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Thursday, December 30, 2021

They do not want Ghislaine to sing

Jazz Shaw tweeted, "Still don't understand why she never cut a deal. Probably could have walked if she'd agreed to turn state's witness against other perpetrators."

Prosecutors do not want her to sing.

Either spoken or likely unspoken, the deal was you stand trial, you do not sing, and you will not face Arkancide.

If anything in the Trump era has taught us anything, it is that federal law enforcement exists to protect the elitists and frame dissidents.

In June 2016, the FBI investigated Hillary's sale of state secrets to foreign governments. Then the FBI destroyed the evidence.

At the same time, the FBI lied on FISA applications to spy on Donald John Trump. Incredibly, the FISA judge denied the request. My understanding is federal judges approve 99% of these requests for domestic spying.

Establishment mocking of "conspiracy theories" is laughable because the establishment created and promoted the ridiculous Russian Collusion theory that holds that Trump and Putin conspired to fix the election.

Given that the Kremlin was the source for most of the Russian dossier, it is more likely that Hillary and Obama conspired with Putin.

The FBI has a lengthy history of infiltrating organizations. That helped destroy the KKK, which was a good thing. Curiously, the FBI never infiltrated the Mafia which flourished under J. Edgar Hoover. In fact, the FBI enabled Whitey Bulger to become the No. 1 mobster in Massachusetts by prosecuting his rivals. His brother was the Democrat leader of the state Senate.

Which brings us to Ghislaine.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wrote, "Assuming the conviction stands for sex trafficking these women when they were minors prompts another question. Maxwell trafficked them to Epstein, certainly, who took the coward’s way out and can’t be held to account for it. But the victims of Epstein and Maxwell claim that the pair trafficked them much more widely — to the friends of Epstein and Maxwell, to the rich and powerful and famous, and for motives that are still not entirely clear. Each of those men (and perhaps women?) committed a crime connected to sex trafficking of minors as well. Epstein and Maxwell may have created the supply, but the johns provided the demand.

"So when do we see some of the johns in criminal court?"

The short answer is never.

The long answer is never ever.

The FBI likely has all of Epstein's blackmail evidence.

Morrissey believes the evidence was just not found. Well, I never completely rule out incompetence when it comes to any government activity.

He wrote, "If anyone knows where that evidence might be, it’s Maxwell, assuming it still exists at all or existed in the first place. Even without the video library, Maxwell certainly knows who got connected to Epstein’s Lolita Express and could assist prosecutors into building cases against the johns."

The only john in trouble is Andy Windsor, aka Prince Andrew, who faces civil lawsuits. 

But these are not johns. They are felons. They had sex with underage girls. And they are under the FBI's Criminal Protection Service.

It is how Comey got a book deal.


  1. The outcome is unsurprising. Of course they didn't want her to sing. The evidence was just not found. Uh-huh. This does nothing to help people's trust in the justice system. Most of the time, it's a joke when involving connected people and law enforcement such as the FBI, or Federal Bureau of Intimidation. A good way to avoid Arkancide, though.

  2. Morrissey is a never trumper and still trusts the FBI. That’s why he thinks they haven’t found the evidence.

    The whole thing reeks. Lots of people being protected by the FBI on this one.

  3. I have long stopped listening to the Never Trumpers. They never had anything relevant to say to me.

  4. The FBI likely has all of Epstein's blackmail evidence.


    I'm betting she has something somewhere set to go if she is Arkancided. As long as she's alive, she's a danger. We'll see if she goes stir crazy in the coming months.

  5. I'm quite certain the FBI has plenty of evidence stashed away to use behind the scenes.

  6. G. Gordon Liddy's book explained why the Mob was left alone. If you stole from the mob, justice was immediate. And where they operated, crime was almost non-existent. Consequences.

    1. Vegas was Great during that period.

    2. This was a joke back then: Organized crime only looks organized compared to the government (or something like that).

      I do know at one time the Lottery had a bad rep for being slow to pay out to the winners. People said at least the mob paid on the winning numbers right away.

  7. She could be suicided, for sure. Wonder how long that will take.

  8. IF we get a great gutsy,Republican Adminstration,disband the FIB remove and replace with the US Marshals..

  9. "Maxwell trafficked them to Epstein, certainly, who took the coward’s way out and can’t be held to account for it"...Are you fucking kidding me??? Give it a little time Dumbass, Jizzlane will drown in her soup!!! Ed Morrissey is a buffoon that needs a good chopping off of the...Dick doesn't like him at all...

  10. Anyone think there may be some senior DOJ and FBI officials who sampled some of the Epstein menu?? No chance any Johns are prosecuted or even named.

  11. Prosecutors do not want her to sing.
    why sing only to Persecutors?
    is there no one who will want to know why the caged Ghislaine sings?

  12. "The FBI likely has all of Epstein's blackmail evidence."

    J. Edgar Hoover reached his pinnacle of power by accumulating blackmail evidence.

    - Don in Oregon

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  14. I didn't follow the trial. Did the prosecutor call "the help" (maids, cooks, chauffeurs, etc.) to testify? They would have been witness to things.

    1. One of the prosecutors was James Comey's daughter.

  15. Epstein was supposed to be fabulously rich because he invested assets for the fabulously wealthy.

    Always thought this was bull crap. His fortune was built on catering to the perversions of the well-heeled and connecting and then making them pay for it. Probably the most successful blackmailer in the history of blackmailing.