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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Manchin gave you 40 terrible judges

The slobbering over Joe Manchin has to stop. He's one of the last remaining sane Democrats, but he is still a Democrat. He delayed the inevitable spending spree by Democrats. And he is doing his part to radicalize the American judiciary.

Just because AOC and the rest of the Squaws are squawking does not make him a hero.

Paul Mirengoff pointed out, "As Democrats continue to trash Joe Manchin, we learn that they have succeeded in confirming the highest number of federal judges in the first year of a presidency in four decades. The Senate has confirmed 40 judges this year. That’s more than twice the number in Donald Trump’s first year.

"This couldn’t have happened without Joe Manchin. Without Manchin, the West Virginia seat he holds would be occupied by a Republican. Of this, there can be no doubt. West Virginia is a solidly red state."

Manchin barely defeated Patrick Morrisey, the state's attorney general, in 2018. 

That Biden got 40 judges through a 50-50 Senate also shows that RINOs are making sure Trump does not get any judgeships should he return to office. 

Schumer was able to slow-walk Trump appointees but McConnell refuses to do the same to Biden.

But Manchin made Biden's power to appoint terrible judges easier. And he's doing it at a record pace.

Mirengoff ended his piece, "the Democrats are lucky that Joe Manchin is in the Senate. Manchin understands this and therefore probably resents the attacks on him by the White House and congressional Dems all the more."

I agree.

Manchin's taking one for the team. He's been bought. He won't blame Biden. Instead he blames unnamed White House staffers to perpetuate the myth that the tail wags the dog. It is how Biden avoids accountability.

Calling him President Manchin also absolves Biden of any responsibility. Biden only pawn in game of life.

To his credit, Manchin does not care what Bette Midler thinks of him. Nor should he.

In 1944, the D-Day victory had troops believing they'd be home for Christmas. The war in Europe had other plans. It was not over until the next May. 

So it is with this spending spree. Democrats have plenty of time left to bankrupt America next year.

Democrats will trim a little from their $5 trillion (CBO estimate) gift to donors and supporters. They will pass it next year without a Republican vote. They have Manchin.

And his wife runs the Appalachian Regional Commission which was created in 1965 that it would lift the hillbillies out of poverty. We're still poor, but our politicians own yachts and Maseratis now.


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  2. The possibility of the Senate flipping is good even before the election. If memory serves, more than one Dem senator is elderly, and if the the state they are in is now republican controlled, even one leaving would throw a wrench into their plans.IT can happen. Manchin knows it could. The road to serfdom is not a done deal.

    1. Meh.

      It is easy to forget that during the first two years of Trump's first term the GOP held the House and the Senate. It is easy to forget because Paul Ryan and Cocaine Mitch did nothing to advance Trump's policy agenda. Nor did they do or say anything to rein in the deep state's persecution of our populist POTUS.

      Remember how John McCain campaigned on repealing Obamacare and stopping the flood of undocumented Democrats crossing our southern border? ("Build the dang wall!")

      How did that work out?

  3. Don't forget the Manchin also voted to impeach President Trump 2 times

  4. It wasn't the Normandy campaign that got troops thinking they'd be home for Christmas, it was the chase across France after Falaise.

    And I think there'll be plenty of judges for Trump to confirm.

  5. The last line is worth a million dollars. (Yeah, about the cost of a yacht and a Maserati.)

    1. Have you checked the price of yachts lately? Have an idea out there, Buckwheat.

  6. On judges, we can count on Lindsay Graham, Pierre Delecto, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to vote with the democrats. Manchin doesn’t hold any extra power on these votes.

  7. Mitch McConnell (and many other Senators and Representatives) are wholly owned subsidiaries of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the United States branch of the Chinese Communist Party.


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  9. As Deb Weiss once said, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. The enemy of my enemy is often as ruthless a son of a b**** as my enemy ever was.

  10. So you're saying he'd fit right in with the GOP, who does nothing but approve bad judges.

  11. Appreciate this article, I'm one of those who needed a reality check. Thank you.

  12. Keeping it real, Mr. Suber. As usual. Thanks for being a clear stream through a muddied pond. Folks always focus on the immediate drama and refuse to pay attention to the periphery. Complacency. Apathy. They are killing the republic. Manchin is a creature of habit. He's shoring up his odds for 2022. He knows he can convert to 'I' or 'R' and win another term. With THIS move, he can still look like a hero to the willfully ignorant and pull off a 'win' under ANY party he selects to 'represent'.
    And all the sheople said BAAA BAAA BAAA

  13. So of course THAT means that what he did to save America from certain destruction is not as important as what he did by putting bad judges in the bench right? Go away it is not even close. BBB Steal all of Their Money was and is a real and present danger that can kill our country. Do so research Don.

  14. On the mediocracy spectrum, Machin is probably just right of Mitten and Murky, but that is not saying much. ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

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