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Friday, January 28, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Given all the misinformation about covid Tony the Phony Fauci has spewed, why does the media allow him to go on the air without a real-time fact-check?

He lies! All the time! About everything!

Forget the 7 dwarves, Peter Dinklage should protest Fauci's portrayal of short people.

ITEM 2Reuters reported, "Xiomara Castro was sworn in as Honduras' first woman president on Thursday, with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris in attendance, as her government faces tests over a sharply divided Congress, rising debt and relations with [Red] China."

Maoists stick together.

When women take over the world, there will be no wars, just Red China conquering everything. Remember, the Iroquois were a matriarchy. How'd that work out?

ITEM 3: AP reported, "Cabell County and the city of Huntington sued AmerisourceBergen Drug Co., Cardinal Health Inc. and McKesson Corp. A federal judge must rule whether the companies created a public nuisance in distributing 81 million prescription pain pills over eight years — and whether they ignored signs that the Ohio River community was being ravaged by addiction.

"The plaintiffs are seeking more than $2.5 billion. The money would go toward prevention, treatment and education."


Just like all that tobacco settlement money went into research on lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Still, I hope the companies pay.

ITEM 4: Next, sue Red China over fentanyl.

ITEM 5: The Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle reported, "Pentagon orders 101st Airborne Air Assault at Fort Campbell ready for possible deployment."

The 101st's commanding general said, "As we have for the last 77 years, the 101st Airborne Division stands ready to deploy anywhere to support and defend the Nation and our Allies."

Does that mean they are headed to our southern border or Russia's?

ITEM 6Breitbart reported, "Biden-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said Silicon Valley tech companies have an 'important role to play' in preventing the spread of alleged coronavirus 'misinformation.' His comments came during an MSNBC interview that specifically mentioned Joe Rogan."

He's sworn to defend the Constitution.


ITEM 7: Breitbart reported, "Parents of fourth and fifth graders in a Beaverton, Oregon, elementary school are outraged about the creation of a Queer Student Alliance (QSA) club they say their children were asked to join without their consent.

"At a January 18 virtual school board meeting, parents of children aged 9-11 years who attend Raleigh Hills Elementary School expressed concern about the appropriateness of the club, reported Reduxx the following day."

First communists took over our schools.

Then the perverts came along.

ITEM 8: The Atlantic Journal-Constitution reported, "President Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen off a cliff in Georgia, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Thursday that showed just one-third of registered voters approve of the Democrat’s job performance."

Herschel Walker is up 3 points over the Democrat in the Senate race.

Kemp is up 7 over Stacey Abrams.

Beware of early polls.

Heck, beware of any election poll.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "Navy SEALs to stop using Washington state parks after residents voice fears of seeing ‘armed men.’"

That's the same state that had no problem allowing Antifa and BLM riot in the streets of Seattle for months.

ITEM 10UPI reported, "About one in five lesbian-, gay- and bisexual-identifying adults smokes cigarettes, compared to about one in seven adults who identify as straight -- placing LGB Americans among the top 10 populations disproportionately affected by tobacco use, according to a new report by the American Lung Association.

"Along with Black American smokers -- about 81% of whom use menthol cigarettes -- women and youth, LGBTQ+ people also disproportionately consume menthol."

New acronym: LGBTK, Gotta include the Kools curious.

ITEM 11: Two fearless guys.

Celebrities seldom say this because they dare not piss off the news media.

ITEM 12: NBC reported, "Rep. Cori Bush's parked car hit by gunfire in Missouri, her office says."

AP reported, "Bullets strike congresswoman’s parked car; she wasn’t in it."

CNN reported, "Cori Bush's car struck by gunfire while the Missouri lawmaker was not in the vehicle."

None of these stories mentioned she opposes funding the police. When was the last time a celebrity got covid and NBC, AP and CNN all failed to mention it?

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "A Los Angeles County judge on Thursday ordered Hannah Tubbs, a transgender California woman, to serve two years in a juvenile facility after she pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in 2014. 

"Before doing so, the judge criticized far-left District Attorney George Gascon, whose office declined to prosecute the repeat offender as an adult.

"Tubbs, 26, recently pleaded guilty to molesting the girl in a women's bathroom eight years ago when Tubbs was two weeks away from turning 18. At the time of the crime, she identified as male and went by James Tubbs. She did not identify as female until after she was taken into custody, according to prosecutors."

Why is a judge putting an adult child molester in a juvenile facility?

Isn't that a candy store for pedophiles who molest 10-year-old girls?

ITEM 14: In These Times reported, "Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business

"In calls with investors, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin boasted that the worsening conflict is helping profits."

Also, politicians expect a boon in foreign bribes, lefties expect an uptick in anti-war donations, and CNN hopes the conflict will end its ratings slump.

ITEM 15: A school board in Tennessee was falsely accused of censoring an anti Holocaust book.

It issued a statement.

Lefties blew this move up because the jig is up on CRT. Normal people finally see the racism schools are spreading. The board is right to seek other ways to tell the story. We all need to clean up our language, including me.

The lefty calls against censorship are beyond parody and hypocrisy. 

ITEM 16: CNBC reported, "Republican billionaire Ken Langone donated to Joe Manchin’s PAC after senator opposed Biden’s Build Back Better Act."

If he donated before the vote, you might have a story but this is dog licks hand.

ITEM 17: Politico reported, "Former President Donald Trump is facing serious backlash from die-hard loyalists over his decision to intervene in a Tennessee House race, with his supporters accusing him of spurning a staunch Republican ally who’s running.

"Trump on Tuesday evening endorsed Morgan Ortagus, who served as a State Department spokesperson during his administration and is pondering a run for a Middle Tennessee-based congressional district. The announcement has caused a firestorm, with far-right, high-profile backers ranging from North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn to conservative activist Candace Owens taking to social media to voice their support for Robby Starbuck, a rival candidate who’s been a mainstay of the pro-Trump movement.

"Even Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of the former president’s most prominent supporters, promoted a tweet outlining criticisms of Ortagus. The gripes have included everything from Ortagus’ support of Jeb Bush in the 2016 GOP primaries to her being photographed with President Joe Biden and having her wedding officiated by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg."

He needs to improve his vetting process.

Trump needs to realize that conservative populism is bigger than he is.

ITEM 18: Sinema issued a statement on the confirmation of whomever Biden picks for the Supreme Court, "As with all nominees and as I did during the 2020 Supreme Court nomination, I look forward to fulfilling my constitutional duty to provide advice and consent by thoughtfully examining the next nominee based on three criteria: whether the nominee is professionally qualified, believes in the role of an independent judiciary, and can be trusted to faithfully interpret and uphold the rule of law."

Manchin said, "As with all nominees and as I did during the 2020 Supreme Court nomination, I look forward to fulfilling my constitutional duty to provide advice and consent by thoughtfully examining the next nominee based on three criteria: whether the nominee is professionally qualified, believes in the role of an independent judiciary, and can be trusted to faithfully interpret and uphold the rule of law."

Those statements said absolutely nothing.

They may defend the filibuster, but so far they have not rejected a judicial appointment by Biden.

And BBB isn't dead until Republicans take over the House or the Senate.

ITEM 19: Yahoo reported, "The Los Angeles Rams’ efforts to prevent their home stadium from becoming hostile territory on Sunday may have an unintended consequence.

"It appears the Rams’ defensive maneuver has only made 49ers fans more motivated to snatch up tickets to Sunday’s NFC championship game.

"Lifelong 49ers fan Shane Stern didn’t want the Rams to get away with restricting ticket sales to buyers with credit cards registered in the Los Angeles area. Last Sunday morning, Stern posted on Twitter that he would happily buy everyone’s tickets using his Thousand Oaks billing address if 49ers fans Venmoed him money in advance.

"Stern didn’t check his phone again until later that day when he arrived at the mall with his wife and daughter. What he found was an onslaught of messages from 49ers fans from all over the country eager to take him up on his offer."

You cannot stop the Internet.

FINALLY, a reader reminded me that in 2013, a year before I retired, I wrote in a column, "In 1950, Florida and West Virginia had six congressmen each. Today, Florida has 27 and West Virginia has three.....Democrat policies in Charleston hurt the state's economy, which in turn cost it population. Young people had to leave for greener pastures elsewhere."

Next year, Florida will have 28 congressmen, West Virginia 2.

I cannot link the original column because the lame brains who ran the paper into the ground sold the "" URL to the London Daily Mail. However, I laugh because that sale triggered the trip to bankruptcy court that caused the owners of the Charleston Gazette to lose both papers.

The mismanagement of the papers reflects the mismanagement of the state under eight decades of Democrat rule. That ended in 2014 but returning to normal will take some time. 

Do you think California, New York or any of the other deep blue states won't depopulate? Do you really believe Oregonians are somehow smarter than West Virginians and will escape this fate? West Virginia had a thriving chemical industry in the 1950s. Charleston once had more PhDs per capita than any other state capital, and those degrees were in hard sciences. All of that is gone save a few small factories.

My newspaper boss would never let me call the population loss a brain drain, but that's what it was.

What began turning West Virginia around was a brain drain from Maryland and DC.


  1. Item 13: The perp is a man. Tubbs is a cross dressing man.

    Take back the language. Be accurate. No more news-speak.

    1. Tubbs isn't a man. Just male.

    2. Ridiculous to have sentenced him to a juvenile facility when he is now 26.

    3. LuAnn it appears the judge’s only alternative was to set the perp free because the Soros DA refused to prosecute the pervert as an adult.

    4. I see your point and at least he was prosecuted, but what if he starts to go after kids in juvenile detention? Then there is only more harm that will be done. That is what is worrying.

  2. “What began turning West Virginia around was a brain drain from Maryland and DC.”

    Dang straight Big D!!

    Oh, and an old Babe Ruth story…he was at a lunch with some acquaintances, some of whom were female, and at one point excused himself, saying “I have to take a piss.” Shocked, his friend followed him to the bathroom and chastised him for his language around women. So humbled, they returned to the table. Ruth apologized to the females. “Ladies, I’m sorry I said piss.”

    But I will make more of an effort, Fearless Leader. It IS your blog after all.

    1. Effort failed... You said 'piss" twice! ūüėÜ

    2. Liberals ruin everything. I guess it's not something you realize until you've come back to the other side, the right side.

  3. Morning coffee, and morning Surber __Daily (and Saturday) staple. ZB

  4. Item #3
    Why in the hell should the drug distributors pay for lawfully moving drugs from the manufacturers to the pharmacies? Aren't the latter complicit? You're way off base on this one.

    1. FDA approved Oxycontin and assured physicians it was not addictive - and kept up those assurances for more than a decade despite the overwhelming evidence that it was highly addictive.

      Drug distributors knew it. Manufacturers knew it. Why should the not pay for a coverup?

      Tobacco did.

    2. After surgery to repair a broken neck in 2014, the doctor put me on oxy. When I went back and attempted to discuss symptoms that were clear signs of addiction, they upped the dosage. That began a seven year journey through hell battling the effects of the drug.
      I quit taking the oxy less than a month later when a friend showed me that I was becoming addicted. My body never quit craving the stuff though and I endured many nights of misery.
      And Steve, just remember that the FDA has granted emergency authorization for the clot shots inspite of the clear evidence that they cause more harm than admitted.

    3. Glad you kicked it Jeremy... both my ex wife and I were both given OXY over the years (hers around 2004 for ankle surgery and mine for broken ribs in 2015) and both of us had very negative reactions to it and stopped taking ASAP. We hated it and definitively did NOT crave it. Weird how different people react.

    4. TO, I developed hives so I was alergic to the junk. As soon as I quit I found out what withdrawal is all about.

  5. Oregon's getting more likely to split into greater Idaho.
    You and walk into any store in the East side unmasked have dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant, watch the local Karen walk alone, on a cold morning by Xit's self with a mask on, and be the only one all day long masked. I'd love it if that great divorce would erupt tomorrow. FJB,FKB..
    Intel is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. If one state does it, others will follow. So many large conservative areas have no say due to the undue influence of large liberal cities.

    2. I think the Republicans have to make an effort to get elected locally. There should not be cases of Democrat mayors for decades and decades.

    3. I'm convinced of that too, Republicans have to emulate Trump and Desantis bold, out in front.
      It would work in Oregon.

  6. The only problem with depopulate is they bring their values with them in the U-haul. Check out Boise, ID.

  7. The Iroquois Confederacy was a matriarchy?
    If I may channel Johnny Carson for a moment ....

    I did not know that, Don

    1. Well, like in modern day Chiraq, you always know who the mother is.

    2. Most of the Iroquois confederation was a matriarchy, they also held elections for various
      tribal positions and held trials by jury.BTW the Union Officer who wrote the Surrender terms at
      Appopotamox was a full blood Seneca.

    3. Ed Ames Teaches Johnny Carson to Throw a Tomahawk

  8. Germany's reluctance in Ukraine may have something to do with the optics of German tanks rolling through the countryside to take on the Russians.

    1. Germany’s military forces are currently a joke…

    2. From what I understand, they basically don't have a real army.

    3. Germany couldn't take on Poland in a fair fight right now. Hmm.

    4. Hell, Germany couldn't take on Israel in a fair fight right now.

    5. Germany is now basically in the Russian sphere.

  9. Love the DeSantis ad and ordered my flops earlier this week.

    Re your FINALLY....anecdotally...
    We bought some chairs on Craigslist this week from a high tech couple with two teenagers who moved to Raleigh recently from Seattle. Their reason? Crime. They love their new home, especially the “family values” of the South. They voluntarily told us they won’t vote like the people of their old state. Yay! Then welcome!

    1. Welcoming news indeed! Thanks…

    2. The ad is awesome.

      Hope the transplants become hardcore conservatives as each day, they realize the folly of liberalism.

  10. Anyone else notice that LGB can now mean LesbianGayBi as well as Let’s Go Brandon? Cultural appropriation at its finest! And we already have a flag...the red, white and blue.

    1. LGBTQ, Let's Get Brandon To Quit.

    2. Love it. Except that we get Harris if he does.

    3. She's dumber and less effective than him - and democrats hate her more. We could be so lucky that she replaced him.

    4. Love that. BTW expect Harris to be nominated to the SCOTUS .

  11. Item 10: smoking rate being higher in the gay community can be explained by the need to satisfy their oral fixations.

    1. Alcoholism and domestic abuse is higher, also.

    2. I guess if one gay person calls another gay person smoking hot, they may be referring to their choice in cigarettes.

    3. SL - I could never understand how one man can look at another man's hairy naked ass and think, "I gotta have that!"
      Thank you God for making me a flaming heterosexual

    4. Heck TO, I can't understand why women are attracted to us.

  12. #2. Chiraq is a matriarchal society, a TRUE matriarchy. No men are involved in the raising and social development of the children after the moment of conception. That is the best example of what will happen if women rule the world.

    1. I gotta say that you have a point I had never thought of and it appears to be true.

    2. Children need a father AND a mother. GOD designed us that way.

    3. Where are the TPHM (two parent households matter) protests?

    4. EDU, both of them had to work....

  13. Tubbs should be in a casket inside of a concrete vault under six feet of dirt... And alive.

  14. Named after love 'em and leave 'em married French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac who had so many mistresses that his driver referred to him as "Mr 5 minutes, shower included"?

  15. ‘Red-Handed’: How the Bush Family Cashed In on Friendship with the Chinese.

    “The mayor of Shanghai became a Bush family friend who later became the premier of China,” Schweizer noted. Bush41 brother Prescott had been forging business ties in the country since his brother became vice president under Ronald Reagan.
    In the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Prescott actively opposed sanctions on China over human rights concerns.

    A generation later, Jiang celebrated the election of his friend’s son, George W. Bush, to the presidency. “Bush Sr. came over to China many, many times and had many meetings with me in the seat you are now occupying,” Schweizer quotes Jiang as stating. “We believe Bush Sr. will definitely push Bush Jr. to bring U.S.-China relations to a new level.”
    China joined the World Trade Organization in December 2001, while Americans were largely distracted by George W. Bush’s nascent War on Terror.

  16. Item#17. May the best candidate prevail. I hope this is still a free enough Country that even Trump is allowed to give a friend the nod without the storm troopers attacking.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. LBJ put his crony Abe Fortas on the Supreme Court.

    When Johnson, perceiving the need for judicial support for his Great Society programs, induced Justice Arthur Goldberg to resign to become ambassador to the United Nations, there was scant surprise in Washington that Fortas was nominated.
    Fortas and Johnson had become close in Johnson’s early days as a Texas congressman. In 1948, it had been Fortas who forged the legal strategy that propelled Johnson to the Senate—despite credible evidence that his 87-vote victory in the Democratic primary had been tainted by voter fraud.

    1. LBJ nominated Fortas for chief justice, and in the subsequent Fortas vetting, opponents found what they needed to deny him the post.

      First, there was a $15,000 payment to Fortas for a summer teaching post. Not only was this considered an extraordinary supplement to his $39,500 government salary, the post was funded by former law firm clients. More significantly for a sitting justice, Fortas revealed he had never stopped advising Johnson—attending White House staff meetings, advising on judicial nominations and reporting on private deliberations by the court.

      Faced with a Senate filibuster, Fortas asked Johnson to withdraw his name. He returned to the court only to face another scandal when Life magazine revealed he had been receiving regular payments from Louis Wolfson, a former Wall Street client convicted of fraud. Under their agreement, Fortas was to receive $20,000 a year for life. He had returned the money, but only after Wolfson was indicted.

      With his reputation shattered and facing calls for his impeachment, Fortas was urged by Earl Warren to resign.

  19. Was listening to the most popular French-language radio station in Montreal this morning about the truckers. Both English and French media are all hyped up about the alt-right protesters involvement, although one journalist did point out that there is a lot of pent-up frustration due to the pandemic. The best Canadian media coverage has been at the blog Small Dead Animals, based in Western Canada. Again, pray for all truckers. They need it.

    1. Been praying they break the grip of the branch covidians not only in Canada but the rest of the world.

    2. I hear ya. I hope so. We are going to look back on this pandemic and how it was handled as a huge mistake but with far-reaching consequences. The evil that it has brought out in people to me is shocking. I don't know how else to describe it.

  20. 18 - those two statements look like they came from the same keyboard.

    BBB is not dead until there is a MAGA president. There are too many untrustworthy Republican senators still serving.

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Beats Randy Newman.

    2: Ask the Quebecois and Cherry Valley.

    5: More like 78, but it should be on the Bravo the way the Old Army was.

    6: That includes the entire Democrat party.

    7: In the immortal words of Dick Cavett, distinction without difference.

    8: You broke the code.

    9: I'll put 500 on SEAL Team vs Lefty hooligans.

    Especially with live ammo.

    10: They're running out of letters as it is.

    13: See 8.

    17: Another item that sounds like Jeffery wrote it.

    Trump has a right to his opinion. You have a right to disagree.

    Sounds like Lefty astroturfing.

    FINALLY: It's the economy, stupid (or, in this case, it's the stupid economy, given who's in charge).

    People vote with their feet and demography is destiny.

  22. I live on the Hood Canal near a Boat Ramp, this is in Kitsap County, WA where we seem to have Navy everywhere (and glad of it). The first time we saw the SEALS it spooked us, several dozen in black, totally quiet, on the beach and in the water with lots of 'toys'. Once we figured out they were SEAL's it was fun to watch them, they seemed to be out there every few weeks. We think they were going out to subs and back as well as other training.

    Far better than the druggies and high schooler's partying all hours of the night that also seem to have guns, but no training with guns. We prefer the SEALs.

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