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Friday, December 17, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: NBC reported, "Executions, death sentences declining across the U.S. Capital punishment fell to a 34-year low while death sentences nationwide near 49-year low."

NYT reported, "Murder Rose by Almost 30% in 2020."

A record rise.

ITEM 2: Politico reported, "Tensions are boiling over as discussions about finishing Democrats' $1.7 trillion domestic spending bill drag on between President Joe Biden and Sen. Joe Manchin."

Biden campaigned on his bipartisan skills, but he cannot even get Democrats to support his agenda.

ITEM 3: AP reported, "Black juror: Smollett’s reaction to noose makes no sense." 

The first thing you do when someone puts a noose around your neck is to take it off. He didn't.

ITEM 4: NBC reported, "The Antarctic ice shelf could crack, raise seas by feet within decade, scientists warn. Thwaites is the widest glacier in the world and has doubled its rate of melt within the last 30 years, a researcher said."

As Antarctica approaches the longest day of the year when it gets the sun 24 hours a day, temperatures at the South Pole are -15 degrees.

The glaciers are not melting. They are calving as the weight of the growing ice pushes it to the sea.

ITEM 5: Outkick reported, "During a Senate committee hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS.) inquired with various airline CEOs regarding the masking policies ailing several of their companies. Two of the CEOs were honest about the lack of data behind mask mandates.

"'I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting,' answered Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly.

"'I concur,' added American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. 'An aircraft is the safest place you can be. It’s true of all of our aircraft — they all have the same HEPA filters and airflow.'"

Karen hardest hit.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "Kevin Clinesmith, the former senior FBI lawyer who was placed on probation as a convicted felon for falsifying a surveillance document during the Trump-Russia investigation, has been returned to good standing as a member of the D.C. Bar Association."

Lying to a federal judge to get permission to spy on a political opponent is considered good standing by the lawyers for the leaders of the federal court. Look for Darrell Brooks to keep his driver's license.

ITEM 7: Paul Krugman whined, "Inflation is an emotional subject. No other topic I write about generates as much hate mail."

People telling you you're wrong is not hate mail. It is constructive criticism.

ITEM 8: The Epoch Times reported, "The Biden administration has announced a new plan to increase the number of truckers on American roadways amid a nationwide shortage of drivers.

"The plan includes $30 million in funding to expedite the Commercial Driver’s License process, while the Department of Labor will steer $8 million to trucking apprenticeship programs.

"The plan also outlines an initiative to reach out to veterans groups.

"In addition, a new partnership between the Department of Transportation and DOL, as part of the recently signed federal infrastructure legislation, plans to study the issue of truck driver pay, develop strategies to attract more women drivers, and drivers as young as 18. It also sets up a task force meant to investigate predatory truck leasing arrangements, according to a White House fact sheet."

Get every college to replace womyn's studies programs with truck-driving school.

We will be up to our necks in truck drivers by June.

ITEM 9Joseph Curl reported, "A New York Times columnist is imploring President Joe Biden — who turned 79 last month and would be 82 if he were sworn into office again in 2025 — to not run for president again.

"Bret Stephens, a conservative and strong critic of former President Donald Trump, went so far as to say that Biden should announce his decision not to run as soon as possible to give fellow Democrats time to prepare to succeed him in the White House."

So no Biden-Trump rematch.

How about a Hillary-Trump rematch then?

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "An MTA manager claims an inflatable doll that’s been riding shotgun in his Kia Telluride is there 'for the company' — and not to skirt HOV restrictions, as his coworkers suspect.

"Giulio Divirgilio, a general superintendent at the MTA Buses department, pulled into his Brooklyn office building early Wednesday morning with the blown-up dummy plopped in the front seat like Otto Pilot in the 1980 comedy 'Airplane!'"

Dude needs to make some friends.

ITEM 11: Red State asked, "Did Chevrolet Have to Make America Cry With Its New Christmas Ad?"

No, but it is a great commercial that reminds us that before it was Government Motors, Chevy made some great cars.

ITEM 12: KCRA reported, "Less people have moved to California from other U.S. states while more people have left the Golden State for other parts of the country since the start of the pandemic, according to a recent study. Researchers are mostly surprised by the drop in people moving into the state.

"The findings by the California Police Lab shows a 38% decrease in people moving in and 12% increase in residents moving out-of-state. Researchers say that number is in line with trends before the pandemic."

People moving out, no one moving in.
All because of the governin'
Run, run, run to the other side.

ITEM 13: Reuters reported, "Top asset manager BlackRock Inc. on Tuesday said it wants U.S. companies to aim for a board that is 30% diverse and, for the first time, contains at least one member from an under-represented group.

"In new guidelines explaining its priorities for 2022 at portfolio companies, posted on its website, the $9.5 trillion asset manager also gave companies new guidance for reporting on climate change. But it said some continued investment in fossil fuels will be needed.

"Together, the updates showed the influential New York-based firm taking steps similar to other big asset managers pressing portfolio companies on environmental, social and governance considerations."

The next Republican president should slap a civil rights lawsuit on these bigots.

ITEM 14: Law Officer reported, "San Jose police arrest 6 men accused of targeting Asian women in 70 robberies."

Maybe we ought to dump CRT in school and replace it with a more accurate portrayal of racism.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "Growing up in Thailand, Bew Jirajariyawetch always idealized New York City and dreamed of moving there.

"Then last month, the 23-year-old aspiring model and recent immigrant saw the other side of the Big Apple when she was brutalized and robbed on a subway platform, she told The Post on Wednesday.

"'I’m just glad that I’m still alive,' Jirajariyawetch said about the horrifying Nov. 22 mugging at the 34th Street-Herald Square station that left her bloodied and bruised.

"The young woman, who moved to New York over the summer, was waiting for the train home to Queens around 4 a.m. after seeing Thai American singer Daboyway in concert with friends."

This actual attack deserved the attention Jussie Smollett's fake attack got.

Where is our First Asian-American VP's tweet of standing by Miss Jirajariyawetch?


  1. CLASSIC Temps, Big D. Well played.

    1. Using Ball of Confusion to satirize the situation in Cali is inspired, Don. Now allow a trained proffessional to take over ...

      People moving out, noone moving in
      Getting sprung from jail
      From the color of your skin
      Run, run run to another state

      This has huge potential. Im pretty sure I can do this whole thing. Ive done hundreds

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  2. Re 8 ....funny how every problem we have in america today is the result of evil business owners....gas prices high...oil companies price gouging.....empty shelves....companies won t pay a good wage....not enough trucks on the road predatory lending on truck leases....might be time for a good old work stoppage by labor and ownership

    1. 8 - I just discovered the 1980 10 part series “Free to Choose” with Milton Friedman. It should be mandatory viewing by all, mostly government stiffs, as they are the problem.

    2. Tom Sowell is a devotee of Friedman. He has a youtube channel.

    3. #8 That's great. All teenagers and twenty somethings are totally addicted to their phones. So, Biden wants to put them in charge of hauling 80,000 pounds at highway speeds. Add in lousy judgement and you've got fireballs waiting to happen.

  3. ITEM 11: Red State asked, "Did Chevrolet Have to Make America Cry With Its New Christmas Ad?"

    Click the link and watch the entire video. It's well worth the 4 minutes. I give it 2 thumbs up.

    1. Me, too. My husband of almost 50 years died in the fall just before the pandemic started. The first Christmas he was gone, I was too exhausted to do a lot of celebrating at the holidays. Then the pandemic hit, and the world went nuts. This year I'm finally able to surround myself with happy memories- like the guy in the commercial. The car was a happy memory for him- not a sad one. Sometimes our eyes leak when we're happy, too.

    2. Have a good Christmas this year, Eleanor.

    3. Lost my dear wife last year on thanksgiving, then
      a car wreck. I do understand. Prayers to you.

    4. Love to all of you! <3

  4. ITEM 14:
    It's your Mother's 'Fault' that you are the way you are.
    It's YOUR 'Fault' if you stay that way.

    1. How would it impact their lives if their mothers got punished for failing them?

    2. You mean like in Michigan where the parents are in jail because of their child school shooter but the parents of the Waukesha, WI parade murderer with a 50 page rap sheet aren't mentioned?

  5. 5 - Nothing will come of that. My Senator Wicker is an empty suit.

    9 - Steven’s is the Peggy Noonan of the NYTimes.

    10 - I wonder if Otto’s fly was down.

    12 - without illegal aliens coming to California, the numbers would be even worse.

    13 - in 1996, T. J. Rodgers, CEO of Cyoress Semiconductors responded to a shareholder - a nun - regarding diversity on the board. It remains a classic.

    1. I wonder if overweight middle aged women qualifies as a minority for representation on a board? Or perhaps retired newspaper opinion writers? How about prolific commenters on blogs?

      So many minorities. So little representation.

    2. I just read the CEO's letter. It should be mandatory reading for diversity executives, college students and complainers in general. You need qualifications to be on a board. They should be meaningful positions and for big corporations the pay for sitting on one of these boards is meaningful. You need to be qualified, that is the bottom line.

    3. I remember that letter when it originally came out.

      I'd add to it that if these "diversity" windbags have figured out a magic way to make a business run better, why don't they just go DO it? Go start a business (or acquire one) based on these "principles" and run it that way and win in the marketplace (and make a mint).

      That's something to do to blithering leftists. Challenge them to go practice what they preach - or just STFU.

    4. Qualified ? Needs some defining as most governments / corporations make decisions based on short term self indulgence and not on sustainability or what's good for our community. I could list examples endlessly. We need more common sense in this world .

    5. That letter to the activist nun was very well reasoned.
      That is the sound reply to all of these "social engineers".
      The nun and activist priests should stay in their own lane and focus on the gospel… If they even remember what that is.

  6. "Murder Rose by Almost 30% in 2020."

    Dems just saw the polls:
    “It’s time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed said on Tuesday when announcing new public safety measures.
    “And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement … and less tolerant of all the bullshit that has destroyed our city.”

  7. Item 12. I love that song, "Ball of Confusion" by the Temps. If you listen carefully to the words, they apply just as much today as in 1970!

  8. #14. Don, are you being critical of their racist theory?

  9. re: Item 5 -- Yes, masks are mostly useless and especially on airplanes. But Karen wants to be extra safe and wear a mask.
    And if I can vent in general, in Quebec we are back to half capacity for restaurants, bars, concerts, movie houses due to an increase in cases. And we had vaccine passports for these -- so what good were they now that we are back to half capacity? Our Christmas gatherings have been cut from 20 to 10 people. All this, I think, because our "free" medical system can't handle an increase in cases. If the vaccines are so effective, why the restrictions. This is no longer a pandemic of the "unvaccinated." We have about a 90% vaccination rate in Quebec. We were told last spring, the jabs would get us to normal and then the vaccine passports would get us to normal. We have restaurant and bars owners crying on TV about the businesses. I am double vaxxed and anti-mandate. However, I no longer believe a word of what is said by any politician or public health official and will not get a third jab. Humbug.

    1. Well, ultimately, Canadians are to blame for this, particularly Quebecois(es).

      They had their chance on December 31, 1775 - and given how close it was, a little help from the populace (rather than helping the supposedly hated "anglais") and Canada just wouldn't even exist today.

      So there. :-)

    2. Quebecois can be rather capricious. You never know where we will lineup. Canadians, overall, have shown themselves to be sheeple in this pandemic and totally concerned with their "safety."

    3. Welcome to the club LuAnn. I have long said to my wife that if I die prematurely, it will be from ignoring a gubment warning that finally came true. I do not trust, believe or respect or bettors.

    4. Lu Ann, as far as Karen goes, she can wear a mask anywhere, 24/7. That doesn't affect me. Where I do have a problem with Karen is when she accosts my wife or children for not wearing a mask at the supermarket or someplace similar. Karen's usually don't bother guys because Karen's are mostly chickenshit.

  10. I am now also starting to think the vaccines are that effective, given re-imposed restrictions where I live.

  11. Should be vaccines aren't that effective. I am so pissed that I can't type.

    1. Evil google inserted what they wanted you to say, approved language and all.

    2. I have no reason to doubt you.

  12. #12, this has been apparent for some time now, just compare U-Haul one-way rates into vs out of California. Some California refugees fly to places like Las Vegas or Phoenix to rent a truck. Supply and demand doesn’t lie.

  13. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: This is what happens when you have to look at the same people for more than a year.

    2: What skills? The Demos nominated him as a joke.

    5: Science.

    6: Call it professional courtesy.

    7: Nifty.

    9: Be still, my beating heart.

    12: Purty soon, CA won't have all them electorals.

    13: Who's investigating them?

    1. 12. If the illegal invader exemption were part of the census as Trump wanted and the courts overturned, california probably would have lost 5 or more seats!

  14. 7 - Interesting thing about that was Krugman admitting that he was actually wrong about something - that inflation is not some transitory blip but is now a serious problem. Well, it IS a serious problem once again. So far, no signs of either disco or the 55mph national speed limit... yet...

    8 - Speaking of relics of the 1970s, notice how for "government," every "solution" amounts to "throwing money at the problem." That's a phrase I'd like to see revived.

    10 - Fake passengers (usually mannequins) have been a problem in California HOV lanes for decades...

    13 - It depends what they are going to quota. For example, people with triple-digit IQs are underrepresented on corporate boards (and a lot of other things as well).

    1. Just because one has a triple digit IQ does not mean one makes good decisions .

  15. #4 It's an ice shelf. they are already in the water.
    water and ice have the same volume. Yes it is not melting. When the Ross Ice shelf cracked the warmists went nuts. Nothing happened. these people think we're stupid.

    1. Would they not have the 'same mass' be what you meant?

      What is the volume of water compared to ice?
      The ratio of the densities is simply the density of one divided by the density of the other: The density of ice to water is 0.92. Using the ratio, one can simply multiply the volume of the ice by 0.92, which is the conversion factor for the volume of ice to liquid water

  16. #4: Ask Mr. Science has shown that ice floating in water does not raise the level of the water when it melts. And yet, we constantly hear stories about the Arctic melting or the Antarctic sea shelfs breaking off and melting raising global ocean levels.

    This is not an unusual occurrence, ice flows the size of Maryland and larger are commonplace.

    1. Rising temperatures cause more evaporation, so sea levels remain the same.

  17. #6 An FBI lawyer skilled in forgery and lying in court would be quite valuable as a member of the DC swamp. We shouldn't be surprised he'd be welcomed back in full standing.

    #12 "Researchers are mostly surprised by the drop in people moving into the state."
    I sometimes enjoy reading news that brings me a chuckle that is not intentional by the reporter. Another line I find comical goes something like this:
    Economists say the rate and persistence of the inflation is unexpected.

  18. Item 12: The KCRA article has an important typo - the study didn't come from "the California PolicE Lab", it came from "the California PolicY Lab". And it tracks only LEGAL immigration and emigration.

    The actual report is here:
    And it is much more interesting than the KCRA summary:
    "These trends are present throughout the state. Since the end of March 2020, new entrances to the state have dropped in every California county, and when Californians move, they are slightly more likely to leave the state than they were before the
    pandemic began (true for nearly every county).

    But the Bay Area stands out, for several reasons. Since the end of March 2020, new entrances to Bay Area counties have dropped more quickly than in other parts of the state. Before the pandemic, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties
    were the only net receivers of population from other US states. Today, all California counties lose population to domestic migration. In addition, whereas in every other economic region the move rate fell since the pandemic began, Bay Area residents moved (to any destination) at higher levels (up 8%, to 4.2%), driving a 21% increase in Bay Area exits."

    Bay Area (and Sili Valley) hardest hit. (Due to all the "progressives" and SJWs living there).

    1. After locusts devour and destroy a beautiful and bountiful area, they move on to the next.

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  22. ITEM 6: Slime lawyer back on top
    And the repubs have helped Fuck joe biden* appoint about 40 new communist/fascist federal judges.
    Thanks linda graham you scag.

  23. ITEM 13: Reuters reported, "Top asset manager BlackRock Inc. on Tuesday said it wants U.S. companies to aim for a board that is 30% diverse and, for the first time, contains at least one member from an under-represented group.
    Sooo, the nba now has to hire white players for starting roles?

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