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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Democrats sour on vax mandates

Federal News Network reported, "A federal judge in Georgia has blocked the Biden Administration from enforcing its vaccine mandate for federal contractors across the country, siding with several state attorneys general and contractors who said the mandate created an unfair economic burden."

Stan Baker, a Trump judge, blocked it in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

The story said, "Although the initial lawsuit was filed by state elected officials in Georgia and six other states, the judge also allowed a construction trade association, the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), to join the lawsuit as an intervenor. And Judge Baker found that since ABC has members throughout the country, the only way to address what he called an extreme economic burden was through a nationwide injunction."

That is one of five vax mandates Biden issued. Each covers a particular group. Each is going down in flames in the courts because the Constitution did not make him the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz.

He's barely president, and then only because of mail-in ballots.

Reuters reported, "The legal setbacks for President Joe Biden's vaccine policy come as concerns that the Omicron coronavirus variant could trigger a new wave of infections and curtail travel and economic activity across the globe.

"Biden unveiled regulations in September to increase the U.S. adult vaccination rate beyond the current 71% as a way of fighting the pandemic, which has killed more than 750,000 Americans and weighed on the economy.

"Republican state attorneys general, conservative groups and trade organizations have sued to stop the regulations." 

The court of public opinion is turning on vax mandates.

In September, Gallup reported 68% of Americans supported, "Requiring companies with more than 100 employees to provide paid time off for employees to get vaccinated or to recover from vaccine side effects."

3 months later, The Hill reported, "50% of voters back President Biden’s vaccine mandate for large private companies, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday. 

"The poll also found 47% of voters opposed the measure."

Democrats in DC can read polls. They are unhappy.

Politico reported, "In recent comments, several high-profile Democrats have stated their opposition to vaccine mandates, specifically applied to private businesses. The most recent Democratic lawmaker to voice her concern was Michigan Gov. GRETCHEN WHITMER. Once considered to be Biden’s vice president, Whitmer said she opposes mandates, citing the impact on the state’s workforce — as Michigan grapples with upticks in cases and residents are split on whether or not to get the vaccine."


The woman they call Whitler is calling the mandates an overreach.

Manchin, Tester of Montana, and even Governor Karen (Kathy Hochul) of New York now oppose mandates.

Politico quoted White House officials and an anonymous Democrat strategist who show what the problem is. Biden and company truly believe they are so right that they won't listen to anyone else.

A Democrat strategist told Politico the White House is "on solid ground, both politically and morally."

By staking out a "moral" ground for a political decision, you are painting yourself in a corner because you have jettisoned the possibility of a compromise.

That strategist also said, "They can’t backpedal now — nor should they. That would be insane. It would fuck every local elected official who has tried to follow their lead and cause mass confusion."

I'm vaxxed. You do you. 

I can see the point of the unvaxxed. Nothing these Bozos have done has stopped the spread of a virus because, duh, it's a virus. Masks and social distancing are pandemic theater. It is difficult to trust people who wear masks in front of the camera and take them off once the cameras are gone.


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    1. No, Jeffery, you're pure Commie.

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    3. edutcher~~


      Oh wait...USA Working has already answered your stupid Jeffrey comment.

      My bad.

  2. They were never popular and people are seeing the dictatorial measures other countries take.

    He's barely president, and then only because of mail-in ballots.

    He's not president (if you steal something, that doesn't make it yours) and it was because of the fake ballots.

  3. I live in a purple neighborhood. lots of College professors and Hospital employees (both within 5 blocks of my place..) The Hospitals granted religous expemtions to the Nurses union for the Jab. The College people are not so compliant either. What rally P.O.ed some of the College personnel is Brown Kate showing up in an unmasked crowd for a LBGTQWTF dinner to get an award. Yet the symphony Christmas Concert is socially distanced and masked. The Dems think we don't notice.
    We do.

    1. The antics of the jabberati will convert many more moderate democrats to republicans.

  4. Ah, the "moral high ground" argument. So, it's a religious position, then. Your morality is determined by your faith, which can differ broadly. Does our constitution address the issue of establishing religion? Indeed, it does. ANY decision based on what's right or wrong stems from a moral base - ie. your world view - ie. your belief system - ie. your faith/religion.

    1. ...most likely the C.O. is offered/accepted as an out. Corporations can beg off on enforcing the unconstitutional presidential suggestion and still claim to be with Brandon.

  5. “BARACK and company truly believe they are so right that they won't listen to anyone else.” Never forget who’s REALLY in charge, my friends. This is Barack’s 3rd term, and he doesn’t give a FOOK what you think.

  6. LOL

    Legal ground > "on solid ground, both politically and morally."

  7. I was recently learning about steam heating. Heating Help was started by Dan Holohan to save the art of the Dead Men. In his research, he found references in engineering books from the 1920s advising to install steam boilers that could heat the home on the coldest day of the year...with all the windows open. Seems in the wake of the 1918 pandemic, the official advice was fresh air from open windows. The Fresh Air Movement. Those old steam systems that require the opening of windows are working as designed.

    Will global warming fall by the wayside in the face of respiratory disease prevention in the 2020s?

    In any case, mandates tend to become installed infrastructure if you don't push back early and often.

  8. I am at a fire fighting conference. Not one reference to vaccines made. 2 masks out of a few hundred in attendance. One of the masks came off during lunch and didn’t go back on.

  9. "... and even Governor Karen (Kathy Hochul) of New York now oppose mandates."

    OH?! Last time I looked, back in October (a mere two months ago), she stated that she was going to fire the nurses in NY State --- ALL OF THEM --- who refused to be vaccinated and replace them with --- GET THIS --- National Guard medics. As if thousands of these people actually EXIST.

    Her name is Governor Hokum.

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  11. That an American president EVEN DID what he did is terrifying. That we, as Americans, had to be fearful that our OWN government, allegedly public SERVANTS, attempted to control our bodies is terrifying. If we think everything is OK should this blatant FASCISM die the death it deserves, it's not OK. The fact is they had the balls to try it and they will do it again. The next time there might not be a push back.

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