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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Highlights of the News

Happy New Year.

ITEM 1: The Federalist reported, "CDC Now Treats Unvaccinated The Same As Un-Boosted, Just As DeSantis Predicted."

How safe is Florida?

AOC is spending her Christmas vacation there.

America has done well with presidents named Ronald.

ITEM 2: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, "Hasn’t Gov. DeSantis been inexplicably missing for like 2 weeks?"

Fox reported, "Ron DeSantis accompanied wife to cancer treatment while critics claimed he was 'missing.'"

What a way to spend the holidays.

AOC's a woman with three names and no heart.

ITEM 3:  Rasmussen Reports announced, "only 2% of American Adults rate 2021 one of the best years ever. Another 5% think it was an excellent year and 16% rate 2021 a good year. These numbers are dwarfed by the 48% of Americans who give 2021 a poor rating."

Fact-check: 2021 was the best year since 2020.

ITEM 4: Well, how much worse can things get?

This much.

An Axios poll showed 36% of Americans were fearful heading into 2021.

A year later, 54% are fearful heading into 2022.

ITEM 5: If you want to know what's wrong with Washington, read The Hill's "The 10 biggest news stories of the year."

The top story wasn't covid or inflation or the surrender of Afghanistan.

No. 1 was what the DC publication called, "The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol."

Ah, the navel gazing. After dismissing riots in city after city in 2020 as "mostly peaceful protests," Washington clutched its pearls over a noisy protest inside the Capitol.

ITEM 6: Betty White's death on Friday at age 99 stunned everyone.

Especially the staff of People magazine.

TV legend.

She also was a veteran of World War II.

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "Citing the 'significant surge in cases and reduced effectiveness of existing therapeutics due to the omicron variant,' the New York Department of Health is directing healthcare providers and facilities to consider race and ethnicity in deciding who gets Pfizer and Merck COVID-19 treatment pills."

Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.

Meanwhile, ABC reported, "New York governor declares racism 'public health emergency' amid new anti-discrimination legislation.

"The new policies will collect comprehensive data on marginalized populations."

If Governor Karen really wants to stop discriminations, she should start at her Department of Health.

ITEM 8: BBC reported, "Tesla is to recall more than 475,000 cars in the US, according to documents filed with the US safety regulator.

"The electric vehicle firm announced it was recalling 356,309 vehicles because of potential rear-view camera issues affecting 2017-2020 Model 3 Teslas."

The story also said, "1% of recalled Model 3s may have a defective rear-view camera."

Oh for pity's sake.

ITEM 9: Axios reported, "Record number of minimum wage increases set for 2022."

It's called inflation.

Government encourages it.

ITEM 10: National Review reported, "Alaska governor Mike Dunleavy accepted the endorsement of former president Donald Trump on Thursday, including Trump’s condition that the Republican governor cannot endorse Republican senator Lisa Murkowski in her reelection bid in the state."

Trump's relevant. Never Trumpers aren't.

ITEM 11: USA Today reported, "A partnership between NASCAR driver Brandon Brown and a cryptocurrency coin named after the Let's Go Brandon meme, a coded vulgar insult of President Biden, appeared to be in limbo on the same day the deal was announced.

"Max Marcucci, a PR strategist who represents the racecar driver and Brandonbilt Motorsports, said NASCAR provided written approval of the car’s paint scheme and sponsorship for the upcoming season of the Xfinity Series, NASCAR's second tier."

The "code" was written by an NBC reporter, which USA Today did not mention.

Also, USA Today made two typos in the two paragraphs mentioned. Usually I just quietly fix the errors because I make plenty of my own typos. But it just annoys me how incompetent newspapers have become. USA Today was never much of a newspaper but it was never this sloppy.

Tell the story straight and check your spelling.

ITEM 12The Daily Wire reported, "Hillary Clinton Asked Twitter For Donations To The Clinton Foundation. It Didn’t Go Well."

The best response was "Cattle futures not what they used to be?"

ITEM 13: Fox reported, "Washington state lawmakers introduce bill that would reduce penalties for drive-by shootings.

"Law would remove drive-by shootings as basis for enhanced murder charges."

The lefty loon legislator proposing this said, "it’s clear that it was targeted at gangs that were predominantly young and black."

If this becomes the law, look for more young and black people to die from drive-by shootings because Black Lives Don't Matter to liberals.

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Jelena McWilliams on Friday unexpectedly submitted her resignation after the Trump appointee faced partisan strife at the bank regulator, in a move that will give Democrats control of the agency in the coming weeks.

"Her departure, effective Feb. 4, means that FDIC board member Martin Gruenberg will become acting chair, his third stint atop at the 88-year-old agency, which insures trillions of dollars in deposits at the nation’s banks. It followed an attempt by Gruenberg and other Democrats on the agency's board to wrest control from McWilliams."

She chaired the board that oversees trillions of dollars and I never read her name in the media until she resigned.

Liberty dies in darkness, and the media provides plenty of shade for the government.

ITEM 15: Fox reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. and House Democrats had high hopes in early 2021 after she secured another term as speaker of the House along with a very narrow majority in the Senate and President Biden in the White House, but she has seen her power slip through the fingers of her once iron-clad fist.

"Political infighting between moderates and progressives compounded with nearly two dozen House Democrats announcing in 2021 they weren’t running for reelection have hurt her image ahead of the 2022 midterm elections next November."

It's nice to start the new year with good news.

To lighten the mood, I suggest we call this year Twenty Tutu.


  1. Betty’s Snickers commercial is an all time CLASSIC. The woman could just bring it. A life well lived, Ms. White.

    1. Betty was rumored to have been the last person to have known Adam and Eve. One story attitudes original sin happening because Adam came home smelling of Betty's perfume. Betty denied it claiming she didn't use perfume back then.
      The 99 year age listed is because it was only seventy years ago that a reporter asked her age. My aunt was the same way so I understand.

    2. Who can forget ( or remember) her role in Lake Placid where she out Walter Matthau ed Walter Matthau

    3. JR - I thought it was Keith Richards who introduced Eve to Adam.

    4. “Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made.” I feel ya there, Your Excellency!

    5. Agreed, but who can explain her inexplicable attraction/marriage to Allen Ludden, the most inauthentic person ever born?

  2. ITEM 1: AOC is spending her Christmas vacation there.

    And she's not wearing a mask. (If she did, she'd stand out like a sore thumb.)

    1. Even without a mask she stands out like a sore thumb.

    2. A mask is the Democrat equivalent of a MAGA hat.

    3. I hate to say it but the people I see shopping Publix are >90% masked and even the shoppers at Home Depot are at least 70% masked.
      As you would expect, it's more women than men and more elderly than not.

    4. Here, it may be 10% still masking. Some still while driving alone. It seems to be a racial thing, at
      Least 80% of the 10% are black.

    5. Randy, it's like a handicapped placard for pedestrians. They are paralyzed from the neck up.

    6. My Broward County observations at Publix: masking down to about 2/3 until the scary news about Omicron; jumped back up. Age not nearly the factor that male female is. Way more females wear the masks. I suspect all the big counties here in FL are about the same and willing to bet the more rural counties have almost completely ditched the masks.

    7. Masks were basically nonexistent a month or so ago here on west coast of FL... But I'm seeing them a lot more recently. I don't attribute it to Omnicron but rather just the snowbirds returning and bringing their filthy habits with them!

    8. If only their parents had worn condoms.

  3. #1. America has done excellent with presidents whose first names ended in onald.

    1. #2. Three names and no brains.

      Happy New Year to edutcher while I'm thinking about it.

    2. You mean the onalds and you, Jeffery?

      I'll take the onalds records over the last few Demo PUSes and state governors any day.

      And spare me the phony sentiment.

    3. Three names and no brains? We James Knox Polk fans seriously beg to differ.

    4. Ed, thanks for proving my second statement.

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  5. Item 15: “I suggest we call this year Twenty Tutu.” The 2021 variant of 2020 was worse than the original. Let’s hope the 2022 variant is milder and more manageable.

  6. 3 - The ruling class LOVED 2021.

    13 - I would venture a guess that more innocent people are killed or wounded in drive-by’s then in non-drive-by’s. Given that this is Washington State, I wonder if this is an unintended benefit or not.

    1. Another reason I moved back to the Blue Mountains.
      I'm convinced that all the geomagnetic strain on the Cascadia and San Andreas faults makes people crazy and stupid..
      Happy New Year to all. -5f 14"of snow cold and clear but another snow is coming tomorrow.

    2. Happy Nee Year Doug. I hope you can survive this winter of intense global warming.

    3. We hit minus 17f this morning, and it's up to minus 6f now. Looking forward to Monday's snowstorm to warm things up.
      And if I can't bring myself to say "Happy New Year", at least my wish for all is: "We wish you peace in troubled times, and the wisdom and tenacity to find it!"

  7. #6 Betty gets the last laugh!

  8. Item 1 - DeSantis is smart, prescient and fearless. Dems have no one to credibly run against him, that’s why they continue to search for a weakness.

    Item 2 - AOC = Alexandria Occasionally Coherent

    Item 5 - The only people who were armed in this conflict were the Capital Police. Not sure why this is even a story, let alone one of the top stories of the year.

    Item 9 - Axios failed to mention the record number of price increases in 2021 along with the anticipated price increase in 2022. Net effect is a reduction in real wages for everyone.

  9. Item 8 - "The electric vehicle firm announced it was recalling 356,309 vehicles because of potential rear-view camera issues affecting 2017-2020 Model 3 Teslas."

    I wonder if the government will cover his losses on this, too. What would Tesla's bottom line look like if there were no government handouts? Musk is a very smart guy. He's created a business model for shaking down American taxpayers on a grand scale. In other words, like bank robber Willie Sutton, he went where the money is.

  10. Item 10 - "Trump's relevant. Never Trumpers aren't."

    I wish Trump would get off his duff and get his media company going. He could inflict massive damage on the DC/media cartel if he does it right. Unfortunately, that might be a big "IF".

  11. Happy New Year, all...

    5 - Keep in mind that leftists have a psychological deficiency that requires them to NEED stuff like this. They NEED to see themselves as brave heroes, battling reactionary forces of darkness - and that their ideas are so edgy and avant-garde that they cause bad people, idiots, and entrenched interests to conspire to destroy them. Look also at all the pampered boomers who continually claim to have done 55 combat tours in Vietnam (or something like that). Everything with leftists is psychodrama...

    7 - The northeastern quarter of NY state is basically empty (the empty quarter, just like Saudi Arabia). The rest of the state is now heading that way.

    10 - I noticed that condition in the endorsement a few days ago. Good on Gov. Dunleavy for going with it. We need new people, not old patrician scions...

    12/15 - Speaking of which, two more ancient relics that need to go away.

  12. Item #2: No brains or courage either.

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: The name Occasional Cortex really fits.

    3: Disagree. '20 still had a President named Trump.

    6: She'll always be Sue Ann Nivens.

    11: Wasn't calling several R Presidents, including Reagan, both Bushes, and Trump a coded vulgar insult?

    12: Willie's adventures on Sex Slave Island really did have a price. This is why I say we're winning. Lefty creeps get their comeuppance in lots of different ways, but scorn is one of the best.

    15: Her image was one of the most hated in the country.

    Before last year.

  14. I continue to keep my vision, and the vision of others safe, by wearing my Maui Jim's whenever in the public domain.
    Not so when I'm home alone though.

  15. It followed an attempt by Gruenberg and other Democrats on the agency's board to wrest control from McWilliams."
    Don't forget brandon's original pick for I think it was treasury. She wanted to to grab all savings accounts to held by the government. Commie to the core.

  16. Another thing about aoc that hasn't been widely reported as far as I know. She's been handing off her votes to a proxy. She has to send a letter to Chweyl L. Jackson who is the clerk of the House.
    On Dec 14,2021 she wrote in part:
    "I continue to be unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency and hereby grant the authority to cast my vote by proxy...".