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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The New York Times reported, "Saule Omarova, a Cornell Law School professor whom critics painted as a communist after President Biden picked her for a key banking regulator job, is withdrawing from consideration for the post."

Critics also portrayed her as a woman, a native of Russia, and a pretty lousy dresser.

She withdrew because she did not have the votes. She did not have the votes because not every Democrat is suicidal.

ITEM 2: The Underground reported, "Applicants for the incoming class of 2021 at City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law were asked to select their gender from a drop down menu containing an astonishing thirteen genders, none of which are man or woman."

My advice to straight white males is to lie your ass off if you want to get in. Make them think they are getting RuPaul because this is all for show. Law schools don't care if they are diverse. They just want it to appear they are diverse.

If Warren could lie her way into Harvard as a law professor, why shouldn't you lie you way in as a student? She paid no penalty. Why should you?

ITEM 3: PBS reported, "A federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Joe Biden’s administration from enforcing a covid 19 vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors, the latest in a string of victories for Republican-led states pushing back against Biden’s pandemic policies.

"U.S. District Court Judge R. Stan Baker, in Augusta, Georgia, issued a stay to bar enforcement of the mandate nationwide.

"The order came in response to a lawsuit from several contractors and seven states — Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia. It applies across the U.S. because one of those challenging the order is the trade group Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., whose members do business nationwide."

Trump judge.

These mandates are blatantly unconstitutional. Biden's plan is to have them struck down and then blame that for covid deaths rising.

ITEM 4: The Daily Beast reported, "A New York Supreme Court judge on Tuesday paused Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate that all New York City workers, including members of the NYPD and FDNY, be vaccinated against covid 19. Judge Frank Nervo issued a temporary restraining order blocking de Blasio’s order, issued in October, and giving the mayor’s office until Dec. 13 to reply."

Cancer kills twice as many people as this virus does. And yet we still let people smoke because the government collects billions of dollars in tobacco taxes each year. This mandate is not about public health. If the government were concerned about our health, it would have banned cigarettes 50 years ago.

ITEM 5: Axios reported, "Newspapers all over the country have been quietly filing antitrust lawsuits against Google and Facebook for the past year, alleging the two firms monopolized the digital ad market for revenue that would otherwise go to local news. 

"Why it matters: What started as a small-town effort to take a stand against Big Tech has turned into a national movement, with over 200 newspapers involved across dozens of states.

"'The intellectual framework for this developed over the last 3-4 years,' said Doug Reynolds, managing partner of HD Media, a holding company that owns several West Virginia newspapers, including the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

"Reynolds, along with a group of lawyers, filed the first newspaper lawsuit of this kind in January in West Virginia."

Newspapers had their chance to get in the game early on. I was there. They blew it. They went online without understanding what was online. They actually sued people who linked to them!

The real problem for small newspapers are the New York Times and the Washington Post. Given the choice between subscribing to them or the local paper, many people are going with NYT or WaPo.

ITEM 6: Outkick reported, "Everybody’s favorite CNN anchor Don Lemon doesn’t just report the liberal news, he apparently also spends time working as a tipster — at least for friends of his who commit crimes. Jussie Smollett told a court room on Monday that Lemon texted him to say that the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his account of what happened during his 2019 attack, per Fox News’ Matt Finn."

Smollett also said he is the gay Cary Grant.

He's not even the gay Hugh Grant.

ITEM 7: CNN reported, "Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows will no longer cooperate with the House select committee investigating January 6 insurrection, according to a letter from his attorney to the panel, which was obtained by CNN on Tuesday.

"'We agreed to provide thousands of pages of responsive documents and Mr. Meadows was willing to appear voluntarily, not under compulsion of the Select Committee's subpoena to him, for a deposition to answer questions about non-privileged matters. Now actions by the Select Committee have made such an appearance untenable,' the letter from George J. Terwilliger II stated."

The January 6 Committee is looking more like a demolition derby.

ITEM 8: Mel Brooks wrote his autobiography at age 95.

Part I.

His joking aside, I liked this from his interview with NPR: "When I'm asked what was the happiest time of your life? Was it marrying Anne Bancroft? What was it winning the Academy Award? Was it writing your first sketch for Broadway, for New Faces? I cut them off and I say I was the happiest — and to this day, probably the happiest in my life — from 5 years old to 9. Those four years were blessed with running, Johnny-on-the-pony, kick the can ... playing with my gang in the streets and just being free and and careless and reckless and just a happy, happy child."

He grew up poor during the Depression. 

By the way, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

Those events (and marrying Anne Bancroft) taught him to appreciate life.

ITEM 9: Ars Technica reported, "The Information published a lengthy report detailing Apple CEO Tim Cook's efforts to establish strong relationships between Apple and Chinese government officials and agencies.

"Citing both interviews and direct access to internal Apple documents about repeated visits by Cook to China in the mid-2010s, the report describes a $275 billion deal whereby Apple committed to investing heavily in technology infrastructure and training in the country."

If Apple wants to continue doing business in this country, make it commit to investing twice that amount here.

Otherwise, call Apple what it is: a communist front.

And then ban it.

We are in a trade war. Fight back or cease to exist as a people.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, "Controversial ‘suicide pod’ that ‘kills peacefully’ gets go-ahead in Switzerland."

Switzerland ended the death penalty in 1942. So if you murder someone, you won't be executed. Get a little depressed, and into the suicide pod you go.

The Swiss also legalized abortion in 2002.

I liked the world better when we executed murderers instead of babies and people with mental health issues.

ITEM 11: The Washington Examiner reported, "Embattled Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who’s reelection campaign is under fire from former President Donald Trump, widely trails her top challenger in a new 2022 survey.

"In the SoCo Strategies poll conducted to gauge the impact of Trump endorsements, Cheney is 18-points behind Trump-backed Harriet Hageman."

She is not embattled.

She picked the fight.

Trump voters are finishing it for her.

ITEM 12Joe Manchin said, "We had people at that time saying inflation would be transitory. We had 17 Nobel laureates saying it's going to be no problem. Well, 17 Nobel laureates were wrong."

Fact check: Paul Krugman has a Nobel in economics.

He has never been right.

ITEM 13: A homeowner on Coolidge Street in St. Anthony, Minnesota, said he received an anonymous letter demanding his Christmas lights be removed because 1. not everyone celebrates Christmas, 2. not everyone can afford Christmas lights, and 3. theirs is "a community welcoming of all people."

Just not Christians.

The town's name is St. Anthony.

Maybe they will change it to GeorgeFloydgrad.

ITEM 14: Deliberately left blank.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "A Mississippi man who was executed for shooting dead his estranged wife admitted just before he died to also killing his sister-in-law, authorities revealed on Monday.

"David Neal Cox, 50, told his attorneys he killed his sister-in-law Felicia Cox in 2007 and provided details on where her remains could be found before he was executed on Nov. 17 over the 2010 slaying of his wife.

"District Attorney John Weddle said at a news conference on Monday that Cox had been a longtime suspect in his sister-in-law’s disappearance.

"Weddle would not disclose the exact location Cox provided but said investigators were preparing to search in Pontotoc County where Felicia was last seen."

That should provide a grieving family with some closure.

FINALLY, yesterday I closed with curling news that the Olympic Qualification Event in the Netherlands got in dutch with TV networks because it was sponsored by a maker of sex toys.

Today, sad news from the accordion world.

The Korea Times reported, "Renowned accordionist Shim Sung-rak dies at 85."

The story said, "He has been known as one of Korea's leading accordionists, laying the foundation for the development of the country's popular music industry and taking part in many popular music recordings and soundtracks.

"Born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1936 when Korea was under Japanese occupation, Shim participated in about 7,000 songs on 1,000 albums as an accordionist and electronic organist. He had worked with famous singers, including Patti Kim, Cho Yong-pil and Na Hoon-a, to name a few. He also participated in the soundtracks of famous films, such as 'One Fine Spring Day' (2001).

"He was known as a self-taught musician who first encountered the accordion in 1953 while working as a part-timer in an instrument shop in Busan. Shim started his career as an accordion player for a singing contest on the state-run broadcaster KBS. He is known to have lost his little finger when he was young.

"In the early 1970s, he taught Kim Jong-pil, then prime minister of the country, how to play the electronic organ and played the instrument ever since at banquets held by presidents Park Chung-hee, Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo."

I do not know how this little corner of the Internet became an occasional repository of news of curling and accordions, but I like this development because it is a reminder that there are other worlds within our world where people laugh and find joys in a life separate from ours. Readers send me tips, and I explore them.


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  2. #1. Not every democrat is suicidal? Yes they are! It's just that some of them want to use a rope, some prefer an overdose and others like voltage. The real reason it's gone is only the craziest of them want to die from starvation.

    1. Saule Omarova communist nomination withdrawn

      Communism is in decline in America, still powerful but in decline. We are winning.
      The heyday of Communism was 2012-2020, Obama, Comey, Brennan.

    2. Q: Why was the opposition to Trump so savage?
      A: Because he was an anti-Communist in an era when elites were pro-Communist.

    3. She was painted as a communist because she was and is a communist.

    4. No SL, she was painted as a communist to hide what she really is which is much worse, an Obamunist, because for some people communism isn't dumb enough.

    5. "Dr. Lyle Rossiter is ... the of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness," --- and Stein has chosen the perfect quote from it: "Once the liberal neurosis is no longer disguised as a rational political philosophy..."

      Source: The highly recommended " 'I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next To A Republican,' A Survival Guide," by Harry Stein (2009).

  3. re 13.... LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL....when you take God out of everything you are left with nothing and where s #14?

    1. 'where s #14?'

      It caught the last train to the coast!

      #13, rather ironic considering the US Postal Service franc with the stylized Christmas tree and the 'Happy Holidays'.

  4. St. Anthony is a “first ring” suburb of MPLS. Again I say: FOOK MPLS.

    1. Z, my eldest sister lived in St Tony. It's full of elitist idiots who think they are better than everyone else. Snob schools and snobbier parents.

    2. My sincere condolences. “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family.”

    3. Sis is a good person, she picked St Tony because of bus access to her work. She never drove a car. She got a lot of gaff for being a republican, but she was good at her job so surthrived there until she retired.

  5. Item 13 - I hope the homeowner puts up 10 times more lights and about a dozen Christmas inflatables.

  6. re 9...i just read something else in another publication about the tim cook apple/ china deal. all of apple s holdings in america should be seized for being traitors

  7. #9 So when confronted with the existence of Chinese slave labor camps, Cook can proudly declare “I BUILT THAT”

  8. Item 5: “The real problem for small newspapers are the New York Times and the Washington Post.” The real problem for small newspapers is they want to be the NYT or the WaPo. The local editor wants his editorials to sound like they’re straight out of the national Leftist rags, full of fire and fury over Washington politics, and he wants his “hometown” newspaper to cover national and international news. Who needs his “me, too” take on that? Local newspapers should focus on local events — town council meetings, school board decisions, shoplifting busts, church bake sales, homecoming queens… If the editor wants to rail against the government, he should editorialize about the potholes on Main Street or litter piling up around the public park. That is the role of a hometown newspaper.

    Item 6: “Smollett also said he is the gay Cary Grant. He's not even the gay Hugh Grant.” He’s not even the gay Lou Grant (Ed Asner on the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show’).

    Also: Babylon Bee reports that Bob Dole has switched to the Democrat party. Rest In Peace, Colonel-Senator-Great American Bob Dole.

    1. You are totally correct re: Item 5 and newspapers.

    2. I'm with LuAnn - you're dead on.

    3. Home town papers should have a national news section ONLY if they are willing to buck the statists and tell people the TRUTH.

    4. #6 He's not even the gay Foster Grant.

    5. Fred!! Ha ha ha....good one!!

    6. Jusse's "Gay Grant's Tomb" in Chicago is already on the drawing board. We just need to hit up more Nigerians for construction funds. At 2 a.m. In January. When it's 7 degrees outside. If they happen to be on their way to Subway.

  9. Dr Fauci, The god that failed.

    “[Dr. Fauci] created all kinds of fear, saying it could affect the entire population when it couldn’t,”
    Senator Ron Johnson
    “In retrospect, having Dr. Fauci have less of a role would have been more appropriate.”
    Mark Meadows, Trump chief of staff

    1. 3 new books:

      The Real Anthony Fauci: RFK Jr
      Pandemia: Alex Berenson
      A Plague upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America: Scott Atlas MD

    2. I haven't read these books, but from what I have heard and also read about them, they are excellent. The pandemic was and is a political event that is being exploited by certain politicians and unelected public health officials.

    3. There are very few experts that I will ever believe again as a result of this pandemic.

  10. 4 - every vaccine mandate on every sector needs to be stopped.

    11 - the article’s headline says 18 points. The article says she trails the leading candidates 38% to 18%. That’s 20 points. She needs to be demolished in the primary.

    14 - well said!! I couldn’t agree more. Fuck Joe Biden.

    FINALLY - at least Zamfir, master of the pan flute is still alive. Before the pan flute, Zamfir wanted to be an accordionist.

    1. Zamfir....I remember those commercials.

    2. We had a girl in High School we used to call "Zamfir"...I wonder if she started out on the accordion???

    3. You knew her too Schlongster? She was as free as a bird, I would say, like a swallow...Don, hit that button!!!

  11. FINALLY - These things always come in threes. Waiting for the other Concert Didgeridoo to drop.

  12. Item #13 -- Floydengrad (or Флойдэнград in the mother tongue) would flow a little bit better ... And when this Wokenist madness subsides, they could change it to ST. Georgis-Burg

    1. Well played, Detective Briscoe. 👍👍

    2. Why do they call it mother Russia? A mother like that would be arrested for abuse in a sane world.

  13. Finally, that point was very well made with the tidbit about Mel Brooks. Life is what you make of it. Happiness is a decision you make not an accident you are caught up in.
    Make the choice, be happy. The added benefits are you will piss off a liberal, and expend no extra energy to do it.

    1. Hear! Hear! I was debating whether or not to bother putting up the Christmas lights this year as we have no company coming. I decided that this is what TPTB want. They want you to live in fear, and if they can't get that they'll settle for depression and gloom. So my roofline is lit once again in glorious color.
      We had a discussion on another blog about habits, and I made the point that of all the nonsense that Carlos Castaneda wrote, there were a few tidbits in there worth the effort to find. One of them was a flip comment by Don Juan that "We are creatures of habit. The only possibility for wisdom lies in choosing our habits." I find great comfort in knowing that habits can be chosen and inculcated. Happiness is a habit.

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  15. "many people are going with NYT or WaPo." Not likely here. If I want Commie propaganda I can always turn on CNN.

  16. Thank you for all of this. I hope blogging as you do is personally and financially rewarding for you.

    I do like the diversions of "Finally" so good to be reminded of fun and goodness.

  17. re: Item 5: I, too, saw newspapers in Canada not understand online or why they should be online. Many just ignored "online" and hoped it was a fad that would go away. Others just put it out there with no thought to how to monetize going online. Also, they forgot about local news and went too far left and tried to imitate their big competitors. All in all, an unforced error that is still being felt today. My sympathies are few, given the stupidity involved. I worked at a news agency where the situation wasn't really the same, but still....

  18. re: Item 12 - The pandemic has busted my faith in experts. Why listen when average folks make much more sense.

    1. Experts use to be called Snake Oil Salesmen. SSDD

    2. "Science is the belief in the ingorance of experts."
      Richard Fenyman one of my science heroes.

  19. re: item 13 - When you leave God out, it all goes downhill.

  20. So Apple agreed to spend/invest/sell more in China and the masses go full retard berserker. I don’t remember this much whining/screaming/bullshitf when it came out that google refused to work with our military, but did lot’s for the chinese military and is still helping them set up their social control systems over, not only chinamen, but attempting the entire world. Horse Shitf, all “our” big businesses are all sucking the communist teats. LA sold their port to them, the feds allow them to take over the universitys, the demoncrats hire their spys as chauffeurs and/or sleep with them, their allowed to buy sections next to military bases and on and on. You folks are decades behind the curve, wake the f up.

  21. #3 the judges that are nominated matter, not just the USSC justices. I wonder how the Democrats like having the "Hawaiian judge with the national injunction" played against them?

    #13 That letter looks awfully familiar, like I've seen it before. Ah yes, the postmark is 2020 - I saw it last year.

  22. Regarding #2: Guys, just say you are "gender fluid". "A gender-fluid person might identify as a woman one day and a man the next."

    1. I identify as a fourteen year old trapped in a geriatric body...

    2. Alcohol: Letting Men Get in Touch with Their Inner Adolescent Since 2,000 BC

    3. Mikey, I'm too young to drink.

  23. Item 5: "The real problem for small newspapers are the New York Times and the Washington Post. Given the choice between subscribing to them or the local paper, many people are going with NYT or WaPo." How many people, across the 50 states are willing to pay for the NYT and the WaPoo? Not I, for one. (I call it the WaPoo because it WaPoops.)

    Item 6: I don't have a favorite CNN anchor, because I will not watch CNN.

    Itenm 12: "Fact check: Paul Krugman has a Nobel in economics." It should be revoked from Paullie "The Beard" Krugman.

    Item 14: No one is making you put up lights, Mr. Grinch.

  24. #12 When Democrats are in power, you can always expect the "unexpected" when it comes to the economy. When Obama was President, economist would predict a certain rise in GDP or drop in unemployment. The results were nearly always disappointing or "unexpected". This is expected under the Marxists.

  25. Item 4: It's always about the money.

    Item 8: Love Mel Brooks. Saw him in his "Back In The Saddle"tour. It was fun hearing him answer audience questions and seeing Blazing Saddles with a huge audience.

    FINALLY: It's a nice story, but when I hear things about accordions it always reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon:

    1. I'm with you on "Finally" tzed!!! Thankfully Covid got rid of "Accordion Appreciation Month"!!!

  26. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    4: Beg to differ. Survival for the WHO Flu is 99.97% for adults, 99.9995% for kids.

    Cancer Survival
    Breast Stomach Lung Prostate
    United States 88.60% 29.10% 18.70% 97.20%

    9: call Apple what it is: a communist front.

    I have on several occasions.

    10: I liked the world better when we executed murderers instead of babies and people with mental health issues.

    The Good Old Days really were.

    13: Droll.

    FINALLY:Whoda thunk?

  27. Neighbor of mine puts up a lighted Menorah, and in honor of his Wife a Cross, there're both college professors.
    Side note: My Pastor at our local cowboy church, his oldest son is named Maccabee. As he was born on the
    last day of Hanukkah. Though conservative Baptists,
    Pastor studied the story of the Maccabees is real and God is there.

  28. #8 Mel Brooks endorsed FJB. Fuck Mel Brooks!

  29. Good point lyn5...Just entertain us, we don't give a fuck about your political ideas. Shove a schnitzengruben up your ass!!!

  30. A) Item 13: "Smollett also said he is the gay Cary Grant. He's not even the gay Hugh Grant." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    B) I am not making this up:

    [The] "Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl presented by Stifel: Utah State Aggies vs. Oregon State Beavers --- 7:30 p.m. on ABC at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif."


    We should name a bowl after a comedian who's funny, not deranged.

    Or rename the above to the "Jimmy Kimmel Blackface Bowl."

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