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Friday, December 24, 2021

Left denies there's a shoplifting boom

The Daily Mail reported, "A woman, armed with a pickaxe, was shoplifting at a Los Angeles Rite Aid.

"Shoppers videotaped the bizarre scene on Thursday as the woman walked up and down the aisles with the weapon in hand.

"She reportedly threatened employees and customers and warned that she would come back as she walked out with a basket full of merchandise.

"It comes as LA and cities throughout California continue to be plagued by robberies amid the state's zero bail policies."

There's your democracy. Californians voted to decriminalize shoplifting. Californians elected pro-criminal DAs.

Shoplifting and the outright looting of stores are rampant in California. 

But just as the media called  massive riots by Democrats in city after city mostly peaceful protests in 2020, the media is denying the theft.

In the epicenter of the new lawlessness, the San Francisco Chronicle is the bulwark for thieves.

It published on July 20, "San Francisco’s shoplifting panic desperately needs some context" by Adam Johnson.

He began, "You no doubt have seen The Video. A man, in broad daylight, brazenly empties the shelves of a San Francisco Walgreens and casually rides a bike out of the store with little intervention from a nearby guard.

"The lawlessness, the complete societal breakdown. A shocking sight that offends the basic notions of law and order.

"When I say you’ve no doubt seen the video, I am absolutely confident you have, because a recent analysis by the media watchdog FAIR found that the video — taken by ABC7’s Lyanne Melendez — garnered over 300 articles of media coverage around the world and millions of clicks, from the United Kingdom to Mexico to France and beyond.

"That’s a sizable amount of coverage, indeed, for a single instance of petty theft."

If someone stole his bicycle, I doubt he would consider the theft petty.

On October 15, the Chronicle reported, "Is shoplifting forcing Walgreens to cut back in S.F.? Data on the closing stores puts the claim into perspective."

Relying on city government data, the Chronicle claimed, "But the timing of Walgreens’ decision led observers to wonder whether a $140 billion company was using an unsubstantiated narrative of unchecked shoplifting to obscure other possible factors in its decision."

On November 28, the newspaper admitted there might be a problem, but it said, "The GOP is blaming coordinated retail thefts on 7-year-old Prop. 47."

Finally, this month, the Chronicle reported, "'This Safeway is getting weirder and weirder,' one shopper muttered as he walked through newly installed security gates at the entrance of the grocery store near San Francisco’s Castro District.

"The automatic gates, added to the Safeway at 2020 Market St., let customers easily enter the store but swing quickly shut behind them, preventing would-be thieves from dashing out with shopping carts full of stolen items.

"The supermarket also has added barriers around its self-checkout area, funneling customers through only one exit. Checkout aisles that aren’t staffed are blocked with large physical barriers rather than just a cord, and the entire side entrance to the store has been closed and blocked off by a large display of plastic water bottles.

"Safeway executives said that the new security measures were a response to what it says is increased shoplifting at the locale."

The Safeway is not getting weirder. San Francisco is.

Liberals are in the denial stage of rampant retail theft. The Atlantic called reaction to the stealing "The Great Shoplifting Freak-Out."

The magazine was rather starchy about calling the theft shoplifting.

It said, "Recent news stories describe a shoplifting surge, but this narrative conflates an array of very different offenses into a single crime wave said to be cresting right now, all over the country, in a frenzy of naked avarice and shocking violence. Smash-and-grabs are awful, but they’re pretty rare (and already very much felonies). Nevertheless, a handful of viral videos and some troubling statistics from retailers and industry groups have set Americans on edge during the year’s most economically essential shopping season, wondering if the mall where they buy their Christmas presents might be next. The deeper you search for real, objective evidence of an accelerating retail crime wave, the more difficult it is to be sure that you know anything at all."

Ah, the game of pedantic semantics. My how liberals love to play that game because it avoids the topic and makes them sound so smart. It's like when they tell you Oct-tually it's not pedophilia if she is 12 because that's hebephilia and if she is 15 that's ephebophilia.

Wrong is still wrong.

And stores are still closing.

And liberals are still in denial.

The Atlantic argument eventually devolved into the elitist communist argument, "How many people who make $12 an hour to get screamed at by strangers for 31 hours a week (any more and the company would have to give them health insurance) are going to interrupt someone dumping bottles of shampoo into a garbage bag so that they can save their corporate overlords a rounding error’s worth of losses? Is it worth finding out if that guy has a gun?"

He's just stealing shampoo to feed his family.

Meanwhile, to read the article, I had to switch browsers because The Atlantic blocks people with ad-blockers. Its corporate overlords gotta make a buck.

What a hoot. Their site, their rules. No problem. 

But I do have a problem with the smug hypocrisy and the word games.

A woman shopping with a pickaxe and not paying for the goods is theft but in California if she steals less than $950 that's not a major crime because that's just shoplifting.


  1. Bookroomworm has a brilliant take on this Democrat insanity.

    A month ago, in India, a dog killed a monkey infant. In revenge, over the past month, monkeys have grabbed every dog they could find, dragged those poor animals to the tops of trees and buildings, and hurled them down to a painful death. The monkeys have succeeded in killing an estimated 250 dogs; no dogs remain in the area. When the villagers attempted to intervene, the monkeys attacked them too and are now attacking children.

    What’s so horrifying about this story is how incredibly human the tale is. These monkeys are taking revenge in a sophisticated, tribal way that we might see in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, the Balkans or, increasingly, America.

  2. California is truly the land of fruits and nuts. Good and hard and gooder and harder, as Instapundit says. They deserve it. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Oh, and leftism destroys everything it touches.

    1. On my tablet, right above LuAnn's comment, there is a randomly generated ad from a tool company that features a picture of a pick axe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It seems the only non-snowflake male is a kid named Kyle Rittenhouse.
    These criminals get away with it because we allow them to do so. I'm sure the Chinese are laughing their asses off. Hell, if a row boat full of Chinese soldiers showed up in San Fran, we would surrender.
    A military who throws out those with the guts to say no on the jab, which doesn't prevent the disease it is supposed to prevent, is cause to kick you out of the military as they will do to my son, this veteran wonders if saving this country is wasting my efforts to protest what is happening. Disgusting.

  5. Replies
    1. You can tell by the steatopygic buttocks. (Hat tip Bob Tyrrell!)


  6. The thief can just claim to have been playing Grumpy in a school play and she was carrying her prop home with her when she stopped in to Rite Aid for some feminine hygiene products.

    1. Or she is an out of work West Virginian coal miner looking for work in California.

    2. Try that in NE Oregon, you might just have brought a pickaxe to a gunfight.

  7. Harden up the grocery stores...and expect riots to come.

  8. This problem is all about the absence of fear.

    You have stuff and crooks want your stuff. Only thing preventing them from taking your stuff is fear. As a society, we've become far too civilized. Overly civilized people don't scare uncivilized cretins. We've removed any fear of consequences from consideration. Fear must be restored. The cretins definitely don't fear government action. That leaves in up to the good citizens to give the cretins reasons to be fearful. A few chalk outlines will change the fear/greed equation. Unfortunately, the government that failed to deal with the thieves will rush to deal with the citizen who filled the void.

    1. Start turning some of the cretins into
      sightless quadriplegics.

    2. If y'all have been paying attention, you know that being on the side of justice isn't an adequate defense if the dead perp is a protected class member. A scared shitless jury of your peers will reach the only safe verdict and a soros funded DA will press for a heavy sentence because it must be shown that there are two standards of justice.
      We've gone from a justice system supposedly blind but flawed and occasionally peeking to one with no blindfold at all and a thumb on the scale of redistributive social equity.

  9. While a site may block for good reason, I get a bit upset when I read maybe 3-4 articles a year from them and am blocked. I am not going to pay for just a few articles a year. If I REALLY want to read the article, I try disabling JavaScript. This works quite often. If that fails (or I am not THAT interested in the article), I just close the window. I can usually find a summary or similar article elsewhere.

    1. Yep. There's just too much free stuff supported by ads to go through the hassle of paying for content for a site not oft visited.

  10. The woman was NOT shoplifting with a pickaxe, because technically that's a pick-mattock, not a pick-axe.

    How's that for pedantic semantics.

  11. These stores need to become members only clubs like Costco and Sam's Club... Pay a membership and demand to see it at the entrance. The fee will have to be small so "the poor and disenfranchised" can afford it.

  12. A couple of things are driving this:

    1. Soros backed prosecutors
    2. No cash bail due to Covid
    3. 9th circuit decision on homeless
    4. BLM and defund the police
    5. 1 party state because Ca state gop is a eunuch / patsy that has allowed the Democrats to fortify the voting process.
    6. Benefits that attract homeless from across the nation

  13. Every state should round up their homeless and criminals and export them to California! Do like the Sheriffs used to do in the "old west" and tell them to get out of town before sundown!

  14. Black Privilege, Affirmative Action and the bigotry of low expectations have their consequences. Let's Go Brandon.

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