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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Epoch Times reported, "Just moments before she was shot and killed, Ashli Babbitt confronted the police officers guarding the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, blasting them for allowing rioters to smash the windows and not calling for backup, an analysis of a journalist’s video shows."


Her death is sounding more and more like manslaughter or even murder.

A special prosecutor is needed.

ITEM 2: Market Watch reported that Red China's Chairman "Xi Jinping took to the virtual stage at Davos to address Fed Chair Jerome Powell — please don’t lift interest rates."

Chairman Xi said, "If major economies slam on the brakes or take a U-turn in their monetary policies, there would be serious negative spillovers. They would present challenges to global economic and financial stability, and developing countries would bear the brunt of it."

He did not ask. He demanded. We shall see if the West has any heroes left.

ITEM 3: NDTV reported that Red "China is urging people to wear masks and gloves when opening mail, especially from abroad, after authorities suggested the first case of the Omicron coronavirus virus variant found in Beijing could have arrived via a package from Canada."

Thank you, Canada!

Some say that since the virus lasts only 3 hours on paper, it is unlikely to have lasted in a letter that took 4 days to get there. But Canadians know paper better than anyone in the world. I am sure they developed the Everlasting Gobstopper of paperdom.

ITEM 4TASS reported, "The Russian, Iranian and Chinese navies will hold joint naval maneuvers, Russia’s Pacific Fleet reported on Tuesday."

Don't worry. We have more transgendered and more pregnant sailors than they do. Combined!

ITEM 5: Marie Oakes tweeted, "Truckers at the U.S.-Canada border in Emerson, Manitoba, Canada protest against mandates impacting the trucking industry. 

"Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate began on Jan. 15 for cross-border truck drivers.

"The U.S. mandate for all foreign trucker drivers begins on Jan. 22."

This must be done so that a truck driver won't catch covid from himself.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "Reps. Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) announced Tuesday that they will not seek re-election in November, becoming the 27th and 28th House Democrats who will not be back in the chamber after the mid-term elections. 

"Langevin — who was first elected to his seat in 2000, having previously served as Rhode Island’s Secretary of State and as a state representative — announced his decision in an op-ed published in The Providence Journal, saying that he wanted to spend more time with his loved ones."

He's 57. The other guy is 70, or as Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn call them, just kids.

ITEM 7: Kane at Citizen Free Press reported, "Debbie Wasserman — Vaccine ID is progressive, Voter ID is racist…"

Wait'll she learns more black people have photo IDs than have taken the shots.

The more this year goes on, the more I yearn for those halcyon days of 2020.

ITEM 8: Breaking 911 reported, "Wild Video Shows Cleveland Browns Star Being Arrested NAKED Near Children’s Learning Center In Florida."

Malik McDowell. Good on the field, terrible off. Even his lawyer says it may be drugs.

ITEM 9: Axios reported that Red "China blocked all four of Disney's Marvel movies from being released in its theaters last year, a grim sign for U.S. film giants being squeezed out of the world's fastest-growing box office.

"The Chinese Communist Party is using domestic films as a key conduit for mass messaging aimed at achieving political goals, leaving little room for foreign views."

Disney has spent more than a decade kissing Chairman Xi's nether regions in hopes of cracking a market of 1.3 billion people. I said all along Red China would cut them off. Now it has.

ITEM 10: Rasmussen announced, "Democrat Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated."

In summary:

  • 55% support fines against unvaxxed
  • 59% support house arrest
  • 48% support prison for questioning vax efficacy on social media
  • 45% support internment camps
  • 47% support surveillance
  • 29% support the state taking their kids

The vaccine mandates are not about public health. They are all about punishing nonconformists.

ITEM 11: RT reported, "Will Prince Andrew’s U.S. sex abuse trial spell the end of the British monarchy?"

It survived Edward II (King of England, 1307-1327), George IV (1820-1830), and Edward VIII (January-December 1936). It can survive Prince Pedo.

ITEM 12: James O'Keefe sent a letter (via a reader), which said, "In a mind-blowing new development, I’ve been made aware of Department of Justice Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (“FOIPA”) response letters which appear to confirm that there is some level of communication between the FBI and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer about Project Veritas.

"The letters, which were originally obtained by Judicial Watch resulting from FOIA requests made by the legal watchdog group, reject the request for the specific exchanges between Pfizer and the FBI about Project Veritas -- citing separate reasons for the rejection.

"It is troubling, not just that Pfizer apparently believes it can rely on the FBI to squash truthful reporting via investigations into law-abiding journalists, but also that they appear to be right in thinking the FBI will willingly target dissenting press with unconstitutional raids.

"There should be no place for such retaliatory attacks on journalism in America.

"I call on ALL JOURNALISTS to take a stand on this. The time to defend the First Amendment is NOW."

The Fascist Bureau of Intimidation.

ITEM 13: Manchin ain't budging.

Manchin ain't budging.

ITEM 14: Life News reported, "New Poll: 52% of Millennials Want Abortions Banned After Unborn Baby’s Heart Starts Beating."

OK, they are not as totally hopeless as I thought.

ITEM 15: NFL star Ndamukong Suh tweeted, "I’ve been involved in the hospitality industry for many years, both as an investor and operator. It’s never been as bad as this. Here’s what’s happening to restaurants you love.

"The pandemic hit everyone hard, but restaurants struggled more than most. How much more?

"42% of independent restaurants who didn’t get government relief are in danger of filing for bankruptcy. Even among those that did, 20% are in danger of going bankrupt.

"This goes far beyond you not being able to get your favorite meal. These issues will create generational scars for restaurant owners, their families, and their staff. To stay alive they are having to sell their homes, defer education, or take on enormous personal debt.

"So what’s really driving this? A few big things.

"1/ Operating hours are being severely impacted by new variants. Fewer open hours means less revenue, customer confusion, and lower profit.

'2/ Sales have been impacted dramatically. Many restaurants have reported sales decrease of 20%+ in recent months.

"3/ Operating a restaurant in 2021 was harder than ever.

"91% reported difficulty hiring.

"89% reported raising prices.

"42% reported removing all seating, indoors and outdoors. Just these three alone are enough to shut somebody down."

"Despite all these challenges, I’ve seen the restaurant community be some of the most empathetic around. Those that could, took care of their own.

"84% of restaurants raised wages.

"37% added paid sick leave benefits.

21% added paid vacation.

"Here's how you can help. Today is the national day of action to save restaurants. The Independent Restaurant Coalition is working to get Congress to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. This will give more funds to restaurants in need."

Good post. He was publicizing this petition to Congress.

Suh used his celebrity not to scream and shout, but to calmly make the case for his industry. How I wish others would take this approach. By the way, his mother is a teacher born in Jamaica, and his father is a mechanical engineer from Cameroon. Suh has a degree in engineering.

ITEM 16The New York Post reported, "The Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday it was withdrawing proposed conditions that could have allowed delivery company FedEx to install a laser-based missile-defense on jet-maker Airbus A321-200 airplanes."

I guess sharks with freaking laser beams are a no-go, too.

ITEM 17: NBC reported, "Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested Tuesday that he’d support primary challengers against Democratic colleagues Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, further intensifying a political battle pitting members of President Joe Biden’s party against one another."

Maybe he can get Little Stevie Wonder to run.

ITEM 18AP gushed, "In tiny Wyoming town, Bill Gates bets big on nuclear power."

It said, "Until recently, Kemmerer, Wyoming, was little-known for anything except J.C. Penney's first store and some 55-million-year-old fish fossils in quarries down the road.

"Then in November, a company started by Bill Gates, TerraPower, announced it had chosen Kemmerer for a nontraditional, sodium-cooled nuclear reactor that will bring on workers from a local coal-fired power plant scheduled to close soon.

"The demonstration project comes as many U.S. states see nuclear emerging as an answer to fill the gap as a transition away from coal, oil and natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Bu-bu-but Three Mile Island!

ITEM 19: George Papadopoulos tweeted, "Biden will not back an athletic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, but backed a boycott of Atlanta by the MLB All-Star Game."

Maybe if Atlanta gave Hunter a billion dollars to "invest" like Red China did, Biden would have backed the game.

ITEM 20: Via Kane at Citizen Free Press, the Great Lakes Wire reported, "An overwhelming majority of Michigan voters are in favor of increased election security, including measures requiring photo identification to vote, a recent poll by the Remington Research Group found.

"The poll, commissioned by Americans for Citizen Voting, surveyed 1,011 likely General Election Michigan voters. Among results, it found more than 75% of participants supported a requirement to show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, while support among Black residents was even higher at 79%."

Does this mean 79% of black voters in Michigan are white supremacists?

FINALLY, Mike Cernovich had an interesting observation. By my, he means may.



    Oh yeah, I’ll FOR SURE follow Bernie’s endorsed candidate. Absolutely. Positively. NOT.

    Bern, you just don’t know our state very well, do you?

  2. 10 - how anyone takes the vaccine seriously anymore is beyond me. If it works, why the fascism? Why care that I haven’t taken it?

    12 - the FBI has become a disgrace. And every day, their reputation gets worse.

    13 - Shut up and coach.

    14 - Very nice.

    17 - shut up and sing.

    18 - that’s not a tiny town. It is 9 times larger than mine.

    20 - I believe that Larry Elder and Candace Owens have been accused
    Of being white supremists.

    1. As Bill Clinton might say, “It depends on what the meaning of ‘white supremacist’ is.”

    2. SL: If you do not refer to what your comments pertain to (Item #1, exposition, etc.), no one reading what you have written will have any idea what you are talking about. Put the extra effort into what you are posting.

    3. Donna, you have to unnerstand…Big D’s comment section welcomes free verse, dada, Esperanto, and every other literary form known to Western man…

  3. "Some say that since the virus lasts only 3 hours on paper, it is unlikely to have lasted in a letter that took 4 days to get there."

    Depends whether it was written in cursive or print, dontchya know?

    1. Products made in Canada always seem to last longer than Chinese junk.

    2. Thanks (even though I am not sure about that)! It is Chinese junk and we need to stop buying it. Without western consumers, China will be economically hurt. Just do it! (Borrowing from slave labour manufacturer Nike).

  4. I didn't think Americans lived "under" anyone except God?

  5. Interesting bit on Alphabet Suh .. He always came across as a bit of a bad actor and cheap shot artiste on the field. But then again, part of my impression would have been shaped by the sports media

    Which is weird, because even back then, I trusted all mass media about 0% of the time. Maybe, I need to boost that incredulity to beyond absolute zero, or whatever the temperature is on the dark side of Pluto

    1. He had that reputation already when he played for Nebraska.

    2. My kindergarten teacher labeled me 'capable of better work'. Sixty one years later she is still right. In other words, 'Don't believe everything you think.' is a great idea and ignore other people opinions, believe your lyin' eyes.

    3. Alphabet Soup is now a 30 year-old race horse revered in Kentucky at an "old age" home for retired steeds. Outside of Lexington KY. Go visit him before he passes away. You will be amazed at how friendly he is, and walk away from the farm dancing on clouds.

  6. Item #5 - As they deplete the existing, experienced workforce, teenagers are now allowed to drive 18 wheelers. Yikes. Not sure who would be crazy enough to insure them but it’s not going to help our empty grocery store shelves.

    1. Most truck insurance carriers still require drivers to be a minimum of 25. I am sure they will insure younger drivers - for the right price.

  7. Hmm, Alphabet Suh .. pretty close to alphabet soup. Does that count as a bad pun?

    1. I remember when Suhs dad came up with a knife and cut off a piece of his ear...true story!!!

    2. Now you just fought one hell of a fight and I know you hate me and you got the right to kill me now and I wouldn't blame you if you do
      But you ought to thank me before I die for the gravel in your gut and the spit in your eye cause I'm the son of a bitch that named you Suh.

    3. ^^^ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ^^^

    4. One helluva fight, in the end, everyone got along!!!

  8. 2 - Methinks that chairman xi and sniffy are on the same page on this one. The grand plan, endorsed by a surprising number of economists (sic?), has been that as long as "the federal government" keeps flooding the landscape with "stimulus money" and the Fed keeps interest rates at zero (so as to make the cost of the borrowing to create the "stimulus money" zero), then all will be well. One can't help but think that the furious inflation that this has set off is reality's way of getting back at the people who actually have believed their own b.s. on this stuff.

    14 - Anyone born after 1973 could easily have been aborted - but wasn't; that affects the way may folks think about this issue.

  9. Item 18: “In tiny Wyoming town, Bill Gates bets big on nuclear power.” I’m all for widespread nuclear power, but I’m not sure Bill Gates is the best person to develop it. Will the engineers use CTRL-ALT-DELETE to reboot the reactor when it crashes?

    Finally: “[May] the entire country be as fortunate as Trump, and have this same option in 2024.” Make America Florida!

    1. I don't trust anything that Bill Gates is doing. Why is he uying up farm land and is he betting on nuclear power to "save' the environment. He is a globalist.

    2. It will certainly give new meaning to the blue screen of death.

    3. LuAnn, he's planning on making the peasants eat veggies and bugs while he gets to eat real food. Just as worrisome is the fact that China has bought just as much farmland. China has also been making loans to everybody in Africa and of course getting the land, factory or airport when the loans ate defaulted on. One if the few semi conductor factories outside China that was in England is now owned bty China. The rare earth metals are in Africa and Afghanistan in addition to China. Guess who owns them now?

    4. Oh yeah. Sad but true. I worry about China and Gates buying up farm land. There can be no good that comes from this.

  10. Bu-bu-but Three Mile Island!
    That's the place where the operators did absolutely everything wrong for 24 hours and the thing still didn't melt down right?

    1. Right! Alex Baldwin killed more people than Three Mile Island.

    2. Not what I heard... I heard hero operator named Simpson saved the reactor with a donut

  11. Edward II abdicated in 1326. Hairs split.

    1. 1333. Had to wait for his pension to kick in.

  12. re: item 3. Canada finally did something right. Attention Canadians -- please send more packages to China!

  13. The Cap Cops ALSO simply abandoned their posts shortly after Ashli berated them.

    There are no co-incidences.

  14. re: item 5- All that preventing truckers from crossing borders is going to do is cause more empty store shelves. Let them truckers roll, 10-4!

  15. re: item 1 and Ashli Babbitt: This is all starting to make sense. But why did it take so long for any video to surface? If this is true, Michael Byrd needs to be charged with murder or manslaughter. We need a proper investigation into this.

  16. re: Bernie Sanders: Absolutely no one should be listening to him. He should be sent back to the farm team where he belongs.

    1. He got kicked off the " farm " for being lazy, I can think of several other places we could send him .

  17. re item # 2 I don't see any heroes on the horizon. No one will stand up to China.

  18. re: item 10-- Poll and the Democrats. The pandemic has made people truly comfortable to let out their inner Stasi and totalitarian impulses. It always seems to happen on the left and for the good of all people. (Sarcasm). What is worse - boot on your neck or a well-meaning scold?

    1. The well-meaning scold knows what's better for you or your family than you do.

    2. Totally. It's easier to take the boot of your neck.

    3. The scold's boot is covered with a fuzzy, pink, bunny slipper.

  19. Item 7 - Wasserman and her fellow Dems are true racists - they think minorities aren’t smart enough to get a valid ID.

  20. Item 11 Bonny prince Andy won't suffer the same consequences as Henry the VIII six wives two of them lost their heads.

  21. Item 12: Patriots and Tyrants.
    Paris Nov. 13. 1787. Thomas Jefferson to William SMith (no relation to the famous actor Will)

    1. More likely related to the actor who played Riley on Laredo.

  22. #1 Ashli Babbitt's death always was murder. The coward Byrd shot her and then ran down the hallway.

    1. That's because it wasn't Byrdbrain, but David Bailey, Jeffery.

    2. Whatever, lefty troll.

    3. Weird, why would Michael Byrd say he shot her if he didn't?

    4. Danny Bailey? That was the BEST song on GYBR, by far…

  23. 14. When they started chanting "fuck joe biden" at college football games I figured "there's hope for US!"

    15. Early in the scamdemic Guy Fieri of FoodNetwork raised millions of dollars to help restaurants. Haven't seen much of that lately, but, these are people that are being killed by cdc rules.

    20. Yet liawatha thinks minorities and even college students can't figure out how to vote! Doesn't say much for our education system.

  24. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: So glad you put this up. Jeffery was so happy to tell the world Mrs Babbitt got what she deserved.

    She most certainly did not.

    They said Byrdbrain did it because he was an idiot.

    This is the real guy.

    4: Russian, Iranian and Chinese

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    5: Nice to see the Canuckistanis take a stand.

    For once.

    6: But the pundits say their seats are "safe".


    7: As do we all.

    9: Yeah, they'll show 'em that Chosin Reservoir movie about how the Reds couldn't beat 3 US divisions.

    10: They forgot the 59% who said people who don't get the shot need to be put into concentration camps.

    11: And Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson were closet Nazis, too.

    14: Toldja.

    15: Sounds like a smart version of Chlamydia.

    16: It would, however, get those Canadian geese out of the way.

    18: Good point. The Demos have hated nucular since Hiroshima.

    20: It may, however, mean the end of the Ubersturmbannfuhrer's political career.

    FINALLY: May it happen even sooner.

  25. If any repatriations are due in this nation, it's to the over five hundred political prisoners rotting in D.C. jails.

    1. True. Just read this post.

    2. Why wouldn't that author identify the Senator?!?!

  26. "I call on ALL JOURNALISTS to take a stand on this. The time to defend the First Amendment is NOW."

    Shucky darn, there are only maybe 5 or 10 real, honest journalists left in this country.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Item #4: The "Russian, Iranian and Chinese navies" (every single commander of each ship was promoted because his political statements were tailored to what his bosses wanted to hear) will now equal the fighting capacities of the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea (1939-43).

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