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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Highlights of the News

Every day is a blessing from the Lord.

ITEM 1: Democrat Congressman Jim Cooper tweeted, "Today I am announcing that I will not run for re-election to Congress. After 32 years in office, I will be leaving Congress next year.

"I cannot thank the people of Nashville enough. You backed me more than almost anyone in Tennessee history."

That's the 29th Democrat congressman not seeking re-election, the most since 29 called it quits 26 years ago.

But Democrats replaced most of them and had a net gain of 2 seats in 1996.

The good news is Pelosi's seeking another term.

ITEM 2: Rolling Stone reported, "Neil Young posted a since-deleted letter to his management team and record label demanding that they remove his music from Spotify."

His letter said, "I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform. They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both."

The letter was deleted when his management team and record label realized Spotify is not going to drop Rogan's 11 million listeners in favor of Young's 11. A Spotify man doesn't need him around anyhow.

The legacy of Young's 60-year career is that he inspired the song Sweet Home Alabama, which mocked him.

ITEM 3: Politico reported, "Frustration with Chuck Schumer’s leadership strategy is privately simmering among some Hill Democrats.

"We talked to a half-dozen senior Democratic staffers in both chambers Monday night and heard a variation of the same complaint from each of them: that Schumer’s ploy to isolate Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) on Build Back Better and then voting rights has only set the party back in achieving its goals.

"Manchin remains furious at how he’s been treated and has yet to return to the negotiating table on BBB. Sinema, meanwhile, was censured by her state party over the weekend, and there’s growing talk of her facing a primary in 2024 — in the type of state Democrats have to win to have any hope of controlling the Senate.

"One aide pointed out that Schumer is majority leader only because both senators ran centrist campaigns and won. Another argued that it’s the job of any majority leader to protect every member of the caucus. All were particularly stunned by Schumer’s refusal last week to say that Manchin and Sinema should not be primaried. The comment, they said, effectively gave progressives permission to start talking about mounting Democratic campaigns to defeat them."

Democrats would have been better off losing one of those Georgia races last year because they were not ready for prime time as a Senate majority.

ITEM 4: Biden calling Peter Doocy a stupid son of a bitch put the lad on the map. He laughed it off.

But Biden's SOB comment may help him.

Via Kane at Citizen Free Press, Red Chinese commentator Hu Xijin tweeted, "This is a scary state. Hope people in the White House could help take care of the nuclear briefcase."

I'm going to chalk that up as tongue-in-cheek. If not, cool. Let Red China sweat.

I've heard worse and yes, sometimes I deserved it.

ITEM 5: CNBC reported, "The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down Tuesday, but well off its session lows in another rollercoaster session as the Federal Reserve prepares investors for tighter monetary policy.

"The blue-chip average shed 67.77 points, or 0.2%, to close at 34,297.73. The index swung from a nearly 819-point deficit at its lows to a roughly 226-point rally at its highs during the session. The S&P 500 dipped 1.2% to 4,356.45. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell 2.3% to 13,539.30."

Once again, the Fed just won't allow the stock market to make a much needed correction.

I get that they don't want a recession, but I don't want a decadal depression. The last correction wiped out half the DJIA. But it rebounded in less than 6 months.

Do it and get it over with because a delay makes it only worse.

It's like the old Fram oil filter commercial. You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.

Change the oil already.

ITEM 6: Neon Nettle reported, "After Ben & Jerry’s decided to stop selling their ice cream in the so-called "occupied territories" of Israel, Unilever -- their multinational owner -- saw a stock drop of 20.7%, equating to an eye-watering $26 billion.

"Israel Today reported that the stock drop came after numerous U.S. states withdrew their investments in Unilever due to laws against boycotting Israel.

"Last year, the co-owner of Morton Williams Supermarkets in New York City, Avi Kaner, was one of the stores that responded to the boycott."

Occupied territory?

Give Vermont (home of B&J) back to the Abénaki and Mahican Indians then.

Of course, God gave the Jews the land 4,000 years ago. It was reparations for being slaves in Egypt.

ITEM 7WHNS-TV reported, "A newly proposed law in the South Carolina Statehouse would make it a criminal offense for your employer – or anyone – to ask about your vaccination status.

"Under the new proposed law, even just asking if someone is vaccinated could be considered a misdemeanor crime. It’s something those who are for it are calling a don’t ask bill."

Federal law already prohibits it but Biden is above the law, right?

ITEM 8: Breitbart reported, "Most voters believe former President Donald Trump was a better commander-in-chief than President Joe Biden, a Harvard-Harris Poll released this week found.

"The survey, taken January 19-20, 2022, among 1,815 registered voters, asked respondents who they thought was or 'has been' a better president — Donald Trump or Joe Biden. 

"A majority, 53%, said Trump was a better president, while Biden fell six points behind, as 47% said he has been a better leader. That same survey also pitched a hypothetical 2024 matchup between Biden and Trump and found Trump leading six percentage points — 46% to 40%."

Things are going so bad that even the 20 million ballots stuffed for Biden are complaining.

ITEM 9The Sun reported, "Spotify is taking Harry and Meghan's £18million podcast project into its own hands by hiring a host of in-house producers to finally help deliver content.

"The streaming giant has been waiting more than a year for the runaway royals to produce material as part of their mega-money deal.

"Spotify said it was looking forward to a "full-scale" launch of shows in 2021 -- but nothing appeared."

No problem.

I am sure the revenues generated by Neil Young will cover the losses.

ITEM 10: Yahoo reported, "With at least 100,000 Russian troops massing on the border of Ukraine, more than 6 in 10 Republicans and GOP-leaning independents (62 percent) now say Russian President Vladimir Putin is 'a stronger leader' than Joe Biden, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll."

Only 4% said Biden was stronger.

It was a curious story in that it did not say what independents or Democrats said -- or what the overall number was.

So I will ask readers, yes or no, does that mean most Americans say Putin is a stronger leader?

ITEM 11: Becker News reported, "The Wisconsin Assembly has voted in the affirmative to pass a privileged resolution to withdraw the state’s 10 electors who were slated to have cast their votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

"The announcement of the privileged resolution, as well as the present members who voted unanimously to pass it, can be viewed below."

14 months too late to matter.

ITEM 12: Business Insider reported, "Sen. Joe Manchin reportedly remains displeased with the White House’s handling of his opposition to President Joe Biden’s social spending and climate plan, The Washington Post reported. Manchin blames White House chief of staff Ron Klain for the struggles between Washington’s two Joes.

"'Manchin has told allies that he believes Klain has pushed Biden to embrace a more liberal policy agenda, adding that Klain must repair the relationship with him if the chief of staff is to be involved in future negotiations,' the Post wrote in an in-depth review of Klain’s first year in the White House.

"Manchin previously vented that he was at his 'wit’s end' with Biden’s staff, a frustration he mentioned when he told Fox News in December that he could not support Biden’s sweeping Build Back Better Plan. Steve Clemons, a close Manchin confidant, later wrote that the senator was particularly upset over a White House statement that singled him out after an earlier setback in negotiations over Biden’s plan. With Democrats clutching to razor-thin majorities, Manchin’s relationship with the White House is of the utmost importance to Biden’s agenda."

Hmm, looks like someone wants to dump Klain to save Biden.

ITEM 13Techno Fog reported, "Today, Special Counsel John Durham provided a “discovery Update” to the court in the Michael Sussmann case. In this filing, available here, he disclosed that his team has obtained a tremendous amount of information ranging from a variety of sources – including Perkins Coie, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and former DNC/Clinton lawyer Mark Elias.

"While Sussmann has been charged with giving false statements to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker regarding the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization hoax (background here), Durham notes that the 'Government also maintains an active, ongoing criminal investigation of' Sussmann’s conduct.

"In other words, Sussmann’s criminal conduct likely is not limited to false statements. There is more. If we are to make an educated guess, it may have to do with the conspiracy to accuse the Trump Organization of having secret back-channel communications with Alfa Bank."

No excitement without an indictment.

ITEM 14: AP reported, "President Joe Biden’s effort to rally support, both at home and abroad, ahead of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine is just the latest big test of his ability to bridge ideological gaps and balance competing interests to build effective coalitions.

"His record so far as president suggests it’s no sure thing."

Right now, he could not lead a Cub Scout troop to a candy shop.

Which is actually a good thing....

ITEM 15: Also from AP, "Once-prominent California attorney Michael Avenatti took over representation of himself Tuesday at his latest criminal trial, setting the stage for him to directly confront former client and porn star Stormy Daniels over her claims that he stole some of the money she was owed for her autobiography."

By once-prominent California attorney, AP means Creepy Porn Lawyer.

FINALLY, Leslie Eastman wrote, "Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts 'Second Opinion' Panel on America’s Problematic Pandemic Response.

"Media promptly smears it as a panel of 'vaccine skeptics and promoters of unproven early treatments.'"

The media no more cares about the truth than a koala does. The difference is koalas are cute and harmless (unless you are a eucalyptus tree).


  1. “Right now, he could not lead a Cub Scout troop to a candy shop.

    Which is actually a good thing...”

    …because he’d need a fooking loan from Jay Powell just to buy Twix bars for everyone. Did The Black Jesus actually think that people would learn to live with double digit inflation? What an ultramaroon.

    1. Too many children's heads to sniff.

    2. Item 13: Durham

      Techno Fog is a great researcher, especially where the law is concerned.

      Unfortunately Durham is deep state swamp material and nothing will come of this.

      Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has been on this since it started 5 or 6 years ago. You can’t find a deeper or more detailed account of this whole scenario than there.

  2. FINALLY: "Eucalypti" is plural. It should be "you are a eucalyptus tree." What you have there is like saying "you are a cedars tree."

    1. picky, picky, picky. After the numerous typos and grammatical errors I've already seen this morning on major media sites, Don's one man shop here deserves a little consideration for not having editorial oversight. I have emailed Don about typos before, and received prompt and gracious replies. His address is at the top of every column.

    2. Actually, being a Greek borrow word, 'eucalyptus' is a 5th delension Latin noun and its plural in English should be 'eucalyptuses'. Same goes for 'octopus' by the way. But I give our gracious Mr. Surber a blanket amnesty on typos, preferring to judge by the character of the content rather than the color of the typography. ^_^

    3. I try to use correct grammar , spelling and punctuation just to keep the Ole noodle agile . But as I can't type for sh#t everybody gets a pass from me especially Don . Look forward every day to reading and corresponding on this best of all blogs!

  3. On who is a stronger leader. In the words of the baseball player, Bryce Harper, "That's a clown question, bro. " Neither one of them is a strong leader. Putin has to threaten invasion just to keep the country from throwing him out due to poor economics there. The only strong leader recently was Trump who was able to Not get us into any wars, yet took action when anyone threatened us to the degree that no one (not even the crazy Korean) wanted to mess with him.

    1. Putin doesn’t walk like he’s got an icicle up his butt, so gotta go with Vlad.

    2. Yup, gotta go with Vlad, who doesn't appear to be obsessed with ice cream.

    3. I doubt Putin has soiled himself in decades. Biden on the other hand...

    4. So I will ask readers, yes or no, does that mean most Americans say Putin is a stronger leader?

      Yes. Putin is a real person with a ton of experience. Biden is a hologram.

    5. Personally, I think cutting loose with a massive fart while in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall mark's the Drooling Moron's greatest accomplishment thus far.

    6. As of now, I'd say Putin beats "Biden" as a leader handily.

      If Ron Klain gets the boot (Item 12), I'd say Putin would beat "Biden" crushingly.

    7. You're quoting the ball player who said he couldn't take a pay cut if the pandemic forced them less games ? F*ck pro sports !

  4. #2: The other legacy of Young's career is his on-again/off-again desire to be a member of the Buffalo Springfield was a cancer to the group and helped lead to their dissolution far too soon; they could've become what CSN&Y were, with the added benefit of we wouldn't have had to put up with David Crosby's bloviating and Graham Nash's pompousness.

    1. I was a huge Neil Young fan back in the day and have seen him many times. That said, I am really turned off by his politics -- anti fossil fuel, etc. He is just an old Karen now.

    2. Neil Young deserves some sympathy, David Crosby not so much.
      "As a child the singer was diagnosed with a plethora of health conditions including epilepsy, polio and type 1 diabetes. By 1951 he had deteriorated so far that he could barely even walk. The star also recalled one of his epileptic fits which occurred whilst at a radio festival in 1967."

      David Crosby admits to spending millions on drugs. He has been in and out of jail. With Hepatitis C, he needed a liver transplant to survive. Somehow he got to the head of the line for livers.

    3. I'll give Crosby that, but what about old Karen Neil Young??

    4. I still like Neil Young, though these celebrities really make fools of themselves when they ignorantly spout off about politics.

      Just the other day happened to listen again to "This Note's For You":

      Ain't singing for Pepsi
      Ain't singing for Coke
      Ain't singing for nobody
      Makes me look like a joke

      I got the real thing, baby
      I got the real thing, yeah

      Love that song, love his guitar. Stuff the politics.

    5. I still think it is sad that he has become an aging fool.

    6. Good music does not always make for good citizens.

    7. And Neil Young is originally Canadian. (From Winnipeg).

    8. Also, it became apparent that Young no longer owns the rights to his songs so anything he says is pretty much a toothless "GET OFF MY LAWN" rant

  5. "So I will ask readers, yes or no, does that mean most Americans say Putin is a stronger leader?"

    As you and others have noted before, it is what they don't say that is most telling. If the answer was 'no' it would have lead the article. So the answer is most definitely 'yes' most Americans say (recognize) Putin is a stronger leader.

  6. ITEM 5: Once again, the Fed just won't allow the stock market to make a much needed correction.

    They’ll think the time has come right after Trump is elected in 2024.

    1. For sure and then they will blame Trump, as usual.

    2. I think there's a shorter time horizon first and that's to make sure it's soaring again by this September just before the midterms.

  7. "No excitement without an indictment." My prayer for today is that I might see something from this bunch before I die.

  8. Absolutely, every day is a blessing from the Lord. Yesterday was a tough day due to COVID fatigue but I am grateful I got through it and today I was happy to see the sun rise.

  9. "Of course, God gave the Jews the land 4,000 years ago. It was reparations for being slaves in Egypt." Damn clever!

    1. There are 10 Ashkenazi Jews in the Senate:

      Michael Bennet, Colorado
      Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
      Ben Cardin, Maryland
      Dianne Feinstein, California
      Jon Ossoff, Georgia
      Jacky Rosen, Nevada
      Bernie Sanders, Vermont
      Brian Schatz, Hawaii
      Charles Schumer, New York
      Ron Wyden, Oregon

      They are all Democrats and vote the Left-Wing agenda.
      Jews are 2% of the population and 10% of the Senate. What are the odds?

    2. You should change your handle to kikecatcher

    3. Note that everyone on that roster is "ethnically" Jewish but not a practicing religious/cultural Jew. The loadmouthed bernie sanders (i - lunar orbit) for example is a loud atheist. What exactly is a "Jewish atheist"??

      My best guess is that much of the ancestry of the contemporary Jewish population came to the US in the late-19th and early-20th centuries from the general region of "the pale of settlement" - from a time and place where nutty-but-new communist ideas were all the rage. They brought it all with them - Brooklyn was legendary 100 or so years back for its plethora of ranting street-corner revolutionaries.

    4. What's the word for Jewish in name only?

    5. Hmmm... can Nerfcatcher (h/t Douglas DC) also tell us off the cuff how many Blacks there are in the Senate? How many Asian-Americans? How many Muslims? How any Alsatians?

      What's with this Ashkenazi Jews obsession of his?

      -- Maoz

    6. We definitely know where he stands huh ?

    7. Responding late in the day. Was out hunting (trying to kiss some does and give them Covid) as I read that they are finding some deer with Covid and are not sure if they got it from humans!! Sure thing.

      Oh, to my point - fuck off Knifecatcher, you anti-Semitic ass.

  10. re: Item 5 -- I worry about where we are headed economically. The debt levels and spending due to COVID are astronomical. I don't know where this leaves our children and future generations, but it can't be good.

  11. re: item 4 -That comment is exactly the nastiness and misplaced bravado that Brandon has shown throughout his career. Evil showing through the dementia.

  12. re: 14 months too late to matter. Totally. No one at the time had the balls to do that. Everyone was too freaked out about the Jan.6 "riot."

  13. re: FINALLY item: MSM are corrupt and don't even want to know another point of view.

  14. re: item 13-- I don't ever expect any excitement from John Durham.

  15. re: item 9 -- Meghan is a grifter and has managed to convert Harry. Those two could no more produce content for Spotify than Obama and Michelle can produce content for Netflix. It's a money scam based on who they are.

    1. Harry is the only one in the world who doesn't realize he's the patsy. She'll eventually run off with some billionaire Democrat donor and dump Harry, the dumb ass, flat.

  16. Item 13 - Look for Garland to shut down Durham in the near future.

    1. Can't. Durham is isolated and is not under Garland's control.

    2. If he could he already would have. Durham is independent of the AG. You are right that he will obstruct as much as possible however. Like everyone else, I'm not looking for much from Durham. It's also possible that if Durham produces, he may be selected as Trumps AG. Not a good chance of it but there's a chance.

    3. I don't have much faith in Durham either. But I keep looking at the things coming out and it has a little bit of the "little engine that could" feel to it. Who knows? I'll keep my eye on it and be happy if more "stuff" keeps coming out.

  17. Item 10 - Biden is not a leader, so he can’t be a strong leader. Putin no doubt enjoys manipulating Biden and likely has many ways to assure (ie blackmail) compliance with Russia’s interests (Hunter payments, other Biden indiscretions, etc)

  18. ITEM 10: Yahoo would not have cared what Democrats felt. The purpose of the piece was to smear Republicans.

  19. The Russians (Putin) are not really as foolish as the Ministry of Propaganda would like everyone to believe. Invasions have consequences especially if they are "successful". Texas would fare better if they invaded Ukraine. The economic, political, social and the military quagmire that would result for Russia would be greater than any gain in "nationalistic" sphere of influence. The Russians know it. Brandon is simply yelling "Squirrel! to mitigate the political consequences of his many "achievements" since being installed in the White House.

  20. 5 - The problem remains that in an inflationary environment, equities are about the best possible hedge against inflation. Anyone got a better idea?

    6 - "Give Vermont (home of B&J) back to the Abénaki and Mahican Indians then." Actually, VT is somewhat unique in that "Give it back to the Indians" just doesn't work - more like "Give it back to who exactly?" There were some Abenaki way up in the NW corner but other than that what is now VT was basically unoccupied - it's the upland between the coastal watershed and the St. Lawrence watershed. Back when I was a schoolkid, I did a little project where I made a roster of the states by when they had their first permanent European settlement - 1, 2, 3 were FL, NM, AZ (Spanish were early), but VT was down at something like 29; the British built a fort in the SE corner of the state in something like 1752. There's a lot of interesting-but-forgotten 18th century history involving the French-led Indian raiding parties that came down from the Montreal area to attack villages in Massachusetts and New York. In the dead of winter.

    10 - Can't help but wonder if Vlad has stuff on both sniffy and snorty. Think about it - snorty was a perfect target for being compromised by a hostile foreign intelligence service. And sniffy and snorty sold out Ukraine to Russia's preferred class (oligarchs). As for Vlad being a stronger leader... "stronger" doesn't necessarily mean better. He's a strong jerk, and sniffy is a weak jerk. Vlad has played a weak hand well, while sniffy has played (what was initially) a strong hand badly.

    1. Snowy: love your idea...maybe there should be a universal rule regarding hegemony--like literature--seventy years or so...then do what you want.

    2. Any hand Sniffy has / had was never strong .

  21. unlike biden, putin loves his country. so hell yes, stronger leader. but then a wet noodle would be stronger than joe.

  22. Putin wrestles bears. Biden wrestles pudding.

  23. Words cannot express how much I enjoy and appreciate both this blog and it's contributors. God bless all of you!

    1. Thanks. Right back at you. And thanks to Don.

  24. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Things are a lot different than they were in '95.

    The Demos were still a party back then.

    3: Ya gotta love it, right?

    5: This is the faculty lounge crowd. They don't get the real world.

    7: Maybe, but not necessarily for long.

    8: It was a lot more than 20 mil.


    11: No, it matters now. A couple more states do the same and you've got a lot of people in the streets demanding the rightful President.

    Let's go Brandon. Back to Dover.


    12: That's what's too late.

    14: It's kabuki on both sides. Poot has no intention of invasion (as least not before late June) And Brandon may be gone by then.

  25. Finally, the panel discussion is great.

  26. Vladimir may or may not be an evil bastard, I don't have enough trust in what I've read about him to know. But he did come up through the KGB to be the top dog he is now. That makes him an alpha male in any accounting.
    Biden on the other hand, is no alpha male. He's a Chester, and wouldn't live a day in prison. He may be just a puppet figure now, but he's always been a nasty piece of work.
    I've been saying for years now that Putin will not lie to you. He doesn't need to. He may not answer your question as you'd like, but he doesn't lie.

  27. Item 2 -- the best / worst thing about reading the report of Neil Young going all Karen over Spotify is I can actually hear that high, whiny, nasal Neil voice in my mind! Eeew!

  28. I believe that most of the voters in the last presidential election realized then that Putin was a stronger leader than Biden. Pundits and pollsters have been crowing about the next election and how it will be a Republican landslide. I think that's a mistake given the election process is still broken and ripe with fraud.

  29. Neil Young has sold a large portion of his catalogue to an investment group so him asking Spotify to remove his songs will not affect him much, he has already cashed out. So this is the cheapest kind of virtue signaling. He gets to act virtuous and harm the income stream of the people that bought his catalogue. This may be why he removed the demand. I don't know if he would be open to legal action for harming the investors, but it is a nasty thing to do to people that bought your music rights.

  30. #2 - Neil who?

    #6 - Actually, it wasn't reparations for the Egyptian slavery. God had already promised Avraham that his descendants (through the line of Yitzhak and Ya'akov) would receive the land as a heritage.

    But I like your point re Vermont.

    #9 - Neil who?

    #15 - Avenatti: How's that saying go? A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

  31. ITEM 6: When he was asked who he thought she own Jerusalem, the Jews of the Arabs, Winston Churchill had no doubts: "The Jews. They made it famous, after all."

  32. Without a doubt, the best song Neil Young is responsible for was Sweet Home Alabama.

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