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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Highlights of the News

His sign says "Fire Dr. Fauci." 

Follow the science. Via Kane at Citizen Free Press. Not photoshopped.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Biden asked Democrats on Tuesday, “Do you want to be the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

Lincoln was a Republican, Davis a Democrat.

ITEM 1: Clay Travis tweeted, "Pfizer made a copyright claim to remove their CEO’s video comments that two doses of their covid vaccine offers 'limited protection, if any.' This is wild."

Twitter banned the video.

Fauci's daughter works for Twitter.

ITEM 2: Katie Pavlich reported, "Speaking during a hearing in front of the Senate Health Committee Tuesday morning, Health and Human Services Preparedness and Response Assistant Secretary Dawn O'Connell revealed the Biden Administration has not signed new contracts with Wuhan coronavirus testing manufacturers and producers. Instead, they're working with warehouses already storing millions of tests that need to be distributed."

Two years ago they found millions of N95 masks in storage in Indiana, but refused to distribute them because they expired.

The deep state only cares about power.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Sebastian Gorka tweeted, "What’s with all the soccer players getting heart attacks?"

The CDC will get right on it in 75 years, just like they wanted to wait on releasing the vaccine documents.

ITEM 3: Fox reported, "Republican Sen. (and medical doctor) Rand Paul and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci sparred once again in a Senate hearing, with the lawmaker pressing Fauci Tuesday on reports he sought to 'quash fringe' epidemiologists' coronavirus mitigation strategies and accusations he is at least tangentially culpable in the creation of viruses through gain-of-function research."

Fauci has lied to Congress repeatedly at previous hearings.

He tried to deflect criticism by claiming without evidence that Dr. Paul's criticism led to death threats.

A Democrat ambushed Paul while he was mowing his lawn, cracking his ribs.

ITEM 4: At a different Senate hearing, Ted Cruz tried to weasel his way back from conservative purgatory after calling the 2020 protest inside the Capitol a terrorist attack.

On Tuesday, Cruz grilled Jill Sanborn, the FBI's executive assistant director for the national security branch.

The Washington Examiner reported, ""How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th?"

And, "Who is Ray Epps?"

Of course she did not answer. If he thought she would, he would have never asked the questions.

ITEM 5: Paul Sperry reported, "Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing Without Interview."

We knew it but finally the story comes out.

Before the Internet, the Washington Post, New York Times, and all the alphabet networks would have been able to keep this story from reaching the public. That is the true power of the press.

ITEM 6: Ed Perlmutter of Colorado became the 26th Democrat congressman to declare he won't stand for re-election this year. That's the most since 1996 when 29 Democrats quit rather than stay in the first Republican-run House in 40 years.

(Sings) Won't you come home, Perl Mutter...

ITEM 7: For the Win reported, "Tom Brady refused to come out of the game until Gronk got his $1 million bonus."

Longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski needed a pass or two to trigger the bonus. Brady took care of him.

A good leader takes care of his men.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "The prospect of dying unexpectedly from COVID-19 can concentrate the mind wonderfully — on buying an expensive car.

"That’s according to Rolls-Royce chief executive Torsten Müller-Otvös, who said the luxury automaker sold more cars last year than it did during any other year in its 117-year history.

"Müller-Otvös told the Financial Times he believes Rolls-Royce rolled to its record because the pandemic got people to realize that 'life can be short.'"

I agree. YOLO.

ITEM 9: Oil Price reported, "China Boosts Imports Of Cheap Oil From Sanctioned Iran And Venezuela."

It is Chairman Xi's way of saying Let's Go Brandon.

ITEM 10: AP reported, "The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of a woman who left home in Alabama to join the Islamic State terror group, but then decided she wanted to return to the United States.

"The justices declined without comment on Monday to consider the appeal of Hoda Muthana, who was born in New Jersey in October 1994 to a diplomat from Yemen and grew up in Alabama near Birmingham."

As a diplomat's child, she never was a citizen.

She is not worthy of our time.

ITEM 11: Steve Harvey, star of just about every show on TV now, said, "The only way I can do one more special is if it’s at the end of my television career because it will end my television career.

"We’re in the cancel culture now. No stand-up that is sponsor-driven can say anything he wants to. Chris Rock can’t. Kevin Hart can’t. Cedric the Entertainer can’t. D.L. Hughley can’t. I can go down the list. The only person that can say what they want to say on stage is Dave Chappelle because he’s not sponsor-driven. He’s subscription-driven."

It's called selling out. The three surviving "Original Kings of Comedy," and Rock and Hart may have sold out but Chappelle hasn't. He's not peddling credit cards or hosting a game show. He's telling jokes.

Don't blame the cancel culture. Harvey's choice. 

ITEM 12: AP reported, "Inflation up, virus down as priorities in US: AP-NORC poll."

68% said it's the stupid economy. 37% said the virus. Maybe that's a good thing for Biden considering how he has mismanaged covid.

ITEM 13Breitbart reported, "House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has no place in the modern Republican Party and that the big business lobby is not going to be welcome back if and when Republicans are back in power."

He's becoming Charlie McCarthy telling conservatives what we want to hear: The truth.

ITEM 14: The Washington Examiner reported, "Even Mark Zuckerberg is leaving California for Texas."

The story said, "Zuckerberg’s company, Meta (formerly Facebook), announced it would lease offices in a massive new building in Austin, Texas. Big tech companies, who cut their teeth and built empires in California, are fleeing the state and relocating to Texas. It's almost as if high taxes, stifling corporate regulations, and out-of-control housing costs are unattractive to businesses and long-term sustainability."

Remember the Alamo.

Keep these corporate communists out!

ITEM 15Andrea Widburg reported, "It turns out that, if you doubted COVID's deadliness, you were correct."

I try not to lie and go with reliable sources. Readers come first.

Which is why Highlights of the News so seldom relies on NYT, WaPo, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Reuters for news items.

In fact, none of them made today's highlights. Oil Price did. For the Win did. And of course, Andrea Widburg did.

ITEM 16: Newsmax reported, "Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s reelection campaign is cashing in on a stream of Democrats recently caught on camera vacationing in the Sunshine State.

"After several nationally prominent Democrats, including Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have been caught on camera enjoying vacations in Florida, without donning masks, or observing other COVID-19 restrictions enforced in their home states, the DeSantis campaign is launching new merchandise calling attention to their visits.

"'Escape to Florida' T-shirts are now available on the campaign’s official website for $25, that show the state with an 'open' sign on it, and "Lockdown Libs Tour" written across the bottom of the shirt’s front."

Visit Florida. Your congressman did.

ITEM 17: The Daily Mail reported, "Upstate New York and Massachusetts face coldest temperatures since 2019 as Arctic Blast moves in: More than 15 MILLION are under wind chill alerts as East Coast temperatures dip 45 below zero."

Guess it's not a topdown day.

ITEM 18: KTTH radio reported, "The Seattle Police Department confirmed it lost an astonishing 170 officers in 2021, but that only tells part of the story. Dozens more will be separated from the department in the coming weeks, a result of the former mayor’s vaccine mandate.

"The final separations report, which includes retirements and resignations, comes after a year of anti-police activism and a vaccine mandate that sidelined upwards of 100 officers. Some of those sidelined officers who were going through the accommodation repeal process ended up quitting or complying with the mandate. Others are still on the list as they await their inevitable firing — unless newly sworn-in Mayor Bruce Harrell changes direction."

Breaking local police forces is by design.

Democrats want to federalize the police, just as they federalized health and education.

They also want to federalize elections because they still side with Jeff Davis.


  1. Brady damn well better take care of Gronk. Other than Brady himself, Gronk is the one most responsible for the resurgence of the Pats dynasty in the teens. He is currently #95 in the current list of the NFL's all time greatest players

    And that ranking can only go up as he continues played ... And you can trust me on this, as I am an ASU Sun Devil and giving a former UofA Wildcat his due is as painful for me as drinking raw sewage laced with battery acid

    1. I understand the pain. I’m a Miss. St. Bulldog having to root for an Ole Piss Rebel at times.

  2. #1. Well, he did overstate the effectiveness of their products.

  3. #8: We're surprised you left out the final paragraphs of the Post story: _Other luxury carmakers also flourished during the pandemic. Bentley sold a record 14,659 cars and SUVs last year — a 31% increase from the year before. Lamborghini sold 2,472 cars in the United States last year — an 11% jump from 2020.
    “This year is already higher than the best year ever,” Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in December.
    Bentley and Lamborghini are both owned by Volkswagen._

    Maybe your wife will let you get a VW Bug? Think of it as a Bentley in training.

    14: Can Texas close its border to Californians?

  4. Item 9: Ozzy Osbourne and Geraldo driive Bentleys.

  5. Item 11 : As Gitfeld said, "Chapelle doesn't care because he's got F U money".

  6. Replies
    1. Greg also said that Chris Wallace should skip "Take Your Kid To Work Day" at CNN+.

  7. Item 14: “Zuckerberg’s company, Meta (formerly Facebook), announced it would lease offices in a massive new building in Austin, Texas.” That’s not much of a change, politically. Austin is a deep blue city, with over 70% voting for FJB. The tax rate is probably lower, but they’ll vote to change that after they get there.

    Item 17: “More than 15 MILLION [in NY and MA] are under wind chill alerts as East Coast temperatures dip 45 below zero.” And they’re hoping that wind chill will power the windmills to keep them warm. Oh, wait… the ones in Texas froze when it got that cold. Oops!

    1. Item 14: I sure hope that doesn't happen.

      The staff at Facebook (like Google and Twitter as well) are what normal Americans would call raving Commies (they are called "moderate progressives" by most SF Bay Area people).

      So it is possible that Facebook staff won't want to relocate and will elect to take the buyout and stay here. Facebook would then have to hire locally in Texas. I like Texas and Texans, so this would raise their wages.

      This might also change Facebook's corporate politics over time.

  8. Item 13; mcarthy is lying, he’ll crawl into bed with them as soon as he thinks no one is watching.

  9. 5. Byrd is the Capitol Coward. Black man shoots unarmed woman.

    17. The coldest windchill in Grand Forks, ND was -101 F in 1985. Suck it up NE Snowflakes!

    1. Grand Forks is beastly cold, but they changed the way they calculate wind chill after that.

    2. #5 "Black man shoots unarmed woman" and is has federal officials as accomplices.

  10. I was at a local Grocery store (Safeway) .No Bottled water. ( they are getting more saturday) on the empty shelves, there were three "I did that!" Brandon stickers prominently displayed. been there for a couple of days..

    1. I made a 4x6” sticker that says, “Empty Shelves are the Hallmark of Communism. Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.”

    2. Welcome to your Soviet-style life. Not by accident but by design.

    3. Those stickers are fantastic. Hate that they have to be used, but unfortunately, they have to be used.

  11. 4 - Sorry Ted, you won’t recover from you accidentally saying what you really think the other week.

    13 - I agree with McCarthy’s comment, but still don’t trust him.

    1. It almost goes without saying that we don't trust our own political party. The only relief we got during Trumps presidency came through executive orders and now those have been reversed/eliminated. Taking a real hard look at my Republican politicians this cycle. Not ever voting Dem but all bets are off in the Primaries coming up.

    2. Primary anyone you think deserves it. That's the only weapon you have.

    3. Ted is being the true weasel that he is.

    4. Funny how it took Tucker Carlson asking Teddy 'bout Ray Epps to get Teddy to ask Jill Sandborn (aka: Sgt Schultz) about Epps.
      Maybe we should just get Tucker on the J6 hearing so he can grill the perps directly.

    5. At least he would not be afraid to ask pointed questions. I find that people just don't question enough. I don't mean it in a way to be constantly annoying with questions, but there just doesn't seem to be much genuine curiosity about so many things, such as J6, the pandemic, etc. We have too much trust vested in experts, politicians and institutions.

    6. I think Cruz needs to really carry the water for those who are still in jail a year after the protests, for whom no or minor charges have been filed that would justify this continued imprisonment. Really carry the water to get them released and to bring the DOJ and judges who have allowed this to happen their own day of reckoning.

    7. Cruz could redeem himself if, instead of saying,"It was a dumb thing to say", he would say,"I was a dumbass for going down that road of liberal b.s. and I beg your forgiveness."

    8. Let Cruz carry the water for those still in jail a year after the protests. If so, that would help him redeem himself. Now, it's just words after screwing up.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Joe Biden: “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

    Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis were all Democrats.

  14. #3: The lack of deep wisdom and/or how to apply it is strong in Fauci and Collins (his boss). I've been in meetings with both and have witnessed their tendency to be quick with ideas and people. Not deeply contemplative. Curious? --mostly about how to play their roles and advance their interests. Nerds, not saints.

  15. re: Quote of the day. Brandon is stupid and nasty. (Let's not forget evil.)

  16. re: item 15 -Andrea Widburg's column is excellent. And it also nicely illustrates how fear has been used to exert control over people.
    But the fear and panic porn aren't over in Quebec. The government will now impose a significant tax on the unvaccinated. I feel like I am living in Australia now. It's very, very discouraging to see how freedom and democracy just don't matter when people are literally frightened out of their minds.

    1. It was an excellent article.

      My rule of thumb is to doubt gubment expert advice the first, second, third, fourth…………. time it is given.

  17. re: item 18 - Yes, I agree that breaking local police forces is by design.

    1. You'll notice sheriff departments have been significantly less heavy handed, and more willing to ignore orders of power drunk pols. If the feds really want to federalize big city police departments, they will strengthen local support for sheriffs, and eliminate any cross agency sharing - making the big city police forces even less effective.

  18. YOLO, Mr. Surber? Each person has two lives. One, the flesh and blood life, is for the 70 or 80 years afforded to us, by God. The other, the spiritual life, is eternal for those who have placed their faith in Jesus.

    YOLO justifies plundering and taking, something I know you have not done. I do not think you believe YOLO.

    1. YOLO is also a statement that you only get one chance to get it right before answering to GOD. They don't serve breakfast in hell.
      Unfortunately a generation that doesn't know GOD is centered on themselves and ignores the reality which proclaims his existence.

    2. I've lived an interesting life. Aerial firefighter. Worked for tow defense contractors. Been in two car wrecks, one airplane controlled crash and nearly killed four times. I cannot help but thank God and his protection for making it this far. My dear wife passed a year ago. She said when we were first married: "I'm going to
      be the first one to go. Move on. Remember me mourn me but move on. You have a lot to give. We'll be together again." When I opened her
      ashes. The plastic bag was shaped like a white rose. and a long fingered feminine, hand gently holding it. Yep YOLO applies to this world not
      the next. Enjoy life ,it is God's gift.

    3. Amen Doug! Lost my 2nd wife May 14, 2018 to brain aneurism at 47. If that doesn't open one's eyes nothing will.

    4. Life is most certainly God's gift. Be thankful every day.

  19. Item 8: Better buy that Bentley, Don

  20. Question of the day: At last count, around 400+ athletes, not just soccer, have collapsed from the jabs with ~50% fatality rate.
    But until someone like Mbappe or Messi or Brady or Maholmes goes down for the count, nobody's gonna give a damn.
    And maybe not even. (Remember how Marvelous Marvin Haggler went down hours after his jab?)

    1. You didn't realize that being young, eating right and exercising were comorbidities?

    2. And beyond the info now leaked that in April 2020 ivermectin and HCQ were determined to cure covid in all phases killing hundreds of thousands; thank you Marine officer and Project Varetis, one can wonder if these athletics were taking the vitamins, etc to enhance their immune system. Note that few "experts" ever mention vitamin D as being so lacking in Americans tested in studies. I never knew that until I stumbled on to a report on the study. I have too many comorbidities to ignore my immune system; and my risk determination told me the vaccines were too dangerous to take. I may have had covid early on but testing was not easily obtained, if at all, and the testing accuracy expired long before the Alpha covid knowledge was being widely published; that is other than covid porn.

    3. Blocking the public's access to Ivermectin and HCQ is exactly like blocking the fire exits then setting the building on fire. How much more evidence to people need to charge Fauci, et al with mass murder?

  21. In 2006, the Reps owned the Iraq War fiasco.
    In 2022, the Dems own the COVID fiasco.

    The Reps got crushed in the 2006 midterms due to the Iraq War fiasco.
    Rumsfeld resigned due to the Iraq War fiasco.
    Democrat Obama won in 2008 due to the Iraq War fiasco.

    In 2022, Dems will get crushed due to the COVID fiasco.
    Fauci will resign due to the COVID fiasco.
    A Republican will win in 2024 due to the COVID fiasco.

    1. Good parallel. I like parallels, as they apply historical outcomes to current-day activities.

    2. COVID is THE political issue of 2022.

      Here's another parallel:

      2016 Brexit vote in the UK foreshadows Trump election.

      2022 British PM Boris Johnson won't survive the year due to his COVID scandal.

      Allegations that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff held a “bring your own booze” garden party while Britain was in lockdown are just the latest claims of wrongdoing to rattle the leader.

    3. He’s the least conservative leader of Britain’s “Conservative Party” I’ve ever seen.

    4. None of the Conservative leaders are actually conservative. They are just Liberal lite. We have many examples of that in Canada.

  22. Sincerely hope that you are correct.

  23. #2:

    New xmas song: "It's beginning to look a lot like genocide..."

  24. #12 "68% said it's the stupid economy. 37% said the virus. Maybe that's a good thing for Biden considering how he has mismanaged covid.
    I'm not sure we can even say Biden has mismanaged inflation. It'd be more correct to say he created it.

  25. Item 17

    Our heat pump here in NC struggles when temps go below 30. We do miss gass hot water baseboard that we had in NY. Now it is proposed that no gas appliances in new construction in NY in order to save the planet. This in addition to no nat gas pipelines crossing NY to supply New Emgland. You can't make this stuff up!

    1. My house in Georgia has a heat pump that’s set to switch to the gas furnace when the outdoor temp falls below 34°. The HVAC guy said that 34° is the “sweet spot,” below which the heat pump cannot efficiently extract heat from the outside air to “pump” into the house. You should probably get one of the newer portable propane heaters with a CO detector that shuts it down if the CO concentration gets too high, to use on below-freezing nights.

    2. HVAC guys make America tolerable

  26. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Right up there with BareShelvesBiden.

    QUOTE: Lincoln trashed the Constitution, Davis tried to live by it.

    QUESTION: They'll figure it out right after the FIB finds out what the Vegas shooter was doing.

    4: Congress went after Ollie North for that.

    8: Not according to James Bond.

    12: No, it's still the economy, stupid.

    15: Toldja.

    17: In NEOH, it's just Wednesday.

    18: Try again. Lincoln was the statist, not Davis.

    1. Trashing Lincoln and praising Davis. Just because you say something over and over again does not make it true, Jeffrey

    2. Davis and the insurrectionist states left the union before Lincoln was even sworn in.

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