “ruse,” or dishonest ploy, that exacerbated a volatile situation, according to OPA's report.

"A lieutenant with the Seattle Police Operations Center told OPA the radio communications may have been made to test 'the response of individuals who the department believed was monitoring its communication channels.'"


The FBI is not the only group that sets people up.

ITEM 4: WND reported, "A weatherman for HLN lambasted Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on air Wednesday morning for his comments on his state government’s response to heavy snowfall and massive traffic delays.

"A snow-covered I-95 in Virginia left thousands of drivers stuck on the highway for several hours, with some trapped for more than a day. After HLN anchor Robin Meade said Northam insisted that his administration thought there would only be a few inches of snow, rather than a foot, meteorologist Bob Van Dillen called the governor out."

The weatherman said, "Who’s the jackass that said that? We had it pegged for like three days (in) advance. You knew it was going to be a lot of snow."

Democrat Northam is fair game now because he leaves office in 8 days.

ITEM 5: WRVA reported that Democrat Governor Blackface Northam is "Sick and Tired of People Talking About What Went Wrong" in that 51-mile traffic jam on I-95. 

Yes, let's talk to him about what went right.




So what are your plans when you leave office in 8 days?

ITEM 6Popular Science reported, "Aviation concerns have grounded a planned 5G expansion—again.

"Telecom companies have agreed to leave their 5G plans on pause due to continued FAA safety worries."

Maybe the concerns are real.

Maybe they are slowing it down in deference to Huawei, which Trump shut out of the 5G game.

ITEM 7: PJ Media reported, "Thomas Edsall, one of the few decent contributors at the New York Times, published a valuable piece of journalism Wednesday on the sheer size of philanthropic commitment to left-wing “racial justice” measures. With nearly 3,000 words of interviews and assorted content, he explores how much money — nearly $25 billion it turns out — was donated by progressive elites to divisive racial endeavors after the May 2020 killing of George Floyd."

No wonder Democrats turned the drug-overdose death of a drug dealer into a martyrdom.

They used it to shake down Corporate America.

Bribery and extortion are what banana republics do best.

ITEM 8The Daily Veracity reported, "The new social media app, Gettr, touting itself as the ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter has hired a global communications director with a long past of criticizing former President Donald J. Trump, supporting Hillary Clinton as well as praising the liberal Barack Obama."

Is Gettr done?

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "Mayor Eric Adams had tough words for Queens cops on his first day on the job, warning the bad apples that he’ll bounce them from the NYPD if they’re 'abusive to my community,' video obtained by the Post shows."

My community?

Is he the mayor of New York City or just the mayor of black people in New York City?

Well, if I have to ask, you know the answer.

And his community will suffer the worst when cops don't bother arresting black people. Why should they? The black DA in Manhattan won't prosecute.

ITEM 10Newsweek reported, "Shattered mirrors, chandeliers, and furniture littered the halls of the Capitol on a day when a group that "openly advocates the overthrow of the U.S. Government through armed struggle and the use of violence" according to the FBI struck at the heart of our democracy. This was not January 6, 2021 but November 7, 1983, the day that the May 19 Communist Coalition detonated a bomb that blasted a hole in the wall outside the Senate chamber.

"But the 1983 incident—the day that a group with the goal of violently overthrowing the government bombed the Senate building—has been effectively wiped from memory. Susan Rosenberg, a May 19 member, was initially charged with a role in the 1983 Capitol bombing and two others, but the charges were dropped as part of a plea deal. In 1984, she was arrested in possession of 750 pounds of explosives and firearms, including automatic weapons, and a jury convicted her the following year. But 16 years into Rosenberg's 58-year sentence, President Bill Clinton commuted it on his last day in office. By 2020, Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist, was sitting on the board of Thousand Currents, which handles donations made to Black Lives Matter.

"The erasure of the 1983 bombing is all the more poignant amid a hysterical, week-long commemoration of the January 6 riot in which supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol. This morning, President Biden said that those who stormed the Capitol 'held a dagger at the throat of America and American democracy' while Vice President Kamala Harris compared the riot to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. And it's not only Democrats. 'We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week,' said Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday. 'And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.'"

Newsweek is going old school by showing there are two sides to the story.

ITEM 11: The Daily Mail reported, "GOP Rep. Liz Cheney and her father, former vice president Dick, were the only two Republicans standing in the House chamber when Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a moment of silence on the first anniversary of January 6."

Dick is a former congressman, which gives him floor privileges. Dickette represents Wyoming.

Remember: The cheese stands alone.

Oh and Ted Cruz can pound sand.

ITEM 12: Reuters reported, "The United States on Wednesday began returning migrants to the Mexican city of Tijuana in an restart of a Trump-era program that forces asylum seekers to wait for U.S. court hearings in Mexico, Mexican authorities and the U.N. migration agency said."

Trump got everything right.

The only time Biden is right is when he restores a Trump policy.

ITEM 13: Jonathan Turley reported, "Destroying a Democracy to Save it: Democrats Call for the Disqualification of Dozens of Republican Members."

The plan is to ban from Congress Republicans who aren't calling last year's skirmish an insurrection.


How about expelling every Democrat congressman when Republicans take over?

At the very least, if she remains in the House, Republicans should ban Nancy from any committee assignment in retaliation for her MTG move.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "America isn’t just seeing less of Mike Pompeo because the Trump administration is no longer in the White House. We are seeing less of the former secretary of state because there is literally less of him — 90 pounds, to be exact.

"The former director of the CIA has faced a lot of challenging situations in his long career, but he hesitates to talk about his weight loss because of a nagging fear he will put all the pounds he lost back on. But, in an exclusive interview with The Post, he revealed how he did it and why." 

He's running for president.

After Bush 41, another former CIA director, no. Just plain no.

ITEM 15: KOMO reported, "In her new book published by National Geographic Press, Egyptologist Kara Cooney made a few errors that are drawing heat.

"In The Good Kings: Absolute Power in Ancient Egypt and the Modern World Cooney incorrectly states Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 'two Black men in Kenosha, Wisconsin,' which Cooney wrote occurred while Rittenhouse was 'waging a glorious race war on behalf of his inherited white power.'"

She tweeted, "On p. 341 of THE GOOD KINGS I state that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two black men when instead he shot two white men. That was my mistake, and I apologize. The response has been a hateful stew of ridicule and denial that America has a race problem at all."

Oh no. Someone criticized her. That proves there is a racial problem.

I have a feeling she knows as much about Ancient Egypt as she does current events.

ITEM 16: The New York Post reported, "The 2022 Golden Globes will not be streamed, and instead be a completely private affair, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced Thursday.

"The year’s winners will be announced during the 90-minute ceremony on the Golden Globes website.

"Winners will also be tweeted, the organization stated."

From a network TV show to a podcast, just like that.

If no one is watching it anyway, why is it news? I mean, who cares?

ITEM 17: The Insurrection at the Senate Building.

Instead of shooting them, the Capitol Police just watched.

After all, they were just unarmed women.

ITEM 18: The Hill reported, "Federal officials are calling for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhohkar Tsarnaev to contribute all of his remaining funds, including a $1,400 coronavirus relief payment, to the $101 million he owes victims and families."

I don't know which is dumber, sending him money or expecting him to actually pay restitution. But the federal government lives in another dimension that mortals will never fathom.

ITEM 19: CBS reported, "Washington Wizards broadcaster Glenn Consor made a very questionable reference to Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr.'s  father on the air Wednesday night when Porter Jr. connected on a game-winning three in a game against the Wizards.

"'You've got to give credit. Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time,' Consor said in the final seconds of Houston's 114-111 win.

"Porter Jr.'s father, Bryan Kevin Porter Sr., pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a 14-year old girl in 1993. Porter Sr. ended up being sentenced to four years and six months in prison for the crime. In 2004, Porter Sr. was shot and killed in a Seattle bar while attempting to help someone being attacked."




Consor tweeted, "Please allow me to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Kevin Porter Jr., his family, and the Rockets organization for the comments I made during last night's game.

"I mistakenly thought that Kevin was the son of former Washington player Kevin Porter and was unaware that the words I chose to describe his game-winning shot would be in any way hurtful or insensitive. I have reached out to Kevin to personally apologize and hope to be able to talk with him soon."

Washington's team was known as the Washington Bullets when Porter played there.

By the way, officially I am Donald Surber Jr. There is a Donald Surber Jr, in the West Virginia prison at Mount Olive. He's serving life for the brutal and cruel killing of his girlfriend. We have different middle names. We are not related. This is why people accused of crime are called by their full names.

ITEM 20: Via Kane at Citizen Free Press, John Nicosia of News Cycle Media tweeted, "Source @ Comcast: 'Joy Reid will lose her 7 pm show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC."  - 'She does not have a show come mid Spring' - The 'decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings.'"

We shall see.

ITEM 21: The Washington Examiner reported, "The Marine Corps band was instructed last fall to come up with an entrance theme for the first lady, a source told the Washington Examiner. The band now has in its repertoire an original composition titled 'Fanfare for the First Lady.' The song, the source said, is essentially Jill Biden's personal 'Hail to the Chief,' in that it is to be performed and repeated at official White House functions, from her first appearance until she is ready to speak."

The reader who tipped me to the story said, "Not only is it really, really bad musically, it strangely brings to mind the theme song to the TV series 'F Troop.'"

Where Indian fights are colorful sights
And nobody takes a lickin'
Where paleface and redskin
Both turn chicken.

Someone should have said, chill Jill, you are acting like Hill.

ITEM 22: The AP reported, "Fresh violence erupted in Kazakhstan's main city on Thursday after Russia rushed in paratroopers to put down a countrywide uprising in one of Moscow's closest former Soviet allies.

"Security forces killed dozens of protesters and 18 police died during extraordinarily violent demonstrations in Kazakhstan that saw government buildings stormed and set ablaze, authorities said Thursday. Two police officers were found beheaded in escalating unrest that poses a growing challenge to authoritarian rule in the Central Asian nation.

"Despite the severe response from authorities, protesters took to the streets again in the country's largest city, Almaty, a day after breaking into the presidential residence and the mayor's office there."

So the deal was Putin backs off on Ukraine and retakes Kazakhstan, right? Because no one in Europe cares about Kazakhstan. In fact, the only reason they care about Ukraine is because it is a Corruptistan that buys off politicians through their offspring.


You think only Joe Biden does this?

ITEM 23: Kamala said there is "a level of malaise" in the country. Jimmy Carter said the same thing.

PBS highlighted the statement.

Methinks they want her out.

FINALLY, via Kane at Citizen Free Press, the happiest boy in the whole USA.


  1. Gettr is just like Cruz. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And eventually they reveal their true selves. It's too bad about Cruz. He's toast. Like Noem and Hayley. Stuck their foot in their mouths and now are stuck.
    I think the GOPe is going to try and get Pence as the Nominee. They owe him and his demanding to collect now. Trouble is he won't get voted for and most anyone knows this. He needs to be removed from contention now and not later.

    1. I am a Trump supporter who wants him to run in 2024 because the country needs it. But I disagree with you. If you support free speech, as Gettr claims to, then you can criticize Trump and praise Obama. Otherwise you're just a different flavor of the same fascism.

    2. Pence will take all the funds and make sure it feathers his retirement nest. I've met him, and he is actually one of the nicer major politicians I've had the opportunity to meet, but he hasn't the spine for what must come next - he has Trump's weakness for seeing Washington as that shining city on the hill, which in the end is what always tripped Trump up. And why I think Trump should be kingmaker - not candidate in 2024.

    3. I don't think Pence is the right guy for the nomination. He has no spine. I don't know yet whether I think Trump should be the nominee or the kingmaker. But he certainly needs to be involved in Republican politics or the party is done.

  2. Gettr is just like Cruz. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And eventually they reveal their true selves. It's too bad about Cruz. He's toast. Like Noem and Hayley. Stuck their foot in their mouths and now are stuck.
    I think the GOPe is going to try and get Pence as the Nominee. They owe him and his demanding to collect now. Trouble is he won't get voted for and most anyone knows this. He needs to be removed from contention now and not later.

    1. After Voting To Acquit, McConnell Torches Trump As Responsible For Riot
      Feb 2021

    2. Item 11 - "Oh and Ted Cruz can pound sand."

      Never, ever trust a Republican.

  3. Don; I just read that your governor has given the go ahead for the 4th shot. What a moron. How many young men will die in West VA. with this decision? Lots of news lately of young men dying from a heart attack. Yesterday it was reported that a 14 year old died with a heart attack. 14 year old skinny as a rail.
    As far as Cruz, he is toast. Rinoitis. No cure, no vaccine.
    As far as the "hunter" that is cancer free, I have to say that what if the politicians donated 1/2 of their campaign cash to St. Judes to put an end to childhood cancer? Would they agree? Imagine the good millions of $ could do to help these wonderful gifts from our Creator!
    God Bless.

    1. How much did Zuckerberg pay to help rig 2020?

    2. While St. Jude does good work, they went woke like the Salvation Army. I have shifted my donations to Tunnel to Towers, where Americans have lost limbs or worse for us.

    3. Several years ago, I went to St. Jude with our fire department and the Easter Bunny. We had to go through massive hoops to do so. They were incredibly protective of the kids during our visit and we had to follow many protocols. To see the joy on their faces to be with the Easter Bunny was amazing. And they loved seeing the fore truck. To see the parents smiling was amazing. No one pays a dime to go there and get treated. The parents don’t have to pay for housing or food. They do world class research. I don’t know what they did going woke, but their mission remains the same. Maybe being in a rough part of Memphis forced their hand.

      I look forward to the end of Covid mania so we can go back. It is well worth the 90 minute ride.

    4. Check out the salaries of executives at St Jude's. They're obscene!

    5. I saw Cruz on Tucker and he was backtracking like crazy. All nonsense. He is done and should not be the presidential nominee. Maybe he would be a good judge.

    6. Fourth shot?? You do you, but I don't want to get on the booster bandwagon. At this point, it's probably better to just get COVID and have natural immunity.

  4. #13. At the very least, Republicans should hold hearings and demand testimony from everyone who donated more than a dollar to Nasty P. Lousy.
    Put them under oath and demand to know what they got in return. Then jail them for bribery.

  5. #15. Cats were a common symbol in ancient Egypt. Two of them are her closest friends.

  6. As Secretary of State, former CIA head Mike Pompeo tried to provoke war with Iran.

    John McCain: "Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Iran." (sung to the music of the Beach Boys "Barbara Ann")

    Pompeo: "In an unclassified setting, it is under 2,000 sorties to destroy the Iranian nuclear capacity,” he said in 2014. “This is not an insurmountable task for the coalition forces.”

  7. Item 11: “Ted Cruz can pound sand.” I’m highly disappointed in Ted Cruz. I thought he would make a good President or Supreme Court Justice, but now I’m not so sure. He’s drifting leftward, and I don’t buy his argument that he simply misspoke. He’s too polished an orator to be that “sloppy.”

    Item 15: “Cooney incorrectly states Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two Black men in Kenosha” With every baseless attack on white people, race relations take another step backward. We’re not quite back to the 1950s yet, but we’re heading that way.

    Item 21: “Fanfare for the First Lady”
    Oh, here she comes
    Watch out boy, she'll chew you up
    Oh, here she comes
    She's a man eater.

    1. 11 - Cruz was a collegiate debate champion. He didn’t misspeak. I too am highly disappointed.

    2. Excellent that he was called out and that he couldn't property defend himself. His response was nonsense.

  8. "GOP Rep. Liz Cheney and her father, former vice president Dick, were the only two Republicans standing in the House chamber when Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a moment of silence on the first anniversary of January 6."

    VP Cheney advocated the invasion of Iraq years before he was VP and before 9-11.
    He came up with "WMD's" for justification and made it happen.

  9. 20 - Joyless Reid will scream long and loud about the racism at MSNBC and not her unwatchable show and constant attacks on white people. Meanwhile, Reverend Al’s show keeps on keeping on. He is unfireable.

  10. About the 51 mile pileup in Virginia: the VA DOT screwed up. They and the highway patrol are in charge during bad weather. Not much the Governor can do except call out the National Guard to help rescue people. I would expect we're going to find out if the plows were pulled and/or if the patrol was out diverting traffic away later. Just sounds like a gigantic charlie foxtrot. It's what you get when politicians are in charge.

  11. China reports 3 deaths per million population due to kung flu

    USA reports 2,600

    Per worldometer as of a couple days ago.

    I don't trust either number but it is still one hell of a discrepancy.


  12. #11 Dickette. ROFLMAO.

  13. #21. My pick,
    The b• is back.
    Which reminds me, morning ed.

  14. Item 23 - You are correct, as no one likes the Clueless Cackler. No one.

  15. re item 10 -- what's going on with Newsweek? It seems like this publication is actually practising journalism some of the time.

    1. When a fifteen year old hooligan suddenly wants to attend church you check to see how badly the car is damaged and inquire if any neighborhood girls missed their period.

  16. re item 2 -- I don't believe anything that China says. China should be treated like South Africa was during the apartheid era.

  17. re: item 3 -- Disappointing to hear this about police officers, but it is Seattle.

    1. Considering what the FBI has pulled, it's expected.

    2. Federal Bureau of Intimidation.

  18. re: item 14 -- Pompeo as nominee? I hadn't considered that. Sincere question: Why would he be considered unsuitable?

    1. He backstabbed President Trump. He is just another deep state snake.

    2. I cannot find any incidents of Pompeo betraying Trump. Like most - including myself - he was skeptical in 2016 but became his greatest supporter. Nothing I have found reverses those sentiments.

  19. Re: Item 6 --

    "Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, battered by U.S. sanctions, expects 2021 revenue to have declined nearly 30% and predicted continued challenges in the New Year.

    "Revenue for the year is expected to be 634 billion yuan ($99.48 billion), rotating chairman Guo Ping said in a New Year letter to employees on Friday.

    "That represents a fall of 28.9% from 2020 revenues of 891.4 billion yuan."

  20. re: Global consumers/governments should should shun Huawei for obvious reasons.

  21. The airwaves with out Joyless Reid. That would be a happy thing.

  22. #23. I don't think Jimmah slept with anyone to get ahead in politics. He and Horizontal Harris are worlds apart.
    Another year of Xiden and folks will be yearning for a president who was only as incompetent as Carturd.
    Put Harris out to pasture. Let's pray she suddenly See's the need to spend more time with her family in India.

    1. They are?

      Bucketmouth dreamed up Abscam to get rid of Kennedy allies in Congress in anticipation of a Kennedy challenge.

      That's your trouble, Jeffery. You never do your research.

    2. You pound that out like Ted was some kind of hero. Let's ask Mary Jo Kopechne about what a great guy he was.
      What about the hero of abscam? Larry Pressler a Kennedy fanboi?
      You edoucher are the only fan of the swimmer left.

  23. Item 21: Just imagine trying to make "F Troop" now!

  24. I watch Tucker Carlson confront Senator Cruz about his calculated statement. Cruz didn't have to join the show. Also another Calculation by a preety smart man.
    you could he was backpedaling the how time. You may have offered a better explanation than Sen. Cruz, #13

  25. re: Kazakhstan: I don't know yet what that will mean for Russia, but it is a situation worth watching. The uprising certainly has a fair bit of violence.

    1. Saw a cynical post - ok Putin, you get Kazakstan & the oil, we want to keep Ukraine - US & EU Pols can get kickbacks from all the funding the World Governements are giving them....everyone stays happy....

  26. Item 21: They should have used the tune from "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

  27. Cruz also revealed his true character during the 2016 primaries. There's enough there to know who he truly is.

  28. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: It's the second day of Epiphanytide.

    1: We were in the same place with Trump 5 years ago. We didn't know what would happen.

    We were all very pleasantly surprised.

    2: To ask the question is to answer it.

    5: I'm sure he had a Senate run or Cabinet post in mind.

    7: Bribery and extortion are what the Demos do best.


    Remember Jessuh Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition?

    9: Another Eric Holder.

    What is it with black guys named Eric.

    11: He's right if he's talking about the FIB and the Ice Cream Queen's SA.

    15: 5 gets you 10, she believes Cornel West was right about Cleopatra, too.

    23: They want him out, too, but who's left?

    The Ice Cream Queen? Spartacus? Buttpeg? Fauxcahontas? Occasional Cortex?

    All losers.

  29. The smart one are leaving. the city truly is an Idiocracy.

  30. Finally -Good shooting, Case, one four legged horned rat down, only 200million to go. may he have many more.

  31. 17. The first time is coincidence. The second time is happenstance. The third time is enemy action. Which stage are we?

  32. Don't confuse me with others... Richard Offtan Hertz!!!

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