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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The Four Pillars of Biden’s Failure

I ended my last post yesterday, "Biden's failures all stem from one source: his obdurate obsession with undoing everything President Trump accomplished.

"The actual President Clinton would have been savvy enough to keep Trump's policies and take credit for their success. And a compliant corporate media would have gladly credited him."

President Trump dropped unemployment to a 50-year low and kept it there for a year until covid came along.

He left Biden with a 1.4% inflation rate, three covid vaccines, and no combat deaths in Afghanistan for 11 months. Illegal border crossings were at a 30-year low.

Biden reversed those policies and disaster, calamity, and catastrophe followed.

Under Trump, we were energy independent for the first time in 50 years. Now Biden is begging the House of Saud to increase production to make up for the drop in production his policies wrought.

Conrad Black wrote, "The Twin Pillars of Biden’s Failure."

He cited inflation and the invasion at our southern border. I would add Afghanistan and covid, but inflation and invasion ordinarily would be enough to blow down a president.

Black wrote, "Everything has gone so terribly wrong for the Biden Administration, and in the ways that were widely predicted, that it is hard to believe Joe Biden could be perceived as a successful or at least potentially successful president if only he had avoided being such a tool of the Democratic extreme Left. On the afternoon of his inauguration, he killed the Keystone XL Pipeline and curtailed fracking and offshore oil and gas exploration, and ordered the end of construction of the southern border wall. The consequences have been over 200,000 illegal migrants entering the United States across the southern border most months and the rise in the price of gasoline from approximately $2 a gallon to $5 a gallon across the country.         

"As practically everyone outside his immediate entourage saw and predicted, these were disastrous errors."

Of course, the White House dismissed the warnings because the Biden administration is the road company production of the Obama administration. Psaki and the rest are not as smart, not as talented, and not as experienced as the Obama White House.

Black wrote, "Trump’s 'broken' immigration policy was the most successful the country has had at least since Eisenhower’s time in the 1950s, and the border was on the verge of a full and functioning restoration that would have enabled the country to admit those whom it wished to admit and decline those whom it wished to exclude, when Biden was inaugurated. There can be only one conceivable explanation for the current policy of admitting such a flood of unprocessed arrivals, which doubtless includes many worthy and good people who will unquestionably be assets to the country and its future. But it is also demonstrably true and in any case inevitable, that this mass of undocumented migrants contains an inordinate number of riffraff, dangerous criminals, and people incapable of contributing usefully to American life and certain to be a dead weight on the social, law enforcement, and educational services of the country where they have illicitly arrived."

Ike sent a million Mexicans home.

I get that Biden and the rest want illegal aliens to invade the country. What I don't get is the timing. Rather than wait long enough to say, well, we don't need the wall, Biden opened the gates on Inauguration Day. Thus, he made the case for the wall.

Black ended his column, "Biden and his followers and minders will go down more than anything else on these two issues. If the president just kept his head at least on his first day in office and dodged these two bullets, he might not be facing the dismal personal and national future that he did this Thanksgiving weekend."

Now here is the bad news for Democrats. Barring death or resignation, their ticket in 2024 will be Biden/Harris because every sitting president has stood for re-election since Chester Arthur's poor health kept him from being nominated. His party promptly lost the election. 

TR, Coolidge, Truman, and LBJ were vice presidents thrust into the presidency upon death. Americans  re-elected them, but understandably they did not seek a second re-election.

Biden not seeking a second term would be an admission that Democrat policies failed, which likely would cost them the presidency for 20 years.

Democrats are stuck with Biden/Harris.

Americans are, too, but not necessarily for long. The reasons are simple: Afghanistan, covid, inflation, and invasion. 


  1. "but not necessarily for long." Three more years might be long enough - to set us on an irreversible path of decline. Project the rate of destruction in the last 10-1/2 months over the remaining 37-1/2 months, the USA and the world are in for dark times.

  2. The Destruction will be the destruction of the Democrats as a political force. They are in disarray , no leadership and the ones in governent are running down the Howser like rats. the big monkeywrench is the Latino vote. Family,God and Country. How about that.
    Black men are coming around too. It is getting past the point where cheating isn't going to work. The Senate is one death and one resignation away from republican control. More Red than blue states. 2022 is just the curtain raiser. Keep it going.

    1. I've been thinking for awhile that Black men could save this country. We know that before the 2020 election, at least 30% of Black men supported Trump. I think if there hadn't been vote fraud in cities like Detroit (where John James was in the lead going into election day), that the actual tally of 2020 Black male support for Trump may have reached 40%.

      Black men are so important because the PRIMARY attack of Marxism in America has been based on supposed racism. Nothing undercuts the Marxist's house of cards like Black men saying "Nonsense". (Actually, the massive entirety of the black middle-class is itself a contradiction of the glib accusation of "systemic racism".)

      That's why I think Larry Elder should be Trump's VP running mate instead of DeSantis. DeSantis is for sure a future President at some point, but he is still rather inexperienced, whereas Larry Elder is proven, seasoned, solid, and very articulate. And we have to win HUGE in 2024 to override vote fraud. Elder will bring in a broader demographic and enable us to win.

      Neither Elder nor DeSantis have Trump's financial savvy and are not qualified to lead us in the imminent economic warfare, but even on economics I give Larry Elder the edge over DeSantis, because of his maturity and broad knowledge of policy developed over his decades of experience.

    2. Trump doesn't need a hard-line Libertarian. How about Tim Scott? Hershel Walker? John James--the guy who "lost" in Michigan?

      Or how about a REAL firebrand: the current Lieut.Gov of North Carolina, Mark Robinson?

    3. Reminder: Hard-Line Libertrians are NOT "America First". They are Globaloney laissez-faire regarding manufacturing. You really want to depend on Red China for your supply of aspirin?

    4. Larry Elder is an ace.... more than the others mentioned, he has common sense and backbone !

    5. North Carolina's Mark Robinson is darn good BUT. . .what about the newest L. Governor just elected in Virginia and she is a lady to boot.

    6. But any new person, like the VA Lt.Governor, or a relative unknown, like North Carolina's mark robinson, will not cut it for a crucial national election. We should only go with vetted, battle-tested "known quantities" that we can really trust not to fold on us.

      Also, I love Tim Scott, but he is not a fiery speaker, and we need superb, strong communication skills to be heard in this environment of aggressive censorship. We all like Elder and DeSantis because they are highly effective communicators.

    7. "At least 30% of black men supported Trump." Proof? This is a fairy tale, black and brown votes have remained consistently overwhelmingly Democratic for at least 40 years.

    8. Ask McAwful how he did with Hispanics in Virgina. It's not the myth you think it is.

  3. The posting/articles about the destruction of demoncrats, is hilarious, to say the least. Demoncrats have control of government, bureaucracy, education indoctrination, media, banks, stock market, fbi, doj, every large city, the voting system, and on and on and on. Demoncrats aren't going anywhere, they will soon start sending anyone that disagrees with their Evil to re-education camps, china flu camps, gas chambers. You don't think so? You're not listening to what they are no longer afraid to post, say on tv, write in the last paper media, etc.
    A second Dark Age is looking us in the eyes, if you're not ready for it, you will be obliterated.

    1. This furthered by the inaction or outright support of RINOs who may talk-the-talk but don't ever seem to walk-the-walk.

    2. This furthered by the inaction or outright support of RINOs who may talk-the-talk but don't ever seem to walk-the-walk.

    3. Democrats don't see the rifles behind every blade of grass in flyover country, either.

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  5. Biden/Harris are not the problem, as there are always more to take their places.
    The problem Americans face is a lack of leadership for the vast majority that do not support the liberal/woke vision of our country.
    Where are the leaders to pull us out of this quagmire and take our nation back to the principles on which it was founded?
    And how long will we have to wait?

  6. "the Biden administration is the road company production of the Obama administration." Don't insult road companies. Better comparison is summer camp production.

  7. The I Did That stickers are now joined by Chlamydia I Just Suck and Ice Cream Queen I Helped stickers.

    Now that's a trifecta.

    The actual President Clinton would have been savvy enough to keep Trump's policies and take credit for their success. And a compliant corporate media would have gladly credited him.

    More like Dick Morris would have talked Willie into it. Willie wasn't quite the ideologue as the Beast, but people were always talking him out of stupid moves, Robert Rubin especially.

    Ever notice how Willie could do nothing right after he broke with Morris?

    not as smart, not as talented, and not as experienced as the Obama White House.

    I take it the X-axis on this graph goes below zero.

  8. Biden has never been particularly smart, so it seems unlikely his mental acuity will improve as he approaches 80. As for the nitwits pushing his buttons, they all likely score well on IQ tests, but are handicapped by their Ivy League educations which negates any shred of common sense they might possess.

    All in all, the normals in the US will punish these out of touch elites as soon as they get another opportunity (such as in Virginia). The elites will no doubt attribute their failures to the inability of the normals to recognize the inherent brilliance of the elites.

    1. There is a world of difference between verbal IQ and being smart.

  9. The trend line of Biden's approval is in a straight line downward.Unless this is reversed,the GOP will gain control of the House and Senate,and the margins could be substantial.
    If they are substantial,why wouldn't there be a move to impeach both Harris & Biden?The Democrats made a rod for their own back with the attempt to impeach Trump.

  10. "Psaki and the rest are not as smart, not as talented, and not as experienced as the Obama White House."

    Well that's a pretty low bar for comparison you're starting with there Don... Let's Go Brandon!

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