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Monday, December 20, 2021

Defund Police -- and watch Hispanics vote Republican

Alex Mooney.

West Virginia is the least Hispanic state in America.

Alex Mooney, one of our three congressmen, is Hispanic.

His surname is not Spanish but his mother escaped Cuba after the Bay of Pigs disaster. He's Republican as is his cousin, Francis X. Suarez, the current mayor of Miami.

Well, he's Cuban and Cubans tend to be Republican and live in Florida.

But what about Hispanics in Texas?

In Arizona?

In *gulp* California?

According to Scott Rasmussen, Hispanics favor Republicans heading into next year's congressional elections, 44% to 38%.

That is a whopping 42-point swing from the 2018 mid-term elections in which Republicans lost 42 House seats but gained 2 Senate seats.

I believe the invasion via Mexico of illegal aliens is part of it. MS-13 tends to prey on Hispanics. Also many Catholics of all races and ethnic groups are turned off by abortion and by the government giving preference to the LGBT crowd. 

Byron York noted, "The Democratic Party's problem with Hispanic voters is worse than leaders think, according to a new assessment by the highly regarded strategist Ruy Teixeira. That conclusion is particularly important because Teixeira wrote the influential 2002 book The Emerging Democratic Majority, which convinced many Democrats that a growing Hispanic population, one that heavily supported Democrats, was the key to permanent Democratic dominance of American politics."

Two decades after he wrote his book, Teixeira wrote, "The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem."

While he gives plenty of reasons for this, the ugly truth is race has entered the picture.

Teixeira wrote, "It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Democrats have seriously erred by lumping Hispanics in with 'people of color' and assuming they embraced the activism around racial issues that dominated so much of the political scene in 2020, particularly in the summer. This was a flawed assumption. The reality of the Hispanic population is that they are, broadly speaking, an overwhelmingly working class, economically progressive, socially moderate constituency that cares above all, about jobs, the economy and health care."

People of color?

58% of Hispanics identify as white.

Teixeira wrote, "Consistent with this, Latino voters evinced little sympathy with the more radical demands that came to be associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. In VSG polling data, despite showing support for some specific policing reforms, Hispanics opposed defunding the police, decreasing the size of police forces and the scope of their work and reparations for the descendants of slaves by 2:1 or more. The findings about relatively positive Hispanic attitudes toward police have been confirmed by poll after poll, as concern about crime in their communities has spiked."

Defund the Police backfired. Bigly.

Of course, that is only one of the many Democrat failures. Democrats believe they can do what they want in DC, then say a few words in Spanish a week before the election and win.


The liberal Texas Monthly did a cover story in October, "Why Democrats Are Losing Tejanos." It called them Texas Latinos in the online version.

The story was in response to McAllen, Texas -- 85% Hispanic -- electing Republican Javier Villalobos mayor.

The story said, "This shift has shattered years of political assumption—and perhaps arrogance. Democrats ranging from Barack Obama’s Latino outreach coordinator, Cuauhtémoc Figueroa, to former San Antonio mayor and presidential candidate Julián Castro had long maintained that Hispanic voters would be the party’s salvation in the Lone Star State. Their logic was syllogistic. In the early 2020s, according to the state demographer’s projections, Texas’s Hispanic population would achieve plurality status, constituting around 41 percent of the state’s total and surpassing non-Hispanic white Texans as its largest demographic group. And most Hispanic Texans—more than 60 percent in 2016—voted Democratic. 

"Banking on an identity-based appeal, Democrats last year trotted out the sort of bilingual messaging in South Texas that has played well among Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and Puerto Ricans in New York, focused on a celebration of diversity and immigration. Republicans, by contrast, recognized that Hispanic South Texans share many of the same values as non-Hispanic white voters elsewhere in Texas and swept in with a pitch about defending gun rights, promoting the oil and gas industry, restricting abortion, and supporting law enforcement. Republicans proved more persuasive."

Democrats emphasized the tribe.

Republicans emphasized the issues.

Republicans won over Hispanic voters.

The story said, "The GOP has looked at South Texas and seen voters who walk and talk like Republicans. The challenge facing the Democratic party is not just how to win back Hispanic voters. It’s how to win back voters with Hispanic names who may not even use that adjective to describe themselves."

Democrats emphasize group rights. Republicans emphasize individual rights.

Which is why the smart money is on Republicans in the long run.


  1. "Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Yii-hah!"

    1. But Slowpoke Rodriguez, he carry a gun.

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  2. In the US, we get Hispanics who mostly want to work and better themselves. In Europe, they get Muslims who advance the goal of Muslim hegemony. Glad to be here in the USA.

  3. I am very well of the “one percenter” dangers with this comment, but in all my private homeowner dealings with Hispanics, other than just a few, I have found them to be respectful and reliable. They also work their asses off. Wish I could use a statistically significant comparison of African-Americans I’ve dealt with, but the truth is the small handful have been hustlers and bums. They’d rather be African than American.

    1. Z, I’d add a third R to that - religious.

      Respectful, reliable and religious.

    2. Spent 37 years in NYC law enforcement and worked in many Hispanic neighborhoods. Never could understand how the Democrats could have a stranglehold on their votes, as they tended to be respectful, religious, family oriented, and hard working. Glad to see they are seeing through the Democrats B.S. Next will come the Asians. They believe in meritocracy, and same as the Hispanics are respectful, hardworking and family oriented. The Democrats have planted a time bomb under themselves, and are now anxious to make as many radical changes as possible, before the bomb goes off. Just my two cents, but I would also love to see the Asian voting stats.

  4. My favorite Mexican restaurant is owned by a guy from
    Arizona. Not every Hispanic is an Immigrant . Or Illegal.Or lefty. His daughter runs the place when he's out of town (Oh to be 40 years younger.) they have 5 restaurants. Republican Christian, and hard working.
    Oh don't use the word "Latinx" around the daughter.
    you might get a bowl of salsa poured over your head...

    1. And the Hispanics I know that have been here for many generations are quite conservative.

    2. The illegals I've met tend to be conservative on most issues. The only reason they favor the donks is because they want amnesty.
      That said, most of the ones I've met are here to work. The grifters and thugs don't wander this far north unless being chased by the law or a rival gang.

    3. A friend of mine grew up in Arizona near the border. Several years ago he went back for a class reunion. Two things surprised him. One was how popular Trump was. The other was how many of the Mexican-American gals were still beautiful in their fifties.

    4. A friend of mine grew up in Arizona near the border. Several years ago he went back for a class reunion. Two things surprised him. One was how popular Trump was. The other was how many of the Mexican-American gals were still beautiful in their fifties.

  5. Because they both get paid off nicely

  6. Perhaps Figueroa should have watched this before he shot his mouth off.

  7. Which one do you want? Futbuckers or splodydopes?

  8. There was a lot of that sort of stuff in the water back c. 20 years ago - and one can reasonably ask if Mr. Teixeira is now backpedaling and "explaining" because the obvious flop of his "big idea" threatens his status as a "highly regarded strategist" (at this point, sic).

    Writing what your audience wants to hear can be quite lucrative and status-enhancing. And lefties - still woozy from the fumes of the decaying corpse of karl marx - are suckers for anything that tells them that they and their ideas (sick) are the inevitable future.

    (Another one was a book put out by Prof. Richard Florida (who despite the name is Canadian) around the same time that had the thesis that the "old ways" of building up a local economy via the commercial sector and then later (once that generated prosperity) adding on nice amenities like arts venues... well, that old way was all done, and in the new-and-imminent future, the leading group to be appealed to for building up a local economy was the "creative class" (that's what a lot of "artists" (sic) call themselves, on the apparent grounds that no other endeavor in life involves even a scintilla of creativity) - that if someplace built up its artsy stuff first, then that would attract productive activity people (who would not mind a bit paying the much-higher taxes that all the artsy stuff had required, because these unconsulted-on-the-issue people cared about "lifestyle" and not about taxes and costs.)

    But note the evil in the original Teixeira thesis of 2002. In many parts of the world, elections are held - elections that are even free-and-fair. But they're really not elections; they are censuses. That's basically what the left wants - "elections" that are actually censuses, which is why they wanted mucho (!) immigration from Central America. Watching their own dangerous idea (a rich, enclaved, elite white ruling class cemented in place by large numbers of impoverished Spanish-speakers) blow up in their own faces is ... choice...

  9. White Hispanics.

    Bet the Gray Lady wishes she'd never thought of that one.

  10. Democrats Are Losing Tejanos, Beto O'Rourke Hardest Hit

  11. Two major factors are not talked about enough with the Hispanic people. In Texas they have been fighting in the schools to prevent the anti American books from dominating the system. This has a huge effect.
    Also in lower income inner city life with blacks
    and Hispanics there has been a low level race war for many years. The thug blacks are quite violent and feel threatened by the increasing Hispanic population. To lump the two together was a huge mistake for the left.
    People forget that Texas has some of the oldest Mexican families in the USA. They were there before Texas became a state and are in the upper class and numbers of the population.
    The joke is what do you call Mexicans in Texas, Texans.

  12. This sh/have mentioned that the Hispanic-American who were interviewed just happened to be the ones (not) murdered by the criminals.

    And back to Square One: "Hispanic... from Latin Hispanicus [italicized], from Hispania [italicized] ‘Spain’."

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  14. And contrary to what they've always been told, the Conservatives of the country will embrace them.

    We've never had a problem with immigration. We've always had a problem with uncontrolled illegal immigration. Simple as that. I've worked with plenty of hispanics and for the most part they work hard and appreciate this country compared to where they were born. Contrariwise many of the illegals seem to have decided that they have some sort of right to be here and deserve any handout they can get and think that they are superior.

    It's quite a contrast.

    1. I ran construction of 15 cell stations at once in NY and my best crew by a far shot was Hispanic. I don't know if they were illegals and I dislike seeing illegals come here, but they worked hard and meet schedules which made me look good. Yea, they took construction jobs from our youth, and I didn't like that, but my experience was that our young people didn't perform. A small point, but certainly reinforced my perception, I rented in a middle class neighborhood and on Saturday mornings the teens would hop in their newer than my cars and take off, then the Hispanics would show up to cut the small home grass patches. That pissed me off; the kids couldn't even cut the damn grass.

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