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Monday, January 10, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Politico libeled Justice Sonia Sotomayor by saying she wined and dined with Pelosi, Schumer, and Klobuchar after hearing the vax mandate case. Politico's evidence was the back of someone's head. I passed on the story because I don't go by the back of someone's head. (Pats self on the back.) This is why we have the 24 Hour Rule. If it looks too good to be true, it is.

And so it was with this Fake News. The back of the head belonged to Schumer's wife, not Sotomayor.

Libeling a Supreme Court justice should cost Politico money and someone their job because that lie will stick forever in the minds of some of the public. Instead, people are praising Politico's correction.

ITEM 2: The Post Millennial reported, "Yao Pan Ma, a 61-year-old Asian man, was horrifically and brutally attacked on April 23, 2021, in East Harlem. Sadly, he didn't recover from the spring 2021 attack and the NYPD announced Saturday that he has succumbed to his injuries.

"Ma, an out-of-work Chinese immigrant, was repeatedly kicked in the head last year when he was collecting cans at Third Avenue and 125th Street. The lone assailant was seen in footage stomping on Ma's head knocked onto the concrete.

"Ex-convict Jarrod Powell, who claimed he acted in self-defense, was identified on video assaulting Ma and caught days after the apparent anti-Asian attack, which left the hate crime victim comatose in critical condition before the Dec. 31 death."

Where are the protests?

Where is the media's concern?

Where are the cries for Justice for Ma?


The old media standard was black-on-black crime doesn't matter. The new standard is black-on-anyone crime doesn't matter.

Expect more.

ITEM 3: When you hate Trump so much you don't care if you die.

Liberals are predictably insane. Follow the Babylon Bee to see their next move.

ITEM 4: The Washington Post reported, "Biden faces delays in undoing Trump's war on efficient dishwashers, dryers and lightbulbs that made him ‘look orange.’"

Where in the Constitution does it say the government dictates how much water a dishwasher uses?

With the looks-orange comment, I see where liberals still judge people by the color of their skin. So 19th century.

ITEM 5: Townhall reported, "Guidance from the Food and Drug Administration says that some people may be considered high risk based on their race and will be prioritized for monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals used to treat COVID-19.

"The agency issued a fact sheet for healthcare providers, which was updated in December, notifying them that it had approved emergency use authorizations of sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody proven effective against omicron. However, the antibodies are only approved for patients considered to be high risk.

"'Medical conditions or factors, such as race or ethnicity' may 'place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19,' the guidance reads, adding that the 'authorization of sotrovimab under the EUA is not limited to the medical conditions or factors' outlined by the agency."

Systemic racism rears its ugly head.

ITEM 6Rasmussen Reports announced "52% of Likely U.S. voters have a favorable impression of Trump, including 33% who have a Very Favorable view of him. 47% of voters view Trump unfavorably, including 38% who have a Very Unfavorable impression of the former GOP president. These findings almost exactly reflect the final job approval ratings for Trump in January 2021."

Meanwhile, Biden's poll numbers go down, down, down. It's almost as if he were elected by 81 million ballots and not 81 million people.

ITEM 7Breaking 911 reported, "At least 19 people were killed, including 9 children, in a Sunday fire that engulfed an apartment building in the Bronx, officials said. Mayor Eric Adams said the probable cause of the fire was a malfunctioning electric space heater.

"The blaze at the 19-story apartment building on East 181st Street in Fordham Heights is being called one of New York City’s worst in 30 years.

"The FDNY says more than 60 people were injured — with 32 suffering from life-threatening injuries."

This is terrible. This is the worst disaster in NYC since 9/11. It is so sad.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tests positive for covid.

She was so excited, she called her mom, and said, "I passed the test."

ITEM 9Mike LaChance reported, "Penn’s Transgender Swimmer Loses to Yale’s Transgender Swimmer in Women’s 100 Meter Race."

Can't cut it as a man?

Put on a dress and call yourself a woman.

ITEM 10Outkick reported, "Canadian politician Jon Reyes made it perfectly clear Saturday morning that he doesn’t wear the pants in his own house. The member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba got up Saturday morning and snapped a photo of his wife, Cynthia, shoveling their driveway and bragged that she was shoveling after a 12-hour nursing shift at a local hospital.

"It didn’t take long for the social media warriors to have Reyes by the balls for not throwing on his boots to help Cynthia clear the driveway. It didn’t help Jon’s cause that he tweeted early Saturday morning that he stayed up late to watch an ATP Cup tennis match."

Good for him for giving his wife snow equity.

But look for some trans to break her record next week.

By the way, my solar-powered snow removal system worked. The snow was gone in two days.

ITEM 11: The New York Times reported, "Left Out of High-Level Talks, Ukraine Tries Other Diplomatic Channels."

Yes, why include Ukraine in the planning of its future? Putin and Biden know best.

ITEM 12: The New York Daily News reported, "Vaccine appointments multiply after Quebec requires shots for weed, alcohol stores."

A good leader knows what incentives will result in the outcome he seeks.

ITEM 13: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Taliban Detain Prominent Critic, Intensifying Crackdown on Dissent in Afghanistan."

Nancy Pelosi taught them well.

ITEM 14: The Washington Examiner reported, "White House worried Iran is plotting assassination attempts against Trump administration officials."

Are they worried Iran will fail?

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "A teen girl was gunned down and killed during a robbery while working her shift at a Harlem Burger King—with the killer making off with only $100. 

"Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, was working as a cashier at the Burger King at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem early Sunday morning when an armed robber entered the restaurant. The gunman pistol-whipped a male customer before punching a female manager in the face. Bayron-Nieves, who just started the job three weeks ago, gave the robber $100 cash from the drawer, an eyewitness said, according to her mother."


Mayor Cop showed up to say gee that's too bad, days after he appointed his brother to a $242,000-a-year gig in the police bureaucracy.


ITEM 16: The New York Post reported, "A Los Angeles Taco Bell worker was fatally shot Saturday night by a customer who tried to purchase a drive-thru order with a phony $20 bill, a report said."

Gee, I wonder why no one wants to work at fast-food joints anymore.

ITEM 17: Zero Hedge reported, "Down the street from the US Capitol Building, right in front of Union Station, more than a dozen tents have been erected, highlighting the homeless problem in the nation's capital.

"The area outside the train station is a 16-minute walk from the Capitol Building. Lawmakers who take the train to work have to pass by this area and gaze upon the homeless who have been knocked out of the workforce and unable to afford shelter, food, and energy because of inflationary conditions produced by unorthodox monetary and fiscal policies."

Um, America's drug policy likely had more to do with this.

ITEM 18: Fox reported, "American Airlines apologetic after Twitter user complains about pilot with 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker.

"American Airlines made headlines in 2020 for allowing crew to wear BLM pins."

Let's go ban this unAmerican, anti-free speech company from calling itself American.

ITEM 19AP reported, "Watershed moment in NYC: New law allows noncitizens to vote."

It is another watered-down moment as Democrats head toward their goal to make citizenship worthless.

AP is rooting for this because its CEO is a noncitizen living in the USA.

FINALLY, via Kane at Citizen Free Press.


  1. Re #1..... A correction is more than we ever got from the Hamas loving AP, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO

  2. ITEM 11: C'mon Don, you should know that when the USSR collapsed, it was agreed that Ukraine would remain free and independent as long as they didn't join NATO. So we're going to go to war over an agreement WE broke? Did you forget our reaction to the Soviets incursion into Cuba?

  3. 7 - so sad. Something bad allowed that to happen. Apartments in High rises in NYC are supposed to have firewalls (and floors and ceilings) to contain fires and prevent what happened from happening. That’s why incidents like this are so rare. Someone paid off inspectors I would think.

    9 - What a world. Yale’s transgender swimmer is a female trying to become a man. She’s probably so jacked up on hormones and testosterone that she was able to beat the man pretending to be a woman.

    15&16 - two cities with massive regulations against legally owning guns.

    1. re: item 12 -- We can still get wine and beer at grocery stores in Quebec, at this point. What is so galling about this is that unionized staff aren't required to be triple vaxxed or even vaxxed, but customers need the triple vax status. Government is getting around this nonsense by saying that staff won't be able to buy alcohol at government outlets unless they are triple vaxxed. Yeah, totally based on science and data. Not. It's nothing but coercion.

    2. Unions are very strong here and that's how many workers remain unvaxxed, including my son. However, he did test positive for Omicron. Bad cold plus vomiting and diarrhea.

    3. To my simple brain, the exceptions should nullify the rule for everyone.

    4. Yes, yes and yes. Exceptions should nullify the rule for everyone. It's coercion and shows that the government is "doing something" even if it's unconstitutional. We've hardly heard a peep out of our civil liberties groups in Canada since the pandemic started.

  4. Item 7: “This [apartment fire] is the worst disaster in NYC since 9/11.” … if you ignore the hundreds who died in NYC nursing homes after Gov. Cuomo packed them with COVID patients.

    1. Over 2000 deaths of nursing home patients from COVID just in Bronx and Queens counties.

  5. #11 .. The name Russia comes from the word "Rus" which means "citadel" Hence the quaint title "Tsar of all the Russes" meaning Ruler of all the city states
    One of the very first Russias to be established was Kiev. You could even go as far as to say that Kiev is the birthplace of Russia .....

    Moreover, the name Ookraine* starts with the adverbial prefix "У" which means away. Ergo Ookraine carries a vague meaning as the "far away place" similar to The Outback. There was never a sense of a separate nation until the Bolsheviks created the bogus Ukrainian Republic 100 years ago. This was likely done to reduce somewhat the overwhelming presence of Russia in the Soviet Union ....

    To complicate this situation further, the Commies treated the Ookraine abominably what with the Holodomor (Ukrainian for hunger genocide) and building an incredibly dangerous reactor atop a massive watershed ....

    Meanwhile, Eastern Ukraine is majority Russian with a massive industrial base which was built by the Communists (who were mostly Russian) So, the more you know about this situation, the more confounding it gets

    1. Lennie, interesting analysis but I have to take issue with parts of it.

      The name "Rus" actually doesn't mean "citadel" - it comes from an Old Swedish word that means "rower" or "rowers" or "related to rowing"; it was picked up by the locals around the site where the Varangians (Vikings) set up a fort and way station at the site of what is now Kiev/Kyiv - as there is a chunk of rock in otherwise-flat countryside where a fort makes sense (much like Quebec City and Tallinn on that count). The "rowers" got the name because they were plying the trade route that ran along the rivers that let them get from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. And this old name of "Rus" as "rowers" lives on to this day in the Finnish-and-Estonian name for Sweden ("Ruotsi" - land of the rowers).

      The use of "Russia" (Rossiya) to describe the country we now know as "Russia" was a heist by Peter the Great in the early 18th century - when he rebranded what had been known as "Muscovy." Former Russia never recovered from the capture, sack, and destruction of Kiev/Kyiv by the Mongols in 1241 - this let Muscovy become a dominant power.

      You're close :-) on the name of the country. If you transliterate the Ukrainian or Russian version of the name, it is pronounced as "oo-krah-YEE-nah." It means "border lands" or something similar; there is a region of Croatia that is still known as the Krajina region (same Slavic root) because for so long it was a border region between the Hapsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

      For most of the Middle Ages, Ukraine was part of the Polish Empire (for lack of a better term) - and even though it is now written in Cyrillic, Ukrainian (as a language) is closer to Polish and Slovak than to Russian. The change came in 1648 during Khmelnitsky's uprising against Poland; he wanted the Tsar to be his ally, but the Tsar said that he wasn't a real king so he could only be a vassal; Khmelnitsky eventually caved because it was that or repossession by Poland.

      Russian is the spoken language in most of Ukraine east of the Dnieper/Dnipro - and Russian is the "street language" in Kiev/Kyiv. But language isn't a direct affiliation - Kyiv is pro-Ukraine, as is much of eastern (Russian-speaking) Ukraine.

      The Holodomor deserves to be remembered as much as the Holocaust, but because Stalin it isn't. Do an image search on the Holodomor memorial in Kyiv; it's quite jarring.

    2. Re: Holodomor memorial - I think there's a larger one now, but this is the original one and is quite jarring.

    3. I learned a bit this morning. Thanks. Two of my grandparents were born in the 1800s in Austria-Hungary. Today, the town is in the Ukraine.

      A third grandparent was Romanian. The fourth, American - so, like Liawatha, I still can claim 1/1024th Indian.

    4. What I don't understand- Is no one studies the history anymore. A large percentage of the world's troubles would be understood better if the history of the various countries and people would be studied. Ukraine is an glaring example.
      BTW my Anderson side is from the Sutherland area of Scotland. it's called 'sutherland" because it was the Viking Riviera for a while Warmer climate,better farming and the women put up too much of a fight to take back to the longboat, so the stayed..

    5. D-DC - Agree on history needing to be studied more, and I'm a STEM guy saying this. There are many parts of the world where there has been so much traffic over the millenia that you can't understand the place without looking closely at that deep history; the Levant is certainly one such place, but Ukraine is another. Our adversaries understand the history well - while we have a clown show (of long running) that seems to be mostly historically-ignorant gasbags who are focused on psycho-babble rather than history.

      In terms of Ukraine, I'm not a bit Ukrainian but my work has taken me there a bunch of times. To understand the deep history, you need to understand five particular years and their implications. (Slash-doubles where I can't recall the exact year off the cuff.)

      800 - Varangians found Kiev/Kyiv
      988/989 - Prince Vladimir adopts Christianity (particularly, eastern Orthodoxy)
      1240/1241 - Kiev/Kyiv destroyed by the Mongols
      1648 - Khmelnitsky rebellion frees Ukraine from Poland... but ends up (much to his chagrin) converting Ukraine into a Russian vassal.
      1709 - Battle of Poltava seals the 1648 arrangement as effectively permanent (until very recently)

  6. In Russian Ookraine is Украина. Meanwhile Yugoslavia is spelled Югославия starting with the prefix "Юг", which means South. Hence the need, if you want to be accurate to at least pronounce Ukraine as Ookraine

    1. "Yugoslavia" = "southern Slavs." It was the post-WW1 branding given to an effort to sweep all the southern Slavs into one country (which actually only happened because of fear of Italian irredentist claims on that side of the Adriatic). (It was more-or-less a Serbian Empire in practice - which was held together by fear of Italian irredentism and by Tito - until both of those disappeared from the scene. The "genius" of Yugoslavia was basically getting WW1 (not a typo) started back up during the 1990s.)

      (N.b. - Bulgarian is a Slavic language that was adopted by the Bulgarians, but ethnically they aren't Slavic. They're actually of Turkic origin, or unknown original homeland - but interestingly, in Turkish "Bulgaria" means "too much snow."

  7. ITEM 5: There are now half a dozed available, safe drugs costing pennines that work as well as and better than sotrovimab and can be started at the earliest syptom by the patient. Drugs costing less than $5 per day proven up to 99% effective in preventing hospitalization and death.

    The "health professionals" who block early treatment with readily available drugs with a long safety profile have millions of deaths on their hands.

    Nuremberg 2 trials are necessary to expose this bunch and their financial overlords.

    1. How can you expect the pharmalords and their government bureaucrat lapdogs to make their billions if cheap, out-of-patent drugs are allowed to be used?

  8. re: item 19 -- That is certainly the way to totally render citizenship useless. I had some hope for Eric Adams, but certainly not now. Good and harder.

  9. Item 8: She'll say she was deliberately infected by bioterrorists while on a fact-finding visit to a Republican stronghold.

  10. ITEM 19 -- it is unconstitutional. The state constitution limits those eligible to vote in any election in the state to citizens.

    1. Constitution? Hah. Liberals don’t need no stinkin’ constitution.

  11. 4 - The next GOP Congress/President/whatever also needs to get rid of these ridiculous "Gore toilets" (the low-volume toilets that don't work well) that aren't necessary in the wetter parts of the country. (I've always wondered if big al has been looking for something else to be remembered by rather than that, driving his green insanity further.) It's also illegal to import non-compliant toilets (such as by buying one in Canada and driving it back across the border).

    11 - This kind of stuff is dangerous. Everyone in the Czechia and Slovakia remembers how the "big powers" bargained away Czechoslovakia back in 1938 without anyone from the country allowed into the negotiations. And in eastern Europe, people sure still remember the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

    19 - I'm still waiting for someplace to counter this by allowing non-resident property owners (who pay taxes there - often at higher-than-resident rates) to vote. This actually makes more sense, as the non-residents are usually US citizens but primary-residenced in another state (or even town in the same state).

  12. My prayers for the survivors of the Bronx apt building fire. I grew up just a few blocks away.

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: SCROTUS remade the libel rules, so Sonia can live with it.

    2: Until white/yellow/brown/red/ Spanish-speaking people start shooting back.

    5: Don't think it's gonna work. Black people gave the Demos 50 years to deliver Utopia and it never came.

    They're waking up.

    6: You broke the code.

    9: But the winner was a woman that called herself a man.

    10: He's just a good feminist. They want to be equal.

    11: It worked so well back in Munich.

    19: Another reason not to fly American.

    And the give you so many.

  14. #4. Efficient dishwashers? BWAHAHAHAHA. Their energy efficient dishwashers don't work. The EPA should be made to pay Americans a penalty for this BS.

  15. #7. Worst disaster since Blasshole was elected mayor.

  16. #9. AOC Another Obnoxious Communist.

  17. Kamala Harris is half black half Asian.
    Does her Black half beat up her Asian half?
    Asking for a friend.

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