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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Highlights of the News

TWIT OF THE DAY: Asha Rangappa, former FBI agent and now a CNN talking head, tweeted, "If there were black or brown families all posing with guns in front of their Christmas trees on social media, do you think these same GOP reps would be celebrating it as 2nd Amendment freedom, or using it to fear monger about a race war or invasion or some such?"

My readers are too intelligent to be liberals.

ITEM 1: Farmland Australia reported, "Australian wheat crop upgraded to a bin bursting record of 34.429 million tons."

It is springtime in Australia, the world's 6th largest producer of wheat. Of course records should be set. Carbon dioxide is at a modern high, which helps plants grow.

Record production should help ease inflation.

More carbon dioxide, please.

ITEM 2: Reuters reported, "U.S. investment bank JP Morgan predicted on Wednesday that 2022 will mark the end of the coronavirus pandemic and see a full global economic recovery. 

"The bank's outlook report for next year said new vaccines and therapeutics would result in a 'strong cyclical recovery, a return of global mobility, and a release of pent-up demand from consumers.'

"Marko Kolanovic, its Chief Global Markets Strategist & Co-Head of Global Research, said the bank expected the U.S. S&P 500 to rise nearly 8% to 5050 points, emerging market stocks to surge 18% and 10-year U.S. Treasury yields -- a key driver of global borrowing costs -- to rise to 2.25% by the end of 2022."

This is terrific news.

But that 8% forecast will seem disappointing. The S&P 500 is up 26% so far this year.

If Republicans think the midterm will be a cakewalk, beware. Biden has the backing of the Deep State. They have no qualms about circumventing democracy or the Constitution to maintain their power. A good economy after a couple of years of a lockdown will seem like manna from heaven.

ITEM 3AP reported, "Saudi authorities have conducted their biggest-ever crackdown on camel beauty contestants that received Botox injections and other artificial touch-ups, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported Wednesday, with over 40 camels disqualified from the annual pageant."

Nancy Pelosi hardest hit.

ITEM 4: The Smollett case has gone to the jury. No verdict yet.

Melina Abdullah, director of BLM Grassroots, issued a statement, which read in part, "In our commitment to abolition, we can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department (CPD) over Jussie Smollett, a black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom. While policing at-large is an irredeemable institution, CPD is notorious for its long and deep history of corruption, racism, and brutality. From the murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, to the Burge tortures, to the murder of Laquan McDonald and subsequent cover-up, to the hundreds of others killed by Chicago police over the years and the thousands who survived abuse, Chicago police consistently demonstrate that they are among the worst of the worst. Police lie and Chicago police lie especially."


Slavery ended 156 years ago,

Her hatred and ignorance are so malodorous, you can just Smollett.

ITEM 5: John F. Trent reported, "Wil Wheaton Calls Dave Chappelle A Bigot And Piece Of S*** After Netflix Announced The Comedian Will Headline ‘Netflix Is A Joke Festival.’"

Celebrities would rather talk about Dave Chappelle than they would Jussie Smollett. One observed that you can kill a black man and stay on stage, but if you offend gays, watch out. He cited some rapper who killed a black man in a Walmart.

Well, one celebrity did point out Smollett's story never made sense.

That celebrity was Dave Chappelle. Really worth watching.

ITEM 6: The Daily Beast reported, "Over the past few years, Jordan Klepper has become best-known for embarrassing Trump fanatics all across America in his role as a roving Daily Show correspondent. This week, he broke the mold to train his lens on an unexpected target: anti-vax progressives.

"'The discussion around vaccines and mandates tends to pit red state versus blue,' Klepper began in his newest segment. 'But I had heard there was vaccine hesitancy in the elitist of the elite blue corners of the U.S.' So with that in mind, he headed to Southern California and immediately found himself in the middle of an anti-vaccination protest full of people who didn’t want to be labeled anti-vaxxers."

Do they include Kamala Harris? She said in 2020 that she would not take a Trump vaccine.

ITEM 7: Eat This, Not That! reported, "5 Grocery Items Plummeting in Supply."

They are Wine and Spirits, Chicken Tenders, Maple Syrup, Fresh Produce, and Cream Cheese.

Things are so bad, Canada dipped into its Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve.

We need a Strategic Bourbon Reserve.

ITEM 8: CNN reported, "Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada will join the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the leaders of the three countries said Wednesday.

"Speaking at a news conference in Sydney, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would keep its official representatives at home, although Australian athletes will still attend the Games in February."

Inflation? Check.

Shortages? Check.

Olympic boycott? Check.

President Peabody and VP Sherman set the Wayback Machine to 1979.

ITEM 9: The Epoch Times reported, "The House of Representatives late Wednesday passed legislation to ban all goods from China’s remote northwestern region of Xinjiang over concerns about forced labor.

"The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which passed the Democrat-led chamber by an overwhelming vote of 428-1, now heads to the Senate. It would need to pass the Senate and be signed by President Joe Biden to become law.

"Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) was the only lawmaker who voted against the measure."

This marks the first time Democrats voted against slavery.

I am for boycotting everything Red China.

No more trade.

No more exchange students.

No more Milley calling Red Chinese generals.

ITEM 10: CBS 58 reported, "A relative of Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson has been accused of a brutal attack at the Waukesha Public Library. 

"Tuesday, Nov. 30, an 87-year-old woman told police she was robbed and had her car stolen while she stopped at the library. 

"Police tracked down the car and arrested a 14-year-old boy after a chase on foot. Later, they learned a knife was used to rob the elderly woman and that she was sexually assaulted."

Johnson is black.

As council president, he defunded the police.

Now we know why.

ITEM 11: Fox reported, "Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is suing the January 6 congressional committee in response to their imminent move to hold him in criminal contempt.

"Meadows filed legal action against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the committee on Tuesday in response to being subpoenaed, Fox News has confirmed, as they attempt to investigate the January 6 Capitol Hill protest that turned violent and has led to criminal charges against dozens of Trump supporters."

He cooperated but a show trial is a show trial.

Notice how Fox spun it as a protest that turned violent. No, it was a protest that saw Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd shoot and kill an unarmed woman.

ITEM 12: Hillary gave what she said was what she wrote for her victory speech in 2016.

Via Hot Air, Hillary wrote, "My fellow Americans, today you sent a message to the whole world. Our values endure. Our democracy stands strong. And our motto remains: e pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

"We will not be defined only by our differences. We will not be an us versus them country. The American dream is big enough for everyone. Through a long, hard campaign, we were challenged to choose between two very different visions for America. How we grow together, how we live together, and how we face a world full of peril and promise together.

"Fundamentally, this election challenged us to decide what it means to be an American in the 21st century. And for reaching for a unity, decency, and what President Lincoln called ‘the better angels of our nature.’ We met that challenge."

Whether she wrote it in 2016 or 2021, it is a pretty good summary of the situation. By electing Donald John Trump over a crooked socialist, America met Lincoln's challenge.

Allahpundit said we didn't. Sigh. Never Trumpers are bores.

ITEM 13: Mike Miller reported, "Mom Says California School Bribed Kids With Pizza, Vaccinated Her 13-Year-Old Without Her Consent."


ITEM 14: Breitbart reported, "A Safeway in San Francisco’s Castro District is taking the law in its own hands by fortifying the outlet to reduce the surge in shoplifting.

"'This Safeway is getting weirder and weirder,' a shopper said as he walked through newly installed security gates at the entrance of the store.

"The security gates let customers enter the store but shut quickly behind them to prevent people entering to shoplift from dashing past them."

Call it the Loot Hotel. Looters go in but they can't get out.

ITEM 15: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, "The driver accused of killing six people at the Waukesha Christmas Parade last month faces new charges of trying to intimidate a woman he was charged with running over about three weeks earlier."

By "a woman," the newspaper means the mother of his daughter.

The story said, "Darrell E. Brooks Jr., 39, was free on $1,000 bail from that Milwaukee County case when authorities say he intentionally drove into the parade on Nov. 21, striking and injuring dozens of participants and spectators.

"Alarm over why Brooks was free on just $1,000 bail in the Milwaukee County case prompted a deeper look. He had been charged Nov. 5 with recklessly endangering safety, bail jumping, and three misdemeanors, including domestic violence battery and disorderly conduct."

The story also said, "She suffered a dislocated left leg and broken right ankle. Brooks was driving the same red Ford Escape that was seen later tearing through the Waukesha parade."

In between the two drives, he was in jail for 10 days. He called her to harass her. From jail. Despite a court order not to contact her.

Why did deputies allow him to call her?

This is a strange case that should be publicized nationally. Milwaukee has a crime problem and authorities side with the criminals. See Item 10.


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    1. Makes me wish I lived 5 states closer. Have fun!

    2. RANDY will Big Guy Don get his usual 10% cut??. Pretty son now Don will have enough cash to make a deposit on his Bentley;-)

    3. Will try to make the trip up from Sarasota to say hi. Is event dog friendly? If so, I'll bring my boy Trump

    4. I'm right down the road in Mulberry (Willow Oak). Just might head that way. I may even swing by Pizza Connection while I'm there!!!

    5. Also, has the camel had any Botox injections and other artificial touch-ups???

    6. Have fun, I'm here on the Greater Idaho side of Oregon having to get ready for a biggish snowstorm
      not a lot for here maybe 4-6 in. My back and hip tell me sumpin's coming..

    7. Thank you all for your responses. Dog friendly? Yes. Also elephant friendly, camel friendly, and pony friendly. It’s kinda like a neighborhood carnival with rides, plus a circus big top where they have Santa, acrobats, and more food vendors (the fudge is pretty good). No flooring, just hard-pack. The carnival rides are smallish, mostly for kids, not the big coasters, etc. that you’d find at Six Flags. I don’t know if the camels have been Botox’d, Richard. If so it didn’t help, because they’re pretty ugly. ;-)

  2. #5: "Shut up, Wesley!"
    Captain Pickard

  3. Item 12: I can't imagine that H is in the loop with succession planning for FJB and Harris departures. Either she is campaigning for consideration or her delusion has worsened.

    1. It sure feels like they’re setting us up for something…

    2. Hard to say which it is, but evil nonetheless.

    3. The Hildebeast crawled out of her chardoney bottle, saw her shadow, and had to piss and moan on national TV. Nothing to see there. Same old, same old.

    4. @MAJMike, I think you're probably correct, thanks.

    5. LuAnn, dang spell check strikes again !

  4. Item 2: So the globalists responsible for world wide panic, human rights destruction, destruction of and mass murder of millions by denouncing early treatment with readily available, safe generics has been sated, decreeing "a few more lashings and we'll let the complacent get back to slave labor"

    1. "destruction of economies" --- I need a preview and edit button.

    2. Americans with PhDs are most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID.
      Of those surveyed, 20.8 per cent with a high school education were reluctant to get the shot, and 23.9 per cent with a PhD were against it.

  5. 2 - did JP Morgan consult with Dr. Fece? He has other plans for the US - the never ending pandemic.

    3 - reminds me of the old joke of the French Foreign Legion arriving at an oasis after months in the desert the men started bracing towards the camels. A new member asked why the running. An old timer said “you don’t want to get stuck with an ugly one, do you?”

    4 - great last line!!!

    12 - Never Trumpers are idiots.

    13 - I’d have to be restrained. I would be out of control angry.

  6. ITEM 1: Do they still teach the carbon cycle? What about the Gas Laws? Carbon is the building block of life. ALL life on the planet is built upon carbon. C02 goes into solution with water under pressure. Applying Dalton's Law of partial pressure, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will, over time, remain constant. I do not consider variations of .03% a change. The science is really simple, you learned it in school. If nobody understands those basic facts (laws), we are doomed.

    1. Apparently, it is not taught. A lot of people don't understand that carbon is essential to life and it is absolutely ridiculous to hear about "eliminating" carbon.

    2. Thank you Russia and thank you China.
      For killing the Global Warming conference in Glasgow. I shudder to thing what would have happened had the EU and US got their way.

    3. Unfortunately, the most science they attempt to teach is that man can be woman, woman is still undiscovered. The rest of "science" fails to fit the narrative, so it is deniable.

    4. The problem is in most science classes kids learn about the gas laws, Newton's Laws and other basic tenets of science and can do the mathematical calculations, but they have very little idea about what they mean in the real world. I used to teach a senior level course in concepta of physics. There were kids who had already received high marks on the AP physics test who signed up because they heard the class was fun. For example, one project was to design a soda bottle rocket for maximum trajectory height. The force available to launch was a constant. They could change anything else. Kids who had aced physics already would often immediately go looking for the biggest soda bottle they could find. No physical understanding of F=ma at all. Something they had learned both in middle school and high school.

  7. Item 9: “The House of Representatives late Wednesday passed legislation to ban all goods from China’s remote northwestern region of Xinjiang” So they think the Chinese in Xinjiang are not smart enough to send their goods to Shanghai or Guangzhou for rebranding and shipping?

    Item 13: “California School…Vaccinated Her 13-Year-Old Without Her Consent. Sue.” Better yet, file criminal assault charges. First, a “California school” did not vaccinate her kid; a person did, and a 13-year-old is too young to give consent. Statutory penetration.

  8. If I was on Twitter (left four years ago) I would tweet Asha back: If you didn’t have your head so far up your ass, do you think you would have been hired by CNN? Then I’d get ten days in the Dorsey Box for Malicious Slashing, get pissed off, and leave. Mischief Managed!

  9. Asha Rangappa is indeed a fool. The big difference is of course the unhappy face they show compared to the grinning folks in the two Republican families with guns who know tat A. This is humorous and B. That liberals heads are exploding all over America.

    1. I too noticed the sullen angry expressions.
      I've heard a lot of stories from blacks about the kind of treatment they received from racist whites. It's hard to get them to understand, but all kids treat other kids that way. It has nothing to do with race, it's that some kids think they are the"in" crowd and their shit is special.
      In schools with zero minorities there are still children who behave like that.

    2. JeremyR--You make a true and important point. The Marxist Left has done a massive PR campaign to get people to blame race for everything that's wrong in their lives. Such poison, to get people to interpret anything unpleasant as due to racism.
      It's like they somehow think whites just have some charmed path down a rose-petal strewn garden path.

  10. Since our feckless so-called Administration won't actually boycott the Beijing Olympics (diplomatic boycott is meaningless) then we should start a movement for American consumers to boycott the Olympics -- don't watch! I don't plan to, even though there are sports and athletes I greatly admire.

  11. Boycott China -- why do we want to do business with the CCP, which wants to destroy our way of life.

    1. That's the right attitude. If China bribes the US and we accept, that is our fault. Don't blame China.
      We have seen the enemy and he is us.

    2. I find it very odd that China insists that we must like them, we must never criticize them in any way, and that we absolutely must come to their olympallooza or we will pay a heavy price for not doing so.
      Sounds very much like the actions of a big bully.

  12. re: item 1 - again. Yes, more carbon dioxide please. A small variation in levels is no reason to destroy our economy. But isn't that what these eco-fascists want. Green is the new red.

    1. Watermelons are green on the outside and red on the inside.

    2. These ppl are insane.
      Plus one of the scientists showed in the 70's that the earth's temp would rise, then we would drop into mini iceage, mostly dependent on the Sun. Heat can mostly be dealt with. Cold kills more.

  13. ITEM 7: I guess donuts are still available in Canada. Which reminds me of Strange Brew – the donut bribe

  14. #2. A record wheat crop won't matter. Fuel and fertilizer prices are higher and China had a massive crop failure due to Covid killing many elderly farmers. They have not been able to feed their population since communism was implemented and this year will be one of their worst.

    1. China dumped economic Communism in 1975. They got tired of being poor. Their economic performance has been spectacular since then, with crucial help from Western elites.

    2. Which is when Nixon sold us out to isolate The USSR. Since then we have been exporting food and importing crap.
      They destroyed their agriculture and it has never recovered.
      We, like China, have fewer farmers today than in 1975. Like China, our farmers are older and our children have not stayed home to take over the business.

  15. TWIT of the Day: He's with CNN? The "CRAP NEWS" Network? I pity da fool.

  16. "U.S. investment bank JP Morgan predicted on Wednesday that 2022 will mark the end of the coronavirus pandemic and see a full global economic recovery."

    Wall Street uses press releases to manipulate public opinion. Their research probably shows the opposite.

    1. I beg to disagree. Feels like there is a change in the wind. Staying with the Covid fear as a political weapon is becoming tired. Data is getting better as are treatment protocols. All show that we can live with this problem without the draconian measures. Covid has become a nasty flu. Omicron is signaling the end. I'm guessing when they hit Omega, it's over.

    2. What JP Morgan glosses over is that Q4 earnings are a big question. Based upon lagging service sector productivity, and a reduction of people who had to buy goods at higher prices for housing, autos etc, there is suspicion that if those earnings disappoint, at the end of Q122, we will see the great realignment of white collar employment. Yes friends, significant white collar layoffs heading into the summer campaign season. If that happens, the GOP might get 100 seats next fall.

  17. #8. Does that mean Hunter isn't going? I realize he isn't a diplomat, but he would be representing daddy and taking bribes for him.

  18. #9. Some people say that Worthless Willie gave China military secrets. The truth is there was an exchange of military technology. China got missile targeting technology, and we got an awesome recipe for general Taos chicken.

    1. Try again, Jeffery.

      Taos is a town in NM.

    2. Too bad elstupido doesn't know Chinese cooking. Some list it as General Tso others as General Tao, but regardless, I'm sure HiLlARy thanks you for defendinging their criminal enterprise.

  19. Asha Rangappa, former FBI agent and now a CNN talking head, tweeted, "If there were black or brown families all posing with guns in front of their Christmas trees on social media, do you think these same GOP reps would be celebrating it as 2nd Amendment freedom, or using it to fear monger about a race war or invasion or some such?"

    How very raaaayyycisss of him.

    The dope should read the history about gun laws and learn that they were pushed heavily by democrats who thought their former slaves would acquire firearms and attempt retribution.

    Why should I mind if the idiot just might be on his way to becoming a conservative? LOL

    I always cheer when fellow Americans exercise their constitutional rights. Like the Hasidic Jew I was talking to last week who told me he'll never be forced to get a vaccine because he is armed. When you see different demographics all converging to embrace the same rights because it is OUR constitution IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING.

  20. "A University of Mississippi professor of history is blasting the school for paying Ole Miss head coach Lane Griffin a hundred times more than they pay some teachers at the school."

    Mississippi: 43rd in education, 50th in poverty. 50th in health care. No wonder they paid a football coach who's never won a major bowl game $7 mil a year.

    1. Maybe because he still does more good than union teachers.

    2. His name is Lane Kiffin. I’m not a fan of Ole Piss but he is an excellent coach. He brings in a lot of money to the school via seats in the stands, increased licensed merchandise sales and massive Donations. And only a few hundred thousand of the salary is paid by the school. The athletic foundation (funded by donations) pays the majority of the salary. That’s how it works at most public schools.

    3. Suggests he should stick to history, or maybe that students would do well to avoid his class.

    4. That seemed like a drive-by Schlongmaster...

  21. Item 7...We need a Strategic Bourbon Reserve...Why don't we just raid edouchebags cellar? There has to be more bourbon there than any maple syrup reserve!!!

    1. Sorry, Jeffery, I've never taken a drink in my life, but your covetousness explains a lot about you.

    2. So is it drugs, or a malignant hemorrhoid?

    3. Yes, eldouchebag, I am covetous of your ability to be such an asshole. You are an expert at it! The worst thing is, you have no idea that you are!!!

  22. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: The difference is Conservative families smile in those pix. The militants try to look as revolutionary as possible.

    2: Don't think so. People remember who summoned the bad times.

    4: Droll.

    8: See 2.

    11: Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, and Kevin Greeson were also murdered and an unnamed woman barely escaped the same fate.

    The Ice Cream Queen apparently gave the same orders to the Capitol cops Hitler gave to the SS in Poland.

    14: In the immortal words of Douglas MacArthur, "That's the best thing to do with them".

  23. I agree that 2022 is not going to be a GOP cakewalk, but I think you are overstating the extent of the problem.

    Biden "won" in 2020 due to huge numbers of fraudulent ballots cast in a handful of cities, thus altering statewide totals.

    This strategy is useless in elections for the House. Those same ballots would only serve to pad majorities in already overwhelmingly Dem districts, while races in more favorable suburban and rural GOP territory are not affected.

    I would agree, however, that even if the Republicans win back the House, it will be only by the same razor-thin majority the Dems have now.

    1. The low end of projections is now approaching 70 GOP seats - bigger than 2010. A lot can happen in a year, but the GOP picked up house seats during the steal. An attempt by major media to prop up Bidon's economy is not going to work. Everyone knows its bad and they are prepared to blame him. A president always has a perceived influence greater than he actually does. However, he can make an impact positive or negatively. All his decisions have been bad. And the public know it. The dems are going to get torched.

    2. A majority of RINOs isn't going to do much good. We'll get all the bloviating, along with all the negotiated votes. A large majority is necessary to overwhelm the Democrats in sheep's clothing.

  24. Item 4:
    "the murder of Laquan McDonald and subsequent cover-up"

    That cover-up was orchestrated by phony president "you didn't build that's" right hand man, rahm emmanuel.

    It cost him re-election as Mayor of Chiraq.

    That's why you never heard about it.

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  26. Item 8 made me chuckle. However, Biden is no peabody.

  27. #1 She's not familiar with the majority of gun owning conservatives. Out here in reality land we pretty much don't care who owns what as long as you leave us alone. And as long as you are a responsible gun owner.

    I'd like to see more legal gun owners because then you all would stop voting into office the kinds of people who do want to take those guns away from you. Along with a whole lot more that you have been fooled into supporting.