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Saturday, January 08, 2022

California laws moving to Florida

Due to their crappy laws (literally, because you can now poop in the streets of San Francisco) Californians are moving away in such number that UHaul is running out of trucks.

My belief is most of them are Republicans because for the first time in its 147-year history, Republicans outnumbered Democrats in Florida. The exodus from blue states to red ones has bolstered Republican numbers, not Democrat ones because Democrats are happy to live in their own filth.

Unfortunately, those crappy laws may be following them like toilet paper stuck on a shoe.

Republican state Senator Jim Boyd, a Baptist and native of Brandenton where he still lives, has introduced SB 1534, "Retail Theft; Prohibiting certain retail theft at multiple locations within a specified timeframe; providing exceptions; providing criminal penalties, etc." 

Bloggers are calling it the Right to Steal bill.

His bill adds a paragraph to the anti-theft law, "Individually, or in concert with one or more other persons, commits five or more retail thefts within a 30-day period and in committing such thefts obtains or uses 10 or more items of merchandise, and the number of items stolen during each theft is aggregated within the 30-day period to determine the total number of items stolen, regardless of the value of such merchandise, and two or more of the thefts occur at different physical merchant locations. A person’s theft of one or more food items with the intent to consume such items for the sustenance of himself or herself or another person under his or her care is not a theft violation for purposes of this paragraph."

And so the myth continues of criminals only stealing to feed their starving children. It is as if the government does not provide food stamps.

Lee Williams -- the Gun Writer -- wrote, "It’s also one of the silliest bills most of us will ever see."

However, the bill is not the problem. That last sentence about food is.

SB 1534 is aimed at stopping the state from importing smash-and-grab shoplifting from California and other blue states.

Florida Politics reported, "Attorney General Ashley Moody is teaming up with state lawmakers to address the rise of organized retail theft in Florida. 

"Amid a nationwide wave of smash-and-grab crime, Moody is urging lawmakers to review laws that prospectors use to target organized crime rings. The 2022 Legislative Session begins Jan. 11."

Indeed, it would do just that.

Florida Retail Federation President Scott Shalley said, "Organized retail crime has increased significantly over the last two years. Criminal gangs are stealing hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of dollars of merchandise, and they’re threatening the safety of our communities."

I don't know why that sentence was added to the bill. Maybe it is to fend off criticism that starving people will go to prison for trying to eat. 

It is an unnecessary sentence.

As Faye Higbee wrote, "In the real world, some states simply have a threshold between felony and misdemeanor, and the police or courts decide to prosecute based on individual situations. But codifying shoplifting as a sort of right to steal, instead of allowing that leeway to determine a prosecution, sends the wrong message to shoplifters. Stealing a sandwich is one thing -- but the law states one OR MORE food items. They can do whatever they want and get away with it. This kind of legislation has not worked in places like San Francisco or Oakland -- ask any shop owners who must pay out of pocket for thieves who take whatever they want from the shelves."

Stealing is stealing. Stores aren't food kitchens offering free sandwiches. I am pretty sure a shop owner would help if asked.

And shop owners don't pay for the theft out of pocket. They raise prices. This is why ghetto stores charge so much. And if it keeps up, the shop owner eventually closes the store. The poor are the ultimate victims of theft.

Native Floridians like Jim Boyd should welcome Californians to their tribe, but they should be stalwart against importing California's failed policies.

As proposed, the bill would protect Louis Vuitton outlets from smash-and-grabs while stripping the ghetto stores of one protection.

The bill can easily fix that by deleting that sentence. As it stands, the level for felony theft in Florida is $750. Adding up all the thefts in a month is a good way to reach that $750 threshold, which would deter smash-and-grabs.


  1. Prime rib, lobster and crab legs - it's muh sustenance.

    1. Reminded of a story one of my old (Baptist) preachers once shared with me…

      A man shows up at the church on a Saturday afternoon and says he needs food for his family. So Doug dips into what was not a large benevolence fund, runs out HIMSELF, and picks up about $50 of groceries. This was back in the 90s. Canned stuff, pastas, spaghetti sauces, etc and brings it back. The guy starts looking through the bags and says “There’s no meat in here.”

      Gratitude. It’s in even WORSE supply now than it was 30 years ago.

    2. Amen, I've had the same thing hapoen. Gave enough groceries for a family of 2 to eat for a month. They were out in 9 days and that was WITH help from a food bank as well. I bowed out of helping that family.

  2. Sounds like a homegrown Whig. Probably hates DeSantis. Loves Cocaine Mitch.

  3. Do away with probation and make the mandatory minimum penalty twenty lashes with a whip.

  4. Honestly as I was reading the paragraph of the anti-theft bill, I thought I was reading from the Babylon Bee.

    The idea that people today have to steal food to survive has to be a myth given all the welfare, food stamps, unemployment checks, free covid money, food banks, and other charities we have. It was probably common back in history but today certainly a rarity because of real need.

    1. Many food stamps recipients trade fs for drugs. Then they steal food.

    2. I can't think of one state that uses actual paper stamps that can be traded. They use a card that is run thru a magnetic strip to read the info and connect with the database. The only way would be buy some goods and then trade them which is possible but not convenient. plus they can only buy food.

      Now there are money grants but that's usually the head of household. Let's not spread bs that makes people look silly.

  5. Without laws there is chaos. Welcome to California!

  6. My Friend, had a woman steal from the Deli. In her store, the woman was homeless and nuts. After talking with her boss they decided to call the local psych agency. they sent a social worker out and she was helped.
    but , this isn't Porlantifa or San crapciso..

  7. why can't hungry people simpley ask for food and say I won't be ablt to pay for it/

  8. Republican state Senator Jim Boyd….
    Sounds like the Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski of Florida.

  9. As long as there are muscovy ducks waddling around everywhere, there is no starvation situation necessitating stealing to eat.
    And the damned ducks are everywhere.

  10. We have diversion programs for people charged with crimes like drug possession and domestic violence. Why not a diversion program for thieves?

    People charged with a non-violent theft offense could opt for a diversion program. Upon successful completion of the program, the charges are dismissed and their record is expunged. The diversion program can be used up to five times.

    The program:

    1st offense: Remove little finger of weak hand
    2nd offense: Remove little finger of strong hand
    3rd offense: Remove ring finger of weak hand
    4th offense: Remove ring finger of strong hand
    5th offense: Remove weak hand

    Finger removals shall be made by court personnel without anesthetic. Participants in the diversion program shall not be eligible for disability.

    1. Better yet, first offense, horse whip em. Second offense remove testicles. It might be a testosterone imbalance. Third time teach them to air dance.

  11. I used to think that no particular asset is worth a humanh life. I was wrong. That asset that someone paid for, that someone else is trying to steal, wasn't paid for with money. If the asset is a business, it was paid for with the life, toil, sweat and blood of the owner. If it's my truck, it was paid for by my toil, sweat and blood. So, now, my position is, you want to steal my stuff, I shoot to kill. Society needs to be protected from people who steal small stuff, because pretty soon they're going to start stealing big stuff and, before you know it, they'll be stealing someone else's toil, sweat and blood.

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  15. This will affect restaurants using Doordash, Uber Eats, etc. Many restaurants place the prepared delivery driver meals on shelves so drivers can pick them up without interaction. But if others can just steal the food without consequences, they're going to have to keep the food protected until the driver shows up to get it. That will add to cost and slow down service in general.

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