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Monday, December 06, 2021

Omicron may cure covid

The hysteria over the omicron variant of covid 19 is unwarranted and sadly not unprecedented as politicians keep using covid to expand their power. Health directors have become technocratic tyrants.

Let's get real.

Alec Baldwin has killed more people than omicron has.

Slate reported, "Omicron continues to spread across the United States, and around the world, as scientists try to pin down how fast it spreads and how much of a threat it poses compared to other strains of the virus . As of Saturday morning, omicron cases had been reported in 12 U.S. states, pretty much all of which were among people who had traveled to South Africa recently. None of the cases so far in the U.S. have resulted in serious illness; and the World Health Organization has said that no omicron cases, which have been detected in at least 38 countries, have resulted in death."

No deaths.

No serious illnesses.

This isn't a disease. This is a bad cold. And this may be a cure.

Scott Adams tweeted this morning, "Should we figure out if Omicron is so mild it acts as a natural vaccine before rolling out a vaccine to stop the vaccine?"

He may be onto something. A cartoonist may know more about immunology than our top immunologist, Tony the Phony Fauci. That is how far the once great empire has fallen since Reagan was president.

Omicron may be to covid what cowpox is to smallpox.

Say what?

DermNet NZ reported, "Cowpox is a viral skin infection caused by the cowpox or catpox virus. This is a member of the Orthopoxvirus family, which includes the variola virus that causes smallpox. Cowpox is similar to but much milder than the highly contagious and sometimes deadly smallpox disease."

Smallpox was the scourge of the late 18th century. One-third of those who got smallpox died.

In the middle of a smallpox epidemic in the colonies, George Washington said, screw it. We're breaking away from England anyway. One winter, he took his soldiers to Valley Forge where they stayed (and drilled) until they either died of smallpox or developed a natural immunity to it. Washington made Patton look like a pussycat.

A few years later, a doctor in England had an udder-ly ridiculous notion of giving people cowpox to prevent smallpox.

DermNet NZ reported, "The cowpox virus got its name hundreds of years ago, from a rash that developed in dairymaids that touched the udders of infected cows. Back in 1770, an English farmer discovered that dairymaids that had contracted and recovered from cowpox not only became immune to further cases of cowpox, but also to the more serious viral disease, smallpox. In 1796 English physician, Dr Edward Jenner used the cowpox virus to inoculate a patient to prevent them from contracting smallpox. Hence this was the first successful vaccination performed."

Unlike snow, smallpox is now a thing in the past.

If omicron is not killing anyone, why are we working on a vaccine to stop it? It's like developing a vaccine for cowpox.

Masks, social distancing, and forcing people to stay inside did not stop the virus. 

Maybe omicron will rid us of the covid virus that kills 00.5% of the time. I don't know. I am no doctor, Jim.

But I do know the cure for the technocratic tyranny is called rebellion. A cartoonist can lead us.


  1. Much like old-time chickenpox "parties", it almost seems like if we become aware of someone with Omicron, it would make sense to go get exposed to acquire natural immunity. So far this one seems much milder than the prior variants. Especially for those of us who are older, with the vaxes wearing off, this might be the least risky way to inoculate. Hmmm.

  2. Just read where Warren Wilhelm is putting more screws into the business community of NYC due to Omicron. He can’t leave soon enough. I am so glad I live in a free state.

  3. Tony the Phony Fauci does not care about maintaining public health. He has his own agenda, and it is not in the best interests of U.S. Citizenry.

    1. I believe his agenda lies with his ties to Big Pharma. Unfortunately, most all the medical community and organizations have the same ties. There is simply too much money involved. They are all in bed with Bill Gates.

    2. Methinks that an explanation that he is basically an egocentric jerk who can't give up his delusions of power is sufficient. The guy is 80+ so why hasn't he just gone off and retired? He's like pelousy - can't give up the power sugar rush.

    3. Bill Gates makes 50¢ per dose of the phoney "vaccine".

      He's making major bank on the plandemic.

  4. You can only cry, "Wolf", so many times before even the dullest (excluding Lefties, of course) gets the message.

    They've gone a woof too far.

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