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Friday, December 31, 2021

CDC says

Fuck Joe Biden begat Let's Go Brandon, which just gave birth to fake missives from the CDC after the CDC suddenly shortened quarantines to 5 days instead of 10.

Welcome to "CDC says."


The mockery encourages me because laughter is the vaccine against a totalitarian state.

This is why liberals hate comedy.

Meanwhile, former Tween Queen Alyssa Milano turned 49 a couple of weeks ago, and she decided to prove she's old.

CDC says get off her lawn!


  1. Thanks Don for the smiles and laughs. Appreciated! I will raise a glass to you and the Surbots tonight.

    1. Amen. its gloomy weather here, so the laughs were needed. I'm sure somewhere the CDC says 'don't laugh, you might croak.'

  2. Almost makes me want to join Twitter.

    Nah, WTF was I thinking!

    1. Speaking of Twitter: In June, 1940, it took the Germans no time at all to grab control of the French newspapers and run them as their own propaganda vehicles.

      "To serve as editor of Paris Soir, the Germans chose the French writer and intellectual Henri Jeanson, fresh from his prison cell. Jeanson had opposed French participation in the war and had led... Frenchmen to issue a manifesto against it in October, 1939.

      "He had been jailed for sedition; Daladier released him on parole. The Germans found him ready to place his vitriolic pen at their disposal. He immediately launched a bitter attack against Marshal Petain and the Vichy Government...

      "Strangely enough, Jeanson's fortunes did not prosper... Press Fuehrer Weber [German spy serving as a pre-war advance agent: "former Paris chief of the D.N.B. news service"] ... had discovered that some years [earlier,] Jeanson had written vitriolic articles against Hitler... Jeanson [then] disappeared into the limbo..."

      --- France on Berlin Time (pp. 28-29), Thomas Kernan (1941).

      All I originally had intended to do was make a crack about how hard one had to work 80 years ago to get fired for having indiscreetly expressed oneself candidly.

      One had to actually be literate. Today, Twitter and a big mouth is all you need.

  3. Replies
    1. With the lights out, it’s less dangerous…

  4. The Center for Dubious Conclusions

  5. Even some folks at the CDC say Alyssa Milano is a major buzzkill.

  6. LOL

    I'm linking this over on GAB.

  7. Old joke: “Two guys walk into a bar…”
    New joke: “CDC says…”

  8. Stop wearing your mask and acting like an idiot!

    OH! I didn't say CDC says.


  9. Been busy shovelling snow . came in and read this and
    poured a Hot cuppa and Don owes me a new wireless keyboard.🤣🤣

  10. There once was doc from Man-hate-in
    Who chose to give his life to Satan
    He said with real dread
    As we cut off his head
    “Now I can’t spend my winters
    In Boca Raton”

    1. Satan rhyming with Raton. Go to your room without supper. (!)

  11. CDC says is up there with LGB.

    That the Hollyweird types are getting all bent out of shape says we're winning.

  12. All the CDC recommendations are well taken, but the "Safety Dance" was superb!

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  13. CDC says looking both ways before crossing the street is now approved as needed

  14. CDC finally says that the things in your sideview mirror ARE closer than they appear.

  15. You missed this one:

    "CDC Says It's Now OK To Sleep With AOC."

    [Referring to AOC's deranged comment about her Republican political opponents being frustrated that they can't sleep with her. Since the only thing that physically resembles AOC is the donkey, I think she has the political affiliations mixed up.]

  16. May 2021: A reminder (all of this is a quote):

    CDC updates completely contradict guidance from just two weeks ago

    Steve Krakauer (05/14/21)

    I've written several times in Fourth Watch about hypocritical correctives - where we're faced with what is clearly hypocrisy, but hypocrisy in a way that the pendulum is swinging in a better direction.

    I'm not sure I've seen a more glaring example than in the CDC's new guidance today on what vaccinated people can now do without a mask - everything!

    Really. This, despite the fact that only two weeks ago the CDC put out guidance that said vaccinated people had to wear masks outside in large crowds, and inside... in every setting. Compare the two charts - it's night and day for vaccinated people and masks.

  17. CDC says... Nothing to see here. Move along little lamb.

  18. CDC says the only cure...
    is more cowbell.