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Monday, January 24, 2022

Clarence Thomas set to kill affirmative action

If Democrats thought only abortion was in trouble when Trump's three Supreme Court nominees were confirmed, they underestimated the upheaval against failed liberal domestic policies.

A few minutes ago, justices agreed to hear a case by Asian-Americans suing Harvard over its discrimination against Asian-Americans in favor of less qualified students of other races.

The media spin was predictable.

Reuters reported, "The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a bid to bar Harvard University and the University of North Carolina from considering race in undergraduate admissions in a case that imperils affirmative action policies widely used to increase the number of black and Hispanic students on American campuses."


Reuters did not mention Asian-Americans in the headline or lead sentence. That is how vested the media is in the nearly 50-year-old policy that was sold as a temporary fix.

Others also downplayed the fact that Harvard is discriminating against Asian-Americans based solely on their race.

NBC did not mention Asian-Americans until Paragraph 3


Vox didn't mention Asian-Americans at all, instead saying, "The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will hear Students for Fair Admissions v. President & Fellows of Harvard College and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina, two cases that present an existential threat to affirmative action in university admissions.

"These cases are the culmination of a years-long strategy by conservative activists — and by one activist in particular — to win a court decision invalidating affirmative action. The president of Students for Fair Admissions, the lead plaintiff in the Harvard and UNC cases, is not a student at all. It is Edward Blum, a former stockbroker who was also the driving force behind several other lawsuits asking the courts to expand the power and influence of white people."

Why is Vox important? It is one of the top sites Google linked to this story.

The racists are the first to call opponents racist.

Harvard's lawyers told the court, "Mandating race-blind admissions programs would undermine those universities' ability to engage in the kind of individualized review that yields a class that is both diverse and excellent."

The Constitution mandates color blindness!

Clarence Thomas knows affirmative action firsthand. A graduate of Yale Law School, he saw the pat on the back that held him back.

Business Insider reported, "Thomas graduated from Yale Law School, and in 2007 he attacked his alma mater's affirmative action policies in his memoir and in an interview with ABC News. Thomas argued that what he called the stigmatizing effects of affirmative action put him at a huge disadvantage when he was trying to find work as a lawyer.

"Thomas said he went on interviews with one high-priced lawyer after another who didn't take him seriously because they thought he got special treatment."

He couldn't stop it in 2013.

He can now.

And boy does the media hate that.


  1. Replies
    1. They came up with the name "affirmative action" to hide what it really is.. Just like "selective service" instead of the "Draft."

      Every Veteran's day they say "Thank you for your service," because I was a servant of of the ruling class. We "servants" are now ready for war with Russia, since Ukraine is so important.

    2. Biden gave Putin the OK to take over Ukraine just as long as he doesn't mess with Hunter's energy company (HT: Babylon Bee)

    3. I know we've wandered off-topic here (and watch Don have this as his 1500 subject!), but you may not be (bee?) too far off there.

      The biden crime syndicate (via snorty) gets its Ukrainian grift from Ukrainian oligarchs. At this point given the way things are going in Ukraine, the Ukrainian oligarchs would probably be happier with a Russian takeover than with the status quo - since, in exchange for a piece of the action, Vlad would cement them into their (now-threatened) oligarchy.

      Note also that the biden family grift (via snorty) would also be safer and more-lucrative if Russia took over. So if someones are thinking that a war would be a good way to bail out the sniffy-and-giggles clown show... not sure what they are thinking, since it would be bad for snorty's graft pipeline.

      There's a story around today that British intelligence thinks that the most-likely scenario is a coup attempt in Ukraine, with the goal being to install a pro-Russian government; this would achieve Russia's (dubious and disgusting) objectives without causing all sorts of collateral damage (both tangible and less-tangible). And, interestingly, that would be the best outcome for snorty's graft pipeline.

      Think about it...

      The biden crime syndicate has a problem. If there are clowns who think that they can bail out the sniffy-and-giggles clown show with a war, this isn't the right way to do it -

  2. My Korean born wife came over here (legally) at age 11. Growing up in Queens, she began working very early to help support her single mom and family. She studied hard and earned acceptance into Barnard College (Columbia). Her children went to Illinois, Northwestern, and Harvard. The Asia culture's reverence towards family and education should be praised and emulated, not discriminated against.

  3. OK, controversial I know, but here’s The Regime’s take on the three biggest non-white groups in America today:

    1) Blacks. With the exception of Clarence and Thomas Sowell, they’re a lost cause. Dey lubs dem gubment checks too much, you knows?

    2) Hispanics. The people group that is best aligned with Anglo-Saxon values. They come here STILL EXPECTING the American Dream. In 5 years, the border incursion will be viewed as Joe Mama’s ONLY success.

    3) Asians. Too many varieties. Koreans work their asses off. Japs still remember Da Bombs, and then you got yer 57 varieties of Chinese, FEW of wot can be trusted right now. Indians are for themselves, first, last, and always. Same with the Filipinos. Too “diverse” to lump, but overall I wouldn’t go to war (politically, anyways) for them. Oh, and all of those subgroups hate each other anyways!

    1. Doesn't these diverse groups sound suspiciously like a cross section of the United States?

    2. What the race peddlers always fail to mention is the rate at which affirmative action admissions fail to graduate. They flat don't make it, because they aren't good enough to make it. SO instead of going to a midlevel school, improving their lot in life, instilling in their kids the notion that education is important (something that culturally too many blacks still ignore), having them do better than them and get into a better school, and then rinse, and repeat; we skip all that work for that which cannot be made up with a sweep of the hand. Watch them fail - and take on debt which they are stuck with forever. Leftist's ar emore than just dumb, they are evil.

    3. Aren't you a Jem because of Affirmative Action? 😜😝😳

    4. Exactly right, JEM. They could qualify without a thumb on the scale at a state college or even a technical school and graduate with a useful degree or employable skill. But instead, their pigment-based bonus points gets them into a top-level college, where they struggle and fail.

      Some colleges, and especially the professions, have decided that it doesn’t look good for all their AA enrollees to fail en mass a year or two later, so they just pass them along. That’s the reason you’ll find AA doctors and lawyers graduating in the bottom third of their class.

  4. We will see if Roberts has the strength to rule properly on this one. I’m not holding my breath.

  5. One can expect that the "Q word" (quota) will come up during the arguments - and hopefully it will. Back in the earlier parts of the 20th century, the Ivys (in particular) had self-imposed quotas to limit the number of Jews admitted - and the 1964 Civil Rights Act more-or-less bans quotas. One problem the universities have had in recent years is how to implement quotas (against Asians, and in favor of other minorities) without actually doing it explicitly (since see above).

    The Ivys have become very stilted in recent years - once they give admission slots to minorities, jocks (jocks can get fast-tracked, even at the Ivys), and "legacies," they basically have no slots left.

    And I've said it before and I'll repeat it, particularly as that "legacy" word just appeared. All of this "affirmative action" cr*p, however it started, has turned into a nifty way for "elite" whites ("elite" because of what great-grandpa once did, while they are effete and incompetent) to block any possible competition from the largest potential pool of emergent competitors - non-elite whites.

    1. Being an Ivy League grad should be automatic disqualification from holding public office . Their track record speaks for itself .

  6. I love the smell of schaudenfreude in the afternoon.

  7. Diverse and excellent are two words that no honest person would ever use to describe a class whose members had been partly chosen based on the colour of their skin rather than their actual ability. How "excellent" would the US 100m men's team be if it was forced to contain native Americans, hispanics, asians and whites because of affirmitive action? Not very, and so it is with academic subjects being populated based on "diversity" i.e. getting rid of more accomplished white and asian people rather than being based on academic merit.

  8. And, of course, any able-bodied black man who earns his own way, sees pandering as an insult and expects everyone regardless or race or religion to do the same is an Uncle Tom. Ben Carson still gets that treatment. If it weren't for the "poor dumb disadvantaged black" the Democrats would not have a platform. Blue haired lesbians ain't going to swing an election.

  9. Beware of the pat on the back!
    Another great reference, Big D.

  10. Justices Thomas and Roberts are going to have some interesting Man vs Weasel discussions. Black Privilege and Affirmative Action have their consequences.

  11. What do Scott Adams and I have in common? We were passed over for admission into Stanford due to the pale color of our skin. I'm 60; this has been going on for a long time.

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