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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Even NYT admits Biden can't walk and chew gum

Gum-chewer: Cattle rustling, arson...
Hedley Lamarr: What have you got in your mouth?
Gum-chewer: Nuthin!
Taggart: [pulls gum out of the man's mouth] Huh! Gum!
Hedley Lamarr: Chewing gum on line eh?! I hope you brought enough for EVERYBODY??!!!
Gum-chewer: I didn't know there'd be so many, I-
Hedley Lamarr: [promptly shoots the man]
Jim the Waco Kid: Boy, is he strict!!

"I didn't know there would be so many" is an apt motto for this presidency because when it comes to problems, Biden sure didn't know there would be so many.

The New York Times filed two reports on Biden's first year and after reading them, we should be glad it  wasn't a leap year.

One report said, "Rapid Inflation Fuels Debate Over What’s to Blame: Pandemic or Policy."

The other report said, "Biden’s pandemic fight: Inside the setbacks of the first year."

The first report shows an interesting tactic on inflation. Rather than fix the problem, the president tries to figure out who or what he can blame the problem on.

The story said, "At a moment when stubbornly rapid price gains are weighing on consumer confidence and creating a political liability for President Biden, White House officials have repeatedly blamed international forces for high inflation, including factory shutdowns in Asia and overtaxed shipping routes that are causing shortages and pushing up prices everywhere. The officials increasingly cite high inflation in places including the euro area, where prices are climbing at the fastest pace on record, as a sign that the world is experiencing a shared moment of price pain, deflecting the blame away from U.S. policy."

Of course inflation is not caused by one thing alone. Shutting down pipelines and oil exploration reduced domestic production, which raised gasoline prices. Blame Biden for that.

But gasoline prices rise and fall without causing 7% inflation.

Covid interrupted the supply chain which slowed production of automobiles. Unable to buy new, people bought used cars which drove used car prices higher. Blame industry.

But people don't buy cars every three years. The average age of cars on the road is 12 years.

Meat prices are up. Biden blamed Big Meat, which is silly.

The biggest driver of higher prices is demand, and the biggest driver of consumer demand is government handouts. Blame Biden.

Jason Furman, an economist at Harvard University and former Obama administration economic adviser, told NYT, "The United States has had much more inflation than almost any other advanced economy in the world."

Socialism triggers inflation and empty shelves. Bad economies are baked into the cake because socialism is bad economic policy.

NYT's second report was a chop to the throat.

It began, "Dr. Rochelle Walensky was stunned. Working from her home outside Boston on a Friday night in late July, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had just learned from members of her staff that vaccinated Americans were spreading the coronavirus."

So they knew in July that vaccinations were spreading the virus.

And yet for the next 6 months, Biden ostracized the unvaccinated, scapegoating them for his failure to address covid properly.

NYT's report provided a nice quick summary of Biden's failure:

— The White House bet the pandemic would follow a straight line, and was unprepared for the sharp turns it took. The administration did not anticipate the nature and severity of variants, even after clear warning signals from the rest of the world. And it continued to focus almost single-mindedly on vaccinations even after it became clear that the shots could not always prevent the spread of disease.

— The administration lacked a sustained focus on testing, not moving to sharply increase the supply of at-home COVID tests until the fall, with delta tearing through the country and omicron on its way. The lack of foresight left Americans struggling to find tests that could quickly determine if they were infected.

— The president tiptoed around an organized Republican revolt over masks, mandates, vaccine passports and even the vaccine itself, as he worried that pushing certain containment measures would only worsen an already intractable cultural and political divide in the country. The nation’s precarious economic health, and the political blowback that Biden and members of his party could face if it worsened, made him all the more cautious. So rather than forcing Americans to get shots, he spent months struggling to accomplish it through persuasion.


Outside of the imaginary "organized Republican revolt over masks, mandates, vaccine passports and even the vaccine itself," NYT was accurate on his failure.

Never Trumper Paul Mirengoff wrote, "Biden’s inability to maintain public support for his anti-pandemic campaign isn’t due to Trump’s alleged battering of the CDC. Rather, it’s due to his inability to put together a well-functioning team to deal with the pandemic — a team that can hold the public’s trust by putting out clear messages and sticking to them.

"This is not a partisan Republican talking point. It’s the New York Times’ take."

Biden is in over his head.

Between his fabulism and his vacuity, Biden lives in his own little world in which he is standing up to Corn Pop and driving an 18-wheeler. Add dementia, and you have the worst of all worlds.

The media is only looking at inflation because it obscures his failure on covid.

But his biggest failures are his open borders policy and his surrender of Afghanistan. The press ignores them because if those problems were mentioned consistently on the nightly news, his approval would be in the 20s.

He had no business running. Democrats had no business cheating to elect him.

We are in a mess. The 25th Amendment can save us. Kamala may be trash but sometimes you have to roll the dice and pray.


  1. Actually, I like the idea of an organized Republican revolt.

    The fact that 80% of the country now qualifies as Republicans should really scare them.

    1. That 80% figure might be a bit optimistic. The numbers are probably closer to what occurred during the first American Revolution. Then the approximate ratio was 1/3 ready and willing to fight, 1/3 against the revolt, and 1/3 with no position or afraid to have one.

    2. I call bullshite on that 80% claim, Ed. Please cite.

  2. Good points, Don, especially as regards Kamala - much as it pains me to say so. Biden should not have run. His family should not have allowed it, nor the Democratic establishment. Now for better or worse (mostly all worse) we have a dementia-ridden President who by necessity has to be talking to other world leaders -- to our peril.

    1. The issue isn't that Biden ran. The really terrifying issue is that so many voted for him despite his obvious mental instability!

    2. The Biden presidency is a learning experience for the country. I've got no problem with Biden winning. We got our guy for 4 years and now they have their guy. We'll see what the public thinks in 2024. LOL

    3. Sarah, we have to assume that Dr. Jill knew full well of her husband's condition and yet lusted after the First Lady's position so much that getting there mattered more than the health and well-being of her husband.

  3. When Biden constrained the production (leases) and transportation (pipelines) of oil & gas, that lit the inflation fire.

    Since then Nitrogen fertilizer prices are up 300%.

  4. Do you really think Horizontal would make a difference? Putting an ugly face on that mess wouldn't change anything other than to make any opposition racist and misogynist. Barry would still be calling the shots.

  5. I'll take Joe over Kamala any day. Biden's understandable frustration at Doocy's inflation question revealed he isn't as far gone as many would like to believe. In fact the NYT and others who are only now discovering Biden's mental issues really want Kamala to take over because they know that without the black vote they will be dead in the water in 24. Trump with both houses of Congress is to them unthinkable and they have said so. But Running as a former VP carrys no weight compared to running as President. Alternatives like HC are weak. And Joe was never intended to be anything other than a one term lame duck, rendering him immune to criticism and so forge ahead without concern for his( Obama's) own reckless agenda. Bashing Joe is therefore not only useless but only aids the enemy waiting in ambush. Let him stay and twist in the wind.
    Outside my window the first of two slain NY police officers is being honored at St Patrick's Cathedral. Biden is coming in tomorrow to meet the eloquent but hapless new Mayor who every one assumes will be granted a few billion to help him hire more realtives. But I also assume he will also meet the families of the fallen officers as President. I personally have little respect for Joe but whatever comfort he might give their families and colleagues will be far more sincere than anything Hyena Harris could ever manage. Sometimes the office can make the man match the occasion, for a day anyway.

    1. The black vote is locked up for Democrats in perpetuity.

    2. Sad but true. The 50 year experiment with racial integration is over. It has failed. Now the country will slowly and voluntarily re-segregate.

    3. Depends how drugged up he is for how lucid he is. His drugs ran down during his 2 hour press conference. Walked in. Stumbled out. Later stages of dementia and the meds won’t help.

  6. Maybe Beltway Republicans should have stood with President Trump and his supporters, eh?

    Obama's stink is all over the FJB regime.

    Reading Jan6 investigative reporter Julie Kelly's tweets is a good start. Start with this thread:

  7. "...we should be glad it wasn't a leap year."

    Not to scare you, but according to the Jewish calendar, it IS a leap year (since September 2021). And it doesn't have just one extra day, it has an extra month.

  8. Media and Dems probably don’t realize it, but they will be severely punished by the electorate for foisting a known dementia patient onto the nation while claiming he was competent and experienced. People don’t like liars and Dems/media are liars. This disastrous move has been compounded as the idiocy of Kamala Harris has been exposed. They will rue the day they decided to dump the demented Biden on the US.

    1. I pray so. The crowds cheering on the truckers in Canada show the silent majority showing up. Hope they do so here as well.

    2. Yeah, Schlongy, the vid on CFP brought a tear to this old North Dakotan’s eye. WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! ‘80s flashback. Niedermeyer in the vid. Fooking awesome.

    3. Hoping J from C...and the convoy in the northern region will make CW McCall proud. It does me!!! "Z"...??? Doug Niedermeyer?? Was he wearing a Silver Helmet and riding a white horse???

    4. Ricardo, PLEASE don’t tell me you haven’t seen Twisted Sister’s music video of that song!

    5. Sorry Z, I was never one to watch MTV or any music video stations. I feel shamed...

    6. Was listening to the most popular French-language radio station in Montreal this morning about the truckers. Both English and French media are all hyped up about the alt-right protesters involvement, although one journalist did point out that there is a lot of pent-up frustration due to the pandemic. The best Canadian media coverage has been at the blog Small Dead Animals, based in Western Canada. Again, pray for all truckers. They need it.

  9. Kid Rock's "We the People."

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