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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Covid is boring

Writing in the New York Times, psychologist Adam Grant called covid the boring apocalypse.

He wrote, "Many people aren’t so afraid of Covid-19 anymore, complicating public health authorities’ efforts to slow Omicron’s spread. We’ve all seen this horror movie before, and when you’ve watched the killer jump out brandishing a weapon 10 times — even when you’ve watched him kill — it just doesn’t freak you out the same way. The same rerun has been playing for 21 months. We’re living through a phenomenon that risk experts might call a boring apocalypse.

"The seemingly constant flow of emergency alerts has dulled many people’s fear response to this pandemic, leading them to let down their guard, relax their restrictions and masking habits or even refuse potentially lifesaving vaccines. Why? We’ve basically all been through one of the best available therapies for extinguishing extreme fear."

He's right, you know.

The constant warnings of danger, Will Robinson, have people tuning the media out.

People are bored by covid because it is a boring subject. As Tucker Carlson said, "If you find yourself living in a place where people are still talking about Covid nonstop two years in, it is time to move. Not just because your neighbors have been brainwashed -- though obviously, they have been -- but because they are boring."

His was a not-so-subtle jab at his competitors and even his colleagues at Fox. In "Rules for Radicals," Saul Alinsky wrote, "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." His next rule was "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."

Covid now is a bigger drag than RuPaul.

Shawn McCreesh of New York magazine mocked covid alarmism as the Media Variant.

He wrote, "Media scolds, perhaps buzzing off an afternoon hit of Blue Bottle, were starting to freak everyone out. Jake Tapper tweeted a picture of CNN’s Christmas sweater contest, affixed with this nervous parenthetical: 'Everyone is vaccinated and we took masks off for the photos.' An editor hosting a holiday dinner on Saturday messaged me to say 'we will probably cancel/reschedule the party once omicron has culled the weak and only the strong remain.' Pete Wells wrote that one of his top ten restaurants of 2021, Contento, in East Harlem, was closing 'for a couple of days in an abundance of caution.' Marea closed its doors, too. By the next morning, the New Yorker’s Charles Duhigg would send around an email with this subject line: 'CANCELLED: Drinks with Journalists: December 16, Brooklyn.' (Even though it was always meant to take place outdoors.) An afternoon report from the Daily News detailed how a whole bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office was in quarantine after a holiday party.

"'Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron,' admonished a new headline in the Atlantic. OK, I thought, I won’t."

People don't want to hear or read about covid because it is a loser issue. No one wins. You put on a mask and get vaccinated, but still you get covid. New York City is on a lockdown that would shame the warden in "The Shawshank Redemption." Covid cases still hit a new record last week.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor DeSantis is on a surfing safari, drinking Pina coladas, and having a jolly good time.

Oh sure, some leftist goons still like to mock those dumb anti-science MAGA rubes. But the MAGA crowd is having fun in the sun while the smart set is holed up at home and Toobin on Zoom.

Adam Grant ended his NYT column, "Repeatedly blasting an emergency alert brings its own risks. The last thing needed in a pandemic is a country of people too bored to pay attention and take action."

Actually, the last thing we needed was all this panic and the futile attempts to stop a virus with cloth masks and social distancing.


  1. The entire pandemic was nothing more than a medical scam to allow the Democratic/Communist Party to try out the kind of authoritarian policies they would like to make permanent and enrich big pharma.
    As time has gone by it becomes increasingly obvious that what is best for American and Americans is the last thing on the minds of those in charge.
    About time we did something about it, don't you think?

  2. First they ignore us,
    then they laugh at us,
    then they fight us,
    then we win.

  3. Did Tapper really say:

    'Everyone is vaccinated and we took masks off for the photos.'

    How did the guy manage to graduate from elementary school?

    1. I’m sure he did.

      Some of those I know that have been scared of Covid since day 1 (even though they are in the almost zero risk group) would always qualify statements with - “we were masked”, “we were socially distanced” or “we were masked and socially distanced”. I’d reply “I wasn’t any of them and won’t be”.

  4. The jab does not work. Masks dont work. Get outside and breath the fresh air. Stay active. You will be fine.

    1. Excellent advice. So long as they pump up the panic and you, and I, and the people we know and love don't get sick from Covid, the more boring this all becomes.

    2. Even if we get covid, we treat it with Ivermectin, zinc vitamin D and get better in a day or two.

  5. Evidently the smart set, politicians, journalist, etc, failed to read or listen to the story of the little boy who cried wolf.

  6. The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book

    --that Fauci dispenses some $7 billion in research grants to “public health” researchers all over the world. He has held that position for 30 years. This means that for thirty years there has been one-man monopoly control over virtually all public health-related “peer review."

  7. Cornell University is 97% vaccinated. They require social distancing. They require masking indoors and out. They shut down the university this week after 900 positive cases in about 4 days. It's no longer a question. It's a fact: All of these extreme effort do not stop Covid. Haters can cite all the counterfactuals they want, but that doesn't change the actual facts.

    As my wise old grandma used to say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure." In other words, get your sleep, lose some weight, eat healthy, exercise, take some vitamin D, C, B complex, and zinc and you will be just fine.

  8. I hear you, Don. And I don't disagree. With new restrictions imposed in Quebec just before the holidays, I am in a COVID loop that is very upsetting to me and others. I know it is boring, but every new restriction and every goal post moved brings this out in me -- just when I think I have moved on. Maybe this is what it is designed to do -- never let us move on because we must be "safe." Anyway, I will put my anger aside because it's non productive.

    1. Why don't we just relitigate December 31, 1775?

      Never too late to get it right on the second try...

    2. Heehee! That brought a smile to my face. If there is a second try, I would hope we would get it right. But like I say, the Quebecois are a capricious lot.

    3. (Bonus points to anyone who knows what we're talking about without looking it up.)

    4. I concede. You'll have to pat your own self on the back.

  9. What very few people think, is that there is no new "virus," and that whatever they're "testing" for is just whatever annual bug that happens year after year. Take a look back at how they begged people to take "flu shots" every year. They turned up the volume on that a lot - and still they were not happen with the results (revenue).

    Like someone else said "covid is just the flu with a better marketing department."

    We all should collectively not even recognize this thing as real - instead focus on the propaganda and "cui bono?" of the whole scam. Live free or die is right!

  10. Again, it is a scam. Period. And the folks in charge want it to go on ad infinitum.
    What are we going to do about it?

  11. Well, Unknown is right. COVID certainly does have a better marketing department!

  12. Also another thing not spoken about anywhere - No healthcare "experts" have referenced how or why the cold, the flu, and all other viruses didn’t kill off the human population for the thousands of years before the invention of vaccines?

  13. Replies
    1. I've struggled with this a little. When used as a verb do you still capitalize Toobin?

    2. I think capitalizing it shows respect for the master…..

  14. COVID is now quite useful in separating those with common sense from those who lack common sense. Generally, those still living in fear of COVID simply have no common sense unless they have a variety of comorbidities.

  15. We had our annual Christmas breakfast with most not vaccinated. I saw no fear expressed by anyone over covid with no one wearing masks; they don't work anyway for aerosols. My son, wife and I have attended many friends and family gatherings with no covid infections resulting.

  16. What's the chance that the CCP has been seeding NYC, California, Europe, Botswana, whatever with new Chinese Lung Rot variations. Just to keep the pot stirred.

  17. Omicron looks to have a 3 week run to peak. Estimates are that peak will happen in the US in mid January. Sure, there will be a spread due to the size of the US. Omicron has already been identified in all but 10 states.

    But South Africa which is on the bleeding edge of Omicron is reporting mild cold like symptoms and little hospitalization. They do have a low vaccination rate, with lots of prior infection immunity.

    Ironically, the triply vaccinated seem to be as much or more likely to test positive for Omicron. That might be an artifact of those people the ones likely to rush to get a test for a runny nose, headache scratchy throat and sore muscles that often clears in 3 days.

  18. The same applies to what the SO and I call "Storm P*rn". The weather talkers taking over the TV for hours to track rain coming through. They name snow storms now so they can pretend they're like hurricanes or something. Tornado sirens going off every 15 minutes because somebody saw a breeze go by in the next county. (Of course in the Midwest, tornado sirens are always a call to go outside to see the show) I expect tornado deaths to go up simply because of the overwrought emoting of the weather readers trying to 'be significant' will train people to ignore the warning (even more than they already do)

  19. Covid was China's gift to introverts. It's nice to double or triple social distance - out of earshot of the idiots I used to be forced to mingle with.

  20. And you no longer hear about herd immunity. The power trip is too delicious for them to give up.
    The elite will own nobody and they will not enjoy it.

  21. Our Main Stream Media crowed that after Biden was crowned that, "The Adults Were In Charge", no more mean tweets, now we will have bi-partisan cooperation because Old Joe has 50 years experience bringing people together !

    What exactly has the 79 yr old pedophile accomplished?

    12,000 oil workers laid off within 1 month of his taking office.

    Gas prices spiking immediately after he takes office.

    20,000 Haitian illegal immigrants gather under a bridge waiting to get Biden to fly them throughout the country without vetting and Covid-19 testing.

    125,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan who were never vetted and no one knows who they were.

    15,000 loyal Afghani-Americans left to die in Afghanistan.

    Millions of women, raped, tortured and beaten all across Afghanistan.

    32.9 million more infected than was under Trump from Covid-19

    503 thousand more dead than under Trump from Covid-19

    Biden suggesting we start more lockdowns and more mask mandates.

    Inflation roaring to life across all sectors of the economy.

    Western ports overwhelmed because of bad liberal policies to support failed Green Energy.

    Infrastructure pkg passed with no impact on the nation.

    Budil Back Better bill failes again because Biden could not get 1 Democrat Senator to agree.

    21 Democrats retire and announce they will not seek reelection because they see what a disaster Biden has been.

    OMG! is it fun to watch Biden and his cadre of idiot savants fail at everything they touch.

    2022 - 75 new Republicans elected in the house, two Democrat senators beg Republicans to let them transfer over....

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